Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Female Hero on both hands (1)

「…uu, Nnn」

Her head aches. While feeling in haze, Yuuto slowly opened his eyes.
Dark. It’s the darkness of the night. While looking around absentmindedly, Yuuto finds what appears to be the ceiling.

「You awake? Yuuto」

Yuuto’s heart moved big due to the voice.
He tries to get up in order to get away but his body screamed pain and doesn’t let him.

But, he still managed to move his line of sight ahead, Yuuto saw.

「Captain Risty…?」

Smiling gently, it’s the figure of the captain of the imperial guards that he’s proud of.
Risty nodded to Yuuto’s mutter.

「Let me give you my thanks first. Thank you」

Risty sits on a chair and stares at Yuuto’s face.
To that face, Yuuto’s eyes gradually fired up.

Golden hair. Brown skin. Then, her strict yet gentle look.
The Risty Yuuto knows is in there.

「Cap-tain. …Risu-captain」

Yuuto’s tears flowed out, Risty scratched her cheeks bashfully. Just like that, she embraced Yuuto’s body slowly.

「It’s really captain. Uu. Even the chest is flat.1 It’s captain Risty. Ugu」
「…There, there. You worked hard」

Risty’s eyebrows moved due to Yuuto’s words but it was subtle. However, seeing Yuuto sobbing, ‘Well, it’s fine’ she said while patting his back.

For a few hours, the two felt each other’s temperature motionlessly.
Yuuto somehow was able to get up while recovering, he looked at Risty’s shoulders with swollen eyes.

「…Have you settled down now?」

*PonPon*, while beating his back, Yuuto wiped using his sleeve. The same gradually attacked, Yuuto unfastened his hug with Risty.

「Yes. …Where’s this? After that, what happened? What about Asuka-sama?」

Yuuto’s memory is out when he created the space-time sword. However, since Risty is here, Asuka did it.
Not seeing Asuka’s figure, Yuuto faced Risty with an uneasy expression.

「Don’t worry. Asuka is sleeping on the floor under. She’s been nursing you all the time」

Seeing Risty point ahead, Yuuto’s chest heated up. Bandage rolled in the body. Though it was clumsy, Yuuto was able to imagine Asuka working hard.

According to Risty’s story, after Asuka returned Risty’s true nature, it seems that she entered one of the houses in the village and nursed me. Taking up someone’s time, Yuuto looked at his own miserable body.

「But, I’m glad. Captain Risty is safe」

With tears falling down, he spoke those words. Risty’s insides *Kyun*, throb due to Yuuto’s expression. Seeing Yuuto’s wounds, Risty’s face distort in sorrow.

「Sorry. I’ve been weak-minded」

Risty hanged her head, Yuuto shook his head. Risty is a splendidly played her role as a hero. Nekyuara is something that Asuka and Yuuto can’t subjugate alone. If Risty isn’t there, there’s the future of them being manipulated.

「That’s not true. It was cool. …Captain is my Hero」

Yuuto laughed. He’s glad that he’s recognized by the person in front of him, he’s glad that he can reach to the person in front of him, Yuuto laughed from the bottom of his heart.

「I-I-I-I-I-Is that so? …When Yuuto says that I feel embarrassed」

Not being used to being called like that, Risty’s brown cheek dyed red. However, having a slightly lonely look, Yuuto tilted his head as he watch Risty.

Then, ‘ah, I see’, he understood.

「It’s fine. I love you too as a woman」
「Fuee!? N-No. T-that’s」

Yuuto said “So cute’ as he gaze at the panicking Risty. Of course, he loves Asuka but Yuuto is also attracted to this captain of the imperial guards.

Unexpectedly, she’s cute in some places. Yuuto drew Risty towards himself.

「Aah. …Wai-Yuuto. S-something’s hitting me」

*Kotsun*, Yuuto’s double is being pressed against Risty’s stomach. Furthermore, it’s erect, Risty’s face dyed red, Yuuto tilted his head.

Certainly, I thought of Risty as cute. Isn’t this the so-called fatigue Mara2, Yuuto scratched his cheek.

「Ahaha. It seems that it stood up. I wonder why. It’s because Captain is being too cute」
「Wai. Don’t suddenly stroke my ass. …Fufuun」

Yuuto strokes the pulled body of Risty. The moment he stroke her ass, Risty leaked out a sweet voice.
That sigh was moist, it made Yuuto’s groin incredibly horny. As Yuuto’s double slowly harden, Risty was unable to endure her voice.

「Hyaan! It’s sticking. Yuuto, wai」
「Huh? You don’t want it?」

Yuuto hugs the struggling Risty then gently strokes her. It’s good that RIsty can’t refuse strongly because she’s worried about Yuuto, Yuuto brought his lips near Risty’s nape.

「Ah. Y-You can’t Yuuto. Such a thing, I…」

Risty’s body shook as her neck is being licked. Putting her hand to her mouth, having an appearance of suppressing her voice desperately, Yuuto’s chest roared.

「What are you afraid of?」
「Nn. B-Because. I, Yuuto」

The hand was permitted to enter the coat, Risty tries to separate with weak force. Risty’s rejection is different from usual, Yuuto squinted his eyes.

Yuuto’s hand is surrounding Risty’s body. Then, Risty was pushed down by the palm. Risty’s eyes was captured by Yuuto with a small surprise.
Before she noticed, Risty was already pushed down by Yuuto.

「Please don’t mind it. I didn’t come to hate Captain Risty by such a thing」

Yuuto’s straight eyes clogged Risty’s throat. She wants to say something but it was interrupted by Yuuto’s right hand.

「Ah, you can’t. Yuuto」

Risty’s restraint wasn’t heard, Yuuto stripped off Risty’s loincloth. Risty’s brown skin is exposed, Yuuto put is finger on the tip of the underwear. He lowered the underwear just like that, then, at that moment, Yuuto’s movement stopped suddenly.

「U, Uu. Please don’t look…」

A light spreads on the lowered underwear. It’s a string of love nectar, Yuuto fixedly stared at Risty’s face.

「What happened to this?」
「Uu. Sorry. But, that violence. I, I…」

Risty’s face is distorted in sorrow. She’s frowning apologetically, Yuuto guessed Risty’s mind.

That pleasure she felt during the battle. Even though she degraded, that was originally Risty’s frenzy.
Because she was tamed without killing, she was able to reach this heights.

Yuuto grasp his fist on the teary Risty. Yuuto has finished his resolve without even taking a second.
Slowly, Yuuto extends his palm to Risty’s head.

「Isn’t that fine? That’s not something to be embarrassed about. After all, Captain is my prided toy」
「Eh? Wa, Wait!?」

Risty’s cheeks blushed as her body is being stroked, Yuuto suddenly lifted her up. The arm muscle screamed in pain but not minding it, he lifted and opened Risty’s legs with both hands.

Having her body forcefully turned up, Risty’s legs was extended next to her head, she’s all exposed.

「Ya. What are you. …Hyaan!?」

Risty’s anus is swelling, Yuuto kissed the lip. Unable to endure, Risty raised her voice but Yuuto keeps kissing Risty’s hole just like that.

「Fuu, Uuuun. W-what are you doing?」
「What? I’m kissing Captain’s cute anus」

Yuuto answered, Risty’s face was burning. Though she tries to resist, her body can’t move well because of embarrassment and light expectation.

「It’s fine. Captain is Captain. Loves being done in the ass, yearns for the princess, feels it when she battles to death. Aren’t you fine being just a pervert? Showing off such an erotic anus is just an increase of your fetish, what are you thinking so late this game?」
「T-that’s. However…Kufuun」

It’s understood. Battle maniac. Just how much is she prepared or she has devoted her body in justice? It’s painful to keep fighting while drunk by your own desire, Yuuto finds it hard to imagine.

But if it’s for her, he can do itーー

「We’ll be playing all night long. After all, Captain is my toy」

He intends to accept it, the boy thought.


  1. Dammit Yuuto!
  2. マラ