Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Female Heroes on both hands (5)

「An, nn, uu. …Nuu」

Seeing Asuka’s state in front of him, Yuuto gulped down his throat.

「D-don’t. wait. Wait a momーHiin」

While her body shakes with her legs spread, the melting Asuka’s eyes grow senile. Yuuto’s reason was on the verge of coming out of the boundary because of the girl straddling on top of him.

「Nー? Is it not good enough as it was the first time after all? I though it has some qualities though」
「Hii! Ah, Stop. Captain, no more」

Asuka’s anus is being pulled out by the dildo. Though it’s almost a stich thin already, still the sense of foreign object for the first time wins over Asuka.
While viewing Asuka’s twitching and difficult anus, Risty all of a sudden appeared to Yuuto.

「Yuuto. I want to do it too, let Asuka cum already」
「No, even if you say that…」

Risty showed up from Asuka’s back, Yuuto scratched his cheek not knowing what to do. In the first place, he’s enduring the stimulation of Asuka’s vagina with his best. Wondering how to make Asuka cum, Yuuto was anxious too late.

「It’s fine. Just like this, you go thrust it inside while her anus is spreading」
「Hyaa. A, nuu. W-wait」

While laughing, Risty expands Asuka’s anus slowly. At that moment, *Zokuri*1, a sensation attacked Asuka.
Instinctively raising her voice, Yuuto’s penis expanded.

Piercing it as experiment, Asuka dropped her body to Yuuto while shivering.
Embracing the Asuka that came, Yuuto’s heart is throbbing. Though the soft naked skin is traced, Asuka’s obscene faint trembling is being transmitted more than that.

Every time the inside is pierced, Asuka’s body tightens.

「Look. Yuuto will spread it」
「Eh? L-Like this?」

Urged by Risty, Yuuto put his hands on Asuka’s ass meat. Putting effort and slowly spreading the meat, Asuka’s body is confirmed heating up.

「That’s right. You shouldn’t expand too much. …Fufu, it’s twitching. I can’t say about other people’s matter」
「That’s not. T-true…Fuu. Nuu」

Asuka objects teary eyed on the laughing Risty. However, her change of sensitivity is obvious, it was certain for Yuuto but Asuka is perplexed at herself.

Though there shouldn’t be anything inside, Yuuto spread the anus, Asuka’s back felt shivery. Every time the air touches the anus, she knows her own breathing and the anus twitching.

In the midst of shame, Asuka bind her lips desperately to disguise the embarrassment.

「You’re feeling it from your expanding anus. Even if it’s not where you should sent it in, you can feel it to some degree when the entrance is opened. For a beginner like Asuka, that hole is preferable」
「Eh, eeh」

Asuka watches Risty nodding to her anus, Yuuto strangely admired it. As expected from the personification of anus, Yuuto had that though floating in his mind.

「Well, but, you’re going to feel it when it’s put in sooner. How’s it Asuka? Are you now interested?」
「There’s no way I’d be interested. After all, this is trange. Perverted」

Asuka scowls at the peering Risty with a sharp eye. Risty laughed and brushed it off, suddenly she made a finger crawl on Asuka’s back.


Asuka’s back curved then the penis was stick in deeply because of that. Asuka raised her chin while spasming, Risty clapped happily.

「Good. Cum sooner. Yuuto, tell me Asuka’s weak spot」
「Eh? L-Let’s see. She feels weak on her nipples…」

Nodding with a smile, Risty’s finger extends to Asuka’s chest. Both hand’s index finger firmly approached Asuka’s nipples.

「Afu. Ah, aaaah. Yaa, Yaa」

*Kyuu*2, Risty’s finger pinched Asuka’s nipples. Asuka resisted in panic but her power came out, there’s no technique to stop the fourth ranking in the hero rank.

「What a lewd nipple. Isn’t this too long?」
「T-that’s Yuuto’s fauー Ah, uu. Nnn」

Asuka had a disturbed expression while her nipple is being played from the back. Yuuto gazed thoroughly at the two girl’s foolishness.
Yuuto stopped moving his waist, Risty puffed her cheeks.

「Hey, Yuuto. Move properly. You have to move until the end」
「Ah, yes. R-right」

He thought that he wants to watch a bit more, Risty’s words is reasonable. Since it’s rare to put it in Asuka’s vagina, Yuuto enjoyed his last spurt.

「I’m going to move, Asuka-sama」
「Ah, Aaaaaah. W-wait. Auuu. Nuuu」

Grabbing her ass meat, it was pierced while expanding. Yuuto’s heartbeat grows faster as Asuka gets more interesting.
Even though Risty which is of the same family name is guiding, it’s the fact that Asuka can feel it. To the red haired girl’s disheveled appearance, Yuuto’s manliness is stimulated.

「A-are you feeling good? Asuka-sama」
「Nuuu. I-I don’t know. Hyuuu, uuuu」

It’s the first time even for Asuka to feel such sexual pleasure. It’s completely different from the stimulation of the masturbating, the heat shakes Asuka to the interior.

「But, I might like this. I may like this. Uu, as expected it feels good」

*Gyuu*, Asuka clings to Yuuto. Risty’s finger came off, Asuka and Yuuto’s naked skin overlapped.
Asuka’s lip approached his ear, she’s breathing hard that it can’t be heard as a sigh.

「Naa, au. Fuu, fuuuu. Y-Yuuto. Yuuto’sh hard thing ish」

Every time her interior is pierced, every time it was pulled out, Asuka raised a voice, Yuut’s penis increased it’s hardness even more.
Feeling that, Asuka’s waist began to move back and forth.

「Uu, aaaaa. Good. It feels goood」
「A-Asuka-sama. I’m about to」

Asuka’s private part makes a wet sound. *ZupoZupo*, while making a lewd sound, Asuka recklessly nailed her waist to Yuuto.

「It’s okay. Cum. Nn, auuu. I-I’m about to cum too」
「U, Uuu. C-cumming」

The moment it stuck in remarkably deep, Yuuto’s limit came. Sensing the swelling of the penis, Asuka prepared for an ejaculation.

「A, Aauuuuuuaa. C-come. Yuuto is coming in」

The impact of ejaculation. Feeling that everything is being released inside, and yet, Yuuto moved his penis inside Asuka’s vagina.
Asuka also reached her limit from the movement of the ejaculating waist.

「Ah, Ya. C-Cumming. Y-Yuuto. Hand, ah, cumming, Cumiiiiiing」3

The moment the hand she stretched to Yuuto’s fingers, Asuka’s shaking body reached climax.


  1. Shock/Chill
  2. Tightly
  3. 手ぇにぎっ、って、あっ、いく、いくぅうううううっ