Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Volume 2 Chapter 5

Chapter 05: Daily life of the female heroes (5)

Risty looks down while her face is dyed in shame.
She laughed troubled, she somehow tried to fool it with a smile.

「Waa, Amazingcaptain!」
「Cool. Seriously」

Risty’s subordinates praise her. Staring at her own body, Risty asked ‘Why did this happen’, and recalled the day before.
◆  ◆  ◆
「Ah, N. …S-Sorry」

*GishiGishi*1, Risty’s desk make a noise.

「That’s right. You have to show your sincerity properly」

Receiving the glance of Yuuto that’s sitting down, Risty felt her own body getting hot.

「I-I was sorry. I made a mistake…N, nkuu」

Risty shows off her bikini while squatting. Since the prior matter, Risty begs to be punished by Yuuto this way.

Seeing Risty move her waist up and down, Yuuto sent her a praise.

(It’s amazing as always…)

It doesn’t show on his face but Yuuto stares at Risty.
Wedged on her dark skin is the micro bikini. Bound with only a string, Risty is really covered to her limit.

However, that wasn’t all, Yuuto was surprised.

(We’ve done this every time before…)

‘Haahaa’, looking at Risty who is breathing heavily, Yuuto gazed at Risty’s leg. Thighs, and calf too, Risty’s folded muscles from her body move up and down.
It’s almost one hour since Risty worked hard moving up and down.

Though her breath is disturbed and she’s sweating from arousal, she doesn’t display fatigue one bit./ ‘What an unexpected person’, Yuuto watched the fourth in front of him again.

(However, it’s all just squatting)

Looking at Risty’s limbs, Yuuto pondered. ‘Of course, Risty’s micro bikini appearance is sexy that it’s dangerous but I want to do new stuff too.’ Or rather, the stimulation for Risty herself has gotten weaker. Nowadays, she just follows Yuuto naturally.

「That’s right, Captain, should we make a new punishment?」

At that time, A new idea flashed into Yuuto. Risty looked up from the top of the desk due to Yuuto’s voice.

「Eh? A-a new one?」

Risty’s face reddened. Risty looked down bashfully, then nodded.

「I-If that’s what Yuuto wants」
◆  ◆  ◆
「I-It tickles, Yuuto」
「Please endure it」

*Bikubiku*, Risty bends her body to escape the stimulation. Yuuto touched Risty’s skin with the tip of his treasure tool.

Yuuto concentrates on the brush tip on top of Risty’s belly. The tip of the brush moves on top of her belly, Risty laughs as she’s unable to bear it.

「Ku, Kukuu. Y-Yuutooo」
「It’ll end soon so please endure it」

Yuuto moves his finger eagerly in order not to slip. After finally writing the last stroke, Yuuto took a break.

「I wrote it. How’s it?」

Saying that, Yuuto took Risty to the mirror. RIsty watched herself in front of the full length mirror on the wall of the room.

「Oo, isn’t it cool? You write well, Yuuto」
「I practiced calligraphy after all」

Surprised, Risty looked at her body at the mirror.
Risty’s stomach has some characters of a foreign country that she never saw before drawn in it.

「Is this the characters from your hometown? It’s completely different from Trishulia’s character. Un’un, it’s cool. I like this」

Risty delighted face brightened up on the two characters written on her belly. And, Yuuto showed a smile.

「It’s kanji. It looks good」
「It is. …By the way, does this really go off?」

Risty turned to Yuuto, asking anxiously. Yuuto looks at Risty saying ‘it’s alright’ As expected, Yuuto can’t stay put on a girls skin.

「It disappears in about two weeks. Well, it’s possible to erase it immediately with my correction fluid. This brush that’s used to draw magic circles and magic characters is used on her body. No one but me can erase that」
「…Oh? Convenient as usual」

Risty admired Yuuto’s explanation. Rubbing the character in her belly, ‘I see’ she nodded. It’s not an ink that clings. It completely assimilated to her skin.

「Is that so?」
「No, this is amazing. Carving magic on body, It’s determined to be tattooed for the lifetime. After the tattooing, there’s also the worry of compatibility. Since it can’t be rewritten as one pleases, it’s quite a forbidden technique」

Err, Yuuto gazed at the brush that he made Yuuto doesn’t know magic nor it does have use for him, if he can use it properly, then he’ll make an absurd treasure tool. Yuuto thought that he can make anything.

「Is this a magic seal?」

Yuuto mentions the knowledge he knows. Even among the imperial guards troop, there are one or two that has tattoo. At first, he thought that the tattoo was just a decoration, but since this world has something like magic and some prided special effect.

「That’s right. Body Strengthening, Magic Amplification. Such seals are carved in his body. But, there’s a risk. Acute pain goes along the carving of magic seal, there’s a case of the body not being able to endure the power of the seal. Well, it’s because the magic is pulling out and make them exceed the limit forcibly so it’s natural」

Yuuto’s heart sounded due to Risty’s objection. Now that she said it, even the guards here, the size is small.

「Even with such a small seal, it’s not impossible for it to be carved if you’re not an influential person. If they’re unable to bear the load of the seal, it’s not rare for them to have their arms and legs cut」
「I-Is it really that dangerous?」

Yuuto stares at the brush scared after hearing the explanation. He did that but he’s an amateur that hadn’t put his hand on it that much. ‘Let’s keep it on scribble level’, Yuuto swore in his mind.

「Well. Because I don’t know magic, it should be safe」
「…N, is that so? Or rather, what kind of effect this have?」

Risty stares at the character at her stomach hearing Yuuto’s remark. Yuuto declared to Risty in front of the mirror indifferently.

「Nothing in particular. If anything, it’s just a decoration」
「Ah, is that so? I was sure that you also applied some strange magic」

Feeling relieved, Risty strokes her stomach a bit disappointed. Looking at the mirror, ‘By the way’, she showed the characters to Yuuto.

「What did you write?」

Even if it doesn’t have a magical effect, Risty asked Yuuto about the meaning of the character. Yuuto told that it’s nothing while looking at the brush.

「Ah, it’s ‘pervert’ The two characters mean pervert」

Risty’s face hardened. In addition, Yuuto smiled.

「Isn’t it perfect for captain Risty?」

Risty’s cheek shook violently to that smile.
◆  ◆  ◆
「U, Uu. Yuutoo, stop」
「You can’t. Didn’t I say that it’s a punishment?」

Yuuto’s brush hit Risty’s back. Risty’s body curved and rose up.

「M-My back. Please. My back…」

*Furu Furu*, it’s rare for Risty to resist. Also, Yuuto speak out teasingly.

「Oh, you did say it right? I’m proud of my back」
「T-That’s right. T-There’s no wound right?」

Yuuto stared at Risty’s watery eye. The texture of her skin is like coffee milk. Certainly, there’s no wound nor stain. In that dangerous battlefield, Yuuto admired how her back is used to it.

「T-The princess praised m-my back. Please. My back…」

Risty looked back at Yuuto. Ignoring that, Yuuto made the brush run through Risty’s back.


Yuuto listened carefully to Risty’s nervous voice.
If Risty really didn’t like this, then this won’t happen.

「A, aah. B-Back. My back is…」

Risty’s breathing from the back turned rough and her pulse got faster. Seeing that, Yuuto continued writing.

「Fuaa. Ah, no. E-Even though I never let anyone touch it」

Her mouth tells to stop but Risty endures the brush of Yuuto running through her back.

「Cruel, writing a cruel thing. My baack. N-No you can’t kufuu」

Uuun, Yuuto stopped his brush due to Risty’s voice. He thought of doing it lightly but he might raise it to respond to the request.

Thinking that, Yuuto finished writing the two first characters quickly.

「A, aaaaaah. W-what did you write? A too terrible one is…」
「Nー. 『Mate Wanted』is written」

Risty’s breath stopped hearing Yuuto’s mutter. Her head turned white for a moment.

「…Eh? M-Mate?」
「T-that’s right. Isn’t that perfect? Hey, I’ll be writing the next character so don’t move」
「Hya!? L-Last!?!」

The brush reached Risty’s back. He wrote an obscene character on Risty’s back. Yuuto wrote with the brush calmly while holding down his heartbeat.

(B-Back. D-dirty. C-cruel. I-I even protected it. My prided back)

Risty is about to cry. However, helpless chilly pleasure runs through Risty’s back.

(Hi, Hihi. No good, it feels good. Even though my back is being dirtied. C-cumming)2

「Ah, Ah…ーumming」

The moment Yuuto finished writing, Risty’s body jumped. Yuuto stared at that with his heart throbbing.

・・・ ・・・ ・・・
Magic Make up Brush.

Offensive power: F Synthesis Rarity: B+
Supplement: Yuuto’s brush made for scribbling. It’s possible to draw a seal on a human body or an object. Normally, seal involves pain but it’s possible to draw painlessly, the brush has a correction fluid on the other tip so you can brush it off anytime. However, in the end, it’s still a supplementary magic tool, knowledge of the corresponding magic is necessary, it’s not possible to make a demerit from the magic seal. 3 In addition, since Yuuto thought about the ladies, it has a drawback of coming off two weeks after.


  1. squeak
  2. Seriously? She came with that?
  3. ただし、あくまで魔法を行使する補助道具であり、当然ながら使用する際には相応の魔法知識が必要であり、魔法刻印などのデメリットを打ち消すことは出来ない