Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Volume 2 Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Female hero Triangle (2)


Along with the spirited cry, the sound of the wind being cut resounds in the are.
In response to the weight, Asuka quietly stared at the tip of the sword.

Without trembling, the sword stopped precisely. Then, Asuka slowly raised the sword to confirm the movement.

Asuka vomited a thin breath while remaining posed.

「Energy went out」

Asuka was a bit surprised as she heard a voice from behind. When she turned back, Yuuto was there while rubbing his sleepy eyes.

「Yuuto. What’s wrong, aren’t you early」
「I do wake up sometimes too. Asuka-sama is doing morning training again?」

Yuuto paid attention on the black sword beside Asuka. While wiping off the sweat with her sleeve, Asuka answered in a refreshed voice.

The gravity sword lent to Asuka is a treasure tool that can manipulate the weight of the main body of the sword. It might look light but it’s current state is surpassing 300 kilos.

What’s going on with women in this world? Yuuto stared at Asuka in a tired manner. Yuuto had that glance but Asuka’s exhausted voice erased it.

「”Again”?, You… I’m doing training everyday」
「Uee That’s troublesome. Isn’t that okay even if you don’t train yourself」

That’s Yuuto’s true feelings. Yuuto’s best masterpiece, the Scarlet Sky means that Asuka originally don’t need to train. Even her physical strength is reinforced by the armor.

「Well…yeah. It’s not that I trust your treasure tool」

Yuuto nodded in Asuka’s argument. Asuka knows the most that her own efforts don’t have meaning.

「But, there’s nothing better than doing it. No matter how splendid your equipment is, if the user is a trash then that’s that」
「Haa. That’s right but」

Even Yuuto knows what Asuka is trying to say.
In truth, Asuka is growing. Even though it’s said that Risty’s sword skill is superior, Risty’s warfare is progressing.

Even without the Scarlet Sky, Asuka right now won’t be that far away from Risty.
He wants to tell her that but Yuuto hesitates.

「…Are you taking a breather?」

Asuka also tries to say something but she stopped. Looking at it, Yuuto suggested something to Asuka.


Asuka’s eyes widened and Yuuto had his first smile in the day.

◆  ◆  ◆

While Asuka has her eyes wide open, A boastful voice inside the Trishulia’s castle lounge has echoed.

「Well, that being the case. He came to court me」

Among them is one with a long blonde hair and a ribbon that looks like rabbit ears jumping around.
While hiding the loose expression of her eyes under the mask, Thunderbolt entrusted her weight on the back of the chair.

「Ee, you were confessed to by a man. That’s amazing. That’s the first time I hear such story from you」
「Fufufu, Well, for a Hero like me? It’s quite hard for men to be suited to me」

Even though Thunderbolt is acting arrogant, Ruby opened her mouth.

「But, I’m glad. Who’s that guy? Is he a hero?」

Considering Thunderbolt’s tone, It’s quite a high hurdle. Furthermore, it’s true that she hates heroes. Unexpectedly, Ruby was curious if he might be in the same business.

「Kufufu, well yeah」 But he’s a lower rank. Can you believe it? 800th rank, 800th rank. Isn’t that great that he’s an overachiever?」

Thunderbolt’s cheeks loosened suddenly as she saying that. ‘This is finally a major event’, Ruby leaned her big body over Thunderbolt’s.

「Eh. Isn’t that amazing? Who’s that guy? Tell me」
「Nnー. Fufufu, I wonder. He’s quite shy」

Thunderbolt crosses her air arrogantly, Ruby thought that this has become interesting. He doesn’t know how praiseworthy he is but to make Thunderbolt fall in love. Or was he just misunderstanding because of the appearance, whether it’s one of her guess or not, Ruby waited for Thunderbolt’s answer impatiently.

「It can’t be helped. I’ll tell only Ruby. Make it a secret by all means okay?」1
「I know, I know. Then, who’s that guy?」

Ruby felt her heart throbbing a little. Somehow, she also has no experience with men. Ruby swallowed her saliva as she didn’t expect Thunderbolt to be ahead.

Thunderbolt accepted Ruby’s glance and she twisted her body bashfully.

「Err, you see. H-He’s Yuuto-kun」
「Hoo. What a good name. …Wait, Yuuto?」

Ruby inclined her head to the name Thunderbolt spoke up while matching her fingers. It’s an unusual name but she heard it somewhere.

「Hey. Wait a moment. Could it be that Yuuto is the Yuuto that’s Asuka’s henchman?」
「Eh? Nfufufuー. It’s exposed? That’s right. That Yuuto-kun」

Ruby had sweat dripping as Thunderbolt looks so happy. What is this fellow saying, Ruby sent a look of disdain on her best friend.

「Hey, hey, no matter how you dislike Asuka, You’re stealing someone else’s man. I misdudged you 」
「Hey, don’t say something disrespectful. I didn’t do anything. He’s the one who courted me」

Thunderbolt objected immediately, Ruby had suspicious eyes. But, Thunderbolt’s tone seems to be true.
Ruby remembered the face of Yuuto that she only caught in a glimpse. He has a lot of courage to be two timing on high ranking heroes, Ruby looked at Thunderbolt like it’s a misunderstanding.

「Actually…he saw me nude」

Ruby opened her wide eyes on the blushing Thunderbolt. Isn’t the development too fast? She anxiously looked at Thunderbolt.

「H-He was passionate. H-He said that I’m even more amazing than Asuka-san. Because I was surprised with the suddenness, I told him that if he wins the match, he can do me as he like」

Thunderbolt had not said a lie, Ruby listened with her heartbeat getting faster. The situation has progressed more than she thought, Ruby with no experience with men blushed unintentionally.

「What about the match? D-Did you lose…?」

Gulp, Thunderbolt looked down bashfully.

「H-He was wonderful. I came again and again. H-He even used a tool…」

「Also, the maid」

It’s a world Ruby can no longer imagine. Thunderbolt has climbed the stairs of adulthood in a dash, Ruby stared at her while saying “Hau, hyaa”

「B-But. That doesn’t change that he’s Asuka’s man? I’m worried about you as a woman close to you. Isn’t he two timing?」
「H-He’s not!2 Yuuto-kun isn’t that kind of person. He said that he’ll tell Asuka-san properly」

Thunderbolt frowned from the way Ruby is speaking. Recalling Thunderbolt’s words, Thunderbolt had her cheeks grin.

『I-Isn’t that amazing!? Why are you the 10th!? You should’ve been on a higher place』

Certainly, Yuuto said those things to Thunderbolt. And, Asuka is the 9th place that’s above Thunderbolt.

In short, He said that she should be above Asuka3

「He praised Thunderbolt-san that has even superior range for being more useful than Asuka that only wields her sword」
「O, ou. How about the manner of speaking」

Ruby is a long time friend. If this place is corrected into Thunderbolt’s brain..A dry throat swallowed.

「He said that my ability is amazing. He said that I’m not unfair. He gripped my shoulder. …Kufu, kufufu」

Thunderbolt looks so happy, Ruby scratched her head as she doesn’t know what to do. Though it seems that it’s two timing but Thunderbolt doesn’t mind it.

「Well, He’s two timing on Asuka-san I guess. Being separated suddenly is impossible after all. We even reconciled. …But, I feel anxious. He probably has his thoughts filled with me right now. I wonder how won’t it be terrible for him to separate from Asuka as he’s drowned in my charm」
「N? Ah, yeah Right」

‘What should I do’, Thunderbolt was seriously worried, Ruby had distorted her face making a complex look. ‘As usual, where does she get this kind of confidence’, Ruby stared at Thunderbolt intently.

「Oh, the dilemma. I want to get along with Asuka-san but Yuuto-kun is crazy for me 『From your ability as a hero to your charm as a woman, Thunderbolt won’t lose』He said, Asuka-san might not be able to recover.

Thunderbolt spits a sigh, Ruby folds her arms. For Ruby, she wants to help Thunderbolt. After all, if she let this chance pass, it would be impossible for the rest of her life.

「Hey? Does Yuuto really love you?」
「Isn’t that obvious? He’s all over me」
「Well, is that so?>」

Saying that, Ruby nodded. With the absence of a reply, Thunderbolt raised an uneasy voice.

「Oh, Yuuto-kun. Those serious eyes. 『Among the men I’ve met until now, You’re the most charming and you’re wonderful』he said. There’s no doubt」

Thunderbolt’s worried maidenly face, Ruby was somehow pleased. Though it seems to be a complicated love, this kind of things must be adult love. Ruby used herself as reference and gave Thunderbolt a blessing.

「Oh. It seems that you’re talking about something fun, Thunderbolt」

Then, a cold voice echoes in the lounge.
Thunderbolt turned towards the face of the unusual voice.

「Oh, Risty-san. No, that. It’s not a big deal」
「No, it’s very interesting. Let me in too」

Risty grins and Thunderbolt was 「Ee~ー What should I do4, smiled happily and pulled the seat next to her.


  1. Oh women and secrets
  2. Oh Thunderbolt, you’re too pure for this world
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  4. Here you go, women and secrets