Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Female Heroes on both hands (2)

「Nn, O, ooooooooooo」

*Piku Piku*, Risty’s leg muscle shrinks.
Turning out like a frog, as pleasure run into Risty she leaked out a silly voice.

「Loook. Zupo Zupoー Or rather, for bringing this during the duty? You’re really a pervert, captain」
「Nhi. D-don’t say strange things」

With her face dyed red in shame, Risty became desperate and bit the sheets. The anal hole is opening greedily, Yuuto’s special made dildo jumped out from there.

Yuuto fiddled with the anus in front of him, Risty shed tears in shame. Spreading her two legs, she really looks like a brown frog.

「Aaaa. It’s dripping endlessly. The anus is being dug, you really are useless」
「Oo, Oooo. T-That’sh. Ouu」
「N, It should be good」
「Noo. Ah, aaaaa…」

It’s around an hour. Taking plenty of time loosening her anus, Risty shed tears from the leaking pleasure.
She can’t show her sluttish, disarrayed expression, but hearing her pleased voice, Yuuto smiled broadly.

「Aaaaaa. Yuuto, we can’t. Not anymore. Please, I beg of you…」

While wriggling her waist, Risty finally began to beg Yuuto. Yuuto smiled, he asked expressly if she wants something.

「Well then. Since you’re already staggering, please face your ass here」

Heave-ho, Yuuto gently lowered Risty on the bed. While twitching, Risty was going to raise her waist then Yuuto extends his hand.

「W-wait. Yuuto is still recovering. Don’t overdo it」
「Eh. But…」

Risty’s weak tone is serious, Yuuto stopped raising the waist. However, even if you say that, Yuuto only knows the way to do her behind as usual.

‘What should I do?’, his body stopped his body, RIsty got up. Risty stood with her knees and knocked Yuuto down the bed.
Yuuto was secretly in panic, Risty expands her leg and straddled on him.

「I will be the one moving. Yuuto only has to feel good」

Risty opened her legs in front of Yuuto. Her delicate thighs, her crotch spread open. Her golden bush has love nectar dripping from it. Yuuto gulped down to the beautifully obscene spectacle.

「Thank you for helping me. You worked hard. …This is a reward from me

Risty’s expression looks bashful, Yuuto’s heart jumped.
A strange master-servant relationship. Getting out of that, It’s the usual Risty. However, it’s the first time he saw that smile , Yuuto’s cheeks dyed red.

Risty smiled gladly seeing Yuuto’s agitated face. She slowly sat down on top of Yuuto.
Opening it’s mouth on the tip, Yuuto leaked out a voice unconsciously.

「Nn. …N, fufu. What’s wrong? Yuuto? It’s harder than usual」

Since that day, Yuuto has always taken the lead. Though he doesn’t know the lefts and rights, he desperately smoothed it over with a masked smile. That’s because it’s no good if she’s disillusioned.

He said that he will be the owner. He can’t show awkward place.

「Hora, the point is completely in. It’s hot, it feels good」

Zuryuzuryu, Risty’s mucous membrane is stroking Yuuto’s double. Seeing the predation unfold, Yuuto’s cheek reddened.

「Ah, Kuh」
「Fufu. Good, endure it. It’s fine today. Please receive my feelings」

Risty’s movement becomes intense, the vertical movement sounded. Yuuto’s penis is swallowed intensely as Risty move systematically .

「Nn, Big. I’m glad, Yuuto, you’re feeling it from me. Haha, It’s like I’m squatting」

Risty moves up and down while tightening her hole. The anus of Risty mixed in with lotion, Yuuto barely endured raising his voice.

「Ah, ku. …C-captain Risty」

The penis has risen to the limit. Risty’s anus is being turned over by the pole completely. Risty’s womb trob as Yuuto’s expression flushed.

「N, aah. I love you Yuuto. I love you. I’m fine being next to Asuka. I won’t tell you to love me. Please feel me. I. My body, please feel me」

Risty desperately shake her waist. Being attacked and getting drunk to pleasure, RIsty endured and clenched her teeth. If it’s the usual, her whole body succumbs to the pleasure from her anus and leaves it all to Yuuto.

With her reason breaking down, Risty looked down on the boy she loves.
The body is worn out, his prided ability can’t be used right now.

It’s not necessary to thank him. However, more than that. It’s a recurring feeling that’s deeper than her feeling of gratitude inside Risty’s heart, it’s the feeling of love for the man named Kashiwagi Yuuto.

「O, Oooo. I-I love you. Yuuto, I love you. Ou, oo, oo. I love youu」

Risty’s mouth leaks out a lovely voice. She’s at loss and puzzled as she look down on the boy who’s feeling her unclean hole. Even so, it’s natural, Risty laughed.

Both of them knows it’s not serious. She’s calling her master dearly but that’s because they’re next to each other.
For that reason, she’s perhaps in disorder.

「It’s fine, because …I love the princess More than you, Yuuto…」

Hearing those words, Yuuto held his breath. She keeps moving her waist, Yuuto certainly saw the expression of the Risty with disheveled hair.

A voice slipped from Yuuto’s mouth.

「M-Me too …I love Asuka-sama. more than Captain Risty」

Risty’s smile was gentle. ‘I wonder why she’s crying?’, Yuuto looked up to the teary Risty.

‘That’s fine’, Risty smiled at Yuuto.

「I love you」
「I love you」

Having their words addressed to someone uncertain, Risty and Yuuto became one.
Risty deeply lowered her waist and at the same time, Yuuto pushes up his.

「Ah, Oooooooo. Y-Yuuto. Nuooooo」
「Nku. C-captain」

Pounding. Every time Risty’s pierced, an obscene voice leaks out an obscene voice. Her gentle expression a while ago turned into obscene, Yuuto shake his back.

「Oo, Noo. Ooo, Ou. C-cumming. Noooo」

Everytime her anus is being turned over, Risty’s mouth turns to a lewd shape. The focus and visual point isn’t fixed, but still it wandered around searching for Yuuto’s face.

The mucous membrane is rolled up, the moment it’s pulled out, Risty raises an animal voice. Her pointed nipples, her humble chest and areola is standing up firmly.

「Ogu, oooooooooooo. Cumming, Cuming. ash, I’m guming from my ash」1

Risty’s body trembled, at that moment, Risty waist is pulled down to Yuuto forcefully.
The penis pierced the interior, RIsty’s face jumped to the back.

「G-gumiiiiing. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa」

Risty clenched her fist on her chest, she grasp it tightly like a child.
Seeing that momentarily, Yuuto vigorously vomits himself to Risty.

「O, oou. G-gumming. A, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa」

Yuuto’s sperm is flowing, Risty’s vision is filled with light. The pleasure runs through her whole body, Risty is led to climax once again.

「O, Ofu? O ah. A, aaaaaaa. C-gumming. gummingagain」

She spread her legs, she threw out her tongue lewdly, Risty’s whole body is twitching as she reached climax.


Her chin faces the ceiling, both her hands are pushed out like a small animal, Yuuto’s penis got hard again.

A moment of silence. *Piku Piku*, Yuuto draw Risty’s trembling body with both of his hands.

「Captain Risty, I」
「Noo. Well, wait a moment…」

Wait. The moment Risty appealed.
It took a minute for the Risty who bear pleasure to be fully conscious.

Yuuto and Risty didn’t notice the footsteps approaching in the mean time.

Risty noticed it first, blood was drained from her face.
Risty tried to put force on her leg instantly but Yuuto pulled the pulling out waist with both his hands so she can’t escape.

Yuuto tilted his head from Risty’s actions, *Kotsun*, he pushed up his waist.

「What’s wrong? Hora, I’m moving again」
「Noooo. I-Idiot. It’s not」

Risty’s rebuke echoed emptily.
「Yuuto, Are you okay? No, it’s not that I’m worried about you. It’s not that I don’t want to nurse you. Since you worked hard, it can’t be helped, or rather. There’s no choice but me」

Asuka opens the door while making some excuses, then she entered the room.


For the first time, Yuuto heard the sound of his heart stopping.


  1. Ass, I’m cumming from my ass