Asuka of the scarlet sky Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Treasury from the other world (2)

「Uooooo! Amazing! Just one hit! One Punch1!!」

Yuuto was thrilled when he saw the place where the dragon was erased by the light.
The dragon that seems to be so strong disappeared without a trace with only a single punch2

「T-This is a different world! This is my power! A-Amazing. I-I’m glad I died」

*Jiiiin* A hot fire burns in Yuuto’s eye.
For the first time, Yuuto never felt any regrets from his former world.

Boring boring boring. It was really boring so it can’t be helped.

Then, what about this world? A power dwells in his hand.
He’s uneasy. His head hadn’t caught up yet.

However, Yuuto’s body is uplifted and dominated with joy.

「Kuku, Hahaha. My first enemy wasn’t even able to respond. Giving me a small fry for a tutorial, God is unexpectedly overprotective!」

It’s too interesting that he can’t stop laughing, Yuuto smiled from the bottom of his heart. When was it since he laughed this much.

「…Y-you. W-who are you…?」

A voice sounded from the back of the carried away Yuuto. Therefore, Yuuto looked at his back for the first time.


Their eyes met.

A crimson pupil that seems to be burning. Then at the same time, fiery red ponytail.
Yuuto’s line of sight was sucked by the color of the white skin.

Time around Yuuto stops and only throbbing can be heard by his brain. Yuuto kept staring at the girl in front of him unknowing of the reason.

「Oooi! Swordsman-sama liiiiiiiveeed!!」
「The dragon, the dragon disappeared!! You did it!」

Yuuto tried to mutter something, but before that. Voices wrapped the surroundings.
◆  ◆  ◆
「Swordsman-sama. As expected from you. I believed in you」
「The village will be at peace with this. How can we thank you」
「By the way swordsman-sama, who’s this guy here?」

At the foot of the mountain where the inferno dragon vanished, Asuka was surrounded by the villagers.
Given thanks, the villagers cry while praising her, Asuka shook her head in panic.

「W-wait a moment. Y-you’re wrong」

Glance, Asuka looked at her back.
One young man. The man with a strange clothes keep staring at her since earlier.

It’s him. It was him who destroyed the dragon.

「Weー, waiー. Listen to me!」

However, Asuka’s voice didn’t reach the ears of the villagers who were rejoicing. Words after another, Asuka’s voice was kept away from the villagers.

She can’t speak. It wasn’t me, but him.
Thinking that, Asuka breathed deeply.

Listen to me!! The moment when Asuka was about to raise her voiceー.

「Iyaa, as expected from the swordsman-sama! It was a stunning blow」

That young man raised his voice.


The young man smiled and laughed, Asuka turned around startled.

「Ooo. Are you a disciple of swordsman-sama!?」
「I wasn’t in the village at the beginning」
「Well, your master is the best. Please, by all means please participate on the feast tonight as thanks」

Being called with such a voice, the young man continued to stare at Askua while grinning.
◆  ◆  ◆
「…What is your intention?」

The night feast was over. In the room prepared by the villagers, Yuuto was alone with Asuka.

*Glance*, Asuka cautious gaze pierced Yuuto.

「On the feast, all of the credit was given to me. That’s right, rather than that, an inferno dragon, in a single blow. …You, just what are you?」

Yuuto gazed fleetingly on the Asuka who’s making a distance.

Her height, is around the later half of 150. A red ponytail that extends to her waist, I shook as if she’s a display of my imagination.

Beautiful looks. Yuuto thought to call this child a bishoujo3 A fantasy look that can’t be seen in Japan.

Her body looks delicate, though it’s hidden in an armor, she’s swelling with femininity enough. To the white skin of Askua’s legs appearing for an instant, Yuuto spoke from his chest in surprise.

「…I see, that dragon. It’s strong to some degree」

To Yuuto’s murmur to himself, Asuka jumped in surprise. Asuka’s eyes is filled with shock that she wants to say ‘It’s a joke right?’

「No, You see. I don’t like to stand out. You have to exert effort if you stand out right?」

Yuuto gazes at Asuka slowly. While hiding the beating that gets faster, Yuuto smoothened out the cold expression.

「Y-You. Just what are you? …J-just because you don’t want to stand out, you pretended that I’m the one who defeated it?」

Asuka questioned Yuuto with doubt in her eyes. Yuuto laughed and confirmed it.

「That’s right. You’re the one who knocked down the dragon」

Asuka was drawn in Yuuto’s expression.
Asuka is perplexed inside, along with fear, then she feels a little excitement.

「A-are you really sure? S-saying that I’m the one who beat it?」

Asuka glanced on the top of the table in the room.
On top of it are the reward given by the villagers for the subjugation. An amount of money where you won’t have no problem to live for a year.

She wasn’t going to accept it. Asuka intended to pass it to Yuuto.
She just looked at it unintentionally.
The moment Yuuto laughed, suddenly, Asuka was attracted by the sight of gold coins momentarily.
「Fuun. Though I defeated it, I don’t intend to gain rewards」
Are you really sure? Asuka’s body jumped.

「Y-You’re wrong!? That’s not what!!」

Asuka looked at Yuuto in panic.
While holding down her heart that’s about to explode, Yuuto kept talking to Asuka in an indifferent voice.

「Do you want to monopolize the rewards and exploits? You’re cute, yet you’re quite a selfish person」
「You’re wrong! That’s not my intention! I-I intend to give it to you since the beginning!!」

In Asuka’s cry, Yuuto stood up. He was steadily walking on the table on the side of Asuka.

「That’s not what you mean right? Handing it over or not handing it over. …I did seat on the feast but did you hear me wanting a reward」

Yuuto’s eyes blocked Asuka’s voice.
*Doku Doku* Asuka felt her heart beating faster.

「You deceived the villagers, and that doesn’t change the fact that you got gold for that」
「Tha!?…T-that’s not…」

Asuka’s face is distorted in despair.
While seeing that expression, Yuuto laughed in his mind.

He noticed it from the beginning. Asuka had refused the reward in the feast. She kept declining while glancing at Yuuto.
All the gold coins were from the villager’s goodwill. And a certain push is her reason.

「I-I. Realy don’t have such intention…」

With tears filling Asuka’s eye, Yuuto felt a strange feeling running through his back.

I’m really glad I died!!

On this day, Kashiwagi Yuuto decided.

「Fufu, I’m just joking. Let’s divide the reward in half. Let’s not waste the goodwill of the villagers.」

To Yuuto’s voice, Asuka was wrapped in relief.

「In exchange, you don’t mind doing me a favor right?」

Her eyes was stained with unease again, Yuuto walked briskly.
Asuka’s body trembled to Yuuto that’s in front of her.


However, Yuuto took the next action and made Asuka get startled most on this day.

Kneeled. A simple, clear sign of loyalty.
Yuuto took the hand of the perplexed Asuka gently.

「My name is Kashiwagi Yuuto . I’m your treasury from now on. I’ll be your sword, your shield, your spear, I take vow right here.」
That’s what Kashiwagi Yuuto determined for the first time in his life, he made an oath.

This day, It is the one encounter where a miracle was obtained to change the world that no one knows at this time


  1. No, it’s one hit
  2. I’m telling you, it’s not, It’s ‘hit’
  3. Beautiful girl