Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Chapter 32

AChapter 32: Female Heroes on both hands (3)

「Eh. …Eh?」

Asuka’s mouth formed a chestnut shape. Watching her front, Asuka gazed at the pair in front of her.

「Errr, This. …Asuka-sama?」
「Wait, Asuka! T-T-T-T-T-This is!」

Yuuto is lying down in bed, Risty is straddling on top of him. Risty’s body is naked, Asuka was somehow able to guess the situation.
Yuuto’s sweating endlessly, he’s in despair, Risty’s expression carries panic.

Above all, they can’t make an excuse on the scene, the scene is spreading in front of Asuka.

「Wha. …Y-Yuuto. E-even captain」

Asuka’s body trembled. She lowered her head, the two gulped down their saliva as Asuka is shaking.
She made a fist on her right hand and Asuka raised her face. Seeing that expression, Yuuto prepared for his death.


An angry voice never before heard, the two story house trembled. Asuka is blazing with anger, Yuuto can’t do anything but open and close his mouth.
◆  ◆  ◆
「Wait! What does this mean!?」

While shouting, Asuka thrust out under the tip of Yuuto’s nose. Asuka’s eyes is burning, ‘I’m angry!’, like that, Asuka sticks out her feelings to Yuuto.

「No, Asuka-sama. Please Listen. This, you see…」
「You even did naughty things with meeeee!!」

Yuuto’s scruff is swung back and forth. The connecting part with RIsty lost balance, catching the bandage on Yuuto’s neck, his nape is being tihghtened.

「Ugu, guuuugufu. A-Asuka-ama. I can’t breath…」
「You even said that it was your firs tiiiiiimeeee!!」

Asuka tightens the bandage of Yuuto left and right. While wandering on the boundary of life and death, Yuuto asked help from Risty.

「A-Asuka. Please stop that. Yuuto will die」
「Fuee? Ah, aaaaaaaaaaa!! Yuuto, what’s wrong!?」

Who did this? Asuka is surprised at Yuuto’s pale face. When he was released from the bandage, Yuuto told that he’s okay by moving his hand.

Asuka is moved to tears apologetically, Yuuto scratched his cheek as he was punished for being bad. To be frank, it’s impossible to evade this situation. After all, Yuuto’s superb article is still inside Risty’s ass.

Seeing Risty’s waist, Asuka frowned. Risty turned her face instinctively from Asuka’s gaze.

「S-since when!?」

Leaning forward, Asuka drew closer to Risty. Asking when they had that kind of relationship, Risty looked at Asuka as if saying ‘What’s up with that?’

「I-It’s around the first day of the first month, I think」
「I was right!!1 Yuuuuuttooooooooo!」

Receiving Risty’s reply, Asuka once again raged at Yuuto. Yuuto’s brain fires a danger signal as Asuka glares sharply.

「You!! Didn’t you say that it was your first time!!! You lied to meeeeeee!!」

This time Asuka blows her consciousness to attack Yuuto. *Gueeee*, Sticking out his tongue, Yuuto makes an excuse in tears after he was released.

「Ugu, T-That, you see. That, it’s a half lie , or rather. I didn’t lie」
「What’s that!! You’re doing it with Captain Risty, wait…eh?」

Driving Yuuto’s voice into a corner, Asuka points at the union part of Risty and Yuuto. Risty said that their relation started one month ago.

However, feeling strangely uncomfortable on the part she points out, Asuka opened her mouth wide.

「…Eh? Nn? E-excuse me for a bit」

Asuka asking ‘What does this mean?’ raised Risty’s legs. Though she’s embarrassed to raise her waist, Risty obediently followed Asuka.

*Zuryuryu*, Yuuto’s penis came out from Risty’s anus.

「Hii, Hiii!!」

Asuka’s body trembled. Asuka took a step back as if seeing something fearful. With her trembling finger, Asuka pointed at Risty’s spreading anus.

「W-what are you doiiiiiing!!!!」

Asuka shouted, Yuuto and Risty looked at each other asking how they should answer it.
◆  ◆  ◆
「I can’t believe it! I can’t believe it! What are you doing!?」

Asuka hugged Yuuto while trembling. Asuka is dressed lightly so the chest hits his face, the soft feeling attacks Yuuto’s face.

「Wai, hurry up and pull out Yuuto! It’s dirty! Hurry up!」

While holding Yuuto, Asuiika turned her hostile eyes to Risty. it’s a fairly general reaction, Risty’s face is dyed in shame and a bit of anger.

「W-what do you mean by dirty! It’s being cleaned by Yuuto’s treasure tool so it’s ok!」
「Hii! P-Please don’t bring it close」

Risty took out the dildo, Asuka spoke from her throat. *Gyaagyaa*, having the two girls make a racket in front of him, Yuuto just watched them silently.

「Don’t involve Yuuto on your strange hobby !! I can’t believe it! You’re a pervert!」
「So what if I’m a pervert! Even Yuuto, he does it for my sake」

Saying that, Risty was ‘shit’, then shut her mouth. With the woman’s intuition, her intuition can guess what her silence means.
‘Just as I thought’, hearing that, Asuka stopped moving. Then, smiled as if looking down.

「Fuuun. Captain, is still a virgin?」
「Guh. What’s with that triumphant face」

Risty’s face warp in displeasure, Asuka slowly hugged Yuuto’s face again.

「Nothing. I’m not feeling triumphant though. Well I was, to Yuuto, Yuuto accepted my first time」

Fufun, Asuka behaved like a spoiled child, Risty’s temple shook. Just like that, she opened her mouth forcefully.

「Well, as for me. I did it with Yuuto multiple times. We did it daily for one month」

This time, it’s Asuka’s mouth that twitched. Having the clue, Asuka remembers the time where Yuuto returns late.

「Eh, Eeh. I see. I thought that you were late coming home. Haha, ahaaha」

Feeling the embrace getting gradually stronger, Yuuto felt his back freezing. If this continues, it’s likely possible enough for Asuka to turn her scarlet sword against Yuuto.

「Uhm, Asuka-sama. You see…」
「Can Yuuto shut up? I’m talking to the perverted anus girl right now」

With a smile, while staring at that smile, Yuuto shut his mouth after saying 「Ah, Yes」

To make sure, Asuka extends her hand to Risty. Just like that, the two people’s hands are grasping each other tightly.

「Hey, Can you remove your dirty hole from him? My, Yuuto’s penis」
「It’s not yours anyway. Yuuto’s thing is still hard inside me」

*Grinding sound*, Risty brought her face close to Asuka. It’s as Risty said, Yuuto’s lower half is still energetic right now. When weakened, the survival instinct works and it became erect. Yuuto’s body might’ve recognized that it’s the time of his death.

「Yuuto feels too good inside me that he came right away」
「Hahaha. What a coincidence. Even inside my anus, Yuuto always endure leaking out his voice」

While they do a shameful confession battle in front of him, Yuuto covered his face in shame. ‘Let’s take it out for the time being’, those were Yuuto’s thoughts, Risty’s tone looks like she has no intention to let that.

「Well , if you’re Yuuto’s lover, then I’ll back off. How’s that?」
「Wha!? W-w-w-were’ not lovers!…But」

Risty counterattacked while grinning, Asuka’s words were clogged. Yuuto’s vision is fleeting, Yuuto heart is beating and he can’t look at Asuka.
Risty began to increase the power of her hand against the indecisive Asuka.

「Fufufu. What is Yuuto to you? If you can’t make it clear, you’ll lose」
「W-what do you mean by that!? Then, what is Yuuto to Captaiun!?」

Risty knows. She’s at disadvantage, the match has been decided from the start. Still, she can’t lose in this place, Risty declared herself as if declaring her win against Asuka.

「I am Yuuto’s toy. My vow to Yuuto is that he can use me as he likes anytime」

Asuka opened her mouth wide to the boastful Risty. Then, she banged her forehead to Risty’s forehead.

「W-what the hell is thaaaaaaat!! Aren’t you just a perveeeeeeerrt!!」
「I’m fine being pervert!! Yuuto is pleased anyway!!」

Risty undauntedly press her forhead. While the quarrel of the women heats up, Yuuto’s expression is about to cry.
Although everything is a result of his indecisiveness, the two of them aren’t ordinary girls. If this continues, he doesn’t know what kind of tragedy will happen, Yuuto mustered up his courage and began to talk.

「T-the two of you. Please stop fighting…」

That moment, Yuuto’s body was pierced by an incredible amount of blood thirst. Though Yuuto’s consciousness flew for a moment, he was able to evade it with guts.

Swaying, Asuka turned to Yuuto.

「Yuuuutoooo. In the first place, youuuuuuuuu」

‘I’m gonna be killed’ Yuuto’s mind has the image of death clearly jumping into him.
Yuuto raised a small scream to Asuka’s stretching hands.

「…Eh, ehh?」

However, Yuuto’s body is wrapped in a warm feeling. Asuka gently hugs Yuuto, then kicking Risty’s waist.


Risty’s body bent backward, with that power, Yuuto’s penis jumped out of the anus. Looking at it carefully, Asuka’s hand is applied to the waist.

Facing Risty, Asuka declared loudly.

「Captain, It’s a match!」

Pointing out her finger, Risty frowned as he’s unable to understand.
However, Asuka continued to talk to Risty without minding that.

「It’s a match to know who can make Yuuto feel good」


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