Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Chapter 11

Chapter 11: The Tanned Hero and the Princess had a dream (1)

「G-Good morning Yuuto!」
「Good morning Asuka-sama」

In the morning, Asuka raised her hand cheerfully and greeted Yuuto. Yuuto is drinking tea and reading casually, then replied monotonously without even glancing.

Seeing that Yuuto, Asuka’s forehead made a snapping sound.

(W-what’s with him? Yesterday, H-he did stare at my body so much. I-I couldn’t even sleep because of it…)

She was able to hold the twitching of the corner of her mouth, Asuka called out Sasha that is cooking in the kitchen.

「Sasha. Please prepare breakfast for me too」
「Ah, yes. Certainly」

While looking at the maid who’s good at her work, Asuka let down her waist on the seat on the dining table. Then, she stared at the Yuuto that’s reading the newspaper.

(I-In the first place, what’s with that cloth? No matter how you think of it, it’s for lewd purposes. A-also, the size was a perfect fit…)

Recalling the underwear from yesterday, Asuka’s back trembled. ‘I can’t I can’t’, Asuka shook her head in panic.

(Always smiling with a straight face. Saying ‘Asuka-sama’ …What does he think of me?)

*Musuri*, Asuka puffed her cheeks. Peeping at Yuuto’s face, it was a cool face as if nothing happened yesterday.

(W-what? Am I the only one wo worrries? It feels like I’m the one naughty in here)

Remembering last night where her body was impatiently hot, Asuka’s face blushed. The blunder of comforting her own body lingered, it was gradually left behind. That excitement won’t be forgotten all night long after all.

(T-thinking about it. I’m living in with a man. Even so, he’s still a man)

*Kachari*, the one in front of her put down the tea and bread without noticing her, Asuka stared at Yuuto. ‘What’s wrong?’, Sasha inclined her head, Asuka gazed at Yuuto’s body without being noticed at all.

(U-Up until now I didn’t realize he’s also a man. I always swing my sword alone, get close to death, get hurt…)

Speaking of, Asuka recalls she’s not treating wounds recently. This and that are all thanks to Yuuto’s treasure tool. She really didn’t get hit even one scratch.

Recalling the sketchbook that she saw yesterday, Asuka’s cheeks dyed red.

(…What does he think of me?)

Worrying that the tea would cool down, Sasha rustled her clothes while worrying whether she have to call the pensive master of hers, the morning air wrapped it up.
◆  ◆  ◆
Noontime. Yuuto had a tiresome face as He visit the Trishulia castle.

「…What do you want to talk about?」

Not hiding the laughing tone in her expression, Risty called out in front of him.

「That attitude! You, you also think of devoting to you master right? Then, you can’t just stay in 908th forever, I’ll train you myself」

Risty is wrapped in light equipments, Yuuto looked at him with a smart expression.
In the momentum, Yuuto frowned.

「No, I’m good」
「You can’t. …Fufu, that’s an order from your captain」

Risty is filled with motivation, Yuuto cursed from the bottom of his heart. 1
He had felt unease when they met in the hallway. He’s not a sarcastic person. But, Yuuto belongs to the annoying race.2

(This person is sports minded…)

Yuuto almost break a smile unintentionally. Seemingly busy, sparing time for a mere squad member like Yuuto, in the first place Risty is told to be a meddlesome person.

He gazed at Risty. Does she value mobility? Risty’s armor had the color of her skin considerably visible. Neck, armpit, navel, legs, Risty’s brown skin is too dazzling to Yuuto’s eyes.

If she’s silent, just looking at her would make you uneasy with her appearance, Yuuto looked at the wasteful body of Risty. On that Yuuto, Risty began to talk after taking out the two swords on her waist.

「When you glared at me, I felt power in your right hand. You have talent. I will pull it out」

Yuuto’s eyebrows twitched from Risty’s words. He didn’t take out his treasure tool that time, Yuuto looked at the captain in front of him.
Yuuto’s heart *Katan*3 moved.

「What? Don’t worry. I’ll go easy on you. I’ll go bare-hands against you…」
「No, please be serious」

*Gacha Gacha*4, says Risty’s armor during warm up, Yuuto grumbled. Risty’s eyes looked at Yuuto as if saying ‘what are you doing?’

(If this continues it would be a hassle. Let’s silence this person)

It’s a good opportunity. This level of an opponent is just a practice game. It’s a good chance to not let her walk against him again. Let’s test this on her, Yuuto slowly spread his hands.


That moment, 16 blades suddenly appeared around Yuuto, Risty’s face ceased to move.

「It’s my favorite, it’s name is 『Floating war maiden Rossweisse the sixteenth』56 …If it’s Captain Risty, she won’t die right?」

Yuuto’s face shows a grin, Risty extend her hand on the sword on her waist.
「Good. Let’s practice」
That time, Yuuto saw.

The fourth place in hero rankings shows a smile as if she enjoys it.
◆  ◆  ◆
「Are you serious!!」

Yuuto can’t belive the spectacle in front of him.
『The floating maiden the sixteenth《Rossweisse》』is one of the easy to use treasure tool that Yuuto created.

Drifting afloat around Yuuto are sixteen large swords. All of them had been given physical and magical cutting power effect, instead of Yuuto attacking, each of them had an autonomous movement in attacks.

Each one of them is a God Tier treasure weapon. Those sixteen cooperate to protect Yuuto.

It’s an autonomous automatic protection treasure tool. It’s abilities are intense, inside is a struggling high school student, there’s only one answer.

「Hahaha! Good!! Why are you hiding your ability? You’re more than I expected!!」

Then, that answer is right.
Even so, there’s nobody who would be able to touch Yuuto as long as there’s the sixteen floating war maidens.

However, that is.


There are some in the world.

The floating 16 war maiden we’re smashed in front of Yuuto’s eyes. Yuuto was unable to endure, he let a defensive treasure tool with physical and magic resistance appear.

It’s the same as what Asuka wears, Necklace version. Yuuto retracted his head.

Gaze, the unbelievable sight is in front of the eys.

「Ahahahah!! What’s wrong!? With this, the remaining will be just twelve!!」


Yuuto was not able to see the speed of the blade’s attack, Risty avoided it like she’s dancing. It’s not even a paper-thin difference, it’s as if the blade is passing through Risty. There’s some minor impact and scratch but Risty’s armor receive it instead.

Yuuto finally understood why Risty wears lightly.

It’s unnecessary for the girt in front of him.

(S-she’s a monster!? In the first place, how can she receive the treasure tool with an A+ physical power!?)

Even if Risty’s sword is on a treasure tool grade, It must tie. If this isn’t Risty’s taijutsu, then he doesn’t know what it isーー.

Not. Before Yuuto who’s thinking, Risty grinned.

「A very fine sword. Since you don’t mind it being broken, I won’t hold back. And, remember this as a lecture. …The blade is meaningless if the tip doesn’t touch」

*Baki* Along with Risty’s joyous expression, the sound of his treasure tool being smashed up reached Yuuto’s ear.

「Seven remaining」

Her face was too bewitching that Yuuto forgot oneself momentarily.


One moment. He relaxed for a moment. The autonomous war maiden, even just a bit, received their practitioner Yuuto’s heart.

Instant. Far shorted than 1/60th of a second.

Between that, the remaining floating war maiden were all smashed, Risty attached the sword on Yuuto’s nape.

「…A-are you serious?」

To that tight feeling, Yuuto surrendered from the bottom of his heart.
Risty’s sword is still remaining in sheath.

「Fufu. That was satisfying. But, if you want me to pull out my sword, you should stop autonomous weapons. No matter how elaborate it is, it’s just a fake. If you know swordsmanship, it’s enough to handle」

Risty’s face is heating up, Yuuto’s cheek unintentionally traced the sheath. It’s hot atmosphere is different from it’s appearance, Yuuto’s blunder put him in shock.

「Somehow, I’m able to understand your relation with Asuka. Autonomous mobility. oh, I said that but your master is worth. You should devote earnestly」

With a floating viscous smile, Risty looked at Yuuto’s face. And, she told him that the training ends today.

Feeling frustrated and refreshed in some way, Yuuto gnawed.
Retuning, Risty pulled Yuuto’s ear to her mouth.

「It’s been a while, it was good. I got a little wet」7

Risty’s sigh reached his brain from the earhole. Yuuto jumped back from Risty.

「Fufu, you look innocent. Don’t worry. I won’t tell Asuka that I played with you」

Putting her hand on her chest and her lower half, Risty ‘peri’ licked her lips.
Seeing off Risty that went away, Yuuto laughed in a dry voice.

「Back, exposed」

Not seeing a single wound on Risty’s back, Yuuto could do nothing but laugh.
◆  ◆  ◆
「…Eh? You’re talking about a new armor?」

Several days later, after not seeing Yuuto’s face for a while since he shut himself in the workshop, Asuka raised a surprised voice.

「Asuka-sama. From now on, please wear this. I raised it’s performance greatly」

*Gachari*, a leather belt is in front of Asuka. Of course, the leather is crimson.
Asuka looked at the rounded belt with a curious face.

「…This. Is a collar right? What’s this?」

Asuka stared at my hand. No matter how you look at it, it’s a collar. Leather packed. Beaten hole, it’s exactly a dog collar.
In front it has a metallic tag that makes a sound, there were 5 characters unreadable for Asuka written in there.

(……E, Esu, Yu, Ke, e?8? I wonder what’s written?)

Asuka frowned while staring at the characters, Yuuto smiled as he said ‘please put it on’

「…Eh? I have to put this on? N-no thanks. I’m not a dog. W-what’s wrong with this armor?」
「Just do it.9 Please put this on faster」

Yuuto’s smile merely increase the threat, Asuka flinched. ‘If it comes to this, It can’t be helped’, Asuka put on the collar on her neck.

「What’s wrong?」
「…I-it’s embarrassing so please don’t look」

Asuka raised her arm and gazed at Yuuto while blushing. Yuuto, panicked for a bit and averted his eyes.

「I-I put it on. Are you fine with this?」

Yuuto turned his gaze back to Asuka, what’s there is Asuka who looks embarrassed. The red collar was properly put in Asuka’s neck.

(G-geez. Why? W-why did he dare my neck? this guy)

*Kaa*, Asuka’s skin heated from the fit of the leather. Whenever Asuka moves, the name tag makes noise.

「Yes. It suits Asuka-sama」
「〜〜〜!!? G-geez. What’s this? What does this collar mean?」

Asuka averted her face, in addition, Yuuto smiled. ‘Asuka-sama’, Yuuto called her lightly.

「You can just whisper, could you recite 『Release』while imagining the armor?」
「Eh? It’s fine but. …Ah, Aperite10

‘What could it be?’, the moment Asuka recited it, the collar shined. After a moment, a full armor Asuka is there.

「…Eh? Hey, Uwa. Amazing! T-this is…」

She herself was unable to understand what happened to her body, Asuka’s face opened wide. Looking satisfied, Yuuto smiled at Asuka.

「If it’s just the ring, you won’t be able to fight. I raised the performance of this treasure tool incidentally. After this, please wear the collar as always」

Asuka looked at him with teary eyes, Yuuto’s body shook. ‘I can’t I can’t’, Yuuto kept explaining to Asuka.

「If you want it to return, say『Close』and it will return」
「Is that so? K-kudaurare!」

To Yuuto’s words, Asuka chanted another spell. The armor shined, then the original figure of Asuka with a collar returned.

「Wa, waa. Amazing, amazing! Uu, this is what I wanted. Thank you, Yuuto」

Asuka averted his gaze from the rejoicing Asuka. He has to say something, Yuuto spoke to Asuka.

「Well, with that. please don’t take off that collar in public from now on」

‘How’s this?’ Yuuto smiled at Asuka.

「Un, Un. I won’t remove it. I’ll never remove it. Thank you, Yuuto. I’ll treasure this」

However, Asuka was moved to tears so she’s willing. ‘I’m so glad’, She showed a big smile to Yuuto. To that expression, Yuuto’s throat is blocked.

「…I-Is that so? But I worked hard on it. Does Asuka-sama have a reward I say…」
「Very well. I’ll do anything!」

Yuuto’s heart stopped beating seeing that smiling Asuka.

「Hey, No way, I. No, b-but. I was really glad…A-and you did great. That, if it’s something I can do…Then it’s fine」

While grasping the collar tightly, Asuka gave yuuto a bashful upward glance. Yuuto was almost sucked in by her red pupils.

‘Calm down’, Yuuto counted prime numbers inside his head.

「E-err. Then…」

‘What should I do?’, Yuuto can’t speak. ‘What should I say?’, I never thought about it so it piled up in my open mouth.

「I-Imitate a dog. Can you do it?」

While looking at Asuka’s collar, those words unintentionally let out.

「Eh? I-imitate a dog?…」

Asuka’s face dyed in shame because of Yuuto’s request. To the embarrased Asuka, Yuuto somehow regained his composure.

「W-well. I’m not forcing you. Next time, in a different appearance…」

Wanting to leave away from this place, Yuuto’s sleeve was pulled by Asuka. Shocked, Yuuto turned around.


Bashfully. Really embarrassed, Asuka raised a smal cry.

「W-was that okay?」

Asuka’s face was dyed in red while looking upwards to Yuuto and saying ‘wan’
Yuuto nodded lightly.


Asuka smiled, Yuuto can’t do anything but keep up his expression.
・・・ ・・・ ・・・

16 Floating war maidens 《Rossweisse》
Supplement: It’s an autonomous attack type treasure tool Yuuto made for himself. 16 blades float around him, it attacks and defend according to the owner’s program autonomously. A number is allotted on each blade and sending command to each other is possible. Even in just sharpness, each one of them is a first class treasure tool and it’s Yuuto’s favorite main weapon.


  1. Yuutoは心の底から来なければよかったと毒づいた。
  2. Oh, I belong in that too. “だが、Yuutoにとって最高にうざったらしい人種。”
  3. Clattering
  4. Clatter
  5. 『浮遊する壱拾六の戦女Rossweisse』
  6. ロスヴァイゼ, the Rossweisse from dxd is ロスヴァイセ, Just one character difference but it sounds the same
  7. Fight fetish?
  8. A S U K A
  9. Make your dreams come true
  10. アペリーテ