Chapter 12


The small forest near our town had become one of our playing spots. It was very safe and free from monsters. My friends and I had had found it rather spacious and fun to explore and play in. It had been a few months since everything has taken place with my mother and it was just freeing to be out here without a worry in the world except just enjoying the company of my young friends.

“Maybe we should play knight,” Julianna suggested, “It would be fun!”

We took turns to pair up and Tyr and I ended up dueling. It would obviously not be a fair fight with any of them but it was still fun to play around. Tyr smiled as he came at me, with determination in his eyes. I quickly knocked him down with only one hit and he went to the ground easily.

He rubbed his head as the girls quickly ran to him and gathered around him, all of them fussing over him. I could see the harem forming around the boy and I really felt like punching him! I was the one who was supposed to be getting the harem! And it wasn’t fair that the girls were only interested in Tyr.

Was it because I was a virgin? Really, was that the reason? Because this was starting to get really annoying and I wasn’t liking it one bit!

Julianna was the first to check Tyr and fuss over him like a mother hen! Tyr was fine of course, it wasn’t like I had hit him with intent to injure him. It had all been just for play. But she still checked him and tried to confirm whether I had hurt him for real.

The moment she was satisfied that Tyr was not going to die anytime soon, she quickly turned to me and glared at me. Oh oh, she seemed to be really mad.

“This is your fault! You could have really hurt him!” She blamed. “Why did you hit him like that?!”

I clicked my tongue and resisted the urge to scoff, this girl was always trying to find a reason to argue with me. Even when I didn’t deserve it! It was getting tiresome and I wanted to put her in her place once and for all.

“You are the one who asked us to play knights,” I pointed out, “it was your rules and I was just following them.”

“But you didn’t have to hit him so hard!” She protested.

“I didn’t!” I yelled, “I was just pushing him away and he fell! It wasn’t even hard.”

“You did that on purpose!”

“Of course I didn’t! We were just playing and you saw yourself that he is fine. I didn’t hurt him at all!”

She huffed in anger and I wondered if she would try and hit me.


“Umm guys, I think you should stop,” Tyr finally said as he came between us. “Look, I’m fine.”

Well, the boy might have the harem and I didn’t particularly like him for that, but I had to admit that he was a really cool friend. Julianna didn’t look too happy to be calling a truce so I just let her be and focused my attention back to my other friends.

“Let’s play hide and seek,” Aria cheerfully suggested, obviously trying to diffuse the situation.

I was happy to oblige and do anything that would get me away from Julianna. And besides, hide and seek was a cool game to play and no one could get knocked down from that! Everyone nodded as the agreed to the idea and we all waited to see who would be tagged.

“Tyr, tag you’re it!” Aria announced.

“Okay, I will count while you hide,” he said, and we all excitedly ran to hide as he closed his eyes and started counting.

I ran to a small gap in a big tree that was near the lake and hid there. I quickly closed the gap as I planned to hide there. It was a perfect spot to hide! But as I turned I found Julianna already hiding there and she frowned as she got ready to launch into an argument.

“What are you doing here, this is my spot!”

I rolled my eyes, “I didn’t know that, and I want to hide here too.”

“You can’t do that, I was here first! Get out.”

“I am not going anywhere…” My voice trailed as I heard Tyr’s voice nearby.

He muttered something about us being too good at hiding and I quickly placed a hand over Julianna’s mouth to keep it shut. She would get both of us spotted of she kept on with her shouting.

I checked the gaps again and made sure I had closed them properly, I doubted Tyr would be able to find us. Just to be sure, I looked through the small hole to see if Tyr was advancing towards us but he was already gone. Our hiding spot had not been discovered thankfully!

I sighed in relief and turned to my hiding partner.

“You have to get out,” she said. “Go away, Lucas.”

“You need to get out,” I retorted, I was not moving an inch.

If the little bossy girl thought I was going anywhere and exposing myself to get caught then she was sadly mistaken. I was not leaving this place! We glared at each other and if looks could kill then I would have surely died. Julianna was looking at me like she really hated me with every fiber and bone in her body!

“I am not sharing my hiding spot with you,” she hissed.

“This is not your spot, it doesn’t belong to anyone!”

“Well, I found it first!”

“We both found it so we are just going to have to share it!”

“Arrgh, why are you so stubborn?!”

“And why are you always arguing with me?!”

“Because you came into my spot!”

I sighed as I finally took a deep breath after we just continued arguing, it was really getting hot in here. The spot wasn’t really good with ventilation and we were both baking in the heat! I looked at Juliana and she seemed to be feeling the effects too as sweat formed on her body.

I gulped when beads of sweat began to drip down her body, from her face to her neck and finally to her thighs. She looked really hot and sexy like that!

Oh no, I thought as I groaned internally. I was a really immoral person! How could I say that this six year old brat looked attractive in any way?! Even though she looked really grown, so much that she looked more like a twelve year old than a six year old.

Come to think of it, so did Aria and Alys!

Did this world have some kind of nice body gene because everyone had really good looks? And had I just really called a six year old attractive??!


I already had the burden of incest with my mother on my shoulders, I did not need to become lolicon as well!

“So are you going to leave?” she started again, drawing me out of my thoughts.

At least when she was running her loud mouth it distracted me from how beautiful she was, which was a positive thing!

“I told you, I am not going anywhere. But you can leave if you want to,” I gave her a smile that was as fake as my kind offer.

She snorted and folded her arms in front of her, “Why is Aria friends with you?”

“Why is she friends with you too?” I shot back and she stuck her tongue out at me like the little brat she was.

“Because she was my friend first!”

I rolled my eyes, “That doesn’t even make sense.”

“It does too!”

I resisted rolling my eyes again lest they get stuck in my head from doing it too much around this little girl. It was a childish argument after all and I was too old for this, arrgh! I considered going out and just leaving her here but it had started raining outside.


I was stuck in here with the little brat and the rain was not helping me at all. I turned to look at her and found her glaring at me. She was no doubt thinking of ways to push me out into the rain, judging by the look in her eyes. And so I just glared back at her, hoping she would give up first can all a truce.

“This is silly,” I finally said.

“You started it,” she pouted.

“Umm, I know it was you who started it.”

She sighed, “Fine, maybe I did.”

I couldn’t help but smile as I sat down. It was no use anyway, we just had to wait for the rain to stop. We started talking about her childhood friends and I asked her how long she had known Tyr since she seemed to be so fond of him.

“We were friends since we were little,” she replied, blushing.

I pushed her shoulder playfully and I laughed, “You are still little.”

I hadn’t realized we had ended up sitting so close to each other until I touched her shoulder. And who knew I would end up laughing with Julianna anyway?! Interesting.

“You really like Tyr, right?”

She nodded and I smirked, deciding to tease her a little.

“But he won’t like you because you are a tomboy.”

“I am going to marry him when we grow up!” she declared.

“Oh how sweet, you are so innocent. Tyr won’t even like you because you don’t know how to kiss.”

I laughed when she looked at me in surprise and couldn’t stop myself from laughing at her some more. What I didn’t see coming was the kiss she planted on me shortly after!

I was still dazed from the kiss, I really had not been expecting that! Julianna just looked at me and stuck her tongue out at me again.

“You are the one who can’t kiss!”

Was I really being mocked by a six year old about kissing?! I couldn’t believe my ears! That really pissed me off and before I could stop myself, I grabbed her and pulled her towards me then kissed her again.

The kiss took her by surprise this time and I used the opportunity to take control of the kiss. Julianna quickly recovered and started fighting for dominance, so we ended up dueling with our mouths to see who would win control. The kiss got heated fast and I found my hand wandering towards her petite ass. I slowly stroked her thigh before fondling her small ass, and it felt so good.

She tried to gain the upper hand but I quickly took control, introducing my tongue and French kissing her like it was our last day on earth! Was it just me or was the temperature increasing in here?

Julianna grabbed my shoulders as I deepened the kiss and I could feel everything getting hotter and hotter. Oh yeah, we were going to burn the roof off this spot! Wait, did it even have a roof?! I couldn’t concentrate on anything else except the increasing heat so I took off my clothes and then hers.

Julianna kept her eyes on me as I did this and as soon as I was done, she was on me again. Kissing me again like we had never stopped. Her hands wandered as she began to explore my body. I mirrored her movements as we began to touch each other earnestly.

Julianna held on to me hard as I kissed her with every ounce of energy in me that I had. We had so long forgot about dueling and were just kissing each other now. Just a boy and a girl in a being spot, exploring each other. It was so hot, and she was surprisingly a good kisser!

I never should have mocked her, I supposed, but where was the fun in that?!

It was like we could not get enough of each other and we just went on and on. Guided purely by instinct, we found what best worked for the other.

It felt so good! Now I knew how Tyr must feel having all the attention on him from the girls.


Tyr is so lucky to have all the girls being crazy about him, I thought to myself.

I blinked out of my thoughts as cool air hit my lips, opening my eyes to see Julianna looking at me strangely.

Oh fuck, had I said that out loud?! Oops.

“What did you say?” She asked.

I blinked and tried to act innocent, how could I admit to her what I was thinking.

“Oh nothing, do you think Tyr is still looking for us?” I asked as I changed the subject.

Julianna looked like she didn’t believe me for a second but she just let it go.

“It stopped raining, maybe the others are looking for us,” she said, blushing as she looked at our pile of clothes.

We both got dressed quietly and I wondered if this would change things between us. I doubted it, it seemed she was really into Tyr and even had plans to marry him in the future! Well, at least we had enjoyed ourselves for a little while.

We got out of our hiding spot and found Tyr, Alys and Aria already looking for us. Which made us the winners, even though Tyr complained that the rain had distracted him.

“Where were you hiding, we looked for you everywhere!” Tyr exclaimed, making Julianna blush slightly.

Oh if only you knew Tyr, I thought smugly.

“We can’t tell you, next time you will find us,” I said calmly, making Aria and Alys smile and clap excitedly.

“You did it so well!” Aria said.

“Too well,” Alys added, making Tyr grumble.

We all just laughed at him as we walked back home, and I looked at Julianna who was already walking close to Tyr.

Seemed like I was forgotten already, I sighed.

When I got home, Sylvia asked what games we had played and I happily told her that I had won hide and seek. She prepared dinner for us while telling me stories about great warriors in the past. I laughed and had a good time with her, thankful that I had an excuse not to be around my mother at least for a while longer.

My father was not around again because of work, so we had our dinner later on and then all went to bed. I was just settling in when someone came into my room. I looked up at my mother and watched her as she got into my bed again.

“Mommy is lonely,” she said in almost a sad voice.

My father was not there and little Alice was with Sylvia since she loved spending time with her. Which meant my mother really was all alone.

I could only gulp and shake my head as I took in her revealing nightgown. Her figure was clearly outlined and her big breasts were showing through the nightgown. But I had a determination of steel, and I would not be ruled by my lust.

Eh, at least that was the plan!

I turned my back to her and scooted to the far end of the bed, trying to put as much distance between us as possible. Marianne started touching my shoulders, drawing feather light touches down my back. She kept on doing it until I turned around, forsaking my earlier position to keep myself from doing I might regret later.

She just wasn’t giving me that option, and she seemed determined to see me give in to her!

“Why have you been avoiding me, Lucas,” she asked sadly.

I had no choice but to look at her, was she using my own plan against me to make me feel bad?! Arrgh! The moment I looked up at her I saw her huge tits right in front of me.


I breathed out nervously, trying to control myself. But my hot breath made her nipples harden and I licked my lips in anticipation. That was all the go ahead that I needed to proceed and do what I had been dying to do since I had sucked her the first time.

I groped them and just feeling them in my hands again made mW feel so good. I squeezed and my mother moaned in pleasure, her mouth parting when I finally leaned in to suck them with my hot mouth.

Her skin was hot to the touch and I knew that she felt good under my ministrations. I drew my tongue lazily around her nipple, feeling it harden even further as I did that. Damn! It could probably punch nails in with the way it was becoming so hard!

Marianne was so turned on now and I was also too far gone to stop. Her nipples tasted so good, better than I remembered even. I sucked in one, then the other, just enjoyed her taste. They were so sweet and delicious, and I licked my lips as I drew back to look at them while I squeezed. Because of my sucking, they were now hard and dark, and they looked even more beautiful.

“Nghh,” she moaned, her mind lost in the pleasure.

I played with one nipple using my fingertips while I sucked gently on the other, alternating between the two breasts until she was writhing with pleasure.

“Hmmm,” Marianne moaned again as I bit gently, then sucked her hard again

I decided to go in for the kill finally as I sucked hard while squeezing her at the same time and she went rigid in my arms. Her body trembling as a powerful orgasm hit her and washed over her entire body.

Wow, she really was beautiful when she came! I blinked back to reality as soon as I thought that and remembered my promise to myself. I had to stop now before I did anything else to make this worse than it already was.

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