Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Conclusion

Yuuto stared directly at Risty.
Chasing her movement with her eyes is impossible. But, still he sharpened his senses to put RIsty in his view.

「Nn. …Very well. More than the other day」

Risty’s lovely voice reached Yuuto’s ears. Risty dance in order to keep up with the 16 blades attacking her. It was different from the last time, she pulled out her two swords.

Contrary to the hot feeling, Yuuto watched Risty with a calm head.
A blushing face. Risty falls in disorder, she dance in front of Yuuto with an expression that doesn’t seem to be fighting.

It has a new program as an improvement update learned from defeat.

(Auto defense, stop. Auto attack, fastest. Just a moment is fine, just make an opening)

Entrusting the defense on the necklace in his neck, Yuuto had the spec of 『16 Floating war maiden Rossweisse』concentrated on attack. If he don’t do that, he won’t reach her. Yuuto will risk his life with a paper thin distance.

「Independent movement. Did you obey my advise? …Nn, haa. It’s dangerous now. It nearly cut my hair. …Aah, good. I can feel it, Yuuto」

Risty’s movement moved out of the frame of the dance. Bending her body, shaking her waist. Dodging all of Yuuto’s slash as if provoking him.
She’s not serious. She’s fighting happily. Yuuto put everything on the slight chance of victory

「But, no good. Well then, no good Yuuto」

Suddenly, Risty’s face appeared in front of Yuuto. She should’ve been caged in the swords but Risty easily breaks out of it.
With her flushed face, Risty opened her mouth. Risty’s heated throat dived in Yuuto’s eyes.

「Yuuto, please put it in. Release it inside my mouth…」

Then, Risty’s sword traced Yuuto’s neck. Artery. Without hesitation, a single blow to a vital point.

*Riiin*, Yuuto jumped back from Risty while the treasure tool reacts. Risty’s dissatisfied face is in front of him. Ignoring the freezing of his spine, Yuuto put power in his right hand.

「You too. I’m already tired of that. I wait so long to have a hot drink from you」

*Perori*, Risty licks her finger. Yuuto chewed his molar as it was bewitching.

Surely this person had fought for a long time. Taming the danger inside of her, she wielded the sword lonely all the time.
For someone, for herself.

Yuuto, fixed his eyes to his meddlesome boss.

(I’ll definitely help you !!)

Thinking back, it was his first time. He himself is an adult who worries to that extent. 1
Doing anything half-assed, he was dissatisfied when it’s tedious.
It didn’t change after coming in the new world, still, a hand was extended to him.

Obtaining power, he might have looked down to the people in this world. He was conceited, still even if it comes, his nature doesn’t improve.
The one who straightened it is her. She has led me here.

(Asuka-sama! I’ll leave the rest to you!!)

Looking at the face of the girl he likes at the last moment, Yuuto faintly smiled./
Seeing Yuuto smile differently from the usual, Asuka opened her smile slightly from the back

While Asuka is shouting something, Yuuto steeled himself.
Rather than doing his best, he resolved.

「Here I come!! Captain Risty!!」

He raised his voice because he wants to see. His full power. His form reaching the limit. His adult self that he can boast.


In a moment, RIsty’s voice reached Yuuto’s ears. Then, hearing the voice the same as before, ‘It’s okay’, Yuuto thought about the future.
Yuuto strongly released the power in his right hand.

「『16 Floating war maidens』 x2!!」

The name is called out. His most relied treasure tool . That person admitted his power.


For the first time Risty showed the will to defend. Unable to evade, she moved where she intercepts those that threatens her own body.
32 blades. Even thought they’re moving independently, the after-effect of the adjustment is serious. *Tarari*, red blood is flowing out from Yuuto’s nose.

(Velocity, fastest. Supplement target. Auto aim limit release. Target Success. Supplement. Provide cooperation of I type and Ro Type. Fastest Setting. Limit Release. Disregard warnings. Release. Release, Releaseeee!!)

His eyes are bloodshot. His headache faded away. Still, it doesn’t reach the person. Another step. It’s not ability. It’s performance either. It’s not talent either.

(I, up until now, what forー

Yuuto grit his teeth. A way to make her serious. Why he hadn’t learned a littleーー.

「It’s well done, Yuuto」

She gently wraps the boy’s regret.
That smile, the boy knows it’s hers. From the encounter moment. She degraded, yet it didn’t change.

「It’s my reward. I’ll show it」

Risty put away the sheath of the sword slowly.
Then, the remaining one is held by both of her hands.

It’s a posture seen for the first time. It wasn’t needed on her fight with Asuka.

(Why both hands…?)

Yuuto watched the posture of Risty that he saw for the first time. Risty of 『Dual Sovereignty』 Isn’t that why she has two swords on her waist?

「You’re wondering? This is my original posture」

She speaks in a lecture tone. Feeling nostalgic, Yuuto inhaled as he recovered his feelings.

(One or two swords is just the same! I’m going to use all my power!!)

Unknown to fear.2 Still, he will go. He can do nothing but go. He’s inferior in everything, not a simple honesty is left.

「Are you uneasy? Then, is the second sword lowered?」

However, Yuuto saw. Before he noticed, from the sheath oh Risty’s waist, the second sword disappeared

*Zokuri*, his back trembled.

「It’s a simple story」

Behind, he felt an existence.

「It’s because my body only use one sword.」

Warning. All of the hair in Yuuto’s body stood up. Independent movement. That supplement, the speed was released. Hearing the sound of the sword clashing behind his neck, Yuuto glanced to confirm it.

「No way…」

Separated. She stopped both her feet, he was able to view the situation of battle.

It was simple despair so far, Yuuto doubted his own eyes.

「Very well Yuuto. That face」「That face make me cum」

Two people. Straightforward, Yuuto understood the spectacle in front of him.
There’s two of Risty.

「You did well. I felt good」「But it’s the end. Please let out your hot thing」

If there’s a difference, it’s the shape of the sword they hold in their hands. Only the direction of the handle can be seen in left and right.

Risty of『Dual Sovereignty』3 The Trishulia kingdom’s prided 4th rank.

Yuuto understood for the fist time the meaning of that alias.

「「I’m about to cum soon…」」

Risty laughs relaxedly, that bewitching smile didn’t hesitate and attacked Yuuto. The 32 blades withered. To that movement, Risty is surprised and stopped her voice.


The two opened their eyes wide. ‘And what about it?’, Yuuto’s eyes shouted. From the beginning, he didn’t think he can win. He didn’t think he will reach her.

Instead, Yuuto’s chest is filled with pride.

(How was I? this is Captain Risty!!)

He shouts as he face himself. He won’t say it’s boring. He can’t think to ease up.

(Asuka-sama, Captain!! Please look!!)

He felt relieved. He leave it to his back. For that person to exist, Yuuto laughed as his body feels light.


A shout from his back. He knows. He won’t apologize later. If he will apologize, he’ll bow no matter how many times.

*Bushu*, blood spouted from Yuuto’s nose. Blood overflowed from his eyes. Still, Yuuto kept looking at Risty.

*Potsuri*, the sound of something in the brain being cut.

(Who cares!!)

32 blades. It was thrown on the two Risty. Come here, faster than ever. To the blade drawing the best trajectory, Risty groaned small.

However, it was still not enough. However, it was repeatedly acknowledged.

Reach.4 Reach.4 Reach6, Reach, ReachReachReachReachーー!!7


This time, Risty eyes were really dyed in astonishment.
Shining. Both hands. A godlike ability. Given to someone with nothing, it’s a miraculous power.

It would be a lie if he said that he’s not excreting himself.

「『16 floating war maidens Rossveiss』x 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!」

Broken. Something. Is it his brain cell? or his nerve fiber? Or is it something more important?
Fall. His face looks like his consciousness is blown away. Still, Yuuto faces forward.

Seeing that face, Risty held her breath. Seeing that simile of Yuuto for the first time, Risty’s fallen heart sympathized with something,


64 blades. Exceeding his own limit. Asuka included, he’s maintaining the other treasure tool in the present boundary. Yuuto’s limit has already collapsed long ago.

「Ah, ku!! This is!?」「Ahaaha, what are you!!」

Chill runs on Risty’s back.
She doesn’t know what to do about defense. To that fact, Risty’s womb is shaken helplessly.

「Afun, nuu!!」「Good! Very well, Yuuto!!」

Still it doesn’t reach her. Still, it’s a fact that she’s enjoying.

Pulling out the 64 blades, The tip of of RIsty’s sword reaches Yuuto’s chest.
*Kun*. the tip cut Yuuto’s necklace.

「You think it won’t be discovered?」「Sadly, it’s the end, Yuuto」

Dancing, Risty wielded her sword like dancing, Yuuto still gazed at her while smiling.

The necklace flew in the air, Yuuto released without hesitation.
He thought that it’s just right. His capacity becomes one less with this.

All of the independent movement was devoted in the defense in an instant. Four times than the usual load. Yuuto still showed a smile even his nerve is screaming.

Because, surely, her smile seems to praise him.
That’s why he’s able to muster his strength. Another drop.

(…This is all of my power. Myー whole power!!)

Yuuto laughed. Risty that’s on heat doesn’t notice that it’s his usual smile.

He remembered. The time he spent with her.

「This, do you understand it somehow?」

Right hand. A shuttlecock cap appeared from there, Risty knit her eyebrows.
She doesn’t understand. She hadn’t seen that treasure tool.

It’s Yuuto’s best masterpiece. It flowed into her, a godlike power.

In short, an enormous amount of memory.

「I can still go on」

Blood seeps from Yuuto’s skin. Between his fingernails, old wounds. A fragile place makes a sound and collapses.


Then, it reached. In an instant, she was confused at that moment.

What’s there is a trace of presence that is equal to nothing, Risty swing her two swords as expected aiming at Yuuto.
She caught the 『64 floating war maiden』 with all her power.

He trusted her that she would be able to defend. If it’s her, she can exceed the treasure tool. Enough to win only with a dazzling appearance, Yuuto doesn’t go easy to the prided captain of the imperial guards.

His true purpose is to cover the second blade.

Yuuto muster his last drop. He can’t fall down. He can’t lose his consciousness.

All of it is in order to reach herー!!


Creation of the world. Another Sanctuary. A blade of one swing.
Things like limit, it goes beyond when you look back far.

A blade that tears time-space appears in Yuuto’s right had. With an electric shock, the space was connected in front of her. There’s no wasted time. The treasure tool that finished it’s duty, tattered and collapsed to the tip.

An alarm sound echoed. He can’t ignore it this time. Still, Still, he took one step forward.

(I’ll leave…the rest…to you. Asu…ka, sama…)

Disappeared. All of the treasure tool that protects Yuuto. 『Hidden clown – Hide and Seek』 Yuuto disappeared like a fantasy illusion. Then, his prided 『64 Floating war maiden』 too.

In truth, it was his last drop. Even he’s unable to strained lees8, Yuuto mustered.

Suddenly, Yuuto revealed himself. Risty is wary of his defenseless form.
It’s the first time she’s seen concentrating. The two’s consciousness was turned to Yuuto, it didn’t even take a sixtieth of a second.

They took action unconsciously. Surely, it was unexpected for her.


Hug. Yuuto entrusted his body to Risty. He’s just a boy that has no way of resisting. Risty forgot to wield the sword and stared at Yuuto.

His face looks like a child who worked hard wanting to be praisedー

Risty inadvertently embraced Yuuto to her arms.


A slight hesitation. The sword was felt to be obstructive from hugging. The two’s consciousness became one.

A black blade sprang out from the space-time gap.


An invisible door. The space was connected to the girl far away back, it was the last miracle Yuuto left.


Even so, perhaps even that would be avoided.
However, the man in her arms hindered.

In the end, Risty laughed saying ‘I give up’
The exorcism blade cut off Risty.
・・・ ・・・ ・・・
『Ruler of Heaven』『Ruler of the Day』9

Physical Cutting power: A Magical Cutting power: B+ Synthesis Rarity A+
Supplement: Risty owns it, it’s a treasure tool that originally exist in this world. It has an unusual ability of producing a clone, along with it’s sharpness and toughness.
Despite it’s a clone sword, the stricter way of sayin it is 「Duplicate」 The owner holds the image and 『Ruler of Heaven』receives it, then 『The ruler of the day』 outputs it.
A unthinkable firm image must be formed to create a duplicate, normal heroes won’t be able to produce a duplicate that can fight. You have to keep up as much as you can to maintain it’s appearance.
Risty who completely understand her own flesh that’s why she can use it, It’s a single treasure tool of the sanctuary. Originally it was Trisulia’s national treasure, it was givin to Risty along with her alias.


  1. 自分のことを、あれだけ気にかけてくれた大人は。
  2. Nor known to life
  3. The literal TL is actually Dual Headed, now I understand Why. I won’t edit my previous chaps though nor the future chaps
  4. Todoke
  5. Todoke
  6. Omoi yo todoke
  8. draff, 絞りかすですらないものを
  9. 『日出處天子』『日沒處天子』