Chapter 11

Training really helped in taking my mind off things and it was very ironic to think that the thing I had complained so much about in the beginning had become my refuge! Ha, if only my father knew. He would be so proud…or not, if he knew the entire details.

I swung and ducked as Sylvia came at me with force. She really never took it easy on me when we were training. And it reminded me of that first time when she had taken me down with one swing. I had rally come far from that day and most of my technique had improved thanks to her. I liked she didn’t treat me with kid gloves but really gave me her all when we were training. It got me to be better faster, because I was so determined to beat her.

I appreciated everything she had taught me so far and I knew that with my father’s training combined with hers, I was on my way to becoming a great warrior indeed.

With both of them teaching me all that they knew, I was in safe hands.

I rolled onto the ground as I defended another attack, smiling when I made Sylvia smile.

“Really good, you have greatly improved!” She exclaimed. “Your father will be so proud!”

But no matter how good Sylvia’s training was, or how better I was becoming, it didn’t erase what was going on between me and my mother.

It had been almost a week since my mom had slept in my bed with me. I never thought I would be saying those words but here I was. Funny how life works out! I was now caught in this tug of war between my reality and lust. And I had no idea which of those two forces would win in the end to be honest. Guess I would just have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, Marianne seemed to be reinforcing her efforts to catch my attention. It was in the little things, but it’s always the little things that count. Right?!

She had really become more active in wearing short and revealing clothing, and the occasional sexy pose or two. And while I would be the first to admit that my mother was a tempting woman and I would most likely enjoy banging her, I was about to reach my limit!

I mean, there is only so much a boy can take!

But laying down my priorities, I didn’t want to hurt or even ruin my family. My hormones would just have to take the back seat. Which meant I needed a plan to make sure I wouldn’t find myself in a compromising position with Marianne.

And that plan was to distance myself from her as much as I possibly could. I increased my training time, which helped me spend more time outside and when I noticed I needed a more solid plan, I changed my training location. It wasn’t easy trying to avoid someone you lived with, but I managed to avoid my mother for the most part.

“Your mind seems far away,” Sylvia’s voice brought me out of my thoughts.

I turned to her as we finished our sparring session. She was a really good sparring partner and she had helped me improve some of my techniques. My mother was inside the house, taking care of Alice, and it gave me some privacy with our maid.

“I was wondering, can you teach me some of your sword techniques?”

She smiled and nodded, “Of course, Lucas. I was planning to do just that, and your parents already approved my training you. Since your father has been so busy lately, he told me to teach you all that you might need to know.”

I nodded and she continued.

“But my training is much harsher than your father’s so I have to make sure if you are ready for that?”

I immediately nodded without second thought, eager to learn all that she could teach me.

“That’s good, I think we are going to work well together.”

“We will,” I gave her a small smile.

“But I was wondering too what is going on with you and your mother? There is this strange atmosphere between you two that was not there before. So what’s wrong?”

My heart stopped beating, had she really noticed that?! Of course she had, this woman was really sharp and so unlike my father who could be dense and so oblivious at times. So she would definitely notice that I was behaving differently towards my mom and that change would be strange. I really had to play it dumb now and maintain my calmness.

And so I decided to play it innocent, like the child that I was of course.

Sylvia sighed at my confused look before saying, “I know it is not my business to meddle and I do not have a right to ask my friend’s son these things. It’s even weird to ask a child this matted but I was just concerned that’s all.”

Just looking at her like that made me feel defeated. So I decided to ease some of her concern by telling her a bit of what was happening. I wouldn’t tell her everything of course, but just enough to get her off my back.

“It’s just that mom became so overbearing and was spoiling me too much. It became a bit scary for me.”

Sylvia was looking at me with what seemed to be like awe and I had to wonder if what I was saying was believable enough for a boy my age to say. From the looks of it, it looked like she was very much trying to figure out how someone my age would even understand all of that.

But she didn’t say anything, she just sighed and asked me if I would continue to avoid Marianne because of that.

“I don’t know,” I replied, and I actually didn’t.

“But your mother will be very lonely if you continue to avoid her so openly because of that.”

Ha! Honestly, she had no idea what I had gone through and how hard it was for me! Watching my own mother come for me? Anyone would be traumatized by such developments!

“Your mother is a very, very fragile woman inside and if she finds out her own son is distancing himself from her, it might actually break her.”

Well, that wouldn’t be good, I thought.

“So what should I do?” I asked.

At this rate, I might be witnessing my own breaking sooner or later! That was a terrifying thought!

“Well, no need to panic,” she said, patting my shoulder gently. “If you want to avoid your mother without breaking her, there is actually an easy way to do it.

I stared at her in bewilderment, did she know that she was literally contradicting herself? But I had to ask anyway.

“And how can I do that?”

“By becoming a rebellious boy.”

I blinked, what had she just said? I felt like an idiot for asking you! How the hell was being a rebellious boy going to help me in this situation? I was curious.

“How does it work?”

Sylvia laughed, “Well, that is how your father won your mother’s heart.”

I almost snorted, I most certainly did not want to win Marianne’s heart! I just wanted to get rid of her unmotherly feelings towards me without destroying her motherly ones. I knew it was my own fault for making her feel that way in the first place, but now in just wanted to fix this and make things right.

And why the hell had Sylvia told me about my dad?! Now all I could picture was my father acting like a tsundere to my mother in their past! Which was really surprising to say the least. Although a small part of me was now very interested in this idea.

I could use the rebellious boy act to stabilize the balance and make everything normal again. I was really determined to try it out and see where that would take me. It’s not like I had much of a choice!

I thought of my family.

Alice had just come into our family and it wasn’t fair of me to take that away from her by ruining the family because of my own selfish desires.

Luthor was a wonderful father who worked so hard to provide for us and loved us and protected us. He didn’t deserve having his perfect family life ruined by me either.

Then there was mom, my sweet mother. It was my fault that I had brought her into this. If I had never stared at her breasts and sucked on her milk this would never have happened. She didn’t deserve to be broken by me too!

So over the course of the next few days I put my new plan into action as inspired by Sylvia’s suggestion.

I tried, I really zried.

Since I had never been a rebellious boy before, the whole thing didn’t come naturally to me. I had always been a good boy to my parents and my mother and I had always had a good relationship. Too good actually, which was the reason I was in this mess to begin with. That alone motivated me to be the best rebellious boy I could be, and I ended up doing it pretty well. I really had the rebellious boy act down to a science.

So I became the opposite of everything I used to be in a bid to make this successful. My family’s future was riding on whether I was successful or not, and I didn’t want to fail.

But it had the…opposite results, dare I say?!

Instead of distancing myself from my mother, all it did was bring Marianne closer! I was honestly trying to avoid her but she just managed to find ways to purposefully flirt with me by showing more skin when Luthor was not around. And when Alice was asleep she would find ways to spend time with me, exactly the opposite of what I was trying to accomplish!

It was really hard to look away when she was flaunting her creamy skin for me to see and admire. It could be as small as leaving her shoulders exposed or even her cleavage, but it was enough to gain my attention and ensure that I looked at nothing else. And sometimes she would purposefully walk in front of me with an extra swing in her step, drawing my gaze to her hips and butt.

Arrrgh, she was slowly killing me! And how funny would that be if I died again, only this time from my own lust filled thoughts about my mother? In my defense, she was making it near impossible to think of anything else!

It was really like Marianne knew of my plan to avoid her and she had a plan of her own to make me fail!

And from this angle, it seemed like her plan was stronger than mine. She was triumphing!

I had never been so frustrated in my short life!

Whatever I had planned to do, she did her plan better! Whatever move I made, she made hers better! She played the game so well, and I was barely holding on. I wondered if it would be okay to just have my baby sister around all the time and use her as a shield?! Honestly, I was becoming desperate.

The more I tried to resist, the more she tried to seduce me. Which was making my resistance wane as the time went on. It made me wonder what had happened to my sweet mother who was modest? How long could I keep on with this cat and mouse game? The answer was that I probably couldn’t, and it would be easier to just give me.

But I was still too young to do anything yet, which was my only saving grace at the moment.


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