Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Chapter 1

Chapter 01: Treasury from the otherworld (1)

「Fuckin’ boring」

On his way back from school, Kashiwagi Yuuto kicked a pebble he saw on his way while muttering.
The sound of pebble leaping, then it proceeds to jump on the shadow of the telephone pole.

「Shit. Is there anything interesting?」

*Gusha Gusha*, while disarranging his head, Yuuto’s irritated voice escaped in the empty road.
He knows the cause. It’s a simple story.

He’s a third year student.

That was enough of a reason for him to be irritated.

「…I want to die」

Words he didn’t mean leaked out of his mouth. Of course, he didn’t want to die.
He doesn’t have goals either. He doesn’t have a dream. He’s not person that desperately wants to show his cool shape either.

Study is so-so. Sports, he has nice reflexes but since his body can’t move well, he’s not a person who’s doing club activities.

He thought that the results would be good but since his third year his fails his tests and goes down in ranks.

「…I’d prefer to live in a different world instead」

He thought about it seriously for a moment.
He doesn’t want to be a hero that defeats the demon king. Being a savior of the world is just absurd.

In a fantasy world somewhere, that’s right. For example, managing a store with a cute heroine. Obtaining such a modest happiness. I want to become a protagonist of such a story.

Military, Aid, Adventure. Even in the world of delusion, I felt pain for on my own.

「I’m done」

Whispering, Yuuto was tired of himself.
Finding anywhere being a trouble, Yuuto laughed at himself.

「After all, I want to do nothing. I’m that kind of guy…」

Just one girl. An existence near him that makes him smile. If there’s such a thing, could his boredom disappear a bit? While thinking of such impossible things, Yuuto put force in his right hand.

He stared at his fair palm.
Adults does nothing. Hang in there, they said, but Yuuto doesn’t have an idea how to hang in there.

Thinking about it, he never experienced hitting somebody seriously.


For some reason, he wants to run so bad, Yuuto put force in his legs.
It’s been a while since he run. He was happy seeing his field of vision flow.

I his vision, a big station wagon1 instantly moved.
On that period of time, some complicated light was turned on.

After a short while seeing that revolving lantern, Kashiwagi Yuuto died.
◆  ◆  ◆
Wide, standing in a wide space.
A white inorganic space where the end can’t be seen absolutely.

Yuuto stood up on the place while feeling dizzy on the whiteness of the place.


He can’t understand and catch up with it.
It’s too white that it’s ambiguous if it’s the boundary of the ground, at least he can feel the sole of his feet.

No, there’s one more. Just one more, it was the proof that it’s a restricted space.

『Kuku. What a foolish way to die. You’re too young that my feelings were distorted』

Desk. In an elegant desk like in the principal’s office, a girl was sitting cross legged.

A white long hair. I arrived at the desk.

「W-where? I, dead… You…
『Yes. You passed so It’s pleasant. What what, what was your last wish? …You want to live in a different world? What, you’re quite an unusual guy』

Not paying attention to Yuuto, the girl was grumbling something while reading a book. The book in Yuuto’s vision is just pure red.

『The only regret after death is…pfft. Kuku, well, you’re a boy after all. It’s obvious that it is such』

*Perari2* with the sound of paper being flipped, the girl burst into laughter foolishly. As Yuuto have already guessed what she was laughing about, his face was dyed in anger and embarrassment.

『Kuku, a first guy, a first guy. You should rejoice. I like cute men. Let’s see, I’ll give you one freebie』

That moment, the girl’s hand turned towards Yuuto, the girl in the desk now is in front of him.
To the surprised Yuuto, the white girl grinned wide.

On the girl’s hand, she grasped a cylinder that’s filled with a lot of sticks.

『It might be inconvenient to get used to this world. For once, I will give you my power. Pull whatever you like』

The girl who laughs while pleasantly grinning, Yuuto’s body moved without his permission.
Before he noticed, Yuuto picked up a stick and raised it.

『Oh? treasure tool creation3. This is rare』

The girl opened her eyes in surprise. Then, the girl laughed as she keeps saying ‘you should rejoice’4

『Even if it’s a weapon or an armor, as long as you wish for it you will have it. Well, do your best』

Then, the girl pushed Yuuto’s body in a hole.


Then just like that, Kashiwagi Yuuto fell off from the white world.
◆  ◆  ◆

The warcry echoed, then the vicinity was surrounded by a scorching flame.

「Ah, Awa. U, uaa…」

He looked up his body. A wing that spread in sight. Robust scales, and a fang that shines like a crystal. A magic breath that came from the mouth unconditionally burned whoever it touched.

Inferno Dragon.

In the old days, dragon is a legendary species that Heroes subjugate.

「W-why is it in this place. A-as expected, this is an impossible quest for me」

Before her is a legendary existence, the lone girl was frightened.
Her waist fell out, not even a cinder was left on the prided sword nor the shield.

Next would be her own body disappearing, the girl gave up and closed her eyes.

(Even not as a hero but a wonderful soldier. …I want to become one)

Tightly, the girl offered a prayer on her dead father and mother.

(Father, mother. …Right now, I will come over there)

Tears flow down the cheeks of the girl.

「Tte, Uoooooooooooo! What the pun5 is this!!!?」

However, the girl’s rising resolve suddenly vanished because of a cry.

「…Hey, W-who!?」

Then the girl opened her eyes, she saw a back of a young man with a strange dress.

「C-could it be a villager!? N-No. Why!!?」

The girls face gradually paled. Did it come to save her? That’s absurd. Although he’s a novice, a professional like herself wasn’t able to do anything. It’s not an opponent where a normal human can handle.

(I-I have to help!!)

At least she can help the young man in front of her. With such thoughts, the girl’s body moved. However, when her body finally started to move, she’s having a hard time standing up because her waist is heavy.


The girl saw. The inferno dragon, opened it’s mouth in order to blow the young man along with her.
She won’t make itーー. That’s right, the moment the girl opened her eyes wide.

「E-err. A-arms. Certainly, the weapon is…!!」

A voice of panic can be heard from the boy.

「Like this!!」
Then, the girl saw. A shining sword appeared in the young man’s hand, when he swung it down a torrent of light was emitted and it swallowed the legendary existence.
・・・ ・・・ ・・・
A sword of light.

Physical attack power: A. Magical attack power: A+. Overall Rarity: A.
Supplementary: It’s the first sword Yuuto created. The power of divine protection from the light spirits, it’s able to discharge light beam on the enemy. Since it was created in the moment, the weapon’s image is from the game character Yuuto played recently.


  1. I had the urge to type Truck-kun
  2. Rustling
  3. Gate of Babylon
  4. It’s not Yorokobe Shounen, so don’t fucking comment it
  5. Yay! I finally used it!