Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Chapter 13

Chapter 13: The Tanned Hero and the Princess had a dream (3)

「Captain Risty?」

Sasha looked at Yuuto with a blank face as she stroke the penis.
*Zuri Zuri*, Stimulating his superb article, Yuuto begin to squeeze his voice.

「T-that’s true. She’s a bit noisy. Sorry, I always bitch about work」

*Nucha nucha*, Sasha rubs the penis wet with saliva. Sasha’s white fingers move sinously, Yuuto bent his body from the stimulation.

「It doesn’t matter. If I can help Yuuto-sama. See, Sasha’s fingers feels good right?」
「Y-yeah. It feels good」

One hand gently wraps the bag, while the other hand is rubbing the penis. The stimulation that you’ll never stop midway, Yuuto endured his voice.

「Yuuto-sama’s penis, it’s harder than usual. Did something happen with Asuka-sama?」
「Y-You’re wro- Sasha’s fingers are」

Yuuto shook his head to Sasha’s inquiry. Though Yuuto returned a bit unkind, Sasha’s whole face is smiling.

「Do you need my mouth?」

Yuuto’s thing is filled with heat, Sasha called out to Yuuto. Yuuto nodded then Sasha ‘aaan’, opened her mouth.

「Aaamu. Nfu, fubu. Njupu」

Her mouth filled with saliva, Sasha put Yuuto in her mouth. It was *Gushu Gushu*1 and warm, the volume of Yuuto’s penis increased.

「Nbu, nbuu!?」

Involuntarily discharging his semen, Sasha accepted it with love. Sucking out until the last drop, Sasha closed her mouth.

「Naaa. You released a lot today」

With the sound of her throat gulping, Yuuto watch as Sasha fix her breathing.
Yuuto shows no sign of embracing her, even though she feels lonely, Sasha liked that sort of Yuuto.

‘Can I be of any help’, she recalled Yuuto’s story from earlier.

「Ah, that’s right. I thought of a good thing」
「Eh? Good thing?」

To Sasha’s sudden laugh, Yuuto inclined his head in wonder. The talk leaped out, he didn’t understand what she’s saying.
To that sort of Yuuto, Sasha’s face brightened as she thought of a good idea.

「You should threaten her! Hold her weakness!」

‘How about it?’, looking at the smiling Sasha, Yuuto strongly swore in his mind to not make her angry.
◆  ◆  ◆
「Then, I have something else to do」

Saying that, Asuka disappeared in the interior of Trishulia’s castle.
Yuuto watched the wall clock in the interior of the castle, there’s still some several hours of free time before he meet up with Asuka.

Although Asuka has a business, Yuuto gazed at the fountain in the courtyard waiting for her to come faster. Though it’s the royal castle, it’s quite luxurious. If there’s money, Yuuto looks at the scene before his eyes regardless of the era.

「Speaking of, Captain Risty is living in ths castle. I’m jelly. …No, conversely isn’t this troublesome?」

Captain Risty is an imperial guard, it’s a typical characteristic for those who escort the princess to have their own room in the castle. There are some who live in home, but It’s heard that those people hardly ever come home.

(…Is this Captain Risty’s room?)

Yuuto’s head recalled Sasha’s smiling face. Certainly, if I got hold of one of her weakness, her mouth shouldn’t be able to let this and that out.
That strength of Risty. If I try to make her comply by force, it would be a bloodshed. Also, it’s unlikely for her personality to be docile.

(For the time being, should we go upstairs?)

Thinking about difficult things for the time being, Yuuto aimed upstairs from Risty’s room.
◆  ◆  ◆
「Fuu. I’m a bit tired today」
「Thank you for today, princess. There’s nothing else scheduled for today. Are you going to rest?」

To Risty’s words, the girl with beautiful silver hair put hand against the lip. ‘Let’s see, err’, she thought for a while.

「I’ll do that. Oh right. Risty, can you please remove the coat? It’s rubbing to me a bit」
「Certainly. I’ll make the maids wash it」

Troubled, the girl showed off her shoulder from the hem of her robe. There’s a small dust that makes a grey dirt.
Risty was ‘please leave this to me’, and respectfully received the robe.

「I’ll take a nap. I’ll participate the dinner tonight」
「Understood. Please don’t overstrain yourself too much. Please relax and take a rest」

‘fuaaaa’, the girl endured the yawn with teary eyes, Risty bowed. The girl waved at Risty and she left the top floor where the room is.

(That’s…Captain Risty, and the princess? Isn’t this lucky?)

During the conversation of the two, there’s one person in the corridor.

(No. From the conversation earlier, should I look for the maid?)

It’s none other than Yuuto. Yuuto peeped on Risty from the shadow of the wall.

(…Hey, what is Captain doing?)

She should’ve returned to the lower floor, Yuuto did take refugee, Risty looked around the area restlessly. ‘This is bad’, Yuuto hid his body on the wall.

「Anyone here?」

Just now, Risty’s voice echoes. Then, Risty’s footsteps approach Yuuto steadily.


Yuuto made a treasure tool appear in his right hand immediately. Then, he covered himself in hurry. Meanwhile, Risty’s footsteps reached him.

「…There seems to be someone. Is it a guard?」

*Jiii*2 Risty narrowed her eyes and stared at the corner. She tilted her head, closed her eyes and searched for a presence.

「Fumu. It seems there’s no one. Then good」

Risty looks back and returns to her original walk.

(D-dangerouuus. This person was somehow able to sense a presence)

Looking at Risty’s back, Yuuto put his hand on his mouth even though he don’t need it.
Earlier, the tip of Risty’s nose touches Yuuto’s face yet it didn’t touch.

(I’m glad I made this treasure tool deliberately. Just a bit more and I would’ve been found out)

While feeling cold sweat, Yuuto grasped the pointy hat that’s on the top of his head.

『Hidden clown 《Hide and Seek》』

It cuts of the presence from the outside, among Yuuto’s auxillary treasure tools this stuff is one of the best. Yuuto breathed out a small sigh as he desperately grasp it.

(It’s not just sound or sight. Smell, it’s the only remaining presence, with such a ambiguous stuff, I can still be found out)

This treasure tool erases not just the user but also it’s influence, it’s a first class stealth treasure tool. If this thing wasn’t here he won’t be able to fool her, Yuuto wiped off the cold sweat with his arms.
It’s outrageous as ever. Thinking so, Yuuto stares at the back of the fourth as she walk.
However, there’s one doubt inside Yuuto’s head.

(…Wait. Why is she returning? That’s captain Risty’s own room. Setting aside the robe, does she have a business?)

Something makes him feel uneasy. Considering Risty’s nature, postponing the princess’ errand doesn’t fit in. To that extent, it feels that she’d put it as first priority .

Yuuto’s doubt deepens, Risty looked around restlessly then entered her own room to hide.

「There’s something…」

Yuuto’s eyes shine wickedly. He gripped the hat hard.

◆  ◆  ◆
「Ah, fuuu. P-princess. The scent of princess」

Yuuto can’t believe his eyes when he entered Risty’s room.

「Haan. Princess. I yearn for you. Nu, nn」

Risty is hugging the robe.
That spectacle was indescribable, Yuuto dumbfoundedly gazed at the spectacle.

「Ah, hot. She just took this off. …Haa, Princesss’ warmth is on my skin」

Risty removed her armor and rubbed the robe against her exposed skin. Rubbing the robe on her groin forcefully, her waist moves little by little.

「Ah, afuu. P-princess. Princess. Like, I like you. I love you」

*Suu*3, inhaling the robe, Risty began to grope her own chest with an ecstatic expression.

(…Ha. Shit, I froze from the impact!)

Fuufuu, Risty’s breathing is rough, Yuuto shook his head. He took his slim phone out of his pocket in panic.

It’s one of the few personal belongings that he brought to this world, it’s power is somehow managed by a lightning treasure tool. Because of the lack of plants, Yuuto recalls that calls aren’t the only function of phones.

(Uwaa. It’s even more erotic through the camera)

He started the camera app, Yuuto tapped the record button. The sound of recording starts, but that sound was erased by the 『Hidden clown』.

The brown skin of Risty squirming restlessly appears clearly on the screen. Though she’s not naked, her appearance has a lot more exposure as she’s lightly dressed.

「N, chu. Y-You can’t, princess. T-that place…」

Pressing the robe on her chest and groin, Risty raised her waist slightly. *Guitto*4, Risty’s ass went up when it was poked.

Fluttering, Risty shakes her ass left and right as if seducing.

「Ahn, No good. You can’t, princess. Risty will be broken」

Yuuto was shocked to the idea of Risty calling her own name. It’s unthinkable that the blonde girl in front of him is the fourth in the hero ranking.

「Uu, Fuu. Princess」

She’s not touching directly, but Risty’s movement as she rub the robe desperately is a fan-like manner. Yuuto swallowed his saliva.
Though he doesn’t like Risty, he’s fond of her appearance. Seeing this kind of appearance, his throat rang

『Well, Risty is really a bad child』

Suddenly, an unfamiliar voice was heard and Yuuto’s back shivered in surprise. He looked at the surroundings but there’s no one but the two of them.

「I’m sorry, princess. 『Fufu, it’s fine, Risty. Look, spread your legs』Aah, you can’t. You can’t, princess」

That voice he heard was from Risty.

「Fuu, fuaa. Aaah. 『Oh my, Risty. You’re really a useless knight. For me to do this』Uu aah. I’m sorry」

Risty performs double role with a falsetto, Yuuto opened his mouth absentmindedly. While thrusting out her ass, Risty spread her legs.

Risty removed her underwear and extended her hand under the bed.
Seeing what she took out, Yuuto’s eyes widened.

「Ah, Ah. Princess」

In Risty’s hand is a ceramic dildo.
Of course, though it’s the first time Yuuto saw it, he can imagine its use from it’s shape.

Risty began to smear it with oil and cream that she took out with the dildo.
Then, she put the remaining oil in her ass.


Yuuto let out a voice involuntarily. However, Risty certainly gropes a the part that’s in front of Yuuto.

「M-My ass. Princess sees Risty’s ass」

Risty expanded her anus with both her hands. Yuuto seeing it completely exposed in an angle, his chest was beating from surprise.

Her brown ass has a pink hole. It’s twitching, and trembling wistfully as it touch the air.

(A-as expected, any further than this…)

He’ll get killed. Thinking that, Yuuto tapped the stop button from the recording. Even if threatened, any further than this and Risty would suicide. No, it’s already too late.

「Nn, aaaaah. I’m being violated. I’m being violated by the princess.」

Seeing that Risty finally began to put the dildo in her anus, Yuuto coughed thinking that he should stop soon.

「Fuu, ooo. Ah, Aaah. It’s entering. Princess’」

Risty didn’t stop, speaking of Yuuto still wears the 『Hidden Clown』 so he’s not yet noticed.
He removed the 『Hidden clown』from his head with his right hand.

「…!? Who’s there!!?」

That moment. Risty sprang up and before Yuuto even noticed, she had her swords fixed on his neck.
An unexpected drawing speed. Yuuto thanked the defensive treasure tool in his neck.

Though it didn’t hit his neck, there should’ve been a wound.

「…Hey, why you!??」

Confirming the face of the intruder, Risty opened her eyes wide in surprise.
It can’t be helped that her movements are remarkable, Still, Yuuto showed an amazed face.

「E, err. You finally masturbated」

Risty pulled out her sword and Yuuto lowered his side saying ‘dangerous, dangerous’ Risty still stares at Yuuto with wide eyes.

「…For the time being, let’s talk?」

Yuuto smiles like always as he saw Risty’s face had despair floating in it.

There’s still some time before evening.
・・・ ・・・ ・・・

Hidden clown 《Hide and Seek》

Presence Removal: SS Synthesis Rarity: S
Supplement: It’s a treasure tool that can completely remove your presence when put on. Not just visual transparency, smell, sound, magical and physical influence, and the influence from the outside world, it’s as if you’re put on a null level. It’s a masterpiece that Yuuto created, it’s second to Asuka’s scarlet sky in terms of quality. Why did he build it up? Why such a treasure tool was stocked? Only an adolescent boy knows.


  1. (1) *crushed wet messy*; (2) *squish*
  2. Stare
  3. sniff
  4. In one go