Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Chapter 15

Chapter 15: The Tanned Hero dreams of the princess (5)

「I-I put it on. You’re good with this?」

Inside a poorly lighted room, Risty bashfully twisted her body.

「You can’t. Please show it to me without concealing it with your hand」

Risty’s body is shrinking as Yuuto smiles.
*Kaa*1, Risty’s brown cheeck blushed, Yuuto seeing it feels hot too.

「…Y-You’re the worst」

*Guu*2, Risty lowers her arm next to her body. Her chest was pushed out somehow.

A white piece of cloth looks attractive on the brown skin.

Risty’s chest is covered with two triangles, her trembling lower half is hidden with a white reverse triangle.

(What’s this equipment? …S-So embarrassing)

Even Risty gets embarrassed having her skin exposed. Yuuto’s gaze caress the part of her skin that’s usually not touched.

「It’s Micro Bikini. It suits people with no breasts. Aren’t you glad? Captain Risty?」

Risty’s eyes opened wide due to Yuuto’s words. Is she angry or embarrassed? Risty stopped herself.

「S-stupid! C-chest are just obstruction in battle so I’m okay!」
「Ah, okay. That’s true. With this chippai3, you’ll never get injured」

*Kaa*, Risty’s cheeks reddened, then she hid her chest with her arm quickly. Having a mortifying face, Yuuto thought “Ooh, it came out”

「Getting conscious over your chest, aren’t you cute? I thought of you more of a cold blooded murder machine」
「Y-You, just what do you think of me?…」

Risty looked at Yuuto in an amazed manner as Yuuto muttered. As for Yuuto, he sees her like a monster. He thought that she had already abandoned her mind as a human.

「…Well. It doesn’t change that you’re a woman in some ways」
「W-what did you say?」

Recalling her disgraceful behavior from a while ago, Risty swallowed her words. Then, Yuuto stood up and approached Risty.

「What? Y-You’re going to rape me?」

Risty strengthened her vigilance, Yuuto says ‘no way’ and shook his head. If he does that, he can’t complain if he got killed.
Also, it was said that he doesn’t know what to do.

「Since Captain is cuter than I thought, I got a bit mean」

He said with a smile, Yuuto looked around Risty’s room. Sure enough, he found some notable stuff.
Yuuto extends his hand and put it in front of Risty. Risty inclined her head as she doesn’t understand it, Yuuto smiled gently.

「Captain Risty. Are you good at squatting?」

Risty had guessed out something from Yuuto’s words, then sweat flowed.
◆  ◆  ◆
「Fu, uuu…」

*GishiGishi*4 Sounds of the floor creaking can be heard. Risty’s voice was mixed in addition.

「Hey. It’s just 17. Do your best.」

Yuuto keeps his presence of mind as much as possible on the spectacle in front of him.

「N, Fuu. Uu」

Holding her hands on the back of her head, Risty’s legs widen as her waist moves up and down. Squat. Generally, it’s not an unnatural training at all.

However, Risty moves her muscle with a tearful look. Having only the micro bikini on her, her emphasized chest can’t be concealed at all. If you look under, you can see two bulge projecting out, Risty can see it herself.


However, the exposed skin doesn’t matter anymore to Risty. Shameful things are shameful5, aside from that, Risty’s mind is getting out of order. /

The Royal Family’s Crest

Risty is widening her crotch on the engraved shield right now.

「T-This kind of thing. I’m.」

It’s the existence which she vows her loyalty. On top of it is herself moving her waist lewdly, Risty felt the perversion that she’s about to faint.

「Y-Yuuto. A-any more than this…」

*Gichi Gichi*6, Yuuto gaze at Risty’s lower half that digs when lowering7, he applied his hand on his chin.

「Would you like the princess’ portrait after all?」
「ーー!!? T-this is fine. Please let me do on the Royal Family’s crest」

Yuuto nods in satisfaction from Risty’s answer. He secretly makes a fool out of Risty somehow, but he can’t show it to Risty.

(Uuu, I’m. On the top of the royal family’s crest…)

Risty moves her waist in accordance to Yuuto’s silence. However, her breath was beginning to be gradually filled with heat.

(I’m being seen. …M-My skin is being shown to a man. It’s the first time)

Unintentionally, she gets conscious on her own body, Risty’s thought were blown away.

(Don’t think. M-My skin is just. …Nn. It doesn’t matter if it’s seen)

*Fuu Fuu*, her breathing becomes rough, Risty looked at Yuuto while adhering this to just exercise.

(He’s looking. A man is looking at my body. …Nn, Dammit)

Honestly, Risty was unable to read Yuuto’s real intention. He’s not a spy, not an assassin. He wants to bully Risty but not rape her. ‘What’s his purpose?’, Risty’s doubt grows stronger.

(Uwaaa. Ero. Brown is ero. …I threatened her because of the momentum, but what should I do? Any more than this and I would be killed. Uun, but, just a bit more)

For Yuuto who lives healthily, the current situation is beautiful enough for him to be satisfied, but Risty doesn’t know that. Yuuto did all his best to remove his smile.

「Ah, that’s right, Captain. The other day you said that you’re going to teach me what yoiu know? Please try saying it」
「Eh!? K-knowledge!?」

Risty’s expression is now filled with bewilderment. Yuuto’s request can’t be understood but, Risty was somehow able to understand that she’s being bullied.

(Knowledge8… I-In this figure?)

Risty glanced at the crest for a moment, then a chill runs through. She had a feeling that this would be something bad.
・・・ ・・・ ・・・

Micro Bikini (White)

Defensive Power: Y Degree of Excitement:B+ Synthesis Rarity:F
Supplement: It’s just a white cloth. It suits Risty’s brown skin well. It’s made from the first class cloth so it feels good when worn. Antibacterial material.


  1. Blush
  2. Growl
  3. Tiny breast
  4. (1) *creak*;(2) *rustle*
  5. And people die when they are killed, fun things are fun
  6. Creakily
  7. 下ろしたときに食い込むRistyの下半身を眺めていたYuutoが
  8. 心得