Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Chapter 21

Chapter 21: The red haired girl (1)


Yuuto raised his voice on the back in front of him.
However, the voice melts in the room as there’s no reply. *Pikuri*, Asuka doesn’t move, Yuuto approached her with a confused head.

That time. *Tokun*, Asuka’s pulse reached Yuuto’s ears.


Listening carefully, he heard Asuka with a slight short in breath from her back. Then, Asuka’s heartbeat mixed with it shakes his eardrum.

Is it from shame? Is she nervous? It’s not understood. Yuuuto understands the meaning of Asuka’s actions just for a bit.


However, his doubt spread at that moment. ‘That can’t be true’, Yuuto persuaded himself.
Yuuto stopped his movement, Asuka closed her lip. Then, she made up her mind.

「Say, Yuuto. …What do you think of me?」

Hearing the words spill out, Yuuto unconsciously raised a stupid cry. Because, those were some unexpected words. Without knowing the intention of the question, Yuuto answered.

「W-what you say. Asuka-sama, is Asuka」

There’s no way he can show the inner part of his mind. Yuuto answered Asuka in his usual tone. To that answer, Asuka twitched slightly.

「…Is that so? That’s right. I’m your master right」

Asuka muttered softly as she grasp the sheets hard. Yuuto didn’t know what to return to that mutter.
Asuka tossed and turned to the flustered Yuuto. Immediately, Asuka’s burning eyes captures Yuuto.

Her beautiful face is the same as always, Yuuto turn back a few centimeters on the wall.

「You’re doing echhi with Sasha don’t you?」

Yuuto voice falsetto’s to Asuka’s question. When he looked at it, Asuka’s eyes are piercing him. Seeing that eye just now, Yuuto moved his mouth understanding Asuka’s conviction.

「Err, that. …Did you ask Sasha?」
「This idiot」

The moment he resigned to open his mouth, Asuka’s sword hand smashed Yuuto’s head. To the sudden impact, Yuuto’s eyes pooped out and he looked at Asuka.

「Sasha didn’t say anything. I saw it by chance. You, apologize to Sasha later」

Asuka got up slowly. Asuka put her hand on her waist and thrust her finger, Yuto opened his mouth in surprise.

「Err, Asuka-sama…」
「Your answer!?」

Yuuto inadvertently answered Asuka’s order. Then, she nodded in satisfaction, Asuka finally smiled.
Asuka returned to her usual expression, then sit on the bed cross-legged. ‘Heave ho’, she sat down opposite to Yuuto.

「You, do you like Sasha?」

She asked again. Yuuto shut his mouth on the serious tone of her voice. Yuuto rise up to deceive her.
Of course, he likes Sasha. He can’t hate her. But, Yuuto understands that Asuka’s question isn’t in that sense.

As a woman, do you love her? That’s what she want to ask.
Looking at the Yuuto unable to answer, Asuka’s eyes narrowed.

「You’re not serious」
「T-That’s not」

That’s not it. Yuuto tries to say it, Yuuto notices that he doesn’t have the right to say it. Whether he told Asuka the truth or not, she clenched her fist.
Asuka doesn’t know but it’s also the same for Risty. Yuuto chewed his molar as he’s living indecisively.

Seeing Yuuto’s sorrowful face surprised her, Asuka peeped at the window. After seeing the two moon shining in the night sky, Asuka returned to Yuuto.

「Isn’t that fine?」

Hearing Asuka speak with a smile, Yuuto unintentionally spoke. Staring at that Yuuto happily, Asuka smiled.

「Under the same roof, living with a young maid? That happens. Sasha doesn’t look like she hates it, she didn’t say anything to me either. As for you, it’s not that you didn’t think about it」

Just a bit of pain can be seen at Asuka’s face, Yuuto put effort to speak. However, after knowing Asuka’s aim, Yuuto can’t open his mouth.

If she won’t say anything, why did Asuka come here? That doubt recur in Yuuto’s chest.

However, the next moment, Yuuto’s heart leaped. Asuka’s speech continued when she saw the opportunity.

「Do you not want to that with me?」

Bashfully, Asuka blushed after speaking, time stops for Yuuto.


He finally was able to squeeze a word. Her words were too summarized, Asuka was able to return to her senses and her ears dyed red.

「Tte, uwa! W-what am I doing!? That’s right! Even if you do that with me, yyou won’t be happy right?」

She herself was surprised to the words she said. *Bun Bun*, wiping with her hand, she appeals to forget it.
Asuka was trying to stand up in hurry, Yuuto replied unconsciously.

「I’ll be glad」

*Pitari*, Asuka stopped moving. Opening her eyes, Asuka confirmed her heartbeat. *Doku Doku*, hearing her pulse jump, Asuka turned her gaze to Yuuto once again.

Seeing that glance, Yuuto also caught up with his words
However, Yuuto speaks.

「I’ll be glad. If I can do that with Asuka-sama」

This time, he said it consciously. They don’t know which pulse is greater, each other’s pulse sounds in the room.

Asuka’s face dyed red. Yuuto watched the reflection of himself inside the pupil of her burning eyes in curiousity.

「W-what should I do?」

The dry throat rung, Asuka asked trembling.
While foolishly looking at each other, Asuka and Yuuto hears each other’s pulse.
◆  ◆  ◆
「D-don’t stare too much」

*Gyuu*, Asuka embraces her pajama firmly, Yuuto looked at him in blank surprise.
White shoulder. White waist. White leg. Asuka’s white skin, for some reason she’s sitting in front of him.

「…What? I-Is there something strange?」

Asuka looked at her own body anxiously due to Yuuto’s gaze. It’s not the first time he saw it, somehow she feels strange when her skin is being stared at.

「No, it’s beautiful. Very much」
「ーーー!? G-geez. You always!?」

Asuka blushed on Yuuto’s mutter. She made up her mind and threw her pajama in the corner.
He peeped at Asuka’s chest earlier, Yuuto swallowed his saliva. He’s too thirsty but he can’t swallow it well.

Asuka is nude in front of him. Yuuto can’t swallow his saliva in the current situation.

He saw naked last time. She even took an obscene pose.
However, this time it’s different. It was different from the other day.

「…Then, what should I do?」

Trying to hide her embarrassment, Asuka asked. However, her face is red as if expecting something.

Asuka right now is naked in order to do it.

Realizing that fact, Yuuto’s consciousness almost flew out. Is this the real life?1 He pinched his cheek.

‘I have to say something’ Before this magical time ends.

「T-then. This, can you lick it?」2

*Zui*, Yuuto pushed out his own crotch. Surely, he can’t just tell her suddenly to put it in. Also, if it’s like this, it would be possible to endure as he’s accustomed to Sasha.

「O-okay. I-It’s okay if I just lick it right?」

Asuka brought her face close and looked on the pitching tent in the trunks earnestly. Naturally, Asuka knows that it can’t be licked if it’s not taken out.

「Err. L-Like this? Hey, Uwa!?」

*Rustling*, Asuka found Yuuto’s double inside his trunks. Yuuto moves his body to the ticklish stimulation, Asuka raised a voice as Yuuto’s penis jumped out.

Seeing it completely erect, Asuka opened and closed her mouth.

「What’s wrong?」
「I-It’s nothing! I-I’m just a bit surprised!」

Yuuto tilted his head to Asuka’s expression. Shouting that it’s nothing, Asuka confirmed Yuuto’s superb article once again.

It’s different from seeing it afar. Yuuto’s thing isn’t too big but, seeing it for the first time is shocking for Asuka.

「Somehow, it looks like a low-grade demon. It looks creepy」
「Asuka-sama is really merciless. As one would expect, you hurt me」

Yuuto smiles wryly on the frowning Asuka. Even Yuuto is embarrassed to show his thing. Saying that it’s like a low-grade demon, it doesn’t feel nice.

Asuka looked at his penis embarrassingly as Yuuto muttered.

「Waa. It moved! Pink. Yuuto, it moved!?」3

Asuka watches it, Yuuto’s penis jumped unintentionall;y, Asuka’s surprised eyes turned to Yuuto. And, Yuuto looked the other way bashfully.

「That’s, it moves. Asuka-sama’s face is so close after all」
「Fu, fuun. I see, it’s my fault」

While laughing delightfully, Asuka frequently gazes at Yuuto’s double. Yuuto gradually becomes ashamed but since Asuka looks happy, he can’t say anything.

「Somehow, I think it looks cute」
「I-Is that so?」

Yuuto is perplexed as he doesn’t know how to respond to that. However, it’s better than being called creepy.

「This, if I lick this, will Yuuto be delighted?」

Asuka asks across the penis while tilting her head. Holding down his breath from the scene, Yuuto nodded.

「T-that’s, well. I’ll be glad but」

It’s obvious that I’ll be glad. Or rather, just having Asuka’s face close to it almost makes his heart explode. Asuka’s red hair sways ahead, Yuuto can only reach for it.

「T-Then. …Ei」

*Chirori*, the tip of Asuka’s tongue touches the penis. Asuka’s glance confirms that Yuuto’s eyes upturned, Yuuto’s superb article becomes even harder.


Raising a voice involuntarily, Yuuto’s face dyed red. Asuka heard the muffled voice, her cheeks blushed even more than Yuuto.

(It got hard. W-what should I do? It got big. Yuuto raised a voice)

Though she’s panicking, Asuka is holding Yuuto’s penis with her fingers. Timidly, pulling out her finger, Asuka licked the point.

It’s an awkward tongue technique, Yuuto’s penis is wet on the tip. Something oozing out on the tip, Asuka opened her eyes in surprise.
However, since it’s the proof that Yuuto’s getting aroused, she carefully licked it with her tongue.

「Rero. …Fuu, Hamu」

Using her lips, Asuka recalls Sasha’s movement. Recalling the movement of Sasha’s mouth for only several seconds, her interior heats up.

「You like it held in the mouth, right?」

Yuuto asks back and at the same time, Asuka put Yuuto’s penis in her mouth while waiting for the answer. To the sudden stimulation, Yuuto let out his voice once again.

「A-asuka-sama. Uu」
「Chubu. …Nmu, Hamu」

While holding it in her mouth, Asuka desperately licks Yuuto’s penis. *ReroRero*, Yuuto’s double’s back and surface is being licked,
Asuka scratched the hair obstructing her with her right hand.

「Juunbu. …Pua. Ah, how was it? Does it feel good?」

Asuka knows that it’s clumsy. Still, she wants him to say something, Asuka looked up to Yuuto’s face.
Just like a puppy wanting to be praised, Yuuto’s chest jumped out.

「Well, that’s. …It feels good」

Yuutoi’s face turned red, Asuka expressed a smile.


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