Game World Reincarnation Chapter 1

1 Waking

I opened my eyes.
Has everything I’ve seen until now been a dream.
There’s also this headache and nausea. Was I sleep-walking.

I can’t move my body seems like I’ve been restricted somehow.

I closed my eyes when that light shone, but I got used to it gradually and opened my eyes.

It was dim, and I can also hear faint noises.


This is strange. I can’t speak.

Even if I tried to talk I couldn’t pronounce really well.

At that moment.
Somebody looked into me.

「Ren-samaa…uu、what a relief、it was effective…with this I kept my promise Firene-sama…」

A woman wearing maid uniform, she said while sobbing.

Ren?That’s my name inside the game。

Did I really reincarnated into the game?
It’s a second life, I’d like to make decisions carefully. I’d like to get a girlfriend and get married in this world now.
Not only game, but I also want to read books.

It won’t be the end just growing up, I wanna die without any regrets.

「Ren-sama…is everything okay?」

Somehow the maid, now not crying at all, is making a worried face.

She wiped the tears with her maid uniform’s sleeve, then started to unbutton her clothes.

Dangerous. Dangerous.

She already unbuttoned the 4th one, her sexy underwear was shown except for here.
As she took off her underwear, there was an indecent aroma.
I’m a virgin so the stimulation was too strong.

Without any clothing on, her white skin and pink nipples were seen. On top of that its size was extra-large.

She gently grab a hold of my head, my head was pressed into her chest.

「Drink a lot okhay」

She said it in a baby-talk way.
Using my tiny hands, I touched her white big tits, and clung to it to my heart’s content.
My mouth felt the lewd-looking pink colored nipple from earlier.

This is the first time I feel up a woman’s breast.

I didn’t think it was this beautiful.
This contrast of pink and white is art.

I sucked the nipple with all my might, white breast milk overflowed from the breast.
Once again, I sucked with all my might.


It was a curt taste, but the simple taste can be called quite exquisite.

Ah, this hasn’t been my food for a while.
For the sake of filling up my appetite I didn’t separate and sucked strongly.

「Aa、Ren-sama、nn!You’re quiiiiite♡ann aa、earnest aren’t you?」

You’re feeling it huh? This perverted maid.
After that I entered a trance of being breast-fed.

After a while, time for breast-feeding came to an end, she exited the room.
But, seems like there’s another person in this room.

Right, there’s another baby in this room aside from me.

The maid earlier called this baby Lisa.

Perhaps, I’m not that maid’s child. Is she the so-called nurse-mother?

Then that baby named Lisa is also not that maid’s child, is what I’m guessing.



I cried with all my might.
It’s not tears of joy, it’s just that my butt is kind of smelly.

Haa, taking care of babies sure is troublesome.