Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Volume 2 Chapter 6

Chapter 06: The strongest are burdened (1)

Risty’s inner thigh is trembling.

「Ah, aah. Cruel. Such a thing, my back」

Saying that, Risty puts power to her sphincter while having an ecstatic face.
Her anus shuts tightly, Risty’s core is shaking.

「Hey, greet properly」
「Naaa, ofu. I-I’m a pervert that wants to mate using her anus」

RIsty shakes her waist in front of the grinning Yuuto. While showing off the huge anal plug covering her anus, Risty made a peace sign while moving her back across just like Yuuto said.

Nodding on the five characters written on the back, Yuuto had his crotch stir up from Risty’s silliness.
For some reason, Yuuto picked up the initiative from Asuka and Sasha. Feeling relieved that Risty fell in disorder obediently, Yuuto gazed at Risty’s bown ass narrowing.

The movement of Risty’s ass is like a red ball of boiled egg, as soon as she put power, a lovely voice leaks out from Risty’s mouth.

「Noo, Oooo. C-coming」

Thrusting out her ass in a half-kneeling position, Risty’s body trembled. Her face isn’t seen from the back but surely it’s an amusing face.

「Crap. That’s erotic, captain. I got aroused too」
「O, Ooooo. Nhiii」

Yuuto traced the graffiti on the back with his finger. Did she feel aroused from the praise? Risty’s woman hole is overflowing with love nectar.

「Hey, good luck pulling the plug. I can still see it. 」
「Aaaaaa, I can’t. This is too embarrassing. N, Ooooooooo」

Even though she’s shaking her head in shame, Risty lifts out her ass to Yuuto’s nose. Risty put power on her anus as she feels her pulse is about to break.

「Just you. It’s because it’s you. Yuuto is the only one who can see this」
「I know. Good good」

Yuuto’s palm patted Risty’s ass. Risty’s reason was cut off by that feel and words.

‘I don’t care what happens anymore’, she used all her strength.

「Fuu, Fuuu! Fuu, Ooo. Noooooo」

*Creaking*, the plug’s thick part spreads out Risty’s anus. Her anus spreads out even more and Yuuto’s excitement even increased.

Then, finally, Yuuto heard the anal plug going inside of Risty.

「Naaa, O, Ohooooo. Oo, Nhoooo」

Feeling the impact, Risty raised a foolish voice. However it didn’t end there. Seeing the white object extends her anus completely, Yuuto speaks out while throbbing.

「Hey captain. Can you imitate chicken? Try laying down an egg」
「Aaaa, Nuu. Wait, noo, coming」

One boiled egg went out of Risty’s ass. Risty’s reason had already flown but she she desperately tries to fulfil her promise with Yuuto.

Sticking out her arms quickly, Risty took out a position of a chicken on top of the desk. Both her wrist move unsteadily, it looks like a wing at the moment.

「Koke, kokee. Oo, Noo, Kokekoo…Nhoooo」

She can’t mimic the cry at the moment but Risty’s anus is about to burst. Each time she puts power in her anus, an egg toy comes out.

She looks like she’s laying an egg in Yuuto’s eyes, Risty can’t help but scream.

「Koke, Nho. O, kokekon Hooooooooo」

Her consciousness faces away, Risty felt happiness from the pleasure in her body, she can’t do anything but thank.
◆  ◆  ◆
「…Even if I don’t think about it, I would die if someone other than Yuuto saw me」

Sayint that, Yuuto turned the glass on her bashfully.
‘That’s not true’, Yuuto replied with a wry smile.

「No, sorry about that Yuuto. You have to match with my strange hobby」
「I don’t mind. Even I love seeing this indecent captain」

Risty’s cheeks blushed instantly seeing Yuuto smile. It’s hard to understand since she’s brown but Risty can’t look at Yuuto’s smiling face directly.

(For some reason, my body feels flushed more than before. …Is that the cause?)

Risty frowned at the idea without showing it on her face. The darkness fall by Nekyuara. Did it influence to strengthen lust more than before?
Not just her lust, Risty is also perplexed as her battle lust also got stronger too. Yet in spite of that, she can move better than the time she was suppressed. w

Not minding if a good face comes out, Risty paid attention to Yuuto that’s looking at the plug.

「Ah, that’s right. How was this plug? It’s well done. It was made with light materials」

It seems he wants to hear the impressions of the new toy. However, Risty described her honest impressions.

「N, I do like if it’s heavier. I hardly felt it enter. You might as well adjust it’s weight」
「Ah, Is that so?」

She said that heavier is better. Yuuto watched the plug interestingly. Naturally, Yuuto thought that a lighter one is preferable but an amateur’s idea is unreliable as expected.

Not knowing how heavy it should be, Yuuto decided to take Risty’s idea obediently.
He recycled the previous structure of the experimental blade’s weight adjustment and put it into the plug. Was it better if it was metallic? It’s possible to be relatively easy to go in.

「Okay. I made it possible to control the weight. Just adjust the dial in the bottom」
「Oh, thanks. …Houhou. It’s convenient as usual」

Risty stared at the bottom of the plug that Yuuto handed. Risty fiddled the dial and she applied it to her anus when she was satisfied. Did she like it? It seems that she intends to put it in for the whole day.

「The characters on my stomach and on my back needs another week. You have duties next week right? Well, please remember seeing that character」
「Fufu, good grief. I’m going to meet the royalty of another country with this figure? … I feel slightly aroused」

Risty wet her lips in excitement, Yuuto turned back smiling.
Speaking of Asuka, the heroes are much more perverted than expected, but there’s also a lot of stress. ‘Will there be a reaction?’, Yuuto stood up

「Of course, the castle too?」「1.もちろんお城でもですよ?」

Yuuto smiles, Risty squirmed her body shyly.
◆  ◆  ◆
「Seriously amazingー. Captain, what does this mean?」
「Hii, T-this is you see…」

Risty looked at her surrounding subordinates. A crowd was formed around Risty.

『Ah, of course, please put the stomach and back on a live show』

Yuuto said that, she tried to visit the castle with her usual light clothing. For some reason, Risty has been surrounded by her subordinates.

The number of people is more than ten, they stare at her stomach and her back. Risty’s head is filled with shame.

(I-I can’t say. I’ll never say that it’s『Pervert』and 『Mate wanted』)

Having her vision spinning around, Risty was able to speak somehow.

「…I-It means s-stongest. …Maybe

The surrounding men stopped after hearing Risty’s mutter. Then, it boiled up the next moment.

「A-amaziiiiing! As expected of captain!! I should take notes!!」
「This is some sort of magic?」
「Always wearing strength. What faith」

The surroundings were noisy arbitrarily. Risty turned her back wanting to run away faster.

「Then that means captain, this character on the back too!?」
「What does it mean, captain!?」

The escaping Risty stopped her body. *Gigigigi*, Risty turned around awkwardly.

「T-this is. That. …I-It means my own loyalty…I guess」

Desperation. The shame is storming, Risty voice is trembling.

「As expected of Captaiiiiin!!」
「I must take notes」

The members rise again from the explanation. Risty murmured ‘help’ from the members that are still heating up.
◆  ◆  ◆
Several days later.

「Look at this. Two characters of 『t変態』 in my armor」1
「Amazing. Aren’t you already the strongest?」

They raised noise at the barracks of the imperial guards. The members show their armor at each other.

「I have my helmet decorated with 『変態』 Looking at this, even the demon king would run away」

The young man pointed at his head proudly. In front of his red helmet are two characters of 『変態』shining.

「Me too. Well, my 『交尾相手募集中』’s2 mantle reaches my feet」

A tall man displayed the mantle on his back. The surroundings says ‘wonderful’ on the characters written on his hero mantle.

「Fufufu. Naïve naïve. You’re being naïve!!」

A duo barged in grinning on the noisy group.

「Look at it! My loyalty is written on my body!!」

Taking of his jacket, the bearded man put force in his back. Seeing that appearance, all of them sent awe to him.

「Carving it on the body directly. …Kuh, I’ll do it next week」

The mantle man envied the man with pervert written on his back. Then, the pervert man looked at his neighbor bearded man.

「Hou. So it’s the back? …Fufu, be impressed at my right arm」

Fufufu, the man raised his right arm. What’s written there is the character of 『交尾相手募集中』

「Unu. What a wonderful carving」
「As expected, compromise isn’t permitted if you carry this word」

The men gathered on the bearded man. ‘Which store?’ they asked. The man said the name of the store.

「Ooo, that store!? Okay, I’m going there today」
「Guahahaha. Don’t be filled with brim. This 『変態』 troops will be superior!!」

Ooooooooo!! The dudes raised a roar.
Thus, the strongest men of Trisulia was born here.
・・・ ・・・ ・・・
Filthy anchor

Offensive power: F~A Synthesis Rarity: A
Supplement: an anal plug Yuuto made for Risty. Metallic, the surface never sticks to the mucous membrane, it’s suitable for long time use. The weight adjustment was added per Risty’s request. By turning the bottom dial, the weight can be adjusted from 5gram to 1000 kilograms.
For some reason it ignores the law of conservation of mass, it was a treasure tool that was made on a whim. Did Risty like it? She used it daily.


  1. They don’t know the meaning, I guess? I’ll be keeping the kanji. It means pervert though
  2. Mate wanted