Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Chapter 28

Chapter 28: When the blade reaches (5)


Yuuto concentrated all his nerves between his palm.
A treasure tool to help Risty.

He must make it.

(Material. Composition. Frame. ーーImage is a sword. Disregard Physical Strength. Magic Strength, Minimum. Concept is cutting. However, exclude cutting ability. Defining exception. Setting Except Clause. ーーMagic, enchantment, sickness, pollution…Think. Crush all the possibilities) 1

He only has one chance to cut. Yuuto doesn’t want to regret that moment as much as possible, Yuuto executed it as fast as possible.

(Rule for Exception Derivation. Exception Derivation is set. Defining cutting permission. Cuttinng condition is setーー…)

Headache reverbs on his head. His consciousness is nearly taken by the buzzing from afar.
He can’t be confused even a bit. He must not damage Risty’s soul.

Sanctuary. Yuuto’s brain fired an alarm as he willingly step on the danger. It’s the limit of his ability. Passing the compromise. Disregarding the time deferment. Various factors, Yuuto’s ability overflowed and attacked his brain cell.

Putting all of his consciousness, Yuuto absolutely devoted his all to his miraculous ability.
◆  ◆  ◆

Keeping her away from Yuuto, Asuka swing her whole body against Risty. The sword with sharpness that cuts off the atmosphere attacks Risty.

However all of it was dodged by the cool faced Risty.


Asuka in front of Risty is wavering, she noticed behind passing through. When she looked back, she already is behind at that time.

*Riiiiiin*, an unbelievably cool slashing sound echoed.

「In all, that’s the 24th combination. …It seems that it’s impossible to tear of that armor」

The double edged word doesn’t feel a response, Risty tilted her head in curiosity. Seeing that, Asuka fixed her beathing.

(I’m fine. Yuuto’s protective gear is also effective on Captain Risty. I have to devote myself on buying time until Yuuto returns)

Preparing her scarlet sword, Asuka looked at Risty. She’s certainly strong. She doesn’t feel like she’ll win. But, Asuka has no intention of losing.

(Although it’s not my power. It’s my prided defense. \ If captain can’t damage me, I only have to hit her. …It’s okay. I can do it)

In this case, she doesn’t care about her well being. Yuuto might get mad but Asuka swung her sword to Risty’s feet.

(As long as I snatch her mobility…)

Before she finished thinking about it, Risty passed right in front of Asuka again.


That moment, a shock runs through Asuka’s right chest. The tightening continues, Asuka looked back in wonder.

(Why!? Even though I’m wearing armor!?)

Asuka carefully took distance, Risty looked grinning.

「Fuumu. It should’ve pierced the armor. …Fufu, very well. It seems you have also trained your body. That invincible defense, is the reason why you’re the seventh」

Smiling like a snake coiling around her, Asuka’s spine trembled.

(I would’ve died without the ringsーー)

Her pulse got faster.
She aims at the parts not protected by the armor. Although the result was natural, Asuka isn’t a doll standing upright. Risty slips through her stance, Asuka chewed her molar.

She might die.

It’s the norm she had accepted already.

(C-calm down. Captain’s attack isn’t reaching me yetーー)

Blade. In front of her. Just like that, Risty’s blade pierces Asuka’s eyeball.

「Hou. Even the eyeball is impossible」

Asuka was taken aback from fear of Risty’s sword. Risty took distance after hitting.

(…Eye. Thank God. It’s in the effective range of the ring)

*Kyumu Kyumu*, the tip of her chest tightens, Asuka’s pulse throw up. *Doku Doku*, cold sweat spread out her glands.

(I’m fine. I’m fine. Believe. Believe in Yuuto’s treasure tool)

‘Haahaa’, Asuka’s breathing got rough, Risty stared at her. *Perori*, sticking out her tongue, ‘How should I kill her?’ is the pleasure of the predator.

「Blow and slash are both invalid. Eyeball is no exception either. …Fumu. As expected」

Now then, to do it. Risty’s eyes whisper so, Asuka retreats.

「Let’s see. For example…」

Risty’s face is warped in happiness.

(I’m fine. Get a grip, Asuka! You’re a hero!)

Then, with her face opposing, Asuka strongly grasped her scarlet sword.


「…What about twisting?」

Still, she can’t see the movement. Not knowing how many times Risty had passed through her, Asuka’s something was captured.

(Hey, Ouch! OuchOuchOuchOuchOuch!!!?)

What’s happening? Asuka turned her eyes on the location of the pain.
Left hand. The little finger that should’ve been attached to her scarlet sword is bent on a wrong direction.

(It’s breaking…Not. It’s coming off. But it hurts. It was twisted.)

It’s a natural result.
No matter what injury, the treasure tool would recognize and decide whatever that is.

Unable to move indirectly, she can’t grip her sword. If the sense of pain and sense of touch would completely fade away, the person can’t even move. If the kin isn’t dented, she can’t swing her fingers skillfully.

That is the minimum common sense for Asuka to be able to move as a person. It is outside of the scope of the treasure tool.

「I see. It seems that not all can’t pass through」

A sticky glance. Asuka raised a small scream at last.

「What about suffocation? Should I try it? Well, but…」
ーーFirst, it’s impossible to be able to swing the swordーー

‘That’s right’, Risty’s face laughed, Asuka raised a shout inside her mind.

(…Help me)

That’s of course, a shout for a certain boy.
◆  ◆  ◆
「Sorry to keep you waiting Asuka-samaaaaaa!!」

When Asuka’s mind was nearly broken, the voice echoed from the rear.


16 blades run through Asuka’s rear in high speed. Risty retreats while swinging her blade. Yuuto stared at her impressed.

「Yuutoo. Scary, it was scary」
「I’m sorry for being late」

Yuuto watches the teary eyed Asuka, Yuuto presented the black sword with one swing. Asuka received it and looked at Yuuto surprised.

「If it’s me, I won’t be able to hit Captain Risty. Please use it Asuka-sama,」
「G-got it. …Hey, your face!?」

Asuka’s eyes reflects the bloodshed eyes and nose of Yuuto. Yuuto wiped the blood with his sleeve when Asuka spoke about it.

「I’m fine. I just overdid it a little. …Is the sword usable?」
「Well, I can use it. Are you really okay? O-Or rather, what weapon is this?」

When he saw that Risty is waiting for them, Yuuto briefly explained.

「This is 『Anti-Demon-Sword』 It’s an exorcism sword that only cuts through curse and sickness. Since it doesn’t cut flesh, you can cut to your hearts content
「Amazing. If this then Captain will! Hey, what are you…」

Asuka directs her gaze to Yuuto’s attack mode. Asuka also like to evacuate Yuuto to a safe zone. Yuuto doesn’t have a defense like Asuka.

「You’ll win f you hit but seeing your hand you must be tired. I’ll stop Captain Risty’s movement somehow. Meanwhile, Asuka-sama will strike her」

Yuuto stared at Risty straight while speaking. ‘Did the talk end?’, Risty tilted her head.
Seeing that eyes of Risty, Yuuto steeled himself deeply.

「…Captain. I came to receive the continuation of the training」

Yuuto spreads his hands, Risty’s cheeks blushed. *Perori*, Risty looked at Yuuto impatiently.

「very well. Let’s do it. It’s no longer a practice. Make me feel more pleasure. Make me cum, Yuuto」

Light tingled on Yuuto’s both hands.