Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Volume 2 Chapter 3

Chapter 03: Daily life of the female heroes (3)

The moon shines at the night sky. Even if there’s no electric light the moon shines so brightly, Yuuto looked up at the sky. When he was at Japan, he didn’t notice this radiance.

「U, Uu. Yuutooo」

Warm wind blows even at night. The house on the right side is the shoemaker,Oran-san’s house. Yuuto’s currently worn leather shoes are made by Oran-san.

「Hey. Yuuto」

The suburbs has less people compared to the castle town but Yuuto thinks that this kind of tranquility is good. When he listened carefully, he heard the sound of grass shaking.

「Nice weather isn’t it? Asuka-sama. It’s warm」

Saying that, Yuuto looked back smiling.

「Uu. I-I’ll be seen」

Asuka squirms her body and looks around bashfully.
She tries to hide her body with her arm desperately as she stand, right now, Asuka’s appearance is bound to fail due to lack of assistance1

Whining as the neck is being pulled by lead that’s connected to Yuuto’s right hand. Asuka had her face dyed deep red and is looking down bottom.

「Hey. Aren’t we taking a stroll」

The chain was pulled ahead. Asuka tottered several steps forward. Asuka’s dog tail shook, stroking her thighs.

「It’s cute」
「…Uu. Don’t say it like that」

Asuka is teary eyed as Yuuto smiled. Though it’s close to Yuuto’s motive, Asuka can only think of shame.
Dressed as a dog, she’s wandering in the village. ‘It’s embarrassing, or rather, it’s impossible’

「As expected. A-At least my underwear…」
「No you can’t. Dogs doesn’t wear clothes」

Yuuto smiles as Asuka shakes her body.
Imagining her own current form, Asuka tries to rearrange her own consciousness desperately.

(…I-I’m dressing like this. …N-No. Dangerous. I’m feeling dizzy)

Asuka’s breathing gets rough.2 Even if it’s night, the moon is shining brightly. Although she covers her important part with her arm, it doesn’t change the fact that she’s naked. If someone in the village sees her appearance, her life would end.

Her standing nipples hit her arm and it got hard unrelated to the rings. Down under is being damp already, Asuka feels helplessly hot inside.

「Now then, are you used to it already? You’re going to play doggie?」

Asuka’s heart leaped. Hearing Yuuto, Asuka looked ahead slightly.

「Aren’t you going to become a dog?」

Yuuto laughed in delight. The Asuka who made a blunder imagines what would happen to her and her body shook lightly.
The chain gently pulled Asuka’s neck.
◆  ◆  ◆
「Alright, good. Good dog, good dog」

The village’s farming road. Asuka’s legs sways as she walk along the way.
Paw and furry hands and feet Noticing that it was those that protects her skin from the ground, Asuka’s shame reached its limit.


She’s crawling on all fours. Simply put, Asuka is being forced to walk using her arms and feet awkwardly.
Every time she advances her ass sways, the tail that moves left to right is the cause to that. Of course, that tail is inserted to her ass.

「Hey. We’re going」
「W-wait a moment. I’m not used on my ass yet…Nn」

Asuka leaks out her voice as the tail connected in her anus shakes. For the sake of the undeveloped Asuka it’s size is somewhat narrow, still, Asuka’s spine shakes from the sensation behind.

Yuuto’s enjoying the strolling figure of Asuka. *Chari Chari*, The dog tag from the collar rings. Hearing that sound, Asuka blushes.

(This. M-My ass. …Nn. I-I’ll be seen. All of it. Haha, this got to be a lie. I’m crawling on all fours. I-I’m like a dog)

‘Fuufuu’, her breathing gets rough as Asuka desperately advanced There won’t be any problems as long as we’re not found out. She strained her last energy while thinking that.

Thanks to Yuuto walking in front of her, she won’t be seen. However, love nectar overflows from Asuka’s secret place as she’s walking in an unnatural four legs.

Since she’s not walking on her legs, she inevitably became bowlegged. Both her hind legs are opened clumsily, Asuka followed Yuuto.

She now can’t say that Risty is a pervert. Her own nipples and clitoris hardened and her ass shakes, ‘Just what’s going on’, a dry sound leaks from Asuka’s throat.

「ahnree, Yuuto-sama. What are you doing at such a time?」

Hearing the sudden voice, Asuka’s heart stopped. *Saaa*, blood drained from Asuka’s face.

「Oh, Oran-san. No, I just thought of walking around, patrolling」

Yuuto speaks like usual. Asuka lifted her face while trembling.

「Oh, As expected of a Hero. Iyaa, thanks as always. Since the two of you came, the village became peaceful」

A kindhearted looking person. It’s the shoemaker Oran-san that lives near.
Was it too dark that he didn’t notice Asuka? Asuka tried to stomach the scream she was about to raise and hid in the bush.

「Hey, Asuka-sama. Greet him」

Then, Yuuto stopped her. Pulling the chains, Asuka was pulled ahead forcibly.

「Hi, Hii. No, Yuutoo」

Asuka coils her body. Trying to reduce the exposure even for a bit, Asuka embraced herself nearly crying.

「Oh my, Hey」

Oran-san was a bit surprised. Asuka certainly heard something collapsing.

(W-was I seen? No way? Naked, in my dog outfit? No way, no way no way!?)

Shame is out of the question. Despair attacked Asuka. How will she meet the villagers tomorrow? Asuka is thinking about that.

「What a lovely dog. Iyaa, you even call it Asuka sama, also it’s hair is nice」

However, Asuka’s scream in her heart was stopped by Oran’s word. Asuka who saw that meek smile opened her mouth absentmindedly.

(Eh? W-why? …Wait, what?)

Asuka understood everything. Asuka standing up faced Yuuto.


The whole face is smiling. Yuuto laughed as he’s unable to bear it, Asuka is burning up in anger.

What this guy passed isn’t just normal costume

Asuka want’s to beat him to death as she’s unable to notice it.


  1. 焼け石に水
  2. She’s really an exhibitionist isn’t she?