Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Volume 2 Chapter 4

Chapter 04: Daily life of the female heroes (4)

「Isn’t it cute? She looks like Asuka-sama and she also has a beautiful red hair. I was asked to give it a name. …Hey, Asuka. Show that you’re clever」

Yuuto looks back at Asuka. Asuka feels a bad premonition from the stretched right hand.

(C-Could it be that Yuuto…)

Sweat flows at Asuka’s forehead.

「If you can’t I’ll punish you」

Yuuto smiled. She knows it even without detail. If she didn’t obey, Yuuto can make Asuka do that. 1


Asuka couldn’t put her paw on top of the other.

(U, Uu. I-I’m being seen. Oran-san sees me…)

Asuka desperately endured the shame while shaking. She prayed that she’s a dog in her mind to keep her conscious.
Bending down nude, Asuka’s breathing turned rough.

(Eh, It’s okay. I’m fine. I’m a dog. Since I’m a dog. I’m not a human but a dog)

That thinking is already terrible but Asuka didn’t consider that. Yuuto patted the head of that Asuka.

「Good dog, Asuka. Good dog, good dog」

Asuka answered Yuuto’s palm cheerfully. The thought that she was careless for being glad, Asuka’s face dyed.

(W-what have i done!!)

*Shaking*, Asuka’s face fell, Yuuto grinned. Yuuto pulled up the chain.

「Hey, next. Asuka, beg」2

Asuka screamed at Yuuto’s word instantly. ‘Shit’, she covered her mouth with both her hands.
However, Oran’s glance doesn’t change as he watches Asuka with a smile.

(T-That’s right. My voice is also heard in dog language. E-eeeee. Isn’t it well done?)

Yuuto’s enduring to laugh again, Asuka turned her glance shamefully. However, she can’t turn away from the order, she looked at the body while wondering what to do.

(B-Beg. Certainly…Like this? …Hey, Eh? L-Like this?)

Asuka’s chest throbbed. She spread her legs and put her hands ahead, Asuka’s body heated up.
She’s being seen. All of it. Being naked isn’t the problem. It’s like a pose where she lost per position as a human, Asuka gulped down his throat.

Nipples. Bush down under. Asuka opens up everything slowly.
At that time, Asuka noticed that Yuuto’s groin is reacting.

(W-what are you getting big for? Y-You arranged this)

Asuka opened her arms and legs to show it off to Yuuto. Asuka’s crack opens faintly much more than the bush, Yuuto instinctively looked away.

「W-wan. Kuuun」

Asuka felt better seeing Yuuto’s state. Unnoticed, she raised her voice even she’s not told to. Furthermore, she’s sticking out her tongue and breathes like a dog even though it’s not needed.

(D-dog. Become a dog. I have become a dog)

‘It can’t be helped’, Asuka fools herself. ‘This is Yuuto’s order, it can’t be helped’, she persuaded herself. Yuuto was surprised at Asuka and glanced at her repeatedly.

(W-what’s with that face. Isn’t this what you want to do? T-This. G-Giving me a bitch costume)

Asuka felt her body getting hopelessly hot from Yuuto’s gaze. Even she’s a hero with an Alias, tension wells up. Asuka feels released.

「P-Praise me. Yuutoo, praise meee」

‘haahaa’, her breathing turned rough, Asuka glanced at Yuuto. Yuuto came to his senses from that cry.

「G-Good. Good girl, Asuka. Good dog」

The head was patted, hair was combed. However, Asuka shouts that it’s not enough.

「Kuuun. Kuuun」

A dog’s language that’s outside the range of Yuuto’s treasure tool was heard. Yuuto felt a shock in his chest hearing that lovely cry.

「E-err. Then, let’s. Can you do goroon~?」3

What to do? Yuuto hesitates for a moment and turned his finger in front of Asuka Asuka seeing that, put her back on the ground without minding it.

「L-Like this?…Yes」

Submission pose. Asuka flops on the ground and folds her arm and legs. Asuka’s chest and thighs are emphasized.
Everything is exposed. ‘Doing that far’, Asuka’s excitement was transmitted to Yuuto.

「Kuuun. Y-Yuutooo」

Asuka licks her lip. Then, she stuck out her tongue like she forgot something.


Asuka glanced at Yuuto upwards, Yuuto’s feelings ruptured. Asuka turned her face back in order to not be seen.


His smile mask almost collapsed completely, Yuuto rebuilds it desperately. Just a bit more and he would’ve muttered 「Cute」 Oran curiously stared at Yuuto.

「O-Oran-san. I-I’ll be continuing my patrol then. I’ll be going」
「Eh? ah, yes. Sorry for detaining you. Iyaa, Asuka-chan is cute」

She tilted her neck a bit but Yuuto bowed to not make himself look suspicious to Oran. Asuka waved her hand with a smile and Oran went home slowly.


Asuka approached Yuuto.
Seeing Asuka’s aroused expression, Yuuto swallowed his saliva.

「How was it? Did I behave like a dog properly?」

She’s blushing bashfully while crawling on all fours but Asuka’s tail shakes in front of Yuuto. As her tail shake, Asuka’s breasts down is also shaking.

「Wanwan.4 Eee, it’s embarrasing but it’s a bit fun」

Sticking her tongue out, Asuka walked in front of Yuuto. Awkwardly moving on fours, heartbeats go faster, Yuuto instinctively shifted his glance.

Asuka is normally shy but when she cross the line, she seems to go beyond. In fact, she’s currently getting used to walking naked on the road of the village, Asuka’s inside gets hot hopelessly.

(My heart is throbbing. I, dressed like this. …This is dangerous but. It’s thrilling)

Asuka who’s dressed like a dog looks up at Yuuto. Yuuto looks a bit troubled, Asuka put a faint sign of irritation on her eyebrow.

(What? Weren’t you the one who made me do it? This shameful dress, making my nipples stand up, and even thrusting it in my ass)

‘Haahaa’, Asuka stared at Yuuto’s crotch while breathing roughly. Pleased with the swelling in the pants, she rubbed her lips against the cloth.

「Wai-, A-Asuka-sama!?」
「Wan. Nmu」

Just like that, Asuka pulled the pants using her mouth. Though Yuuto stopped his pants being pulled, Asuka pulled it without minding.

(He’s panicking. It’s your fault so take responsibility)

Yuuto’s superb article is finally in front of her face, Asuka held it in her mouth without minding Yuuto.
Yuuto raised his voice as he’s unable to endure Asuka’s warm mouth.

「A,suka-sama. T-This place is」
「Nbu. Hamu, Nn. …Nmuu」

Asuka interrupted Yuuto with her mouth’s skillful licking. Seeing that, Asuka moved her tongue happily.

「Jubu, Nbu. …Pua. Do it」

Seeing Asuka clings to his penis dressed as a dog, Yuuto reached his limit. However, Yuuto can’t indulge in pleasure obediently because of the current situation.

「Asuka-sama, wait, this is really dangerous」

Asuka enjoys Yuuto’s panic while sucking.
That’s right, it’s the ability of this dog-ization treasure tool, Asuka will be shown as a dog aside from the person holding.

In short, Yuuto’s appearance, if seen by normal people, would be a pervert that’s sticking his dick to a dog.
Yuuto knows that so he looks around the vicinity cautiously. Fortunately there’s no one but if this was shown to anyone, he’s not sure how he will be seen tomorrow.

「Hora hora, aren’t you my master? Your penis is being licked by your pet dog」
「Uwa. Ah, wait…!」

Yuuto’s penis trembled. Yuuto’s double is reaching it’s limit, Asuka grips it with her right hand.
If it comes to this, she doesn’t need to act like a dog anymore.

「It’s twitching. Hora hora, you should just let it out」

Asuka fiddles with her own secret place with her left hand. While picking her clitoris, Asuka opened her mouth to Yuuto’s pointed tip.

「Just cum, hora」

When he saw Asuka’s eye upturned as she stick out her tongue, Yuuto’s inside gushed out. ‘That’s Interesting’, Asuka accepted it with her mouth.
◆  ◆  ◆

Next to the smiling Asuka, Yuuto is troubled.

「What’s wrong? You’re grinning」
「Becausee. …Ehehe」

Yuuto can’t understand why Asuka is laughing. Showing advantage, this stroll was a good idea. Yuuto wasn’t convinced with the situation of him being pushed down.

(It started unbearably embarrassing at the beginning but. …It feels refreshing)

Asuka herself isn’t able to understand why she’s laughing as well. However, her shoulders became light somehow, she feels uplifted.
Yuuto somehow felt the win, it was a huge satisfaction for Asuka.

The pressure as a hero. Asuka hadn’t noticed the size of it yet.

「Okay, let’s do out best tomorrow!!」

Asuka gets psyched up, Yuuto thought about about the future while being linked arms with Asuka.
・・・ ・・・ ・・・
Beastification Costume 『Human Wolf』

Defensive power: F Syntesis Rarity: C
Supplement: It’s a cosplay transformation costume that Yuuto made while thinking of Asuka. It doesn’t have protective abilities but it has the ability to convert recognition.
The user of this treasure tool will be recognized as a dog by others. Even the voice would be recognized as a dog, even other animals would recognize them as a dog, neither smell or temperature would be found out. Not just appearance but also the recognition of the other senses as well.


  1. 従わなければ、YuutoはAsukaをいかようにも出来るのだ。
  2. okay, this one fucking confused me because of ‘chinchin’, haha I thought that Asuka misinterpreted it but I saw below that she actually knows that it’s beg, not penis.
  3. Flopping
  4. Samwaaan else, sam wan wan wan sam wan wan wan