Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Captain-sama loves ass (5)

「Let’s move there, Asuka-sama!」

Yuuto’s voice sounds in the deep forest. While the『16 Floating war maidens』weave it’s way between trees, they’re chasing a huge shadow jumping out from the dense forest.

「Leave it to me!」

At the same time the shadow jumped out, Asuka showed up from the shade in the mountain. The huge shadow was struck by surprise, he stood the thorns on his back to defend his body.

Hedgehog1 That said, it’s too big.
I guess it’s around 20 meters. It’s already rivalling the size of an office building, its huge round body tramples the trees around.

It’s like a needle dumpling. However, the size is abnormal. The villagers were smashed to pieces when it rolled it’s body, it protects it body with needles harder than iron.

It’s an A rank subjugation quest Normally, it would take two digits of heroes to subjutate it.


With her invincible armor, Asuka bisected it with a flash.
◆  ◆  ◆
「Iyaa. As expected. Even my 『16 Floating war maidens』was useless」

In the village, Yuuto moved his mouth while biting the flesh.
After enlisting to the Kingdom’s Knights, they are forbidden to accept reward from subjugation for the nation. They don’t mind accepting meat and bones, Yuuto and Asuka walks their way home with meat on one of their hand.

「You’re right. There’s even some resistance against my scarlet sword」

With her emotions boiling, Asuka recalls the feeling earlier as she open her palm.
It should’ve had a feedback like cutting tofu with kitchen knife. Asuka’s scarlet sword felt some mass. It had a resistance suitable for a stubborn person.

「Is his defensive power at S rank? My 16 floating war maidens can’t even cut the needles. Surely, I aimed at the stomach, huh?」

Yuuto turned back to the forest in curiosity. He can’t help but think that this place is being frequented by strong monsters recently. They’re proud on their demon race defense there, but it can’t be seen much.

Thinking that it’s not necessary to make a treasure tool, Yuuto’s eyebrows frowned to the center. However, Right now, Asuka uses Yuuto’s scarlet sword freely but she has no ability.
For some reason, he thought that making a treasure tool for Asuka might be nice. The Scarlet Sky arms suits Asuka well, it’s his first work, but it is Yuuto’s best masterpiece.

‘Why?’, Yuuto didn’t understand the meaning and tilted his head

「By the way, recently you’ve been awfully enthusiastic aren’t you? What happened?」

Yuuto looked pondering, this time, it’s Asuka that has a mysterious look. Anyway the request this time is a direct request from the royal family, at any rate, Yuuto took the duty energetically.
The 908th place in the hero ranking rose up to 802th. With the reward points from this subjugation quest he would enter the 700th.

Although the duty was troublesome, Asuka’s gaze looks at Yuuto as she’s asking what kind of change of mind he had. Yuuto says it’s nothing while biting the meat.

「Yeah. Since Captain Risty told me to raise my Hero rank. Also, I want to test my treasure tools in actual combat」

The day after the first Anal intercourse with Risty, Yuuto went to the castle almost everyday an took various lessons from Risty.
Battle was obvious, history of this world and knowledge about magic, on top of that, methods to evade the tax and good restaurants in the capital, each and everything was taught by Risty kindly.

Naturally, Risty’s anus is also satisfied, but Yuuto’s felt something filling him more than lust.
At least, he turned to an adult who minds himself for the first time.

「Captain Risty is a nice person.2 She taught me various things. She treated me with sake the other day. In fact, that was my first time drinking Sake」
「Eh, eeeh. Is that so?」

Asuka is surprised on the inside as Yuuto laughed cheerfully. Trying not to let Yuuto notice, Asuka let out a dry answer.

「They praise me on my knowledge on math and physics. Iyaa, it was the first time that I thought that I’m glad that I studied at school. Ah, Captain Risty too is the type of hero that began at school…」

Surprised that Yuuto is getting talkatice, Asuka was puzzled on the smile of Yuuto she had never seen before. However, the smiling Yuuto didn’t tell everything, the words had no content.
◆  ◆  ◆
In the room of Asuka’s mansion, a deep breathing can be heard. Breathing in slowly, Asuka watched the object in front of her.

A handmade sandbag. Looking unrefined and clumsy, it is Asuka’s favorite training apparatus. Aiming in the center of the sandbag, Asuka thrust out her fist to her limits.

「Yuuto no Ahoooooooooooo!」3

*Dozun*, A heavy blow landed on the waist of the sandbag slowly. On the impact, the sandbag was lifted softly. Before it falls, Asuka continued with a high kick.

「Aho Yuutooooooooooooooo!!!」

Her sentiment sounded with the blow, the metal fillings installed on the ceiling made a noise and fell. Asuka looked at the sandbag flying while the chain shakes as she breaths roughly.

With her body shaking, Asuka lifted the sandbag with one hand.

「W-w-w-w-w-w-what’s with him saying 『Captain RIsty, Captain Risty』! I know that much even if you don’t say it」

*Bosu Bosu*, hitting the sandbag with her left fist, Asuka recalls Yuuto’s face from the other day. Gripping her fist tighter, she surrendered herself to the impulse she doesn’t know as every time her fist sinks on the sandbag.

「Weren’t, you, keeping, on, saying Asuka-sama, Asuka-samaaaaaaaaa!!」

‘What was that!?’, Asuka made a huge backswing. Seeing that her fist had finally penetrated through the sandbag, Asuka sighted deeply.

「…Baka Yuuto」

Muttering to herself, she soaked on the sand spread on the floor.
◆  ◆  ◆
「Fuu. It was fun today too」

After eating supper on the capital with Risty, Yuuto opened the door to the mansion while rubbing his abdomen.
Since he came in this world, Yuuto was sick of the low level of meals, but that’s trivial. If you accept the payment for the heroes, there are good meals overflowing in the capital.

Though Sasha’s cooking is good, it’s good but it is domestically delicious and simple. As expected, the food in the high society is good, Yuuto licks his lips as he recall the steak he ate several hours ago.

「Captain Risty has a business tomorrow. That’s disappointing」

When they parted, Risty apologized to him. There’s a diplomatic matter with the princess, apparently, she has to accompany her. There’s no need to apologize, Yuuto raised his right hand to hide his loneliness.

Well, in the end, we did it once after that.

Remembering how Risty move her waist lewdly, Yuuto’s groin swelled. They completely got attached to each other, they do it everyday for the past several days.
At any rate, it’s a strange relationship and Yuuto is laughing as he walks in the hallway of the mansion.

「…N? It’s awfully quiet」

Suddenly, Yuuto’s feet stopped. It it’s the usual, he should be hearing Asuka and Sasha’s voice in the living room. If not, then the shouts of Asuka’s training and the sound of Sasha cleaning.

‘What’s wrong?’, Yuuto put his face in the living room. Seeing that there’s no one in the living room, Yuuto tilted his head.
He started looking around the rooms restlessly, Yuuto noticed a certain note. He took it and Read the letter.
We went to eat a meal.
One line. If he just looked at the note, it’s just an ordinary message, however Yuuto profusely sweat on the powerful note.
She’s angry. This writing is Asuka’s. Asuka is very angry.

Realizing that fact, Yuuto grasp the note while wiping his sweat flowing profusely.
He expand his arms and looked at it over again. He doesn’t see a fault. Seeing the note, Asuka’s will 「She’s angry」was understood.


For Yuuto, he can’t analyze entirely why Asuka is angry. It’s unforeseen for Yuuto that she doesn’t like Yuuto and Risty getting along well. In fact, Asuka herself can’t grasp her own feelings.

「I, did I do something to Asuka?」

He didn’t arrive to an answer, surely he didn’t arrive at the answer of 「Because I did nothing」 Unable to understand, Yuuto fires a question mark.

By the way, Sasha might be angry as he doesn’t eat her dinner that much, but Yuuuto doesn’t also notice that.

17 years old. Yuuto is still inexperienced.
◆  ◆  ◆
Yuuto got tired from thinking and slept before he noticed, a rustling reached his ears. With the help of the small sound of the creaking on the floor, he opened his eyes from slumber.


Yuuto uttered a small cry after he opened his eyes slowly.


He raised his body unintentionally, in front of him is a girl with a red hair looking straight to his face. Although she’s glaring, Asuka’s expression seems bashful, Yuuto’s heartbeat sounded.

「You see, can we sleep together?」4

For a moment, he thought he heard by mistake, Yuuto widened his eyes and looked at Asuka. Hoever, Asuka drops her glance, Yuto opened his mouth.

「What? Showing an unusual face. …I’m going in」

Yuuto instinctively vacated the space as Asuka put her foot on the bed while turning over the sheets. Yuuto with his back to the wall, Asuka turned her back and lay down.


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  2. She also has a nice ass
  3. Stupid Yuuto
  4. Kitaaaaaaa!