Asuka Chapter 33

Hello, Pun here. Patreon pledge already reached 49, just a dollar more and it would reach my first goal which is “Removal of linkbucks on my post and just direct links will be posted”, I thought of starting it now since I just withdrawn the minimum amount from linkbucks right now.

Anyway, I feel unmotivated, bruuuuuh. I still have to paste our thesis on the latex given to us. So more work. I’ll only be posting one chapter today, no Yuusha Onna.

Oh, also, if you want a novel to be picked up definitely:


I just added this (As a joke). Anyway, just please don’t request  a novel with MORE than 3k jp-characters per chapter. You won’t be seeing that update frequently, FIT has 3k jp-characters per chapter. and It’s really hard to do it fast.


Link’s here