Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Chapter 10

Chapter 10: World’s Hero and the Mysterious Treasure tool (5)

「E-err… Welcome, back」

Feeling sweat flowing on her forhead, Asuka slowly raised her right hand to Yuuto.

「Yes. I’m back, Asuka-sama」

In there is Yuuto that’s smiling naturally, he’s asking what is she doing.

「Uhm, that’s. W-where did you go? Ahaha…」

Teary eyed Asuka faces Yuuto with a wry smile. She wants to say ‘please forgive me’ but Yuuto’s smile is saying ‘nope’.

「I told you not to enter since it’s dangerous, right?」
「…Y-yeah. Sorry. That’s, it’s alright since I have it in my chest.」

Asuka mumbles while matching her fingers, Yuuto approaches her while smiling in the dark basement.

「You see, that’s not the problem. You entered someone’s room without permission. I even turned the key when I left」
「U-Uuu. I’m sorry already. I already apologized so…」

Asuka draws away from the approaching Yuuto, Yuuto frowned. With Asuka’s state different from her daily appearance, Yuuto’s fixedly stared at her for the first time.
It was dark so Asuka’s outline isn’t clear, in front of Yuuto is the undone Sarashi.

「…W-what’s with that outfit, Asuka-sama」
「Sorry. …P-please don’t look so much」

‘furufuru’, Asuka is trembling in shame, she hid her chest from Yuuto. Asuka retreated a step so she won’t be found out.
It was the biggest in her life, That palpitation attacks Yuuto’s body.

「T-that equipment. …That’s you see, it’s still a prototype. why did you wear it?」
「B-because. T-this is too ridiculous so I can’t help it」

Asuka raised a pained face, and looked away from Yuuto. She glanced sideways, Asuka covered her chest and bottom shyly.

*Gulp*, Yuuto swallowed something.

She’s almost naked. Well, Asuka looks much lewder if clothed than naked, she standing in front of him.
Yuuto shut his eyes for the first time and focused on his right hand.

‘Do your best, me’, Yuuto encouraged himself.
This chance might not come for a second time.

(Eh, Calm down. Pretend you’re calm)

He’s able to keep his expression somehow, this might be thanks to his experience with Sasha. If it was sudden, she’d run away.
Asuka faced his way and Yuuto laughed unnaturally.

「T-that’s. I can adjust it. …Could you help me adjust it?」

That face of Yuuto, Asuka felt surprised when she looked up from her chest.
◆  ◆  ◆
「Yeah, it suits you well. It’s wonderful, Asuka-sama」

The workshop is being illuminated with a red candle1, Yuuto’s grin floated.

「U, Uu. L-let’s end this quickly」

Yuuto puts his arm on the back of the chair, he’s desperately holding his beating heart caused by the spectacle in front of him.

Arms desperately trying to hide the chest and groin, Asuka wrapped with underwear that has obscene holes2 is having a dying in shame face.

Asuka straightens her spine trying to deceive something, Yuuto faced downwards.
‘Calm down’, Yuuto inhaled deeply. If it’s discovered that he’s also at his wits’ end, this time would probably end.

「…I-if you just stand I won’t know it you see. Is it hard to move?」

*Grin*, Yuuto smiled at Asuka. To that face, Asuka’s line of sight swims around.;

「I-It’s not strange in particular. …That’s, W-when I move」

Asuka faintly moves her white limbs, Yuuto stopped her answer. He made a clap and said ‘that’s so’

「Are you able to move your arms to the back of your head?」

Asuka’s eyes widened in response to Yuuto’s muttering. An unbelievable face looked at Yuuto, however she stayed silent and looked down.
She’s the wrong one here. Thinking that, Asuka raised her arm as she was unable to understand the arousal.

「L-Like this…?」

Tensely, she held her arm on the back and pushed out her chest. To her body that became bare, Asuka felt her consciousness getting light.

(N-No way. I’m being seen. M-My nipples. That place. W-with this lewd appearance)

‘Hahaha’, Asuka’s rough breathing reverbed in the workshop. Her nipples that has the ring attached became hard, Asuka felt her pulse thinking that she might die.

*Bakubaku*3, Her pulse goes fast as if her life is in danger.

(…He’s looking. Yuuto’s looking. W-what? Showing a cool face. Are you used to seeing female skin?)

‘fururi’, Asuka’s body shivered from Yuuto’s gaze.

(No. I’m being seen. What should I do? Naked, Breasts, N-nipples. He can see all)

Yuuto’s glance is touching Asuka’s bare flesh. Clearly, like a mass, Yuuto’s glance strokes Asuka’s skin.

「Ah. …Nn」

Asuka licked her lips.
Suddenly, the link of Asuka’s arms becomes somewhat stronger. Her breathing becomes rough as she moves unconsciously, Asuka of course doesn’t notice.

「Asuka-sama’s armpit is beautiful」

To his sudden words, Asuka let out an odd voice. Just like that, Yuuto’s gaze disappear along with his mood.
He looked at Asuka’s armpit straight with a smile.

「Eh, Eh? A-armpit? You? …N-no」
「Ah, don’t close it」

Yuuto starts to close her arm because of Yuuto’s gaze. Yuuto stopped it with a slap.
To those words, Asuka looked at Yuuto with teary eyes.

「Look, expand it just like a while ago」
「U, Uwa. …Aah, Uu」

To his words, Asuka gave up and put her arm together again. For some reason, her petitioning eyes doesn’t enter Yuuto’s sight.

「It’s white and beautiful. Do you shave it?」
「Uu, idoot. I hate you」

Asuka muttered to herself in response to Yuuto’s mean voice. Sweating, Asuka’s heart is cut to pieces that she wants to die.

(A-armpits he said. W-why my armpits? T-T-Theres some other locations though)

Asuka is already on the verge of tears. Her body isn’t worth that praise, Asuka’s tears float in shame

「Your bellybutton too, it’s oblong and cute. Asuka-sama, every part of your body is beautiful.
「……!!? W-where are you looking?」

Asuka noticed Yuuto’s downward gaze and shut her legs tightly. Asuka’s seemingly soft thighs closes tightly.

「Your legs, even though your thighs are plump, below the knee is slender. It’s really beautiful」
「S-stop. …Why are you praising it?」

Her breathing is thrown out of order, tears accumulated in the corner of Asuka’s eyes. ‘Is showing your skin to a person that embarrassing?’, Asuka sighed.
Noticing a red hair sticking out from her underwear, Asuka is tempted to bite her tongue.

「Ah, that’s right. That’s. …Can you spread your legs?」

Asuka heard him, then, Yuuto continued to speak. Asuka’s heartbeat makes a large wave.

(F-feet? Hey, My legs? …Foot? Widen…Eh?)

Asuka minding to calm down, her beating seems to be so big that it’s being transmitted to Yuuto. *Furu Furu*, she peeped at Yuuto with feet trembling.

(Because. I-If I spread it it will be seen. …Ah. T-that’s not w-what I mean)

Yuuto not breaking his smile, Asuka’s lower body made a sound.

(H-He’s saying. S-showing it. Showing it all)

She can’t show any more than this. Thinking so, Asuka’s body heated up.
She’ll be seen naked by a man she knows. It makes her body shake so much, Asuka is at loss.

Then, Asuka throat gulped down. ‘FuuFuu’, Asuka motivated breath echoed in the workshop.

「…L-like this?」

*Kapari*4 Yuuto thought he heard a sound.

(It’s, opening. It’s *Gapate*5 there. Hi, Hihi. What’s this. What am I doing?)

Asuka’s head is filled with excitement and confusion. Acting blindly, halfway, she surrendered in the pleasure of despair.

「I-It looks nice. But, that’s. Just a bit more. …bowlegged」

Yuuto’s expression is hidden by the shadow from the fire so Asuka can’t see. Anyway he’s just laughing as always, Asuka tied her lips shut.

「Y-You’ll d-definitely die in an unsatisfactory way…」6

While saying so, Asuka’s breathing is getting rougher. Asuka is getting teased, she let out her waist to Yuuto a little.
Slowly, Asuka opened her legs. *Kyun Kyun*, her lower body continues to make a sound as it throb, Asuka desperately held her voice.

「Fu, fufuu. Y-You don’t have any complains with this right?」

*Kui*7 dropping her waist, Asuka faced Yuuto with burning Eyes. Yuuto’s shadow nodded.

(No8, It’s dripping. N-No.9 Don’t look. Y-You can’t.10 You can’t)

Asuka looks at her own body while concealing her breath. Sticking out the shape of her lower body suddenly, before she noticed love nectar was dropping on the floor. The hole in the underwear is getting soaked by the love nectar, Asuka herself feels it in real time.

(I-I’m wet. I’m wet from being seen. Ha, haha. What’s this? What is this?)

Yuuto’s gaze caresses Asuka’s lower body. The feeling of being touched and rustling, is sent to her spine.

(Sto,p. Don’t look any longer. I’m…)

Something is welling up in her body. Asuka resisted that unknown sensation.

「You’re lewd, Asuka-sama」

Still, Yuuto smiled as he kept his calm.
However, after confirming that he gets excited on her nude self, something inside Asuka snapped.

(Yu-Yuuto. Is excited. I’m naked. It’s too big. …A-at that time with Sasha)

*GakuGaku*, Asuka’s legs begin to tremble. ‘Am I really this shameless?’ Asuka foolishly looked in front.
Her waist is moving without her permission. Her legs opens without her permission.

Lastly, checking Yuuto’s smileーー.


After a few seconds, Asuka fell on the floor.11
◆  ◆  ◆
「Iyaa. Thanks to you, I got some good data. If I finished it please wear it」
「I-I don’t want that shameless thing」

Yuuto smiles as always, Asuka was being watched as she change her clothes. Blushing, Asuka ‘fun’12 faced the other way.

(H-he saw me. Such, such a thing is seen. even cumming)

*FuruFuru*, Asuka body trembled.
However, Asuka is relieved that Yuuto’s atmosphere didn’t change.

(…D-does he have some intention?)13

Originally, she will be angry as she saw that place. However, Asuka certainly confirmed that Yuuto had a erection on that part of his body.

(It was really big. Earlier. For me…)

She felt glad for some reason. Asuka desperately tries to go back to her usual self as she was unable to understand her feelings.

「I-In the first place, what was that cloth? It doesn’t have any defensive power at all」
「No, this one has a legit ability in it. Well, you have to look forward when it’s complete」

Yuuto grinned broadly, Asuka glared at Yuuto as she doesn’t want to wear it anymore.

「…Ah, by the way, Asuka-sama. Did you touch anything else? I think you’re safe because of the ring but those have some weird abilities after all」
「Nu? Aah, yeah I’m okay. I didn’t touch anything」

Asuka warded of his gaze, Yuuto said ‘fumu’ and looked around. Asuka remembered the sketchbook for a moment but thinking that it’s fine she shut her mouth.

「I’ll forgive you with just this for this time, please don’t enter here anymore」
「I-I know that already. …Uhm, Sorry. After that, thank…you」

Asuka hesitates to say her words to the Yuuto who’s speaking in a tired voice.

「N? Did you say something?」
「N-Nothing! S-See you then!」

Yuuto asked once again, Asuka ran out of the basement while blushing. ‘What was that?’ Yuuto saw off Asuka’s back.
◆  ◆  ◆
「…I-I was flustered」

Confirming that Asuka was no longer in the workshop, Yuuto sat down. His heart is still beating rapidly, Yuuto’s face is red.

「W-was it okay? It’s okay right?」

Yuuto was troubled as he was caught in the moment. Asuka’s limbs was too enticing that he couldn’t hold down his desire and wanted to see more.

「I’m glad I was in the basement」

Yuuto muttered to himself. Because of the backlight, Asuka couldn’t see Yuuto’s face very well. Otherwise, Yuuto doesn’t have the confidence that he can keep the usual smile.

「I got this from Sasha, that’s the worst」

Recalling what happened to the two of them once again, Yuuto spilled a sigh. Apparently today, he has no choice but to worry endlessly.

「…Was it seen?」

Glance, Yuuto’s eyes moved to the sketchbook on the desk. She probably had seen it. ‘Aah, geez’, Yuuto meesed with his hair.

*Perari*. he checked the page of Asuka’s equipment. His only salvation is Asuka not being able to read Japanese, Yuuto shyly glared at the page.

「I can’t show this to her.」

His looked at one sentence on the corner of the page, Yuuto blushed.
The color is absolute red. Red suits Asuka very much!
Feeling obliged to strictly store it, Yuuto decided to draw out a key from the drawer of the desk.
・・・ ・・・ ・・・
Naughty Underwear
Physical Defense:Z Magical Defense :E Degree of Excitement:A Synthesis Rarity:E
Supplement: Yuuto thought「It would be dangerous if Asuka wears this」and made this treasure tool. This has no protective ability, but it was a treasure tool just in case. Sweat and dirt, harmful bacterias and viruses are absorbed by this underwear and removes it. It’s clean and friendly to girls.


  1. Aren’t those SM candles?
  2. Cat lingerie
  3. Thumping heart
  4. I don’t know this sfx
  5. あそこ、がぱって
  6. ぜ、絶対ろくな死にかたしないわよ……
  7. Turn
  8. Yada
  9. Iya
  10. Dame
  11. What the fuck!?
  12. Hmph
  13. (……気ぃ使ってくれてるのかな)