Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Chapter 22

Chapter 22: The red haired girl (2)

「S-So embarrassing」

Asuka feels embarrassed due to the points on her chest.
The tip points out firmly. The nipple is emphasized by the metallic ring, Asuka shamefully presented herself in front of Yuuto.

「You’re cute, Asuka-sama. This stands hard」

Though he’s excited, Yuuto puts on a face. He can’t panic here. Seeing Asuka feeling uneasy on her first time, Yuuto took a small breath.

「Is it the ring’s fault? Didn’t this one grow for a bit? Your long nipples are lewd and cute」
「Uu. Don’t say it. It got hard on it’s own」

Asuka hides her shy face, Yuuto moved slightly and traced the chest in front of him with his finger. It’s projecting from the ring, it’s really a state of the art part.

「Ah, Nuu. Fuu」

Asuka’s body trembled slightly. Yuuto surprised to see Asuka, Asuka hid her teary face with her arm

「Because, I put the ring on everyday. I-It became sensitive. U, Uu」

Asuka’s body dyed in shame, that shows Asuka’s current state. Yuuto wants to test and released the two rings.

「Ah, ring」
「It’s fine. I’ll return it later」

Yuuto smiled on the anxious Asuka. Asuka now is a type of person that would feel uneasy if she doesn’t have the ring. However, when the ring is removed and she was completely exposed, Asuka’s face dyed red again.

「Uwa. It really turned lewd」
「I told you not to say it. Geez, baka」

*Bin*, her nipples are erect. Both of her nipples are still erect even if the ring was gone, Asuka shook her head.

It’s clearly longer than when the ring is on. It might even reach 2cm, Yuto picks Asuka’s long nipples with his finger.


That moment, Asuka’s waist loosened. Asuka shed tears in embarrassment.

「Uu. You can’t Yuuto. My nipples are no good. Please.」

Asuka twists her body in shame, Yuuto’s heart made a noise like it’s exploding. His male instincts makes him want to touch even if she said that but tears are flowing in Asuka’s cheeks, Yuuto kept his hand away from her chest.

「Uwa. Nucho Nucho」1

Suddenly, Asuka’s secret place was stroked with one finger. Asuka leaked out her voice and Yuuto was surprised at the feeling too.

It was wet between Asuka’s legs and it’s starting to drip.

「Uhm, Asuka-sama. You’re wet…」
「Don’t say it, baka. It’s your fault for touching my nipples」

Asuka hid her face with her hand once again However her tone had expectation in it. Hearing that, Yuuto swallowed his saliva.

*Tsupuri*, he put his index finger in Asuka.

「Ah, nu」

Asuka sensed something entering. However, saying that he can’t do that, Asuka shook her head.

「St-Yuuto. Your finger, no」

Her voice gets hoarse, Yuuto came to his senses. The meaning of Asuka’s ‘no’. Even Yuuto was able to understand.

She’s afraid of something put inside. In shortーー.

「Asuka-sama, this is your first time?」

He thinks that it’s rude, still, he asked her. Asuka nooded lightly to Asuka’s question.

「I-Isn’t that obvious? Even seeing nude, you’re the only…」

*Gonyo Gonyo*2, the later half wasn’t heard. However, seeing Asuka’s expression, Yuuto’s heartbeat accelerated. It’s different from arousal, something else was responsible for the heartbeat.

Yuuto separated his finger from Asuka in panic.

「S-sorry. I was certain.… haha That, it’s already late today. Let’s sleep」

Still, he can’t do anything beyond this. Thinking that, though he regrets for a bit, he apologized to Asuka while feeling relieved somewhere.
That’s enough for now. While recalling the feeling from his finger, Yuuto scratch his cheek to deceive her.

Asuka turned her face to Yuuto from his proposal.

「…Eh? You won’t give it to me?」

*Potsuri*, Asuka’s face dropped as if she’s going to cry. Yuuto got hard hearing her voice.
Understanding what she just said, Asuka’s face dyed red. She waved her hand perplexed.

「T-that’s no-. Forget what I said just now! I’m okay. I’m okay!」

To make him recognize it, Asuka smiled. However, Yuuto judges what Asuka desires when she came here.

「Uhm. …Does Asuka-sama like me?」

However, Yuuto asked inadvertently without thinking about it. Not a girl had confessed to him even once. Of course, if you exclude Risty’s anus, he’s still a virgin.

To the dry question of Yuuto, Asuka answered desperately.

「L-L-L-Like!? Obviously not. No, C-certainly? I’m grateful to you? I do trust you but, This and that are different things」
「Haa. Then, why me?」

Seeing the flustered Asuka, the was able to have some room in his heart. Is it thanks to Sasha and Risty? Yuuto feels calm with his current situation with Asuka.

「B-Because. That. Those things with S-Sasha. …Even I yearn for it, or rather. I-It doesn’t matter if it’s not you. …Y-You hear? Or rather. It’s my first time, or rather」

Fidgeting, Asuka looks down bashfully. Hearing Asuka’s voice, Yuuto instinctively applied his hand to his mouth.
Isn’t this already a confession? That idea crossed Yuuto’s mind.

「Ah, but. But, but, don’t misunderstand. I-It’s not like I love you or anything. W-well. I will give you my first time, please be gentle with me. Gently. In truth, love or something like that. It’s not like that」
「Ah, I-Is that so?」

However, Yuuto dropped his shoulders as Asuka continues to speak. He doesn’t understand it well, but in short Asuka wants to graduate from her virginity. She doesn’t mind if it’s not the man she loves, however, she tells that Yuuto passed, Yuuto thought positively.

If she said「I’ll give you my first time」, she might like him at least.

That’s already the same as love. Asuka and Yuuto’s head can’t catch up with the situation at all.

「I-If Asuka-sama is okay with it. That’s, I want to do it but」

Yuuto summoned up his courage. He praised himself inside his mind for being able to say this one word.
Asuka looked up to Yuuto’s delighted voice.

「I-Is that so? Then, I-It can’t be helped. I-If you want to do it, it can’t be helped. In truth, you want your master」

Asuka flops down to the bed as she’s bright red. Expectation and shame mixed in Asuka’s face, Yuuto gulped down his saliva.

「…W-what? Just staring」
「No. I-I just thought that it’s beautiful」

Asuka’s voice was jammed due to Yuuto’s words. However, it was really beautiful, Yuuto looked at Asuka’s limbs.

Fair skin. The skin that seems to be soft. Her red blush is lighted by the moon
Is this the real life3 Yuuto thought that this girl is real in this strange world, he heard Asuka’s breathing.

「I don’t understand it but. I’ll leave it to you. Y-You can put it in」
「Eh? Y-Yes」

Asuka switches his consciousness in a hurry as Asuka trembles. He opened Asuka’s trembling legs slightly.
He thought of doing foreplay, however Asuka’s heartbeat grows stronger as Yuuto watches her lower body.

He doesn’t have to put it in.4 Yuuto gradually understands the situation.

(P-putting it in. Asuka? isn’t this sex? Are we going to have sex?)

Yuuto’s mind was flustered this late. Then, he recalled an important thing.

(T-That’s right. Contraception. If I don’t use contraceptive…)

It’s different from Risty’s anus, he’s going to have sex with Asuka. He can’t afford not doing it, Yuuto put his consciousness in his right hand.
At that moment, a ring like object appears in Yuuto’s palm. Glad that he made it, Yuuto thanked his past week self.

「W-what’s that?」

Asuka looked anxious as Yuuto had taken out a treasure tool suddenly. Yuuto smiled at Asuka telling her that it’s okay.

「This is a treasure tool named condom. I’m going to install it in me. We can prevent pregnancy with this. It’s perfect so don’t worry」

Saying that, Yuuto began to install the condom in his superb article cheerfully. Since he practiced it several times already, he was able to install is smoothly.

(U, Uuun. It’s good that I did it but I still feel uneasy)

Yuuto made a trasure tool 『Unfaithful Cloth』, it’s a perfected protective gear.
Above all, it’s thinness exceeds the human perception, it feels like you didn’t put anything on. Additionally, to protect the woman’s vagina, he added a special mechanism which it oozes out the best amount of lotion.

However, the reason why Yuuto can’t calm down is because he’s still a virgin. He won’t understand if he doesn’t use it.

Yuuto stared at his crotch, Asuka moved her lips slightly.

「Contraception. …Yuuto, do you not want to make a child with me?」5

Yuuto answered Asuka’s small voice with a foolish voice. Seeing tha, Yuuto sees Asuka’s conflicted expression.

「N-No. That’s not my intention. But, I-If Asuka-sama got pregnant it would be a problem right?」
「T-T-T-That’s right! It would be a problem if I get pregnant! W-what am I saying」

Asuka began to laugh in panic, Yuuto hears his own heartbeat. Somehow, Yuuto isn’t ready to be a father yet. Asuka too, when she thought about it calmly, she agreed Yuuto’s use of the treasure tool to go further.

「T-Then. You can go in」

Bashfully, Asuka opened her legs. Inviting him, Yuuto steeled himself and approached Asuka.
・・・ ・・・ ・・・
Unfaithful Cloth

Physical Defense: A Magical Defense: D Synthesis Rarity: C
Supplement: It’s a contraceptive treasure tool Yuuto made just in case. Tentatively, it’s categorized as an armor. It’s invisible, it’s so thin that it’s you won’t realize it in your skin. As a basis, you can only see the ring. It’s a super efficient condom, no matter how intense you move it won’t be broken. To support the vagina, it has a lotion mechanism attached.


  1. “Stroke”?
  2. Mumble
  3. Is this just fantasy?
  4.  もう、入れなくては。