Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Captain-sama loves ass1 (2)

「Eh? C-captain Risty!?」

While having leisure time after lunch, Asuka raised her voice as an unexpected visitor showed up.

「Asuka? Sorry, I’ll be bothering you」

Seeing the light dressed Risty, Asuka shook her head outrageously.
Risty entered the mansion, ‘What’s going on’, Risty’s pulse is getting faster.

The Risty she yearned for. That’s good, but Risty is Asuka’s direct boss right now. Asuka recalls her recent work as she might have blundered.

「Uhm, is there something about me…」
「Ah, no. I don’t have business with you today. Is Yuuto here?」

Hearing those words, Asuka’s eyes widened. With the sound of her blood draining from her face, Asuka shouted unconsciously.

「T-That guy, did he do something!?」
「Eh, No. Well, if you say he knows something then he do」

Asuka lowered her head due to Risty’s reply. Her body fell on the ground and she prostrated in front of Risty.

「H-He’s not a bad guy! H-His ability is actually more! I-I beg of you! Please!」

Risty’s opened her eyes wide due to Asuka’s apology. “What’s up with that?”, Risty scratched her cheek, she told Asuka that it’s okay and extended her hand.

「It’s not that I’ll be punishing him, It’s not that kind of story. I just intend to lecture him」
「Eh? Lecture?」

Asuka looked up to Risty’s gentle words.
◆  ◆  ◆
『You hear!? It’s rare for captain Risty to be gentle. Do it utmost!』

That was Asuka’s reprimand minutes ago. Yuuto is looking at Risty with cold eyes inside his workshop.

「…J-Just what kind of lecture it is?」

In front of him is Risty looking down in embarrassment.
She wants to say something but she’s too embarrassed to say. That kind of atmosphere.

As a matter of fact, Why did Risty come for Yuuto? It was guessed.

『I’ll leave this dildo to you. I don’t mind so you can use it freely』

He left Risty’s room five days ago after saying that. It should be soon, he thought.

「…It’s still the second day?」

Yuuto imitate a voice in disgust, then Risty’s shoulder trembled. Ryisty’s face dyed in shame, Yuuto urged ahead.

「What’s your real purpose for coming? Please say it」

I won’t do something if you can’t, Yuuto watches Risty.
Feeling that she can’t deceive him, Risty readied herself and spoke.

「T-The dildo, that. D-disappeared…」

*Puru Puru*2, Risty spoke in shame. Yuuto raised an amazed voice due to her confession.

「Ah, that. It disappears after using it for three days. So, you can’t endure it anymore?」
「Fuee!? U, Uuu…」

That’s a lie. Actually, there’s a time limit for an instant treasure tool to exist, it takes time and trouble to make those that exists permanently.
Of course, he doesn’t have the idea that the dildo would last for three days. It should naturally vanish now.

In short, though Risty endured to the second day, it’s impossible for her to do it until she receives a new dildo.

「Captain liked it more than I thought」
「Uu. Don’t say it」

*Kaa*, Risty faced down. Risty has a solid pride. It troubles her very much. However, the result can be seen.

「Let’s see. I can give you a new one, but. …But, it’s not for free」

To that charming situation, Yuuto loosened his mouth. ‘I can’t I can’t’, he closed his lips, Yuuto spoke to the frightened Risty.
◆  ◆  ◆
「T-This, on m-my ass…」

*Pakaa*, the brown meat was divided in front of her eyes.
A beautiful pink color is in it’s center, Yuuto’s pulse is getting faster in excitement.

「E, ee. It’s beautiful. It’s twitching」
「ーー!? D-don’t say it, baka」

Risty right now is pushing out her ass on top of the workshop’s desk, her anus is being displayed to Yuuto.
In the strange situation, it’s not just Yuuto, Risty’s heartbeat is also getting fast.

(Ah, aah. It’s being seen. T-the hole in my ass. It’s being seen by my subordinate)

Just like what Yuuto said earlier, Risty’s anus is greedily opening and closing. Risty herself can feel it, her concentration is at the anus exposed in the air.

「You played here every night?」
「ー!? T-that’s right」

His condition for the new dildo is just one. Answer all of Yuuto’s questions and hear what he has to say. Of course, if she don’t like it it’s not needed. In that case, the dildo has to wait, it’s absolutely necessary for her.

「Please tell me in what manner you played with it」
「W-what manner!?」

Risty’s back jumped due to Yuuto’s question. However, it’s no good if she doesn’t do it, so she put strength to her finger.

「A-after you come home, for a long time. That day, until morning」

*Gui*, Risty expands her anus. Satisfying Yuuto as soon as possible, Risty let of her own shame and chose the most obscene words with all her might.

「’Zu, zupo zupo’, My hips…I-I fiddled my anus desperately. Since the next day was an off duty. T-throughout the day」
「Eh, Eeeh. Was that so good?」

Risty seems to break in tears, Yuuto’s crotch is also swelling. It’s a natural phenomenon, Risty’s turning on the other side so it’s not yet found out.

「I-it was good. It’s better to use. In the end, I forgot to eat a meal, I was crazy picking my anus」

*Kupari*, Risty widened her anus with her finger. Risty’s anus expanded much more than Yuuto expected, it’s making an obscene sound.

「What happened after it disappeared?」

Risty’s heart jumped due to Yuuto’s question. ‘If i don’t say it’, Risty pushed out her ass further as her her heart beats louder.

「L-Like this」

*Guchari*, Risty’s anus swallowed her brown finger.

「My finger. I have no choice but to do it with my finger. It’s not enough, L-like this. All of it」

Four. All of the fingers except her thumb is inside her anus, Risty’s anus sounded hopelessly in shame.

「With my finger, Ah. Expanding it. N, Oh, Like this. I expand it like this」

*Gupo Gupo*, Risty’s anus is being transformed by the movement of her finger.
Just like as Risty said, her anus is expanded, each finger expands it firmly.

Something gradually spreads to Yuuto.

「I-It’s already strange. Y-You, handing such a thing. My, My anus becomes strange」

*Zupo Zupo*, Risty unaware of it, began to put her finger and and out wholeheartedly While the four fingers winded. *zupyu zupyu* she’s showing her anus to Yuuto.

The fourth rank in Hero ranking. Risty of『Dual Sovereignty』 The female hero everyone yearns for, is thrusting her ass on top of the desk and digging her own anus.
Showing the skin that shouldn’t be shown to anyone, Risty freely exhibits the pink colored inside.

「Ooo, Nfuu. Look at it. It’s strange. I’m no good already. It’s no good if this continues. I have to *zupozupo* it」

She shakes her ass in front of Yuuto. Risty opened the inner part of her ass as if begging to Yuuto.

「Please. Give me a dildo. Oh, Ooo. You know it right? Just with a finger for two days. It’s hot, my anus is aching, Ooooooooo」

Risty’s petitioning too much, Yuuto gulped down his throat.
Then, a strange emotion began to flow out from Yuuto’s mind.

「I-It can’t be helped. Very well. …There’s a compensation though」

Risty has no way of finding Yuuto’s grinning face.


  1. I think this should be translated as “Likes being done from the ass” but the raw is “お尻がお好き”
  2. Slightly Trembling