Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Captain-sama loves ass (1)

「Hii, Hiu. T-trainee soldiers…practice loyalty to the royal family. This loyalty teaching continues」

*Potari*, something drips on the royal family crest. Risty’s interior is shaken, it’s reflected in her eyes.

Inside the room is Risty’s pledge, then the obscene wet sound reverberating trough the room.

「Hinn, Nuu. …Trainee soldiers, that sword. Ooooooo, will be pulled out for the royal family and for the nation」

*Zuriyuriyu*, while making an audible sound, Risty’s anus is being turned over.

『This, do you know what this is?』

When did he take it out? In Yuuto’s hand is a flesh colored grotesque dildo.
Risty saw it for the first time, she can easily imagine what kind of use it has.

「How about it? It has an easy to use sucker attached to it. Does it feel good?」
「Shu-Silence. Ah, o, ooooo」

*Bupori*, Risty’s anus makes a sound. Risty’s cheeks blushed as she accumulates shame but the dildo applies lotion since a while ago, it brings terrible pleasure to Risty.
She can’t do any further than this, Risty was able to make a big pulse.
Risty looks at Yuuto for an instant. She doesn’t know what he’s thinking, Risty herself became desperate and tried to feign calmness so she won’t be seen through.

(I’m feeling numb. The hole in my ass, hot, it’s feverish. …Uuu, this. I’m being seen)

*Piku Piku*, Risty’s thighs twitch, Yuuto sends her a cold gaze. Of course, Risty doesn’t notice the inner part.

「Iyaa. It’s a nice view. The appearance of the princess’ guard captain playing with her ass」
「Uu, Uuuu. Dammit」

Risty’s face is burning with frustration. However, every time her body moves, every time she rubs, Risty’s limbs baffle to the increasing heat in herself.

Whenever the mucous membrane of her is rolled up, Risty raises a panting voice. For the explanation, it’s a treasure tool dildo Yuuto made, it doesn’t have the aphrodisiac ability but the user would feel the best.

Even if you put it in and out violently, the mucous membrane will never be injured. The lotion is endlessly supplied, then the size is slightly thicker than the one she used so far.

Risty’s body shiver in pleasure.

「N, Nuoooooo. Ooo, The Knight’s body is. Ah, aaah. Must be, oooo, a-an example for the soldiers…Oooooo」

Finally, Risty’s movement of her waist stopped. She can’t move herself any further, Risty was able to endure the advance of the pleasure.
Yuuto looks at Risty’s desperate expression, he grinned.

「As expected. Your loyalty is oozing out of your crotch」
「T-That’s not iioooooooo!?」

Before Risty’s glare reached him, Yuuto snapped his fingers.
That moment, the dildo inside Risty’s anus began to rotate.

「Ooh!? S-sto-. What’s this? Ah, Aaah. Noooo. Sto-Stop it. I-I’m being turned over」

Yuuto ignores Risty’s voice then snaps his fingers again. The dildo’s rotation speed increased, Risty’s coquettish voice echoes unintentionally.

「Aaaaaaa. Don’t, Sto-, Aah. Aaaaaaaaa」

Risty noticed it too. What a shameful voice she leaks. However, Risty can’t do anything to the pleasure as it turns over her anus again and again.

That feeling was anticipated. When she comforts her body, she feels even more pleasure.
The strength of the pleasure easily surpasses her imagination. Risty finally shed tears to the stimulus at last.

「Nooooooo. My ass. My ass. I-It’s being turned over, ooo」

Risty threw herself to the pleasure, Yuuto keep watching with his heart throbbing.
◆  ◆  ◆
「How was it? You seem to feel good that you’re panting」

His smiling face pierces Risty.
Yuuto doesn’t break his smile, Risty looked down as she was embarrassed.

After all, Risty has it in as Yuuto is watching. Indecent, the revolving dildo is put in and out, *Eko Eko*, she moves her waist up and down.

「Uu, uuuu…」
Risty’s face is warped in frustration. Risty’s mouth falls down. She has to say something. Thinking that, Risty’s vocal chords is shaken.

(I-I have to retort. I-I have to say something)

That time, Risty’s inside made a sound. That’s right, Risty obtains the excitement that cannot be obtained.


*Perori*, Risty wet her lips with her tongue.

「…W-what about you? Are you fine with just watching? Even I feel bored just being seen」

After saying, Risty’s mouth was taken aback. What is she saying? Risty returns her eyes to the crest. *Baku Baku*, Risty’s heart wavered.

「That’s not true. Captain Risty is beautiful. Your brown skin is erotic, just looking makes me happy」

Risty’s foot shake in surprise. Risty’s face increased redness as due to Yuuto’s unexpected words. She stared at Yuuto to see if he’s playing around, Yuuto’s smiles aimlessly.

「Now then, it was satisfactory. I’ll go back」

Yuuto stood up abruptly, Risty raised a voice. Yuuto turned back asking “what is it?”, Risty answered back.

「N-No. I don’t particularly care. That…」

Is this the end? Almost asking it herself, Risty’s chest sway shockingly. Her body heats up, she feels lacking somewhere.

In truth, Risty loathed herself as it can’t be helped. She began to weep and gulp down the humiliation, Risty spoke to Yuuto.

「Y-You. What do you want to do after all? You even entered my room」
「”What?” That’s…」

Then, Yuuto remembers his original purpose. Speaking of that, he was fascinated at Risty’s foolishness that he forgot his plan.

「That’s right. I’m sorry but, could you not interfere with me and Asuka? Also, please cooperate with me in various ways」

Risty opened her mouth wide due to Yuuto’s words.

「Y-Yo, Such a thing, you could’ve said it directly. Y-You don’t have to threaten me」

Risty’s voice is perplexed, Yuuto clapped his hand and said ‘Now that you mention it’ However, the atmosphere from a while ago was impossible if he didn’t threaten Risty.

Yuuto thought for a while then turned back to Risty.

「Then, Captain, please be my underling」

Risty’s eyes opened wide and Yuuto speaks indifferently.
Somehow or another, a master-servant relationship was formed.
・・・ ・・・ ・・・

Incubus sword

Physical Attack:Z Magical Offensive Ability:F Synthesis Rarity:D
Supplement: it’s a suction dildo treasure tool Yuuto made to bully Risty. Even such a thing is classified as a sword type. It’s an impromptu and has no offensive power, but it has various functions. Physical attack is the lowest, Yuuto considered to not hurt Risty’s body. Even if you move it violently, the user’s body would never be damaged.
It’s best to be kept on the anus, it has a lotion overflowing to continue. The excellent thing in this is it changes its thickness according to the exploitation state. It has a rotating mechanism. In fact, it also has a piston function too. By the way, it doesn’t have aphrodisiac function.