Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Treasury from the other world (4)

「Mam, is this okay?」

In the house, a warm and fuzzy voice resounded. Asuka laughed as she turned back to the origin of the voice.

「Thank you Sasha Sorry to make you do this all the time」

The girl is called Sasha. Asuka received a quill pen on her right hand.
A mountain of documents that hadn’t been submitted to the organization is on the top of the desk.

As the accomplishments of the hero rises, Asuka work increases too. The evidence of defeating a monster, it’s been an old mistake that it’s submitted to the guild.

「By the way Sasha. This caught my attention, that, your way of calling me 『Mam』…」
「Should I not?」

Placing the pen on between her lip and nose, Asuka looked at Sasha. She looked at the face absentmindedly, she seems to misunderstand it.

「I and Yuuto are neither a married couple nor lovers」
「Eh!? I-is that so!? I’m sorry. I was certain」

Asuka threw up a sigh on Sasha’s surprised face. However, Sasha’s misunderstanding is also reasonable.
A young man and woman are living together in the same house. It can’t be helped if they’re seen with such eyes.

She was accustomed to the gaze of the villagers, but after being aware of the situation after hiring a servang, Asuka began to explain to Sasha.

「The two of us only are work partners. We don’t have relationship as man and woman. And, I just can’t get used being called -sama. Between women, Asuka is fine」
「Understood. …However it’s surprising. O…Asuka-san and Yuuto-sama looked to be in really good terms」

Asuka’s face distorts on Sasha’s response. Please give me a break, Asuka dropped the quill pen in her right hand.

「Please stop. That wild man. It’s been long since our first meeting but I still don’t know what he’s thinking. I can’t get along with him」1

Sasha nods and tilts her head as she sees Asuka getting irritated. It seems that her own employer doesn’t seem to be in good terms with the partner. Although, Sasha understood that they don’t really snarl at each other.

「Then, Asuka-san, what do you think of Yuuto-sama?」
「Uun. So-so. If it’s about work, I trust him. He’s really the best in this world. But, seeing him as a man… What do you think about that blockhead? How does Sasha see him?」

Sasha feel her hair on Asuka’s question. Sasha has a beautiful black hair, Asuka stares at it enviously.

「I think he’s cool. He’s friendly. And, he’s a man with a position where being a Hero is just a dream」
「That’s it. W-well. There’s also that perspective」

Asuka’s cheeks dyed red because of Sasha’s straight answer. Asuka had never thought about love, for Sasha to not change her complexion seems to be adult-like.

In fact, for Sasha who has no relatives, her words earlier were the truth. A single digit and a 900ths rank. If explained, the difference is too obvious, in the first place Heroes itself are ridiculous existence.

There’s not even a person who could surpass the 1000.2 For Sasha, the respect for Asuka and Yuuto is irreplaceable.

「But, Is that so? Asuka-san isn’t Yuuto-sama’s lover」
「N? That’s right. Sasha, if he did something strange to you just tell me. I’ll punish him」

To the Asuka who’s smiling, Sahsa bowed and thanked her.
◆  ◆  ◆
「Waa~ Sorry!?」

In the corridor. At the corner of it, Yuuto bumped to a soft feeling.

「N-No. I’m the one who should be. I’m sorry Yuuto-sama」
「It’s fine. Apart from that, are you hurt?」

Sasha had bumped into him while carrying the sheets, Yuuto looked at the maid apologetically.

She’s a rare in this world, a black hair like Japanese3 Yuuto glanced at Sasha, then she smiled.

「Yes. I’m okay」
「I’m glad」

To be frank, Yuuto thinks of giving thanks. The *Poyon* sensation from a while ago would be the softness of Sasha’s body.
Thanks to the sheets that her chest wasn’t hit, but the womanly scent drifted.

「Don’t overwork yourself, you should go to sleep soon Sasha」

While smiling to the working maid, Yuuto went to his room while saying good night. Sasha lowered her head while smiling shyly, Yuuto turned to the corner of the corridor.

Therefore, Yuuto didn’t notice.
Sasha was staring at Yuuto’s back from the distance.
◆  ◆  ◆
「Fuuuー. Even so, Sasha is cute」

Yuuto stares out of the window while lying down in the bed of his room.
He only pay attention to Asuka but Sasha is also a beautiful girl.

Well, although her features look simple compared to Asuka, her chest are huge.
By no means Asuka’s chest is too small, but Sasha’s chest topped it. She’s called Kyounyuu-chan.

「…Haa. It would be fun to be a lover of that girl」

Gentle, good at housework, and of course a nice cook.
Asuka’s looks might be wonderful but Yuuto is somehow pulled by Sasha’s purity.

But in the end, it won’t be the same. 4
In the first place, Sasha isn’t Yuuto’s maid but a servant Asuka employed. And even before that, he couldn’t think that girl coming to love himself.

He’s living next to Asuka. That alone is enough.


He muttered the name alone. Still, just thinking about her makes his chest jump.
That encounter must be fate, Yuuto closed his eyes slowly.

「As expected, Yuuto-sama really likes Asuka-san?」

The words come out the moment his field of vision became dark, Yuuto’s mouth bursted out. When he looked away in panic, he saw Sasha looking at him puzzled.

「S-sasha!? W-why!?」
「Shh. Quiet. Asuka-san might notice you know?」

*Pito5, Sasha placed her fingers on Yuuto’s lips.
Looking at the window, the moon indicates midnight. ‘What do you need in such a time?’ Yuuto’s eyes asked Sasha.

「Yuuto-sama, I thought that you’re lonely by yourself」

Fufu, while showing a smile, Sasha slowly put her legs on the edge of the bed.
Yuuto averted his gaze from the chest of Sasha that’s shaking.

Seeing that, Sasha unintentionally closed to Yuuto.

「Hey, S-sasha?」
「I’m sorry. This is my first time」

While saying so, Sasha’s gaze turned to Yuuto’s lower half. Sasha blushed as for her first time blunder, Yuuto’s crotch reacts slowly.

「I-I thought of h-helping you in the night」

*Blush* Sasha’s face changed it’s color, Yuuto spoke in a foolish voice. Yuuto wasn’t able to understand the situation in front of him, Sasha extends her hand on the skirt of her maid clothes.

「Eh, wait!? Sasha!?」

*Shove* Sasha became nude.
She’s hid her chest by her arm as she’s indeed embarrassed.

「…Do you think I’m shameless?」

Yuuto stared at the Sasha who spoke in shyly absentmindedly.
Yuuto was at loss, unable to understand the reason, Sasha opened her shivering mouth

「A hero like Yuuto-sama might not understand but. …An orphan like me isn’t able to live this way. If they’re not liked, they’re thrown away. T-there’s a lot of replacement after all」

Sasha looked down, Yuuto can’t find what he want to say.
In other words, Sasha is offering her body so she would be liked.

「I-I fortunately worked at the monastery but. M-my first employer were the two of you, it was god sent. P-Please keep me hired. I’ll do anything」

Her masters were two heroes. If she gets abandoned here, I can easily imagine her future.
Sasha, in order to protect herself presented her own virginity to Yuuto. If she’s liked by Yuuto, she determined that it won’t be terrible if she’s about to be abandoned by Asuka.

However, Yuuto’s eyebrows centered because of Sasha’s desperation.

「…T-then, Sasha didn’t come here to make out with me?」

Sasha raised her face to Yuuto’s voice. Seeing his displeased gaze, blood was drained on Sasha’s face.
Did he lose temper because he was approached by someone like her? Sasha’s throat dried.

However, Sasha didn’t anticipate the words that came out of Yuuto’s mouth.

「You see. Did Sasha think that we don’t like you so we will fire you out?」
「Eh? N-no. That’s…」

Sasha hesitates to speak on Yuuto’s grim face. Her reason is ‘because it’s natural’ She hadn’t served for a decade. If she made a blunder, it’s natural to be fired.

「We’re grateful of Sasha you know? You’re good at cleaning, and your meals are delicious. …Or rather, even if you can’t do that you won’t be thrown away. Isn’t that obvious?」
「Eeh? Eeh?」

Yuuto is angry for some unknown reason, Sasha’s perplexed voice became small. In addition, Yuuto vomited a sigh.
To think that she considered him as a brute, Yuuto’s heart saddened.

「Didn’t I say it from the start? ‘Best regards’ I, even if you don’t do this, from the beginning I look forward to Sasha’s hard work you know?」

For the first time, Sasha knew why Yuuto was angry. However, it’s a category that’s too big for Sasha to understand, Sasha instinctively opened her mouth.

「Err, that’s. I-I’m sorr…」

Tears flowed from Sasha’s eyes. If the man in front of her hates her, Sasha would be bound with helpless remorse.
To protect her own low self, she sullied his good faith. Thinking that she won’t be forgiven, Sasha covered her face with her palm.

「Fugu. s-showwy」
「Waa!? Sorry! I-it’s okay already!」

Yuuto was in panic. It was his first time making a girl cry. Flustered, he kept telling Sasha that it’s okay already.

「N-No. I-It’s my fault. Yuuto-sama’s …A-a person like me shouldn’t approach people like you」
「Ah, geez! Why are you like that!?」

Sasha wets the sheets, Yuuto scratched his head. It seems Sasha’s common sense is too different, Yuuto racked his brains. If this continued, Sasha would get out by herself.

「Y-yup. T-then, since it’s special. I-I’ll request of you」

This is the only way to help Sasha. Thinking so, Yuuto suppresses his heart that’s about to explode.

Otherwise, there won’t be a second chance.


  1. やんなっちゃうわ」
  2. 世界に千人といない、人を越えた者たち。
  3. Asians are mostly black hair tho, not just Jap
  4. でも結局は、どうこうなるものでもない。
  5. *gentle touch*