Chapter 9

I could never get tired of looking into those pretty blue eyes and how they always twinkled when I made a funny face and funny sounds to gain her attention. Alice was a beautiful baby, and such a happy child that I didn’t mind playing with her when she wasn’t sleeping. She was four months old now and growing faster than I thought she would, and it was so much fun noting the little changes that she was going through every day.

Even though she was still so little, I could already tell that she looked a bit like our mother. And that she would only get prettier as she got older. I wondered if she would be more like our father though in terms of personality. Would she grow up to be tough and protective? Or sweet and nurturing like mom?

All the endless possibilities of what she could be like were exciting and I couldn’t wait to watch her grow up and become a young woman.

My friends had come by a few times to see her and they had all liked playing with the new baby. And everyone agreed that they couldn’t wait to teach her lots of games to play when she got older. We were all just excited to have her around. And it didn’t help matters that she was just so cute!

One of the things I loved most about having a new baby in the house was just the smile on everyone’s faces when they looked at her. Everyone just couldn’t help it but be happy around the baby and that included me too.

And she always smelled so good too. I loved it especially when her little chubby hands tried to grab my face. Her hands always smelled so clean and good, like cookies. Well, she always smelled good until her diaper had to be changed! That was the only time I didn’t like her hahaha.

And I was happy that I didn’t have to help changing her. But other than that, I would do anything for my baby sister.

I remembered the very first time I had seen her four months ago, I had instantly known that she was so precious. And I wanted to play with her and make her smile and protect her if I needed to. I was a great big brother if I had to say so myself, and my parents agreed.

I wasn’t even jealous when they gave the baby attention because I loved spoiling her too. And I knew my parents still loved me and they never let me feel neglected. My father still brought me nice things when he travelled, and my mom spoiled me too. And I didn’t mind when they spend time playing with the baby because Sylvia was around too and I could spend time with her instead.

“You are so pretty, yes you are,” I said playfully as I rubbed Alice’s little nose.

She squealed with happiness and raised her hands in the air.

“You can’t catch me,” I laughed at her, tickling her nose again.

She always smiled when I did that so I did it again.

“I can’t wait until you can talk,” I sighed, making a silly face at her.

“You’ll have to wait a bit longer for that,” Sylvia chuckled behind us. “You are too impatient Lucas.”

“I am not!” I protested, even though it was true.

I had tried making the baby sit when she had just been two months old. My mother had reprimanded me of course and I would never forget it.

“You are too!” Sylvia laughed again and I pouted a little.

“I just want to talk to her.”

“Don’t worry, you can teach her words when she’s bigger. Okay?”

I nodded and turned to the little, smiling girl in her crib.

I tickled her cheeks as I made a funny face and she gave me a toothless grin and a bit of a giggle. It was my favourite thing in the world, seeing her little baby giggle. It was just so cute.

My father was away again, and it was just Sylvia, Marianne and I in the house. So I loved helping out with the baby when they were both busy with other things.

“Lucas, are you okay there with the baby?”

I looked up at our maid as she prepared to leave. She was going to buy some ingredients for dinner and a few other things we needed around the house. She was very good at her job and really made my mom’s life easier since the baby had arrived. And she was pretty nice too, which was a bonus. I really liked her.

“Yes, we are fine.”

She nodded, “I am going out for a little while. So if you need anything just call for your mom, okay?”

I nodded, “Okay.”

“Okay, good. Have fun you two.”

I smiled and turned to Alice again, “We always have fun, don’t we?”

The baby smiled as if she understood what I was saying to her. I guess she just liked the sound of my voice because she would always smile whenever I talked to her. Or even when I sang to her. She would smile like she knew exactly what I meant, or we had some little secret between just the two of us.

“I’ll see you soon.”

I nodded as Sylvia left us alone to our own devices.


“What do you think we should do, huh? Should we eat some ice cream before dinner? We can’t get into trouble if there is no one to tell on us.”

She giggled again and I traced the little dimples in her cheeks with my finger. She was just the most precious thing!

“Or maybe we can replace the sugar with some salt? Do you think Sylvia would scold us?”

She giggled again and I shook my head at her as I pretended to be disappointed in her.

“I can’t believe you would do such a thing, Alice! You are nothing but trouble.”

This time her giggle disappeared, again, as if she understood me. I leaned in to give her a kiss on the forehead. A few seconds later, her giggles were gone and she burst into a full on orchestra of cries.

“Shh baby, I’m sorry. What did I do?”

I took her into my arms and patted her back in a soothing manner. It always seemed to work when my mom and when Sylvia did it. So I just did the same. But it didn’t work.

“Okay, okay, shhh little baby. Does little Alice want to walk around?”

I walked around as I rocked her in my arms but it didn’t work. Which left only two other possible problems. Since her diaper wasn’t wet, it left only one.

“Mom!” I called out.

“Yes, Lucas?” She answered me.

“The baby is hungry,” I replied.

I heard my mother laugh as she came down to where we were and took the baby in her arms.

“Did she tell you that?”

I smiled and shook my head, “I just guessed since I couldn’t think of anything else.”

“Well, she hasn’t had her milk in a little while, so she has to be hungry now.”

My mom sat down next to me and held Alice with one arm while she used her other hand to unbutton her blouse. Little Alice kept crying of course, impatient to get her dinner.

“Okay little one, I’m giving you your milk,” my mother spoke to her in a babyish voice.

When she finally finished unbuttoning her top, she took out her breast to feed Alice. I gulped when I saw it, wow!

Ngh…they are so big, I thought. I knew my mom had big breasts but I had never seen it bared and up close before besides when I had been a baby. They were so big and beautiful, and I truly missed being able to suckle on them.

I remembered well how soft and delicious they were, and how I used to latch onto them whenever I was hungry.


I looked on as little Alice suckled her milk, her cries now forgotten as she got what she had wanted all along. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from my mother’s breast. It just looked so inviting and I licked my lips involuntarily.

Why the hell did I have to die a virgin, I thought with a mental eye roll. It was just so frustrating. I had never gotten a chance to experience so many wonderful things! It was so unfair! But life rarely was fair after all, and I was living proof. For a second time!

I watched my mother’s pink nipple disappear into my sister’s mouth and I wished it were me. I stared at it so intently as I tried to imagine how sweet it would taste on my tongue.


I blinked and looked up from the object of my focus, to look at my mother. Her face was flushed with a pink blush.


“I feel weird having you watch me so intently like that. I don’t like it!”

I looked away as I felt my own skin start to heat up in a blush.

“Umm…umm, I wasn’t…” I bit my lip as I tried to form the words but all that came out was a stutter.

I was so embarrassed that I’d been caught staring at my own mother like that. Gah, it was so bad!

“I wasn’t looking at you, I promise,” I finally said.

When did I become such a pervert, I thought in shame. I really needed to control myself and not show any mother-con tendencies!

My mother giggled and gave me a teasing look.

“Oh, so you don’t want to drink mommy’s milk again? Is my little Lucas so grown up now?” She teased me as she took out her other breast.

I gulped with nervousness, knowing she was just teasing me and I shouldn’t take the bait. It was just so tempting though, and I bit my lip again not knowing how to respond to that.


I glanced at my little sister and she had already fallen asleep. She did that all the time when she was full and happy. She would just fall asleep sometimes with a breast in her mouth.

But it left me in a new difficult situation. Because since my sister had stopped drinking, both of Marianne’s breasts were now on full display for my viewing pleasure. I almost licked my lips in anticipation, even though I knew I would never get what I wanted at that moment.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of them though, and I found myself nodding as I moved closer to her.

So I might be totally contradicting my earlier claims that I hadn’t been staring at her breasts, sue me! I totally didn’t care about anything going on around me except just getting to those breasts.

Marianne blushed as she took in my excitement, even though she looked slightly troubled as well. She probably wasn’t expecting me to behave this way or act the way I was acting, but too bad because I couldn’t stop myself!

“Lucas!” She gasped, giving me a disapproving look. “You know the milk is for the baby. You are already too old to have it and what will your little sister have if you drink it too?”

I didn’t like that at all, and I had to use my child card to act like a sulking child. It worked, and with fake tears in my eyes, I looked at my mother again.

“Am I not mommy’s baby anymore?” I asked, sniffing away and wiping at my eyes.

“Am I going to be abandoned?”

Oh…I probably shouldn’t have said that last part! I was still a child after all and it was a bit too much. But I couldn’t take it back, it was already too late.

My mother looked very shocked, which surprised me. But I watched her silently stand up and proceed to put my little sister in her crib.

I wondered if I had hurt her feelings. The atmosphere had just suddenly changed in the room and I couldn’t bear the heavy silence. I was about to apologise when Marianne suddenly hugged me tightly to her chest.

“You will always be my baby, Lucas. Always.

I felt her sobbing against me as she clung to me as if she would never let me go.

“I’m sorry,” she began apologizing, “I’m so sorry.”

She repeated this several times and I felt my heart break a little.

I hadn’t expected for my little tantrum to work like that and I blamed it on my choice of words. I really shouldn’t have said that and it was all my fault that my mom was now upset.

I can never say that again, I thought to myself. Vowing there and then to never say something like that again to her.

“I’m sorry mom,” I apologized, meaning every word.

Marianne nodded and lay on the sofa while spreading her arms at the same time. I wondered what she was doing and I looked at her in confusion. She must have read my confusion because she gave me a small smile.

“You can suck mommy all you want, Lucas.”

I stood like that, still dumb folded that she had actually given me permission to do that. And when I saw her expression I was surprised, she looked like a woman in heat!

My plan must have worked a little too well!!

I had expected mommy to scold me and tell me to behave myself like a good little boy should. Like she always did when I was being mischievous at any given time.

And now that she had given me the green light to suck all I wanted, I was stuck. I didn’t know what to do next. I was like a kid crying for candy and when I had been put it a candy store, I just froze.

Maybe I should let it go and apologize, I thought. Forget all of this and just go back to normal.

But taking another look at my mommy with that expression. Not to mention her breasts fully displayed and her arms wide open? How could I walk away from that?! And now, her breasts were slowly lactating, teasing me with white drops of sweetness at the tips.

I felt something stir within me and I realised that I was experiencing an erection for the first time in my new body.

Is this really happening?!

Well, apparently, it was.

I gulped and gave in to my urges, jumping and latching onto her exposed breast.

They were so full and soft, too big to fit in my little hands. But it wasn’t for lack of trying, because I squashed that big breast in my two hands like there was no tomorrow. Gah, it felt soooo good.


I stopped and opened my eyes to look at the big breasts in my hands. I couldn’t believe I was finally holding them and squeezing them like this. They felt so nice in my palms and I squeezed them gently and watched as milk filled the tips.

I wondered if they hurt her when they were so full like this and if she felt relief when the milk came out? Because they sure looked too full, like soft melons! I squeezed again and watched the milk pool even more and a drop glistened. I didn’t want to waste even a single drop.

So I licked my lips like a little pervert and dipped my head to lick the drops of milk away. I looked up at Marianne and her eyes were closed and she seemed content to let me have my way with her breasts.

And so I went at it, my mouth working her breasts and my tongue drawing as much milk as I can.

Ah, I had missed this! Feeling the warm milk flood my mouth as I gulped it all down. I wish I had remained a baby a little longer so that I would have an excuse to just suckle on them all day long. I really didn’t know I had missed this until I had seen my mother’s exposed breast. And now I had it in my mouth.

“Nghhh,” I sighed happily as I suckled and suckled.

This was by far the best day of my life yet!

I was probably sucking her and groping her in a very mature manner, not like a child at all, but I couldn’t bring myself to care for much in that moment.

And so I ran my tongue across her nipple as I squeezed, enjoying the gush of milk I was rewarded with. It was just as I remembered, warm and sweet. And I suckled like my life depended on it, squeezing her breasts tightly.

Mommy moaned and patted my head softly. “Go slowly, Lucas.”

I ignored her request, it was just too good to slow down! I fed from her breast like a starved child while savouring every moment

I knew that a woman’s breasts were very sensitive and I had to handle them well. But I was just too excited and so far gone to take it slow.

I licked around the nipple, coaxing more milk out it and I was not disappointed. The soft tip felt hot and wet against my tongue, and I bit into it gently and closed my eyes in a silent moan.

It felt too good and I still couldn’t believe Marianne was letting me do this. I wouldn’t question it too much however, I was just glad I had gotten the opportunity!

And how great an opportunity it was!


I squeezed the other breast I wasn’t sucking on, making sure to give them equal attention. Marianne stiffened slightly but then relaxed under my touch.

I smirked and gave the breast one final lick before moving to the other one. This one was full of milk and it flooded my mouth. I had to swallow quickly to get it all and I wrapped my lips around it tightly not wanting to spill even a single drop. I used both my hands to squeeze it, getting even more milk when I did that.

So I ran my tongue across the tip of the breast, doing it fast at first then slowly as the milk started to lessen.

When the milk flow slowed a bit, I squeezed. And when it gushed, I licked. When it got too good, I bit gently. It was a rush altogether and I enjoyed every second of it!

I felt Marianne stiffen beneath me and her mouth open as she climaxed over and over again. I just kept on sucking while she trembled and moaned, but she never pushed me away.

After what seemed like ages, I finally felt full and reluctantly let go of her breast. I licked my lips in satisfaction and was surprised to see Marianne just lying there, completely passed out.

Her tongue was even sticking out and her eyes had rolled up. She looked thoroughly ravished. And when I looked closely I saw a small puddle around her crotch area.

Oh my, I thought, was that what I thought it was?!

I looked down at myself as well and saw that my pants were wet also. I had apparently ejaculated through all of that!

But how was that even possible? I was still a six year old and that shouldn’t have been possible for me to achieve orgasm. So how had it happened?! I was so confused but I really didn’t have time to make sense of it now because I needed to clean up evidence of everything that had taken place.

Otherwise I would be totally fucked!

What would anyone say if they saw my mom like this, or even me?!

I almost felt like a panic coming on but I knew I had to calm down and clean everything up. Eek! How would I even begin to explain the situation? Even Sylvia, what would she think if she came back home and saw all of this?

Panicking was not the solution here. It really wasn’t going to solve anything. Come on Lucas, I thought. You have fought fierce wolves before, surely you can handle this. Okay, so you didn’t exactly win against those wolves but you can still handle this little situation.

My ridiculous pep talk helped spring me into action and I quickly buttoned my mom’s blouse and made sure everything was presentable. Then I covered her with a small blanket of Alice’s that was on the sofa next to her.

It was such a shame to cover everything up and I really wished I could look at her breasts some more. Common sense kicked in and I reminded myself that I really didn’t have time for this right now! Half the work had already been done and now I needed to make sure everything else was in place.

Now I just need to clean myself up too, I thought.

I quickly ran to my room and changed my trousers before putting on a new pair of shorts.

There, now I looked presentable and no one would ever know.

When I went back to my mom she was still passed out and Alice was still soundly sleeping. So I went outside and did some quick training to try and clear my head a little bit after what had just happened.

I settled into bed as I got ready to sleep. It had been a very eventful day and I was exhausted both physically and emotionally. Who knew that would happen the way it had? Certainly not me.

My mom had taken me by surprise, and it was a very good surprise. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely was not complaining.

I could still almost taste her on my tongue and I had to acknowledge that nothing would ever be the same again. I could not just go back to being her sweet little innocent son again, certainly not after that. And I wondered how she would treat me the following day.

Would she pretend like nothing had happened? Would she allow me to go it again?

But even if it never happened again, as much as that would disappoint me, I would deal with it. Because I had enough memories to last me a lifetime.

Even now, I only just had to close my eyes to remember her pale skin flushed as I squeezed around her breasts. My little fingers had left everywhere I touched pink and beckoning me to squeeze harder. And her nipples had looked almost red against her pale skin after I was done suckling on them. I thought of the way it had made me feel, and how it had stirred my erection to life.

What an experience!

As I drew my blanket to my chest I heard a noise. At first I chose to ignore it, thinking I had just imagined it but I heard it again.

It was clearly my mother moaning, and her noises were getting louder.

It was too loud to be an accident, and they hadn’t really made such noises since before my little had been born. It had been a long time since I had heard them. So why was the noise just coming back all of a sudden?

Was my mother doing it on purpose?!!

Was she actually making so much noise so that I would hear and know exactly what they were doing?!

I wouldn’t lie, it felt as if she were doing it on purpose but maybe I was just imagining it. Because of my excitement of the day, it was probably all in my head.

But I couldn’t help how the feeling of jealousy that filled my chest immediately. And for the first time ever, I suddenly felt jealous of my father.


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