Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Chapter 24

Chapter 24: When the blade reaches (1)

「What’s wrong, Asuka-sama? You look serious」

Looking at the brown skin of Risty ahead while walking, Yuuto turned around to Asuka walking on his side. Asuka frowned, depressed, she opened her mouth.

「Haa. You’re really carefree. …Accompanying Captain Risty in her duty? I’m so nervous this is impossible」
「Is that so?」

Asuka showed an amazed face, ‘Fuun’, Yuuto returned his glance to Risty. Today’s atmosphere is unbelievable, Asuka watches Yuuto while biting her molar.

The reason why Asuka isn’t in her nomal condition is obvious.
This duty. Asuka holds unease as it is an A class Quest.

At any rate, in addition for Asuka being a one digit Hero rank, she’s being accompanied by RIsty in this quest. Saying that, just what kind of monster would their opponent be? Yuto was interested in it.
Guessing the signs of the two, Risty turned back smiling.

「Don’t be so nervous, Asuka. Certainly, there are still some unknown parts in this duty. But, the main reason why I accompanied you us to confirm how you and Yuuto fight」
「I and Yuuto?」

Risty nodded to Asuka’s response. With her equipment clattering, Risty picked the weed in the roadsite. The tall grass breaks off beautifully, Risty is spinning the object with her finger.

「I grasp the ability of all the members of the the imperial guards. The two of you have various things you want to hide but the royal family’s imperial guard corpse is under Trishulia Royal Family’s direct control. In case of emergency, those that aren’t strong won’t be permitted.

On contrary of her light tone, there’s a vast amount of pressure emitted from Risty’s back. The sign was enough to be transmitted to Yuuto, Asuka and Yuuto gulped down their throats.

「That means, the quest this time isn’t that hard? It’s like a test」

Yuuto opened his mouth first. If you think about what Risty said, in short, Risty is just coming to accompany in the test. Then, the quest this time isn’t that much different from their usual.
Asuka caught up, feeling relieved, she stroke her chest and sighed.

「The quest this time is demon subjugation. It already destroyed three village, three 100th rank heroes had tables turned against them when they tried to subjugate it」

Risty returned the nervousness the two had cut already. The words recited were too threatening, Asuka’s face paled.

「Those who faced it were Shaurus and Kuromie. And the sole woman of the group, Ricota. All of them are at 100ths in the ranking. The leader Shaurus is a two digit in the hero ranking, a rookie with expectations. It was said that when the combination of the three people gathered, it would be a match against a 50th rank」

Risty spoke businesslike to the end, Yuuto and Asuka’s feet stopped unconsciously. Hearing the footsteps stopped, Risty turned around and asked「What’s wrong?」

「I-Isn’t that bad?」
「Of course. The fact that it’s not killed by the first three people is the responsibility of my squad. The damage has spread as a result. Originally, heroes with two digit rank should be sent, further failure is unforgivable. Therefore, it’s your turn」

Risty turned around and Asuka opened her eyes wide. Risty’s glance pierced straight to her, Asuka washed off her own sweat. It’s flowing on Asuka’s forehead, what are you saying this late, Risty told Asuka.

「Those with alias are worshipped, it’s like that. Failure isn’t permitted for a single digit hero. A hero’s defeat is the defeat of justice itself, the innocent people would be sacrificed」

Risty spoke in an indifferent manner, Asuka’s spine froze. Yuuto secretly watched Asuka with a worried face.

「…T-that’s the request this time?」
「The strength of the enemy is unknown. However, well, don’t be so frightened. It’s not just you, I’m here too. If something happens, it would be on a national crisis level」

Risty operating naturally anywhere, Asuka’s glance wore fear. Yuuto also confirmed the faint movement of her right hand.

It’s that sort of world. They themselves jumped into a world where this is natural.

Realizing it, cold sweat oozed out of Asuka. Gripping on her scarlet sword, moisture can be clearly seen.

Among Asuka’s military exploits up until now, it includes A rank and S rank. However up until now, Asuka and Yuuto did those mission without thinking deeply.

(I-If I got defeated, the countrymen…)

It was too late when Asuka began to realize her Alias of 『Scarlet Sky』 Risty seeing Asuka began to tremble, ‘fumu’, she applied her hand to her mouth.

「Well, don’t brood over it Asuka. We put our lives on it. Then, you just have to do your best. If it was useless, then it can’t be helped」
「I-Is that the way it is?」

Asuka’s voice was uneasy from Risty’s advice. Asuka was persuaded by the natural Risty.

「Life that can’t be rescued, life that can be rescued, both are lives. I won’t tell you to not mind it. But don’t shoulder it too much.1 Rather, think lightly. It’s unnecessary to cloud over the brightness of the life you saved」

*Katcha Katcha*, Yuuto watched silently the back of the two people walking with their armor clattering. Yuuto turned his eyes to his right hand, even so, Yuuto laughed at himself.
However , this time, he grasped it strongly.

「…By the way. I want to hear something」
「Eh? Yes. What is it?」

The silence continued for several minutes, when Asuka shifted her feelings, Risty’s hushed voice reached Asuka.
While glancing at Yuuto in the back, Risty brought her face close to Asuka so Yuuto won’t be able to hear it. For a secret talk to begin suddenly, Asuka also bent her body like Risty.

「T-that. …Did you and Yuuto, ‘that’. That. …Are you going out?」

Asuka spouted unconsciously due to Risty’s unexpected question. From the back, Yuuto tilted his head wondering what they are talking.

(W-w-w-w. What are you talking about!? T-That can’t possibly be !?)
(What? It’s different?…But, you like him right?)

Asuka’s face is bright red in anger, Risty was faced with an unexpected look. Continuing her question, Asuka denied in panic.

(Y-Yuuto is just a partner, or rather, he’s just a partner in work. L-Love you say, we’re not in love!)

Asuka shook her head, Risty’s glance pierced right through her. Then, Risty mutered.

「I see. …You don’t like him」

Her face looks glad, Asuka felt an unfamiliar unease.

「Err, Captain Risty? That, Why?」
「N? No, don’t mind it. I’m just curious. There’s no deeper meaning」

*Fufufu*, Risty’s soft face laughed, Asuka felt some shock in her chest. ‘What could it be?’, unpleasant sweat runs through her back.

「Yuuto. The destination village is far. I’ll borrow a horse on the way. You, can you ride a horse?」
「Eh, is that so?…What should I do? I’ve never done it」

Without delay, Yuuto had a troubled face due to the question of Risty walking lightly next to him. It’s a required ability for the soldiers in this world but, Yuuto hadn’t rode a horse yet. He thought that he can do something with his treasure tool, it’s something that’s been on the stock for a long time.

「I see. Then it can’t be helped」

Yuuto having such an expression, Risty clapped her hands. Yuuto and Asuka looked at Risty without understanding what she meant.
◆  ◆  ◆
On the plains, the sound of the hoof of a horse echoes.

「Haha. How is it Yuuto? Your first horse!!」

That sound was mixed with Risty’s happy voice.

「Wawa. W-wait a minute captain」

Two horses are galloping smoothly in the vast plane.
Yuuto cling tightly in order to be not shook off.

「Afu. …Fufu. You can’t. Please do that after we go back」
「N-No. That’s not my intention」

While embracing her, Yuuto strikes her chest and Risty raised a small cry. Yuuto moved his hand below in panic.

「Hyan. …Really. What an unreasonable guy」
「S-sorry. No, it’s really not my intention」

Yuuto’s hand falls down too much that he strokes Risty’s stomach. Risty raised her voice and twisted her body as she felt ticklish, Yuuto inadvertently apologized.

Honestly, Yuuto’s heart is throbbing. Though Risty is on a relationship where they stack their skin but, under the daytime blue sky, it’s a different variation of embarrassment. Also, Risty’s skin is smooth as always, Yuuto blushed unconsciously in pleasure.

Fortunately his face and heartbeat doesn’t reach Risty who’s driving the horse in front.

(…What’s that?)

Behind the two people, Asuka is chasing from their rear frustrated.
*Jii*, She looked at Yuuto clinging to Risty.

(…Aren’t you sticking too much?)

Asuka puffed her cheeks.
She doesn’t understand it but she feels irritated when she looks at the two people in front of her.

(W-when did. What does this mean? …W-what is this?)

Her chest is stirred. Asuka chewed her mollar.

(We did it! He did lewd things with me! W-with Yuuto, Yuuto! I-It’s not like I’m fine in the back!)

Asuka stares ahead. Squinting her eyes, her anger is facing towards the Yuuto clinging to Risty.

(E-Even if you say you want it again, I-I’ll never give it to you again!!)

Asuka clenched the bristle so hard that it might be torn off. Kicking the horse belly, it run on the earth while shaking off her idle thoughts.


Asuka passed through them without looking back, Yuuto and Risty tilted their heads curiously.



  1. Anti-magic academy vibes here