Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Chapter 14

Chapter 14: The tanned hero dreaming of the princess1 (4)

「Y-You. Why are you in my room?」

Quivering, Risty pointed at Yuuto with her shaking finger. After that, Yuuto lowered his head.

「Well. It was amusing」
「ーーfu!? Y-You were watching!!?」

Risty’s shoulders jumped to Yuuto’s smiling face and words. ‘Well, isn’t it obvious that I was watching?’, Yuuto smiled at Risty.

「Let’s see. You sniffed the princess’ robe from the moment you entered the room」
「ーー!!? Isn’t that all?」

Risty’s expression is anger? or shame? or both? Ayway, she’s bright red.

「I won’t ask how you entered. What’s your purpose?…Surely you won’t say it’s assassination?」

*Kachari*, Risty put power and grabbed her sword. Yuuto knows. The moment he joked around and said 「Yes, that’s right」his neck would be separated from his body. He wears the defensive treasure tool but it’s his intuition.

However, even so, Yuuto stares at Risty’s appearance. The sharpness of his eye is as expected, her lower half is completely naked, his cheeks loosened involuntarily.

「No way. If I’m going to do it, then I won’t talk with you. Didn’t I say it earlier? I want to talk」

Risty lowered her sword in response to Yuuto’s voice. However, she doesn’t relax either. Yuuto drank his saliva as the lower half of Risty turned to him.

Beautiful skin. Tanned. He’s just looking but the smoothness is transmitted.
A very young body, but her muscles are tight. Seeing a small golden bush modestly attacked on the mound, Yuuto’s heartbeat raced.

「What? A threat? I tell you, if you’re an enemy of the royal family, I won’t negotiate with…」
「Please give me Captain Risty」

Risty stopped glaring.

「I said. I want Captain Risty」

Yuuto smilingly laughed, the bloodthirsty face from Risty vanished.

「Ha, haa? Y-You, what are you」
「I’ll threaten Captain Risty from now on. My demand is, Captain Risty. The royal family, nor the princess doesn’t matter to me」

*Jii*, He looked at Risty’s body again. Firm muscles. Healthy brown skin. And yet, you can feel the softness of a woman precisely. He had seen it earlier, in addition, she has a charming nature.
「I’ll keep quiet about what you did a while ago but will you become my toy?」2
「T-To. Ha, haa!?」

To Yuuto’s words, Risty raised her voice. Actually, Yuuto’s heart is beating hard. Even though he’s in such shape, it’s the first time he confessed to a woman.
He somehow managed to smooth out his expression, it’s probably because of his various experience these past months. Thanking Sasha, Yuuto strive to force his breathing.

「…Y-you. I-Think you should reconsider. What do you mean by that?」

Risty glanced below as if she’s embarrassed. She can’t guess Yuuto’s real intention.
Yuuto’s disturbed breathing and heart rate can be detected but Risty doesn’t understand its implication.

「I meant just what I said. If Captain Risty listens, there would be a lot of fun」

Honestly, half of it is true. This way, there wont be unneeded mouths for Asuka and Me. Even for a bit, living in a pleasant life would be good for him.

Of course, it’s not a lie that Risty’s body is charming.

「Haha. Is that so? You’re that kind of guy. What did Asuka…No, is Asuka different? Either way, you’re a fool. If you want to say it, then spread rumors as you like. No one will listen to your senseless words」

Risty looked at Yuuto in a disgusted manner. ‘Go on with that defiant attitude, no one would believe you anyway’, she underestimated.
Certainly, no one would believe if he spoke the foolishness of Risty from a while ago. Even if Yuuto saw it, no one would believe it immediately.

Risty flung the dildo that was on her right hand on the wall. The ceramic dildo makes a noise and breaks, it’s splinter is scattered.
He thought of it as dangerous, but not a single splinter flew his way.

「With this you don’t have evidence. Would you prepare a copy? If they do a magical inspection they would know if I used it or not」

Risty showed a fearless smile filled with confidence. Certainly, thinking about the popularity and quality, Yuuto won’t get his hands on it.

「Is that so? Then, I’ll let everyone hear it」
「Yeah, do as you like. Do your best to not get killed by my guards」

But that’s only for someone who’s not prepared.

To Risty that’s grinning and laughing, Yuuto took out the slim phone from his pocket. ‘What’s that?’, Risty knit her eyebrows, He tapped the replay button on the screen.


Risty’s lovely voice sounded in the room. Risty’s eyes widened and her face dyed red.

「W-w-w-w-ha…M-My voice…」

Risty’s ears tremble, the spectacle earlier was replayed.

「It’s not just the voice. Look. Aah, your ass shakes too much」

With her brown ass swingin, Risty’s voice disappeared.

「What’s that! S-stop it!!」
「Look. It’s almost time for the Captain’s performance」

Yuuto raised the volume while grinning on the panicking Risty. Risty’s voice grows louder and echoes in the room.

『I’m sorry princess. 『Fufu, It’s fine, Risty. Hey, spread your legs』Aah, no good. You can’t, princess』

The moment she heard her own falsetto, Risty’s face goes pale. She forgot to steal the slim phone from Yuuto, she looks dumbfounded, it’s the feeling of hearing her voice for the first time.

『Fu, fua. Aah. 『Oh my, Risty. You’re really a useless knight. For me to do this』Uu aah. I’m sorry』

Hearing the imitation of the princess she loves and respect, Risty’s devotion developed a crack. That’s what she did, Risty’s heart is getting dark.

「If I’m not mistaken, there’s a rule for the knights of Trishulia Kingdom, right? I just had mine yesterday. Ah, there it is. Article 14. The Kingdoms Knights, should delude and imitate Royalty, it must be spoken. Ooh. It’s beheading」
「ーー!? That’s!!」

Risty’s body trembled. Yuuto displayed the memo that Risty is knowledgeable of.

「It’s wrong? I see. But your imitation of the princess is true. Is that so?」
「U, Uu. Y-You’re wro. You’re wrong. …It’s not that」

Risty spoke in a feeble voice with teary eyes. Yuuto had his heat beating unintentionally to the unusual face of Risty.
‘It’s not needed anymore’, Yuuto pretend to take out from pocket and made one treasure tool appear.

A small knife, A treasure tool which Yuuto made a shinto setting deliberately.

『Space time Sword』3

Risty became vigilant as Yuuto took out a knife suddenly, saying that it’s alright, Yuuto traced air with his space time sword.

The point of the space time sword touched space, then *PeriPeri*, a sound of opening. Seeing that, Risty widened her eyes in surprise.

Then, Yuuto threw the phone on that gap. Risty raised a small voice, then the gap of the space time has closed up.

「I sent the evidence to a certain place. If something happens to me, I intend to spread it on the whole town」

Yuuto stares at Risty with a smile. Of course, it was a lie. He connected it to his desk at the workshop. If Yuuto dies, Risty’s secret would be hidden for eternity.

「Err. You said that I’m okay to tell anyone right?」
「ーー!? Y-You can’t!」

Risty firmly gripped Yuuto’s sleeve when he spoke. Yuuto’s mind was shaken by Risty’s cute voice.

「P-please. Don’t say anything. I-I’ll be hated by the princess」

Risty’s eyes looked sorrowful, fear was seen vividly in her. That’s the fear of betrayal and being found out by the person she loved the most above all.

「I’ll do anything. I’ll do anything so. J-just not the princess」

Yuuto reacts to Risty’s voice.

Risty nodded shyly.
・・・ ・・・ ・・・

Space Time sword

Physical Attack:F Magical Attack:A+ Synthesis Rarity:A+
Supplement: cutting up space, it’s a treasure tool that can make a gate with any space. It’s special ability is demonstrated on anti-magic barriers. The ability is scarier than it’s appearance, Yuuto’s treasure tool that can connect space is on Yuuto’s stock presently.


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