Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Captain-sama loves ass (3)

「D-don’t look so much」

Turning away her dark skin, it can be understood with a glance that RIsty blushed.

Two modest swell. Two point stands from the coffee milk like skin of Risty. A beautiful pink color stands there.

Yuuto’s breath was taken away by that beautiful skin. He saw this skin the last time, but she was wearing a micro bikini, it was the first time he saw it completely nude.

「I-I have to lick it?」

The fourth placer in hero ranking is nude and kneeling between my legs. Furthermore, ahead her lovely face is the manly curved penis standing up.
It’s impossible not to get aroused.

「Yes. Please」
「N-No. But…」

Honestly, Yuuto is a bit embarrassed. However, above that, Risty stares at Yuuto’s superb article while throbbing.
Yuuto questions the hesitating awkward Risty.

「Huh? C-Could it be that Captain Risty is a virgin?」

To that question, Risty’s face turned red.

「W-what about it!? S-sorry that I’m late!」

Mortified, she diverted her eyes. It seems that it’s her first time seeing it, Yuuto worried in his mind.
The circumstances are different from Sasha who willingly did it. As expected it’s hard to wind up for the first time, Yuuto put his hand on the trousers.

「I-I’m sorry for that. I’m good already. I’ll give you the dildo already」

However, that hand was held by Risty. Seeing, Risty’s red face is looking down while shaking.
Risty continued to wring it out.

「T-that.1 That.2 …A-accepting it freely is a bit. Is it no good? that…」

Risty, unable to make herself clear squirms, Yuuto somehow able to guess. Though he apologizes as he was wrong, Risty spoke to Yuuto.

「Could it be that Captain is curious?」

*Bikuri*, Risty’s shoulder trembled. Risty made a small nod, Yuuto opened his mouth taken by surprise.
◆  ◆  ◆
「I-I should just lick it right?」

Saying that, Risty watches Yuuto’s penis with a feverish expression. Taking a hard look, Yuuto somehow bleached his embarrassed thought.

「It’s really your first time isn’t it? It’s somewhat cute」
「C-cute!?…I-It can’t be helped! A woman like me is impossible to have a relationship with a man」

Yuuto looked puzzled on the Risty who turned her eyes down in shyness. Risty should be popular. Her chest is certainly small but her appearance itself can take your breath away.

(In short, she’s unreachable)

The man must also be a hero to be a good match to Risty, but in this world, there isn’t much men who’s above Risty. There are some Heroes, but there’s no one who would call out Risty not knowing his position.

Thanks to the system, Risty doesn’t notice her own charm.

「But, Captain Risty is a lesbian isn’t she?」
「T-that was. The princess is special, or something like that. I-It’s not like I prefer woman in particular」

With one question after another, Risty moves her expression bashfully. It seems that Risty has an ordinary sexual desire3, Yuuto stroke his chest in relief.

「…Rero S-soemthing like this?」
「Yeah, that was good. Your tongue is small and cute」

I pat the head of Risty who’s licking it. Really, it’s thanks to Sasha. l If it was his first, there’s a possibility that he would cum right now.

It doesn’t matter if it was good or unskillful, light comes to Risty’s relieved face as she was praised. Then, she blushed as she’s not used to being praised.

「I-I’m sorry for being small」
「No. It’s cute. It’s soft and pleasant」

‘there there’, Yuuto smiles, Risty can’t answer back. But, she didn’t think it was bad so she closed her mouth again.

「Nn. Rero. I-if it feels good then I’m glad」

*ChiroChiro*, Risty moves around her tongue. ‘For the time being, let’s lick all of it’, she thought, Risty moved her tongue from top to the bottom.

Did she get excited? Risty’s pink nipples are erect. The two points are standing up tightly, Yuuto gently felt it with his fingertip.

「N, Ah. Stop. It’s embarrassing…」
「That’s too late. It’s already this erect」

Yuuto twist the two points as gentle as possible. Risty raised her voice unable to endure it, she looked upward to Yuuto.

「Nuu. T-that place. I’m weak there」
「Haha. Captain Risty, you’re not just weak on your ass but also on your nipples? What a slutty body you have」

Saying it sadistically, Risty’s ear reddened. Having no experience with men only plays with herself, it seems that it’s quite embarrassing. Risty’s face seems to begin to weep, Yuuto’s mind was affected.

「Asking a subordinate to play with her anus. You’re really a hopeless imperial guard captain」
「T-that’s. My weakness against you…」

When she started speaking, Risty realized how irrelevant it is. It’s true that she has submitted to the threats, but today’s request was the will of Risty herself.
Knowing that she can’t turn back anymore, Risty gulped her throat.

Her outside looks like a beautiful girl but she’s already 27 years old. Risty is completely too late for marriage in this world, the current situation is swaying the degree of excitement in her head.

A subordinate which is 10 years younger than her, she’s naked, sat down and licked his penis.
She’s worshiped as a hero, respected, and is now intimate with her subordinate. In exchange, it has established various things. Of course, one of those is experience with men.

She indecently kneels on the floor and flirting with a man. The fact shook Risty as she had forgotten it.

「Yuuto, certainly, you, you were 17 years old right?」
「Ah, yes. What about it?」

Yuuto’s face looked puzzled. Risty was troubled for a moment, however her mouth opened as she had decided.

「I-I’m 27 this year」

Hearing that word, Yuuto opened his eyes wide in surprise. Though she’s somewhat older, no matter how you look at it, Risty doesn’t look like in twenties. Assuming that, Yuuto thought that she’s on the first half of twenties.

「Eh? That’s weird right? For me to have such age./ I-if Yuuto doesn’t like it…」
「It’s not strange」

Risty’s movement stopped from the indifferent voice When she looked up, Yuuto’s amazed face was there.

「Captain Risty, you’re a beauty. You’re cute. Also, brown is naughty, I’m happy」

He said those words casually. But, that’s his true feelings.
For Yuuto who’s born and raised in Japan, 27 year olds are elder sisters. If you are so inclined, Yuuto’s first love is an office lady onee-san in the neighborhood.

Seeing Yuuto’s smile, Risty felt her heart jumped.

「U, Uuu, saying that you’re glad. A-are you sane!?」
「I’m sane. What would I get if I lie? Also, look」

Yuuto show’s his other self on the panicking Risty.

「Captain Risty is too erotic and cute, it became like this」

Saying that, Risty’s glance returned to Yuuto’s penis. Then, she looked down bashfully. However, her cheeks loosened a little.


  1. Sono
  2. Are da
  3. No, anal isn’t ordinary