Chapter 10

I was in the clouds, floating happily and in my own perfect little world. When had life become so good? Really, there was joy like this to be had in the world? Why had I never experienced this before, why was it being denied me?

I didn’t have a single answer to all of these questions but I knew of only one thing that was good and true and right now. I had probably died a second time and I was in heaven. How else would I explain the euphoric feeling that I was feeling right now? As if I was high on some kind of special drug that was especially made for me. And me alone.

That’s exactly what this was!

Heat spread through my stomach and my whole body felt like it was on fire. When the mouth around me moaned, the vibrations made my entire body tingle with pleasure. Nothing could beat this feeling, not even suckling on my mother’s breasts. This was on a whole new level and in didn’t know how long I could hold on.

I really felt like I would burst any moment now, and my dick was enjoying this way too much.

“Aaaah!” I moaned, arching my back as the mouth persisted.

My dick was sucked hard and I thought I would jump off the bed with excitement.

The warm mouth around my dick licked and sucked softly. It felt so good! I moaned and stretched my legs to create more space and the licking increased in pace.

“Nghh,” I moaned, reaching down to pat the head between my legs that was giving me so many wonderful sensations.

I groaned again in pleasure when a hand wrapped around my erection and pumped in time with the warm tongue. This person knew what they were doing! I opened my eyes and looked straight into…my mother’s face??!!

Gah! It really was my mother, and he blowjob was superb! I was really enjoying myself and I didn’t want it to end. The way that she was paying special attention to the areas that needed it most was perfect. And I was just so sensitive, feeling every sensation that her mouth was bringing.


Where had she learnt how to do that thing with her tongue?! She was just too good at it.


I opened my eyes and looked at her, wanting to ask why she had stopped.


The voice was louder this time and I blinked, opening my eyes to reality.

Damn it, I had been dreaming?!

My real life mother stood at the foot of my bed as she looked at me strangely. She blushed and shyly glanced at my dick that was freaking saluting at her!

Oh this was so embarrassing!  Having my mother interrupt a wet dream about her and then seeing me like this? Could it get any worse?!

“What were you dreaming about Lucas?” She asked with a teasing tone.

I blushed furiously and grabbed my blanket to cover my dick and hide it from her sight.

“Just get out mom,” I said in embarrassment.

My mom just giggled and shook her head at me.

“Breakfast is ready downstairs so I came to wake you up. You overslept so much and its almost noon now.”

That caught my attention, how had I slept for so long? I got up as soon as Marianne closed the door behind her and I got ready for the day.

It had been a couple of days since the whole incident with my mom and I had been having weird dreams about her since then. Not nearly as vivid as the one I’d had this morning but they were still pretty interesting. I wondered if I would always be having them and what to do about it.

And she had also been acting different too ever since that day.

The hugs and little kisses were becoming frequent and her attitude had made a complete 180 degree change!  And even though she still gave a lot of attention to Alice, she was behaving in an almost clingy manner towards me. There was no other word for it. And sometimes she was almost flirty, which scared me a bit.

When Luthor was not there, she had started asking me to join her for a bath. And even the times I had done my training, she had looked at me the same way she looked at my father.  That look of longing, but only more intense.

And lastly, when Aria or others came over to play. She would loudly click her tongue when I could hear her, it’s starting worry me. Once again, it was all my fault and I had broken my mother to satiate my own lust.

But on the other hand, I was reveling in all the attention! I was actually  loving it all and I never wanted it to stop. That just how much I was secretly enjoying this!


My mother was taking the offensive side like that, which was fine. But I couldn’t now remain on the defensive end. I really had to step up and take charge like a man.

I finally went down and found my mother alone with a book in hand.  Neither my father nor sister were in sight, but I could see Sylvia outside grooming the garden.

It seemed everyone had already finished eating and the food that was left was just for me.

“Where is dad and Alice?” I asked, taking a seat so that I could eat my breakfast.

My mother looked up at me from her book and gave me a small smile. “Your father took Alice out to play, they will be back later.”

I nodded then my gaze focused on what my mother was wearing. Which wasn’t a whole lot since her clothes were revealing as fuck!

Her top left her shoulders exposed and revealed her generous cleavage. I glanced down to her bottom half and was shocked to see a very short skirt that left her legs mostly exposed. Since when had my mother started dressing like that?!

I gulped and gave her another look form head to toe, taking in everything.

Marianne had always dressed politely and very classy, and never like this. I knew she was super beautiful but I had no idea she could become this jaw dropping and stunning! Wow.

“You look beautiful mom,” I said softly, looking at her again.

She blushed but didn’t comment on that. Instead saying, “I just heated your food so quickly eat before your breakfast gets cold.”

She patted the seat next to her, gesturing for me to come and sit there. I did as she requested, still unable to take my eyes off her. My mom must have noticed my intense staring because she gave me a tender smile that made me blush.

I had to look away and focused on my food, quickly eating my breakfast. I enjoyed my breakfast uninterrupted, trying to push all of my thoughts out of my mind. I was half worried my mother would ask about the incident in my room, I really didn’t want to get into that right now.


My mother had made delicious food as usual, and I just enjoyed myself while trying not to stare at her in this new dressing of hers. While she was really beautiful, she had always dressed modestly. Well, for the amount of time I had known her at least. This was a whole new look for her and it was just…wow.


Focus on your food, Lucas, I scolded myself.


I turned my attention to my plate again and ate everything that has been prepared for me. I looked up at my mom and thanked her for the food, ever the polite son I was.



“Oh Lucas, you have food all over your mouth.”

She smiled as she took a napkin and wiped my mouth with it, cleaning my face for me. Through her thin clothes, I could see her large breasts jiggle up and down. Was she wearing a bra? I don’t think so, I thought, judging by how much they jiggled.

I let her do her thing and sat there quietly until she finished. After she put the napkin away, she looked at me intently and took a breath.

“Lucas,” she started, and I could tell by her tone that I wasn’t going to like whatever she had to say next.

I just knew it.

“What happened a few days ago,” she said again, then paused.

I just waited for her to finish, not wanting to make a sound.

“I know you are a very smart boy and you are smart enough to understand that what happened can never happen again. You understand that, don’t you?”

I nodded in understanding, I really didn’t want to feel weird with my own mother after all. Marianne immediately smiled and gave me a tight hug.

“Oh I know it was wrong,” she said as she lowered her voice slightly.

Her tone sounded… flirty, and I wondered what was going on now.

“But I feel more alive than before!”

Umm, okay?

“My life being married to your father has been pure bliss and full of happiness, it really has been. But after…after what happened,” she bit her lip and sighed happily, “my life has basically become heaven itself!”

I still waited to see where she was going with this conversation.

“The happiness I feel now? Wow, it’s so overwhelming that I can’t even bear it. And I know I have become a little greedy because of this.”


Oh. My. Word! I thought. Shit, I was breaking my mother!

I completely understood the consequences of my actions, I really was breaking Marianne. And I needed to fix this as soon as like yesterday!

If I let this continue on, it would also end up breaking my family. Sooner ,rather than later.

My mom let me go as she ended the hug and our eyes met. Neither of us said anything and a heavy silence ensued. Then she slowly took both my hands in hers and brought them up until they reached her breasts, and then she put my hands there.

“Mommy needs some good massages like before,” she said in a low voice.

I gulped, telling myself not to do it. I had to endure this and be in control. For the sake of my mom and my family. I couldn’t go through with this.

But I took in my mom’s womanly expression and the way my hands were on her breasts and how good it felt. I could feel my own control slipping away slowly and if this were to go on, I would lose it completely!

I knew that having these kinds of thoughts was bad, honestly, I knew all of that. I felt some kind of wrong at even thinking it, and I wished I could go back to being as innocent as i had been before. But that dream had felt so real and so good. I was really conflicted on what to do. What to think. What to feel.

I was only human after all! I couldn’t be blamed for having feelings.

I heard a door open and my father’s voice as he called out to both of us. At least Luthor was home, I breathed in relief! I was almost becoming like an uncivilized human being while looking at my mom like that.

Marianne clicked her tongue as she removed my hands from her breasts and I realised that she wasn’t jumping with joy at the return of my father, her husband. I missed my mother and how she always used to do that, this was getting out of control!


Marianne resumed reading her book and when Luthor finally entered the room, she greeted him normally.

Wow, she was really good! I was really impressed with her entire act and how everything actually appeared normal. Her pretense really was wonderful and I wondered how long she could keep up doing this.


It was like she hadn’t just put my hands on her breasts a few minutes ago and asked me to give her a massage in a sultry voice.

What would my father have done if he had seen her like that or heard her say those words? Looking at her now, you could never guess that’s what happened and I almost felt like I had imagined it all.

My father sat down opposite us and asked me how I was doing.

“You woke up late today,” he said, “are you feeling alright?”

I wondered if waking up to a wet dream of my mother could be considered as feeling sick? But I just nodded and told him I was fine. He gave me a small smile and ruffled my hair.

“How was your time with Alice?” Marianne asked and my father smiled again.

“We had a good time. I think when I get some time from work and I am not travelling away from home, we can make a plan as a family to go for a day out? Would you like that, Lucas?”

I nodded and looked down at my mother’s smooth skin on her thigh. It made me lose my focus a little bit.

“It’s been a long time since Alice was born that we just did that as a family,” my father continued, making my mother nod in agreement.

My hand went to the exposed part of her thigh and I rubbed a small circle on it. It was away from my father’s view under the table, and I felt naughty for doing it. But I was just so captivated by the pale patch of skin! It was creamy and smooth.

I started stroking her smooth thigh and my mom held back a moan.

“So what do you think?” My father asked and I blinked, I honestly hadn’t been listening to what he was saying anymore.

My mind had been otherwise occupied!

It was also difficult to just sit there with my father as he remained oblivious to what had happened and worse, what was continuing to happen. He was ever the long family man, making conversation and trying to make sure that we were all happy. Was I hurting him even though he didn’t know what had happened?

And how was Marianne processing all of this since she was the one that was married to the man? How could she still look him in the eye?

I couldn’t lie, that little part of me was thrilled with the suspense and secrecy going on. And also not knowing what would happen, but also the thrill of possibly getting caught. I felt like a criminal that enjoyed the thrill of the crime. Like I was stealing something that didn’t belong to me.

It was all so complicated.

I drew my hand away when my father looked at me and asked whether I had done my training for the day or not.

“You woke up so late have you had time to train yet?”

I shook my head as he nodded.

“Are you sure you are feeling well? You don’t have to train if you are not up to it, I’ll let it pass for today.”

“I’m okay, dad,” I gave him a small smile and moved away from my mother a little.

“Okay. But don’t make a habit of waking up so late, okay?”

I nodded and promised I wouldn’t do it again and that it was a one time occurrence.

“How was your walk with Alice?” I asked instead.

It occurred to me that I hadn’t seen her little cute face today and maybe playing with my baby sister would help take my mind off things. She always put me in a good mood and I didn’t mind babysitting her

“It was good,” my father responded. “She really enjoyed being outside in the fresh air. Next time you should come with us.”

“That would be nice.”

“I should put the baby to bed, will you join me Marianne?”

My mother nodded and they both left to go put my sister in her crib. I took the rest of the day to just do some of my training and then I went to bed earlier than I usually did.

The events of the day, coupled with what had happened a few days ago had really taken a toll on me and I was exhausted. I had a million thoughts running through my mind and it was difficult trying to catch some sleep when all I could focus on was what was going on!

My mind could only handle so much pressure and this was about to become too much. While I had definitely enjoyed everything I had felt in the moment, I couldn’t just focus on that and not think of the consequences of my actions afterwards.

Argh! This was so frustrating! Did I really want things to remain like this?!

Honestly, it was all so confusing and I wished I knew how to handle this situation. And if I continued on this path, what would be the end result?

I looked up from beneath my blanket at my mother who had just visited my room. What was going on now?

Surely she didn’t want to continue with that conversation about me giving giving her a massage, did she?

“Do you want mommy to sleep with you in your bed?”

I blinked once, then twice as it dawned on me. Fuck, I had really broken my mother!


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