Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Captain-sama loves ass (4)

「Look, Captain. Face the camera properly」

The sound of the video app echoed in the workshop, Risty’s body leaped.
Confirming that the brown skin is reflected on the screen, Yuuto’s chest jumped.

「Y-You took it already?」

What’s there is Risty’s body that trembles while standing.

「Yes. I took it. Pleas do it just like I said a while ago」

*Niko*, Yuuto smiled at Risty. To that smile, Risty’s breathing became rough.

She’s going to be broken right now, Risty understood that. However, thinking about it, Risty is stuck with a hopeless arousal.

「It’s the captain of the kingdom’s imperial knights, R-risty Owen」

The moment she said her name, Risty’s legs trembled. Risty’s feet is calm even though she’s surrounded by a hundred demons, it’s now trembling like a newborn fawn.

「It’s nice, Captain. It’s cute. Look, why don’t you say why you’re nude」

Her nipples are standing. Her lower bush isn’t covered. Risty shows everything on the lens.
*Haa haa*, while seizing her rough breath, Risty bends her leg just like Yuuto said.

「R-right now, master is going t-to violate my anus. I begged for it. T-this is uhm, the fourth in the hero ranking’s a-anus anuspussy」

Saying that, Risty turned around. Just like that, she push out her ass and widened it with both her hands.
*Kupaa*, Risty’s anus reflected on the screen.

( Ah, aa. It’s being taken. My ass. It opens so much. My own subordinate. I even said my name)

Risty’s head is already in light panic. However, with the helpless pulse moving, the unknown excitement rules over Risty’s body.

「I masturbated too much that it became so sloppy. L-Look. How’s it? It opens so much」

*Furi Furi*, shaking her ass, Risty began to insert a finger on her anus.
Yuuto doesn’t talk, he urged Risty to continue.

*Guchi Guchi*, a lewd sound echoed, Risty began to pant in front of the camera.

「N, fuu. L-Like this, my finger, every night. I pick it every night. Oooooooo」

Putting in and out her four fingers in her anus, Risty’s body is shaking and she’s bandy legged. Her appearance with love nectar dripping, she’s no longer the fourth of the hero ranking anymore.

「If you ask properly, a penis will be inside it」

Yuuto grinned widely. To that signal, Risty swallowed her saliva.
After a moment of silence, Risty opens her mouth as if saying something.

「T-Trishulia’s royal knight, the imperial guard captain, Risty Owen. T-the hero ranking fourth’s virgin anus. P-please take it」

She expands her anus with both her hands, it’s twitching in expectation, wishing for an unknown pleasure.
◆  ◆  ◆
An outrageous pleasure attacked her.

「O, Ooo. I-It’s entering…」

Rubbing the mucous membrane of her anus, another person’s existence is entering her body.
It’s different from a dildo. It’s pulsing blood. With a hot body temperature, that’s the symbol of a man.

「It’s entering. A man’s, inside me」

The dildo has a stronger stimulation. But, feeling the skin of Yuuto from her back, his sigh can be felt in her ears, it’s a strange existence unknown to her.

「I’m going to move」
「Eh? Wa-waitoooooooo」

*Zuriyuri*, Yuuto’s penis is pulled out.

「Oh, oh, oguoooooo」

Unable to endure, her voice leaked out. *kusuri*, Yuuto can be heard laughing, she became desperate and suppressed her voice.

「N, Fuu. Oho, no」

But, she can’t bear it. A short lovely voice was leaked from the edge of her mouth.
Despite that, it’s her first time. Thinking that, for some unknown reason, tears had come out.

「W-what’s wrong? Did it hurt?」
「It’s not, that’s not it. Continue. I’m, fine」

Surprised, Yuuto said in panic. She hadn’t shed tears in front of other people for just how many years already.
‘I’m too glad to pile up skin with a man that I cried’, she’ll never say that.

It’s cool!
I’m yearning for you!
As expected, I’m no match against Captain.

Even a man can’t win against her?

「Fugu, fugu」

Why am I crying? Threatened, violated. It should be disgrace and nothing else.


*Biku Biku*, Yuuto answered with his penis throbbing. The voice seems to be in pain. ‘What’s wrong?’, she got a bit worried.

「I. My body. Does it feel good?」

Scary. She’s scared to hear it. But, she has to hear it. She feels that nobody would answer that for her whole life.

Yuuto’s hand turn ahead. Yuuto’s lips touched my ears a little.

「It feels good. Captain Risty’s ass. It’s terrific. With such a cute person like Captain, for me to do this things. It’s like a dream」

*Kyuu*, her nipples is pinched. Hearing the words and the stimulation, I raised a lewd voice.

「Nhaa. Ah, Ah, I-Is that true? Aaah」

I’m glad. The inside of my body trembles.
A man younger than me, my own subordinate. There must be a girl he likes. That sort of man, accepted a secret I can’t tell anyone, and put it in.

Shameful, regretful, it was set aside.
That’s why, from my back. When I noticed, I no longer know what the hole is for.

「Nevertheless, it’s an erotic anus. Do you turn it over by yourself?」
「Uu, don’t say it. Because, because」

After subjugating a demon, after meeting the princess, when I get aroused, I comfort myself alone.
Thee years had past, it turned to a lewd that I can’t show it to a man, still, I didn’t stop using it.

「Aaah, please use it. My anus, please do as you will so」

I shake my waist. I shouldn’t be the only one feeling good. He has to like it too.

「Uu. C-captain. It’s going to come out if you do that much」
「L-let it out. oooooooo. Inside my anus, release as much as you like」

Yuuto’s limit is close. I, I’m going to make him cum.
It’s a bit regrettable that I won’t become pregnant, but that’s fine. It’s possible to let it out without reserve.

「Captain Risty, you’re really cute」
「Noo, oooo. Zuri Zuri Suru. My anus is hot」

I was patted. My head. Unbelievable. He said that I’m cute.

「I’m sorry. I’m about to」
「A, afu. Y-You can let it out. Lots. Release lots」

Yuuto swells up inside. It was for the first time, but it was expected.

「Uu. C-captain. Cumming」
「Hyaa! Ah, no way. It’s coming out. O, Ooooo. It’s flowing」

*Byuru Byuru*, the man’s semen is flowing in my anus.
The moment I understood it, something in my head broke.

「Oh, Noo. Cummiiiiiiiiiiiig」

My voice leaked out. It’s been the first time I felt so ho , I raised a shameful voice as I climax.
◆  ◆  ◆
「How was it?」

Embarrassed, Yuuto scratched his cheek.
Actually, I’m so glad that I want to make a guts pose1. At any rate, even though it’s anal, it’s his first sexual interaction in his life. A different sense of accomplishment warms up Yuuto’s chest.

「…I-I’m glad」

However, he can’t loosen his face here. Risty’s face bashfully dyed red as she looked down, Yuuto’s pulse sounded.
Yuuto is realizing Risty’s ability by touching her skin. 2 It’s unimaginable for that Risty to be that lovable, Yuuto stared at the ground asking what happened.

「Yuuto, uhm. You like Asuka right?」

Suddenly, Risty’s mouth opened. Yuuto turned to Risty in surprise to her words.

「Err, Let’s see」
「You don’t need to deceive me. I know just by looking. When you did it with me, you’re thinking of Asuka right?」

Risty asked indifferently, Yuuto gulped down his throat. Certainly, he was thinking of Risty, but midway, a face of a girl flutter in his heart.

It might be an impolite action to do but, Yuuto bowed his head to Risty. However, that action was stopped by Risty’s smile.

「It’s fine. Don’t apologize. I was glad. …I was really glad」

*Gyuu*, The nude Risty clings to Yuuto. Yuuto unable to follow the development moved his mouth *Paku Paku*3 He did nothing but threaten and violate Risty.

「Captain Risty?」

Looking down, he saw Risty’s face buried in his chest. Her smoth blonde hair pleasantly tickles.

「…I’m Yuuto’s property, aren’t I?」

Risty muttered to herself. Certainly, I think I said such a thing.
Risty looked up and looked at Yuuto with moistened eyes. That adorable look, Yuuto was unable to hide his heartbeat.

「I’m okay being spare from Asuka. I want a love time with Yuuto. My body, please use it as you like. I-I don’t mind being your toy」

Risty saying that, she surrenders to Yuuto while suppressing her rough breath.
Yuuto’s thought can’t catch up to her sudden proposal. Why did this happen? He doesn’t understand.

‘For the time being, let’s pat her’, Yuuto puts his palm on Risty’s head. She closed her eyes gladly, Risty embraced Yuuto with a figure of her birth.


  1. Triumphant pose assumed by an athlete
  2.  YuutoはRistyの実力を肌で触れている。
  3. Flapping open and closed