Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Chapter 12

Chapter 12: The Tanned Hero and the Princess had a dream (2)

「Hero Asuka Retroliva1 I praise your devotion to Trishulia kingdom and give you the title 『Skarlet Sky』 From now on, you’ll be given divine protection from the Trishulia kingdom」
「Ha, Hahi! Thank you very mush!!」

Yuuto looked up, seeing Asuka on the platform.

『Finally, the title ceremony is tomorrow! I can’t be clumsy in front of the princess. Practice with me!』

Saying that, Asuka practiced with me last night.; The special training continued until this morning, not it doesn’t seem to have any meaning at all.
Her body is moving restlessly. Though neither her right hand and right leg had gone out at the same time, but she’s biting her lips completely.

However, seeing the happy face of the princess handing the certificate to Asuka, ‘Well it’s fine’, so Yuuto smiled.
◆  ◆  ◆
「Fu, fufufufu. S-scarlet sky. C-Cool. …Eheheee, Asuka of the『Skarlet Sky』2 hehe」

Seeing her spill the stew from the spoon on her right hand, Yuuto and Sasha looked at Asuka while smiling wryly.

「S-somehow. Today’s Asuka-sama is remarkably…」
「You should say it clearly, Sasha. ‘Today she’s remarkably idiotic’」

Sasha says 「No, that’s not」 as she shake her head while Yuuto continously put the stew in house mouth.
Seeing Asuka stare into nothing as she drool, Yuuto sighed.

After receiving the title, Asuka was like that throughout the day. She keeps muttering ‘scarlet sky, skarlet sky’ with a loose face.

「Are you really glad with that alias?」
「Eh? No, I’m sorry. To someone like me. Heroes are, unthinkable people. What about Yuuto-sama? Did you come to understand?3

Sasha responded to Yuuto’s question. It’s unusual for a maid to take dinner with them, Sasha was surprised when she was invited, for Yuuto not eating with the person is strange.

「Uun. I’m not interested in that. I won’t be accepted anyway」

To Yuuto’s words, Sasha looked trouble from his answer. For Sasha, according to her words earlier, Yuuto is at the high peak of Heroes. However, even for a mere maid, she can easily imagine the difference between 908th to 7th.

「Ah. Don’t mind it. I’m satisfied with my current ranking. Sorry, I made you worry」
「N-No. It is I who became too forward」

Sasha was surprised that Yuuto lowered his head to apologize.
It’s been a month since she’s employed in this house. Sasha doesn’t have that relationship yet, there’s still a wall on Yuuto and Asuka. Because they have employer and employee relationship, what’s natural is natural. Aside from that, it seems Sasha minds the social status.


To erase the atmosphere earlier, Sasha stuffed the stew in her mouth, Yuuto groaned.

Even without looking very well, Sasha is quite a beautiful girl. It’s similar to Asuka or Risty, looking back she has no impact, but her neat atmosphere and gentle expression would strike a man strongly.

(Above all,… It’s big)

*Glance*, Yuuto looked down to Sasha’s breasts. Asuka is also bit, but Sasha’s size goes over it. It must be heavy, the two bulges are resting on the table.

(Her face is also cute)

He raised his glance, Yuuto looked at the black hair on Sasha’s shoulder. Since I came in this world, beautiful black hair is rare. Seeing that, Yuuto liked Sasha’s black hair as he feels somewhat nostalgic.

「Nn. …Hamu. Juuzu」

Seeing Sasha sips the stew hard, Yuuto made a grinning face involuntarily. The healthy lips that seems to be soft is being wet by the meal.

(…She’s skillful)

Gulp, Sasha’s throat sounded. Thinking that he shouldn’t, recently, Yuuto is drowning from Sasha’s mouth technique. Sasha invited him on the back alley of the town while shopping the other day.
Lightly shaking his head, he held out his desires. However, it’s true that Sasha is cute. For Yuuto, he can’t push aside such a girl.

(It was no good, me)

He sighed, but he’s smiling. Living under one roof with two beautiful girls. He never considered this life back in Earth.

(Well, I’m glad I died)

He certainly laughed at it, Yuuto put the stew in his mouth.
◆  ◆  ◆
「Ha? Captain Risty?」

Several days later, Yuuto is walking towards the Trishulia castle, he turned back to Asuka.

「That’s right. It seems that you will receive ascension test」
「Ascension test?」

Hearing some disturbing word, Yuuto frowned. Asuka also fiddled with the collar tag as she’s troubled.

「Speaking about it, It’s a request, a request. However, it’s not from the guild but a direct request from the country. Among them, it’s certain that their ranking will rise, that kind of call」

Yuuto nodded as he understood Asuka’s explanation. In short, Risty’s going to raise Yuuto’s Hero ranking.

「If it’s you, it would be easy to go two-digits. Talking about it while laughing. …You, did you do something to Captain Risty?」

Asuka’s stare was filled with doubt, Yuuto laughed and scratched his cheek.

「Haha, what should I say. …We had a match」

Asuka’s face jumped because of Yuuto’s words.

「Ha, haaaaaa!? M-Match!? Haaaaaaaaaa!?」
「D-don’t look so angry. It’s said to be training. It was a good chance, so I…」

Yuuto showed a trully apologetic face, Asuka sighed from the bottom of her heart. Yuuto’s actions always put her loss up until now, but this time she sank as she doesn’t know it’s significance.

「Y-you said that you hide your ability」
「That’s true, however. If you hear what that person had said, it’s convenient. The bias…」

To Yuuto’s words, Asuka’s ears trembled. Speaking of, Askuka looked at Yuuto’s face mixed with anxiety and expectation.

「…D-did you win?」

*Jiii*, Asuka’s eyes stared at Yuuto. Asuka swallowed air and her throat dried rapidly.

「I lost. She’s dangerous. A monster」

Yuuto widen his arms and shook his head in response to Asuka’s stare. Asuka’s face smiled refreshingly.

「T-that’s right. You lost. …I-I see. You. …Even you」

Asuka removed her glance while muttering. Asuka’s expression includes joy, anxiety, and faint regret.
Yuuto guessed that meaning of the complex expression and became silent.

「…was she strong?」
「Let’s see. She didn’t even pull out her sword」

To Yuuto’s words, Asuka’s expression froze. The two characters of 『Scarlet Sky』in Asuka’s chest weighted differently.
Asuka stopped moving, then Yuuto muttered.

「Well, we’re both not serious. I only used one treasure tool」
「Ah, I-Is that so? Well, that’s true. Don’t surprise me」

Asuka stroked her chest in relief from Yuuto’s words. Yuuto stared at that face.,

It’s not Yuuto’s complete defeat. To make it simple, it wasn’t Yuuto’s defeat but the 『16 Floating war maidens’』defeat.
However, it’s also the truth if you think about it. He thought that the spare treasure tool is enough. That’s why he lost splendidly. It’s indeed his defeat, Yuuto clenched his fist.

「Please be relieved. I’ll win next time」

Hearing some unusual warlike speech from Yuuto, Asuka turned around surprised.

「N-No. I mean, please don’t fight anymore」

To Asuka’s honest opinion, Yuuto put his hand on his chin.
However, Yuuto thought about the talk earlier.

(Captain Risty. …She’s an obstruction)

Asuka looked hardened as Yuuto is thinking by himself


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