Chapter 13

Breakfast the following day was an awkward affair as I shifted my gaze from my father to my mother who was seated right next to him. Luthor was busy feeding Alice, and   my little sister was happily following our father’s every sound as he brought the spoon to her mouth. I couldn’t stop looking at my mother though, at least today she was dressed modestly with just a tiny bit of her cleavage showing. I had to admit that she looked really good.

Even thinking of my mother in that light was very messed up after what had happened with Julianna earlier the previous day then mom at night! I couldn’t think straight and at this rate my stupid early hormones were going to get the better of me because they were definitely acting on their own! Just thinking about what had happened the day before was getting me hard and I shifted a little in my sit.

Damn it, not at the breakfast table!

I saw my mother smiling at me with a slightly naughty look in her eyes as she noticed that I was gazing at her. It didn’t help matters and only made me harder, and she seemed to sense my discomfort and where my mind had wandered to.

“Is your juice okay, Lucas?” She asked me and I quickly glanced at the full glass of juice in front of me.

I nodded hesitantly, wondering what she was up to now and then I felt it. I tensed a little when I felt my mother’s leg teasing me slowly under the table, her knee wedged perfectly between my legs and near my crotch.

“Would you like some milk instead?” She asked again, making my mouth instantly dry.

Had she really asked me that of all things? At and the fucking breakfast table with my father present?! My shock flew out the window as her leg moving slowly between my own, creating a wonderful friction for my hard dick. It felt so good, even though it was right in front of my father.

But what he didn’t know wouldn’t kill him, right???

This was playing with fire though, and Marianne had become too bold. I quickly ate and finished my breakfast so that I could find a reason to try and excuse myself early. My mother giggled when she saw how determined I was to get done with breakfast, and it honestly kind of pissed me off. Luthor remained oblivious to everything that was taking place as he continued feeding and playing with little Alice.

“Thank you for breakfast,” I said with a forced smile. “Can I go to start my training?”

My father looked up at me and smiled, “Of course. Sylvia can join you in a little while.”


I nodded and quickly made my exit, trying to get as far away from temptation as possible. And temptation had a name. Marianne!


At least today I was training a little distance away from home, which meant distance from Marianne. And for that I was grateful. I really needed some time away to compose myself. I couldn’t just get hard everywhere whenever I thought of my mother, and maybe training would help me discipline my hormones!

I did my exercises and practised some moves before Sylvia joined me. She was teaching me some new sword stances today, and she demonstrated first before it was my turn. I managed a few of them just fine before it became evident that things were becoming hard real quick. She just made it look easy!

Arrghh, I internally groaned for the fifth time when I made yet another mistake.

“It’s okay, keep trying,” Sylvia tried to encourage me as I swung again.

I never knew that sword techniques could be this difficult and I had not been prepared for this! On the plus side, I was definitely not thinking about anything else now, just only how I was going to survive this training!

Luckily for me, Sylvia finally announced that we were moving on to the next training. She explained how it combined a bit of wrestling and a bit of Muay Thai. It honestly sounded exciting and I eagerly watched as she demonstrated.

Until I tried it!

Fuck, this was painful!

This style of fighting had a lot of lethal moves and it didn’t help that Sylvia didn’t have a single soft bone in her body! Her training was gruesome and fast paced, much unlike my father who wasn’t that strict.

“Come on Lucas!” She urged as I fell to the ground.

I couldn’t calm my breathing and I groaned when I felt pain in places I never I could feel pain in. I was so exhausted and I couldn’t even feel my arms and legs anymore! My eyes closed involuntarily as I tried to catch my breath, feeling an ache in my chest as I did so. That’s how tired I was, that even breathing was now painful!

I opened my eyes and looked at Sylvia who was looking down at me with a small frown on her face. I could just imagine what was going on in her head. Did she think I was too weak?

“I think we need to work on your stamina a bit,” she said, looking as if she had just found the solution to a long nagging problem. “You don’t have the stamina for this kind of training.”

Geez, you think?!!! I retorted internally, closing my eyes again as I took another breath.

“Tomorrow we will do stamina building training. It will help you to handle the difficult training.”

Fuck, I was done for now, wasn’t I? A whole world of pain was probably waiting for me tomorrow and I dreaded what was to come. With Sylvia, it could be anything!

She smiled and helped me stand up as she extended her hand to me.

“Don’t look so frightened, it will be fine, I promise. And then the other trainings won’t feel that difficult.”

If you say so, I thought, not believing her one bit.

“Come on, let’s go home.”

We went home and I was happy that the rest of the day didn’t have any other activities that messed with my body or my head. I had lunch and played with little Alice until it was almost dinner time. Then I took a quick bath and quickly ate my food before going to my room to retire for the night. It had been such a long day.

I got into bed and as I settled in, I couldn’t help but remember what had happened the previous night in this bed. I shook my head and reached for my book, trying to distract myself. It didn’t work though, and I was in a losing battle with my mind.

The more I tried NOT to think about it, the more I thought about it! It was frustrating! But the memory came back to me so clearly even when I tried to forget it, and it only served to make me hard again. As weird as it was for a six year old to get an erection, that was the least of my concerns right now. Point was, I was hard and needed to do something about it.

I was too stressed and unable to calm down enough for me to fall asleep. So my hand drifted down to my crotch as I decided to try masturbating for the first time. Anything had to be better than feeling this  discomfort, right? I groaned in pleasure as I squeezed myself through my pants, reaching down to take them off so I could touch myself.


The door opened and I froze on my button as I stared at my mother who was holding a glass of juice. Wow, talk about awkward! We stared at each other in silence for a moment and I didn’t know what to say to her.

“Do you need help with that?” She finally broke the silence with a naughty smile as she walked closer to me.

I gulped as I followed her movement, “What about dad?”

My mother pulled her shirt off the shoulder to reveal a breast then lifted her skirt up a little. “He has gone outside with his old friend.”

Since Alice was already sleeping with Sylvia it meant the coast was clear for now. I was too hard to control my lust now and the moment my mother got close enough to tease me with her breast, I lashed out and started sucking it.

I sucked hungrily while she rubbed my head and pulled me closer before moving her hands to my pants. I groaned and bit her nipple gently when she took my dick out and started stroking me slowly. Her eyes widened a bit and I knew she had just noticed that I was a little big for a six year old.

Yeah, I smirked.

Marianne quickly moved me to her lap as we changed position. I continued sucking her breast while she stroked me, her awesome hand job skills bringing me closer to the edge. It felt so good and I moaned around her breast. I sucked harder and my mother twitched as she came, moaning when I squeezed and sucked some more. Another orgasm hit her and she moved her hand even faster.

“Ahhh,” she moaned, “you are..going to ruin every woman…you meet with your great techniques, Lucas.”

I felt so proud at her comment as she stroked both my ego and my dick. I was about to come and I couldn’t stop it. I focused on how she was gripping me tightly as she stroked, her smooth hand making a tight little passage for me to fuck through. Nothing had ever felt so good and I moaned as she moved even faster.


A big load of sperm flowed out of me as my orgasm took over, making me feel like I was floating. It kept going on and on as she wrung every bit of come out of my hard dick. It felt incredible and I knew I could get addicted to this feeling!

“Hmmm such a big load from my boy,” my mother noted as she raised her hand and licked my come from her fingers.

Her body twitched as she licked, and she moaned. Seeing her so erotic like that made me make up my mind to try something. I pushed her onto the bed and settled between her legs. I grabbed my dick which was still hard, and rubbed it against her wet panties. I then closed her thighs and started moving in the small tight space I had created.


“Ohhhh, Lucas. You…have to…stop…making…me come,” she moaned as she came again.


I ignored her pleas and just kept moving, enjoying the sensation. It felt so good and I thrust forward, rubbing against her even faster and harder. Finally, my climax hit again and I let out a big load on her, making my mother twitch and moan. I was breathing heavily as I tried getting my emotions under control.

Oh, what had I done? Again!

I felt dread fill me and I tried to move back but my mother took my arm and kissed me softly.

“Everything will be okay, Lucas.” She said.

Would it? I felt like asking. But she just kissed me again, just before my door sprung open again. Really, people needed to stop barging into my room like this!

Sylvia looked at the two of us with wide eyes, her eyes moving from my mother to myself then back again. She was no doubt trying to make sense of what was going on, but she quickly shook her head and ignored our appearance.

“It’s Alice,” she said, and I noticed for the first time that she seemed panicked.

“What’s wrong?” My mother quickly asked.

“She is running a fever,” Sylvia said sadly before dropping the bombshell, “and it’s not a normal fever.”

Oh no, I thought, what now???!!!

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