Chapter 8

“You are doing great, Lucas.”

That was my mother’s voice, always encouraging me when it came to my training. Sometimes I felt as if she tried hard not to let me dwell on the fact that I couldn’t do magic, and to focus on what I could do instead. And I didn’t mind it one bit, I had accepted this now and I was actually really good at it

Almost four months had passed and I had improved a whole lot from the level I had been, and I just kept on going forward. I finished my sword training, completing my last set of swinging training.

Ha, to think I had once thought five hundred swings were impossible!

I straightened my posture just as my father had taught me to, while focusing on my arm that held the sword. My grip was firm and sure, and I was now really good at this. My body moved naturally as I swung, pretending like I was defending myself from some unseen force with my wooden sword.

I put my sword down when I was done swinging, and turned to face my mom with a smile.

“I’m done,” I said, and she returned my smile.

“You were so great, dear, are you tired?”

I shook my head as I replied, “Not so much.”

“Would you want to spar with Sylvia?” She asked.

I thought about it for a second as I looked at our maid, then nodded. Even after five months of proper training, I had never sparred with my father. This was a great opportunity for me to test my skill, and prove that all that I had been learning so far was really useful against a real opponent.

And what better opponent to test my skills on than Sylvia?!

She was beautiful and dainty, but I didn’t let her looks fool me. Sylvia was very strong! I knew this, and I would not underestimate her.

I watched her as she picked up the wooden sword, carefully studying her movements to watch out for any sudden attack.

“You can go all out, Lucas,” Sylvia smiled.

She was giving me free reign to use any method of attack I pleased?! I smirked and charged at her.

Wait…what the hell just happened? 

I blinked as I came to, trying to get my bearings. My mom’s hand was in my hair, and I realised my head was in her lap. I tried to sit up and she helped me slowly.

I blinked slowly, “What…what happened?”

My mom pushed my hair from my forehead as she checked me. “You went down in one hit, Lucas.”

“I’m so sorry, Lucas. Please forgive me for hitting you,” Sylvia apologized, looking really remorseful.

Arrgh, this was so embarrassing. I just wanted to crawl into a hole and hide away. How could I just be beaten in one hit?! After all my training and preparation? This was so frustrating, honestly; how could I be so weak?!!

“I’m so weak,” I mumbled in embarrassment, hanging my head low.

“Oh come on now,” my mother hushed me quickly, drawing me in for a hug and filling me with comfort that only she could provide. “It’s perfectly alright for you to lose now, you are only still a child. But one day, you will be a strong and fierce warrior and no one will be able to beat you, okay?”

I nodded and hugged her back, burying my face into her breasts that had only gotten bigger with her pregnancy. I felt better already.

I heard someone enter the garden and I looked up from my mother’s embrace and saw my father walking in. He had returned.

My mother raised her head for his kiss as they quickly greeted each other. He took one look at me and must have sensed my sour mood because he looked at my mother next before asking, “What did I miss while I was gone?”

I didn’t want my father to know of my failure and that all his training had not amounted to much. But Marianne told him anyway.

“I asked if Lucas would like to spar with Sylvia after his training, just so he could put his skills to the test in a real fight. She knocked him down on the first try, and now Lucas thinks he is weak for failing.”

I inwardly glared at my mom, did she really have to say all of that so plainly??!!

I sighed as Luthor reached out to pat me on the shoulder gently. “Don’t be discouraged, son. One defeat does not define you or your skills as a warrior.”

“I know,” I replied as I sighed again.

And I wasn’t lying, I honestly knew that one fight did not make or break a warrior. But I was still frustrated because I knew that my sword techniques still lacked and I needed to work hard on them.

I was about to explain all of this to my father but I saw my mother sway right in front of me and the next thing I knew, she was falling.

“Mom!” I screamed in alarm, but luckily; Dad was there to catch her.

He quickly caught her in his arms as she collapsed and liquid ran down her legs.

“I think my water just broke,” my mother just said, blinking slowly. “I feel dizzy.”

I tried to swallow my panic but it seeped through. “Mom, are you okay? Are you hurt?”

“She will be fine,” my father said, “the baby is ready to come out now.”

Just the thought that she could be in any kind of danger sent a wave of panic through me. My heartbeat increased and I felt as if it would burst out of my chest if it beat any faster! I had never been this genuinely concerned over someone’s comfort before, and it was a testament to how I really loved my mother.

All those times she had taken care of me and comforted me as I was growing up. I thought of them now and all I just wanted to do was to wrap her up in arms and protect her too. Even though I was still little on the outside, I still wanted to protect her!

I had never seen anyone giving birth before, this was literally my first time in this situation!! And these people…wait, they were laughing at me?!!!

“Don’t panic, Lucas, listen to your father.” Marianne said, “I am fine. And we have everything prepared.”

I blinked in confusion, what preparation was she talking about? Did she know that she was leaking? And a baby was about to come out of her?? A whole entire human being?!!

I didn’t know much about the process except there was a lot of pushing involved and a lot of pain and crying. And that couldn’t be pleasant at all!

Calm down Lucas, I told myself. She has done this before. Oh right, I was her first born! So she knew what she was doing…

I took a deep breath and Dad explained that there was a doctor ready to come to our house when my mom was in labour.

“She is just a phone call away, and your mom will be in good hands,” he finished explaining then turned to smile at my mother.

“Maybe we should have prepared him too, so he wouldn’t be so scared for you when the time came.”

My mother smiled, “He will be fine, won’t you Lucas? He is my strong little warrior.”

Umm, I wasn’t so sure about that! But before I couldn’t respond, Sylvia was back.

“I called the doctor and I already have the room prepared,” Sylvia said behind me, reminding me that she had just gone back to the house all of a sudden.

At least the doctor would be here, I didn’t want anything happening to my mom.

Dad carried her into the house and to the prepared room. I couldn’t believe how these two were so calm and collected during this whole process. My parents were insane! But I quietly followed the absurd pair to the room and just held my mom’s hand as I tried to not show her my panic.

“So are you ready to meet your little sibling?” She asked.

I blinked and focused on her again, my mind had been a million miles away. Statistically, how many people had complications during childbirth? What kind of medication could they give her for pain? How long did labour usually last? And the list of weird questions jostled for attention in my mind.

“Lucas?” My mom’s voice broke through my haze once more. “There really is no need to worry, dear. Everything will be just fine.”

When had my mom ever let me down? Never…to my knowledge. Therefore I needed to try and calm down for her sake and show her my support.

I squeezed her hand and looked at her from where she was now propped up on pillows on the bed. Looking as beautiful as ever even in the first stages of labour.

“I can’t wait to meet my sibling,” I said with a small smile, “it’s going to be so great.”

“Of course it is, you will finally have someone looking up to you and you can teach them everything you know,” my father said encouragingly.

It made me forget about my panicked state for a little bit as I tried to imagine the little one I hadn’t met yet. Would my sibling look like our father or our mother. Most people said I looked a little like my dad, so I wanted them to look like my mom.

“Come sit here with me,” my mom said, patting the space next to her on the bed.

I quickly did as she asked and lay facing her, assuring myself that she really was okay. And even though she was in labour, she still cared about my comfort. Now I needed to be strong for her and show my support.

So I waited like that until the old female doctor arrived. She quickly dismissed my father and I,  telling both of us to wait outside.

“So what now?” I asked dad when we were outside.

He patted my head gently, “Now we wait for your little sibling.”

I nodded at that and started pacing, asking every few minutes how long it was going to take. My father just chuckled and told me that everything was going to be fine.

“You asking every two minutes is not going to help anything along,” he chuckled.

I nodded but didn’t really like that answer. I wanted to know now how much longer I would have to wait!

“I was just like you when you were born,” my father smiled. “I was so impatient and wanted to know when you would come to. But I know now that babies come when they are ready to, and it could take hours.”

Hours?! I almost huffed in frustration. What made it take it so long?! It should be a simple process really, someone pushed and a little someone came out. Even though I knew there was so much more involved than that, my impatience really didn’t care right now.

So I continued pacing and wondering when exactly the baby would decide to grace us with its presence!

It took two hours of my asking for the answer to finally come. And after two freaking hours it came in the form of a loud, baby cry.

“I’m now a big brother!” I exclaimed excitedly, quickly running to the room.

I didn’t care if I wasn’t allowed in yet, I just had to see for myself. I had waited for so long! But when I went in and saw my mother with sweat plastering her hair to her forehead, no one chased me away. Instead, I was introduced to the smallest and loudest human being I had ever met.

I was finally a big brother to a beautiful baby sister named Alice. I fell instantly in love with her and I wanted to protect her and take care of her. And my first silly thought as I looked at her face for the very time?

I couldn’t wait for her to grow up so I could teach her how to swing a sword!

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