I am dying…

I am scared… I mean, it’s terrifying to know that the death’s coming for you and all you can do is lay on the ground waiting for it to get you. I can smell my fresh blood dripping out from my body as my life slips out from me.

My heart is slowing down and my senses are going numb… Yes, I am already at the verge of death, and nothing can save me now. The world around me is turning dark… peacefully dark.


You know what… how about you listen to my boring story before I kicked the bucket?

Come on, it’s just a short story… Hell, I will make it shorter because I don’t have much time as everything’s already fading away…

Alright, first, I don’t need to introduce myself because my name won’t matter after I die, right?

I used to be your everyday high-school student. Everything about me was normal and I had never been good at anything at all. I loved watching anime and reading manga and light novels, but I was definitely not an Otaku. Just think of me as Japan enthusiast (Otaku is a strong word for me). I had parents, friends, people who I disliked and detested, and I didn’t have a girlfriend.

Hmm? Used to? Well, I spent my daily life like a normal high-school student. I went to school, studied, had fun with my friends at the game arcade, and went home. That was what I was doing everyday… until… one day… That day… everything changed… it was my turning point.

That day was the day I and all my classmates were summoned to Isekai, yeah that freaking Isekai. We were summoned to another world. We are summoned to defeat the Demon Lord with the power God bestowed upon us. With that power, we thought we could save the world from the Demon Lord’s grasp; or so we thought. We trained ourselves by conquering dungeons. After finishing our training, we headed to the battlefield with confidence. Maybe because we were hailed as Heroes, had fame and glory, were treated with respect, and loved by everyone in that world. We thought this was a game for us; an easy victory.

We won battles; one after another, but at that time we didn’t know that the armies we defeated were merely cannon fodder used to determine our power, and reality finally hit us; the Demon Lord’s real army had proven to be very powerful, unlike the first armies we fought against. We were just too weak to oppose them. It was then that we realized that we were nothing but pawns to the kingdom that summoned us. We had no chance; it was hopeless, so we ran from them. We ran and ran and ran. Until we found a ruin in a certain forest and hid there. We didn’t know how long we stayed there, but the power we received from Gods allowed us to survive.

We lived under fear of the Demon Lord’s army. We knew we were being hunted, and the fear of being found rooted itself deep in our hearts. And then one day, one of us was missing, and then one by one more followed. We realized… that we were not alone in that ruin… we were actually living on a monster’s nest. When we realized this fact, a horde of wolf-looking monsters assaulted us… While we could fight back, there were just too many of them.

We couldn’t run from them; the exit entrance was blocked by the monsters. So we decided to run to a deeper part of this ruin. Yeah, it was stupid. But what choice did we have? Let them devour us?

But the wolves were fast… We thought it was too late, but thanks to one of our classmate who cast light magic that blinded all the monsters in a flash of white light, we earned some distance from our hunters. But as we expected of the wolves, such an attack wouldn’t keep them down for long. And growling ferociously, a wolf lunged at the scattering students and pinned down a girl with its enormous paw, crushing her to the ground. The girl wailed, but nobody looked back. Every single one of them was only thinking about protecting himself or herself. Even I didn’t look back…

I know this was cruel… but this was our only chance, so everyone broke off and sprinted toward the narrow hallway that led to a deeper part of this ruin, leaving the girl screaming for help and let her become the monster’s food. Once we got to the hallway, the monsters’ numbers would have counted for nothing. We could easily knock them back and seal the trail! We might all stand a chance of escaping! We could funnel the monsters into that narrow pathway and kill them and block the path with their bodies to stop the rest of their brethren from following! But most of us were exhausted. The fight earlier had drained most of our magic. The majority of my classmates were spent. They were no longer in any shape to fight.

Then, one of our classmates, the otaku friend of mine had thought of something that I didn’t expect him to. My jaw dropped in disbelief when I read his intentions the moment our eyes met and I saw the mad gleam within his dark pupils.

Even before he uttered those words, I already felt the full force of his betrayal, already knew what he was planning to do, and I was too helpless to prevent it. Fire magic was sparking to life in his hand, but I knew that the fireball he was conjuring wasn’t aimed at the monsters chasing us.

It was aimed at me.

And the pathway was too narrow for me to dodge. No matter what evasive maneuver I took, none of it would allow me to evade the projectile. I was trapped, hemmed in by the two stone walls. I understood everything.  That bastard was going to feed me to the monsters so that he and the rest of the class could survive. Before I could finish my furious yell, the flaming projectile slammed into me and exploded. I was sent hurling off my feet, my clothes and flesh burning. I crashed into the monsters like a bowling ball, scattering them like pins.

I couldn’t die here.

I used the healing potion I had saved to heal myself, and I ran toward the traitor!

Unfortunately, the traitor had other ideas, he told everyone to sacrifice me so they could survive. And my classmates actually agreed with him! Laughing maniacally, one of my classmates tripped me with earth magic and stepped forward and kicked me down. Without any hesitation, they threw me to the monsters.

That was the last thing I saw of him and any of my classmates – their smirking, leering, triumphant and satisfied faces as they watched me fall into the horde. I was betrayed by my classmates.  I never thought they would go as far as actually betraying and murdering me just to save their own skin.

I could hear their gloating and the sneering remarks.

And then I slammed into the ground.

Stunned, I lay, sprawled on the cold dirt and not knowing what had just happened. Lifting my head, I glanced up and saw that I was surrounded by the horde of hungry monsters.

I froze when I saw a hungry wolf lunging straight at me.

Was that it? Was I going to die here, my fifteen years of life ended in ruin, eaten by monsters?

And everything went red… Pain. Red-hot agony. I screamed as the monsters fang and claw sank into my body. I felt half of my existence obliterated, squashed to bloody paste as their molars ground my legs to nothingness.

The pain…ah…it hurts, it hurts, it hurts!

Tears flowed from my eyes as I struggled. No! I didn’t want to die! I wanted to scream, but blood flooded my throat, swishing in my vocal-chords and turning whatever words I spoke into a guttural scream. I looked up, tears streaming from my eyes, pleading in agonized screams and incoherent cries.

Red-hot agony lanced through my brain, and my vision turned dark.

Crying tears of frustration and agony, I wailed and cursed at the gods, for the cruel fate they cast on me! And then something smashed into my head and I could feel no more.


There we go…. It’s short, right? I’m sorry for gory details.

I wasn’t born a hero, I didn’t live as a hero and I died alone…

Wait a minute. If I can talk like this that means I already died the moment the wolves ate my head? I hope so… everything is black here, not the shade of blood anymore… I seriously don’t want to imagine myself narrating like this while being eaten alive. So, I’m assuming this is purgatory.

I was really dead. I waited, expecting to see dancing demons soon, poking me with their pitchforks and torturing me for eternity. The kind of torture I heard so much about when I was a kid. Ripping my tongue out for the lies I had told, cutting my hand off for stealing my classmates’ stuff when I was in elementary school, gouging my eyes out for watching porn. Yet I didn’t see any hellfire or feel the burning heat of an infernal hell. I didn’t even smell any sulfur, though there was a suffocating scent of disinfectants in the sterile air. Rather than the heat of hell, I felt damp.

Am I going to be reincarnated like in the Web Novel or Light Novel? I thought I was supposed to die before I reincarnate in another world, not after I arrive in one.

I definitely am going to find out soon…

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