Chapter 6

I couldn’t stop staring at my mother’s ever expanding belly. I can’t help myself, after all. I never had seen any of my relatives being pregnant in my previous life. Quite life, right?

In five months, her belly had started swelling at a slow pace but now it was so visible. It was so interesting to see her as she walked around and I laughed at her a few times. She would always playfully try to chase me around the house when I did that, but could never catch me. I knew she probably just let me win though, but it was still so much fun teasing her for being a bit slow now because of her tummy.

My father had been worried that she would be overwhelmed around the house though when he wasn’t around. Like now, he had gone out of the village for a week, and he had wanted my mother to be well taken of. So he had hired a maid to help take care of me and assist around the house.

By maid, I mean a hot maid!

My eyes had widened when I had first seen her. She was young, maybe about eighteen or nineteen years of age, with a slim built but very well proportioned. With long, white hair that went past her waist. Brown skin that looks smooth and glossy! Her name was Sylvia, and she was a dark elf.

My father was trying to torture me, right?!! Why else would he let such a beautiful creature into our house??!!! Oh, but it was certainly a beautiful kind of torture and she was really nice to me too.

And from their conversation, I believed Sylvia was my parent’s old friend before they lived in this city. She called me or my parents by name only and sometimes I always find them convers about old times in the living room or garden.

I wonder what kind of life they had before coming here.

Drawing my thoughts away from Sylvia and my parent’s old life, I looked at my mother again and smiled.

“Mom, I want to go out. May I?” I asked my mother, who gave me a small frown.

Her hand went to her belly as it often did when she was thinking.

“You want to go outside?”  She clarified as she asked, making me nod.

“Yes please,” I replied.

“Alright,” she responded a bit hesitantly, “but don’t go too far from the house, okay?”

I smiled and nodded, happy that she was allowing me. She tried to give me a stern look to show how serious she was being. I almost laughed, she could never really be stern with me. She loved me too much!

“I mean it, Luke-can. No wandering off, okay? Stay close to the house. I don’t want you getting lost.”

“I won’t go too far, I promise,” I replied honestly, meaning every word.

I gave a kiss on the cheek and she smiled warmly, patting my hair and saying something under her breath about how I was too sweet.  I smiled again as I left the house, eager to explore and have fun outside.

As I walked around the village, I couldn’t help but look for some of the familiar things I had seen before on my trip with Marianne. Only now that I thought about it, this place couldn’t possibly be an ordinary village! It was freaking huge! It was a city, and I couldn’t really go on calling my hometown a village anymore when it was so big. Whatever, it was still beautiful and I was enjoying myself.

I saw Katana-san smiling and waving at me. Her name is Katana Taylor and her husband is Lee Taylor. Both her and her husband owned a small bakery, and the place around smelled like fresh bread and cakes. I always thought it was weird that she was named after a sword and family’s surname named Taylor, but who was I to judge?! I liked her and her husband! They were really nice to me and my Mom. So I waved back at her. I wonder where Lee-san is though.

I greeted a few more people that I knew along the way, and they all asked after my Mom. If she was doing okay, I politely nodded and affirmatively responded as I went my way.

I was enjoying myself too much and I probably walked farther than I was supposed to until I reached a farm. The fresh air around me was refreshing, and I wondered what it would be like to just spend a day here. Maybe even practice my training outside in the cool breeze. It felt really good in my hair and on my skin, and I wanted to stay out here for a little while.

A loud cry interrupted my peaceful moment, and I turned to see a small girl being pushed around by a bigger boy. It was obvious the boy was bullying her because of the sad and desperate look on the girl’s face as she tried to reach for the doll he held in his hands.

Did I really want to be involved in such kid matters? I analyzed the situation, not really wanting to get into it but I looked at the girl again and took in her sad face. She was really cute, and I could already tell she would be a beautiful woman someday in the future.

Hmm…this got me pause to thinking.

I could save her and trigger a childhood friend flag…or, just walk away from the little girl and ignore the situation? I looked at her again and took in her distressed cute face, deciding there and then to save her. It was probably foolish of me to do this, maybe, but I was already walking towards them and planning my line of attack.

The boy was definitely older than me, and not only that, he was way bigger too. Tall and chubby, making me look very small and cute in comparison. But I was not intimidated. He might have been bigger than me, but he was bullying a little girl which meant he wasn’t very smart. Plus, I had all the training my father had taught me, which gave me a very good advantage over this guy.

Taking a doll from a little girl, really??!! I almost rolled my eyes. He really was a stupid bully who should try taking on someone his own size.

I ran towards him and he looked at me in surprise, raising his arm to block me or push me away, I wasn’t certain. His chubby arm hit me in the chest and I groaned in discomfort, but quickly retreated to get my bearings.

“Who are you?” he all but growled at me and I almost laughed in his face.

Did he really want to know who I was because that would be a bit of a complicated explanation and introduction, I thought!

I didn’t give him time to advance on me again before I used all my strength to shove him in his stomach before kicking him in the knee and making him fall to the ground in pain. I took his arm behind him and held it at a locking angle as my father had taught me, making him cry out in pain again. I quickly twisted his arm backwards, making his chest puff out in a position I knew he could not move from until I let him.

I had him right where I wanted him!

“Give her the doll back!” I said to him, trying to sound tough.

He whimpered as he tried to blink back tears and extended his arm to the little girl. She quickly took the doll back and wiped her eyes as she looked at me in wonder.

“Now apologize to her for taking it and making her cry!”

“I’m…I’m sorry,” he stuttered, “Now please…please let me go.”

I held him for a few more seconds just to drive the point across, “Don’t ever do that again!”

He nodded, “I won’t, I promise. Please let me go.”

I let him go and he scrambled to his feet before running away as fast as he could with a slight limp. I almost felt bad for hitting him hard since I was obviously stronger than he was and more skilled, but nope, he totally deserved it.

I turned to the girl and extended my hand, “Hi, my name is Lucas. What’s yours?”

She shook my hand briefly before answering, “I’m Aria Zlatic.”

Her name was really pretty, just like her. My attention was immediately drawn to her hair. She had the cutest hair I had ever seen! It was in twin tails, parted symmetrically in the middle and a few wisps were on the sides of her face. Her dark blue eyes bore into mine and I knew we would be good friends.

“Wait, your name is Zlatic?” I asked as something popped into my head.

She nodded as I remembered our neighbor who was also named Zlatic. Could it be a coincidence?

“I couldn’t find my mom,” she said, “we got separated and I got lost.”

I could see her eyes welling with tears again and I knew the waterworks were coming.

“Come on,” I quickly said, taking her hand. “Let us go find your mom, I’ll help you, okay?”

She nodded and we started walking away from the farm. After several minutes of exploring the city and searching for her mother to no avail, we decided to look in another direction. It was fun seeing all the places with her and if we weren’t looking for her mother as well, it would have been a great way to spend the day with my new friend.

But after an hour of searching and being unable to find her mom, I decided it was probably best if we went home. I didn’t want my mom to start worrying or for us to get lost, so it was best if we went home. Maybe her mother was already there waiting for her.

We walked back home hand in hand, and I noticed how she was holding her doll so closely. She had probably been scared a lot by that bully and I wanted to cheer her up again.

“We are home, don’t get lost again, okay?” I smiled and she smiled back, shaking her head.

“I won’t,” she replied as we walked to her door.

“It’s locked,” I said, even as I tried again. We knocked afterwards and there was still no response. “No one is home,” I said, and her shoulders sagged.

“But don’t worry, you can come to my house and we can play while we wait for your mom.”

“I can?” she asked, happy at that suggestion.

I nodded and took her hand again, “Come on, I want you to meet my mom!”

“Mom!” I called out as soon as we entered my house.

She responded from the kitchen where she was getting a glass of juice. She smiled when she saw us.

“Did you have fun? And who is your new friend?”

“I’m Aria Zlatic,” Aria introduced herself.

“From next door?” my mom smiled again and Aria nodded.

“Well nice to meet you, Aria. Are you two going outside to play?”

I shook my head and smiled excitedly, “I am going to teach her how to play some video games.”

“Oh, that’s good. I’m sure you will both have fun. If you get hungry just let me know, okay?”

I nodded and my mom smiled again before leaving us to it.

I turned to Aria and grinned, “Are you ready to lose?”

She rolled her eyes playfully, “I can play video games too!”

“Oh really?” I said, pleasantly surprised.

She nodded and laughed, her sadness from earlier completely disappearing, “Game on!”

It was game on indeed! We sat down and got ready to play.

“So do you know that boy? The one who took your doll?” I asked as we started to play.

“No, he just came up to me and started being mean.”

“What about your friends? Do you have friends who live near to us?”

She smiled shyly and nodded, “Yes, I have! I really like him, he is nice to me.”


Why the hell I got a rival out of nowhere?! My new childhood friend had a crush on boy! but not me! That’s not cool!

It’s time to show her what I was really made of! She had no idea what she was getting herself into by involving with me, the expert (Virgin)!

I had never been so wrong in my life!

……I guess I underestimate her!! By the time she had completely destroyed me for the third time!

Later, her mom arrived here crying asking my mother for help to find her daughter. When she find Aria inside my room, she looks very relieved and look weak on her legs.

Apparently Aria wonder off somewhere on her own when her mother just look away for a second.

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