Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Chapter 35

Chapter 35: The boy who came from the other world

「In the end, we weren’t able to settle the match」

Asuka frowned while putting the cup of tea to her mouth.
Sasha on her side asked Asuka with a curious face.

「What happened? You were having a serious face the other day」
「Nー, You see. Hey, It’s nothing in particular」

Sasha looked her direction, Asuka was ‘that was close’, and closed her mouth. Thinking carefully, she can’t go careless on this huge breasted maid.

(Hey, why do I have to mind him so much!?)

For some reason the more she thinks about it the more she get’s irritated, Asuka is biting the cup.

In the end, the match that night ended as a draw. After Risty and Asuka heating up, Yuuto finally fell down and fainted.

Still, for some reason, Asuka feel uneasy as Yuuto and Risty are intimate.

「I-It’s not like it matters to me who gets along with or what he does!」
「Haa, Is that so?」

Asuka finally crunched the cup, Sasha turned to look at her, amazed. Asuka doesn’t accept it as conclusive, from the other people, Asuka’s feelings are obvious.

(Well, I won’t point it out though)1

Well then, the employee of the house goes out of the room while glancing sideways at her master.
It’s also her job to listen to her master’s grumble but this residence is wide. It’s necessary to make up a time table to do everything by herself.

From laundry to cleaning to preparing lunch, she must do those things to serve her master.
‘Funfun’, while humming, Sasha’s aim is to search for the boy.

The busy day starts again.
◆  ◆  ◆
「Yuuto-sama, what happen to this?」

Yuuto looked back surprised from the voice from his back.

「S-Sasha? For you to come here, you understood me well」2

Sasha approached him while balancing, Yuuto tilted his neck in curiosity.
This is the highest part of the mansion. In other words, the top of the red roof.

「Fufu, it’s the maid’s experience. Rather than that, why are you here?」

Sasha who sat down across, Yuuto bashfully scratched his cheek.

「Well. I somehow want to climb something extremely high」

Yuuto’s expression is like a child prepared being found out from his pranks, Sasha shook her chest. Not noticing it, Yuuto looked at the scenery from the top of the roof.

「It’s a nice scenery」
「Yes. Very」

A spreading Wheatfield. And then, the windmill stands thin. A spectacle of peace.
Wondering if he did his role, Yuuto slowly turned his fist into the sun.

「Sasha, have you thought being glad that you died?」

Sasha raised a small voice due to Yuuto’s question. No matter how you think about it, the question can’t be understood. If you died, that’s it.

「S-sorry. I don’t get what you mean by that」
「Hahaha. Right, Sorry Sorry」

Yuuto laughed out loud3, Sasha opened her eyes wide. Sasha thinks it the first time she saw Yuuto laugh naturally.

「I’m a Hero right?」
「Ah, Yes. Yuuto-sama is a Hero」4

Sasha inclined her neck to his other question. Sasha doesn’t understand Yuuto’s seemingly happy tone at all.
However, ‘that’s fine’, Yuuto’s expression is telling her, Sasha’s getting even more confused.

「Uhm, Yuu-to-sama. Yuuto-sama, just what…」

The moment Sasha opened her lip, her question was erased by even a voice from down below.

「Uoooiiii, Yuutooooo! What are you doing theeere! That’s dangerouuuuus!」

Looking down, Asuka has come out of the garden and raised her voice. It seems that she’s much more worried at Yuuto rather than Sasha.

「Arara. Master is angry. …Heave-ho」

Yuuto said ‘it can’t be helped’ and stood up as Asuka raise her eyebrows. As Yuuto stand up, he looked at Sasha and spoke.

「That’s right, Sasha. You had a question a while ago」

Yuuto reached out to Sasha while speaking. Taking his hand, Sasha turned her attention to Yuuto.
Yuuto’s expression that time was burned in Sasha’s eyes.

「Do you know otherworld?」

Yuuto pulled Sasha up while laughing like a joke. Of course, Sasha doesn’t understand the meaning of that question.
Yuuto suddenly embraced the confused Sasha. Seeing that, Asuka’s raised eyebrows went to the center unconsciously.

While looking down on his bad mood master, Yuuto faced the other side of the village. It’s not visible here, the brown colored soft hearted boss waiting from the castle ahead.

「Really, I’m glad I died」

Saying that, Yuuto started to run on the roof. Sasha raised a small cry and clings to Yuuto.

This time Asuka is really angry, from under the roof he jumped out.
Yuuto flies with a smile on that girl with red hair.

His affixed smile turned natural eventually.
The boy and girl pulled by a strange fate. He and she will change the world, the other world doesn’t now yet.


  1. Sasha you cunning maid
  2. 「さ、Sasha!? よく分かったね、ここに居るって」
  3. LOL
  4. ore o tataeru koe ya kassai nante hoshiku wa nai sa