Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Chapter 26

Chapter 26: When the blade reaches (3)


Yuuto instinctively muttered.
In an instant. That kind of word is even cheap, Risty’s movement was skillful.

Yuuto looked up the sky, the corpse was disassembled like a mysterious art, among them was the body of the demonic being that looks like a clown, it popped out and go towards all direction.
Perhaps it’s blinking.


The rank fourth in the hero ranking. Risty of『Dual Sovereignty』

Both Yuuto and Asuka looked up to the sky admiringly.
Relief exceed in the mind of the two people, they gradually spread.,
They shouldn’t have done that.
Yuuto saw.
From the angle invisible to Risty. The neck of the nekyuara expressed a eerie smile.


While Risty was staying in the air. A dark red string gushed out from the section of it’s head and it’s limbs.

To be clear, it’s a hardening magic.
Risty’s sword cut most of it. However, that red string changed to a red fog.

「Captain! 」

Asuka shouted. However, when Asuka jumped the red fog reached Risty’s mouth, it entered with a earth shattering force.


Risty instinctively held down her throat, her breathing stopped. However, with that much resistance, the nekyuara isn’t naive. The sweat gland on her skin, the mucous membrane on her eye socket, red fog invade Risty from everywhere.

(C-could this guy! There’s no way!)

*Kurari*, Risty’s thought wavered.
Not only her magic, but also an outrageous amount of life force. Risty understood the ability of the nekyuara.

《ーーIt’s body accepts what’s givenーー》1

Spinning life, then taking it. It’s a wicked sense of beauty that doesn’t have a body.
72 Pillars of the demon group, 『Artist』 Nekyuara

It’s definitely an S rank.

(We misunderstood…!?)

With her consciousness being eroded, Asuka jumped and looked at Risty. Her face looks like she’s wondering what to do, the color of confusion is stuck on her.


Before she was able to speak, a black feeling began to flow. Slowly, her consciousness crawl into corruption.
Risty’s brain. Deeper than that, on the root part. The place called soul. That place, a black sense of beauty erodes it.

《I am nekyuara. You are nekyuara2 You like to play, you will happily accept. Let’s play. Until you die. Until your body dies》

*Dokun*, Risty’s body jumped up.

The white face that laughs satisfactorily is recognized, Risty’s own consciousness is swallowed by the red fog and dark mud.

*poton*, Risty’s existence is rewritten.

《ーーThat’s right! I’m nekyuara…

The artist’s face laughs happily.


Then, it was cut.
Threat. Risty’s shout blows away the consciousness of the nekyuara.

Spirit. Consciousness. Existence. Nekyuara’s soul disappeared in the sky along with the resentment.


Risty finally landed on the ground. Asuka al;so was relieved and went next to Risty.

「Captain Risty! Are you okay!?」

Asuka approaches Risty in panic. Yuuto also walked towards Risty.


However, Yuuto and Asuka’s movement stopped.
Right hand. Risty’s right hand expands and turning. Risty’s will shouted 「Don’t come!」

Risty looked back.
Her face is calm like always.

「Sorry. I failed. This is as far as I go」

The 72 pillars of the demon group. The soul of the『Artist』Nekyuara disappeared. She was exhausted playing, there’s no more artist in the demon world anymore.

However, that dark grudge. The slow sense of beauty. The passion of hoplessness. Risty’s soul was applied with a curse.

(Sorry. …Princess)

Recalling the face of her beloved on her last moments, Risty beheaded herself.
She tried to.

Perhaps, with a variation of moment. Reluctant to part with her beloved, Risty’s blade was delayed.
Suddenly, Risty’s blade was stopped by a by a leather.


To Risty’s eyes, Asuka and Yuuto seems to shout something. Looking at the two, Risty moved her body and muster strength for the last time.

The blade digs into her neck. The blood overflowed, then Risty lost power.
The curse has finished sinking to Risty’s soul.

「Run away」

She no longer has the power to shout those words.
◆  ◆  ◆
「Captain? How are you…」

Risty stopped moving, Yuuto tried to approach her.


His steps was stopped by Asuka’s left hand. ‘What’s wrong?’, Yuuto looked at Asuka.

「Yuuto. Get ready. …Please」

Yuuto tilded his head due to Asuka’s words. Why? Didn’t just the enemy defeated right now, Yuuto’s eyes appealed to Asuka.

「What are you saying…」

Seeing Asuka’s expression, Yuuto realized. He actually had a premonition.
Slowly, Yuuto turned around to Risty.


She stood up. Grinning, Risty smiled at Asuka and Yuuto.
Smile. It’s known. Yuuto knows this smile.

(But, this isーー)

Different. It’s definitely different. Captain Risty doesn’t laugh this way. She looks fine but something is different. Yuuto stepped back from the Risty in front of him.

「Get ready Yuuto!!」

Asuka shuoted, Yuuto’s body stopped in surprise.
Clattering, he held his right hand. It’s trembling, but it’s not due to fear.

「Fufu, I’m glad. Yuuto, Asuka. I want to fight you two with all my power once」

*Koki Koki*, Risty’s neck sounded. The blood has already stopped on the wound in her neck.

「Yuuto. I got wet again. …Just like that time, let’s mix to the limit」

*Perori*, Risty licked her lips.
Guessing danger instinctively from that face, Yuuto understood too late.
Risty already became the enemy.


  1. 《ーーその身体、貰い受けますーー》
  2. No, You’re not me…..Persona!
  3. I don’t understand