Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Volume 2 Chapter 7

Chapter 7: The strongest are burdened (2)

「Fuaa. …What’s going on this early in the morning?」

The cool wind drifts through weekday mornings, Yuuto called out to someone onthe corner of the garden while rubbing his drowsy eyes.

「Fuu! Fuu! Ah, Yuuto. Morning」

Asuka turned around to Yuuto while wiping her sweat. Her face was filled with freshness.
An imitation sword on her right hand. Indeed it was a sword that Asuka asked Yuuto to make for practice. It’s heavy but there’s no sharpness.

「…What are you doing?」
「You can’t tell from looking? I’m training」

Taking a breather, Asuka took the glass that’s put on the top of the table in the garden. Drinking the water, Asuka gripped her sword again.

「Why again? …Is there a meaning?」

‘Sorry to interrupt you getting fired up’, Yuuto asked Asuka curiously. Asuka’s physical strength is already amplified by Yuuto’s treasure tool. The sword training doesn’t seem to have meaning anymore.

「What are you talking about. Certainly, your treasure tools are amazing but I myself holds the sword. Even the scarlet sword won’t have a meaning if it didn’t hit」

Asuka continued to swing the heavy sword without extending the treasure tool. It’s different from kendo’s practice swinging but the movement is practical.
Guessing from Asuka’s mental state, Yuuto didn’t pry further.

Recently it was Risty. Asuka’s sword skill didn’t even graze Risty. Yuuto thought it can’t be helped as an opponent is an opponent, Asuka seems to be thinking something else. ‘With that said, during this past month, I feel that I’ve heard Asuka’s shout from the garden.’ Yuuto’s life is basically self-indulgence, but he gets up early from time to time.

「…Well, please don’t overstrain yourself」
「Unn. Call me when breakfast is ready」

Yuuto went to the dining area as Asuka directs a backward glance while training hard.
◆  ◆  ◆
「Ah, Yuuto-sama. Good morning」
「Un, Morning. Sasha is early too」

When Yuuto arrived at the kitchen, Sasha greeted him as she was surprised lightly. It’s because Yuuto doesn’t get up early. Yuuto sits on the chair and looks a the dining.

「…Does Asuka-sama do that thing every morning?」

Yuuto muttered while spreading the newspaper Sasha put on the table. Though Sasha is preparing breakfast, she replied without stopping her work.

「Yes, recently she does. …Yuuto-sama does not do those things?」

While expanding the bacon on the frying pan, Sasha divided the egg with one hand. The sound of oil bouncing was heard, Yuuto’s belly grumbled.

「I, don’t do that kind of physical training. I move my head without scratching the sweat in front of the desk. 」

‘Is it bacon and eggs this morning?’, Yuuto turned the page. Though Sasha’s bacon and egss are good, Yuuto is fond of it being a bit burned.

「Oh. There are various types of heroes too」

While combining the bacon and fried egg, Sasha measured the burn with her eyes. For Sasha, Yuuto and Asuka are cloudlike existence. She also doesn’t have doubts about Yuuto’s training method.

「Asuka-sama too, she doesn’t particularly need to do that …Really」

Yuuto scratched his head as he imagined Asuka sweating very hard. ‘Oh, I can only blame myself’, Yuuto gritted his molars.

Still, Asuka of the Scarlet Sky arnament is specially made. Though Yuuto is already accustomed in his own ability, he hadn’t made a treasure tool beyond that. The reason doesn’t come up to him, Yuuto listened to Asuka’s shout while making a difficult face.

「…Why does she work that hard?」

‘I feel like I don’t understand something’, Yuuto dropped the newspaper.
◆  ◆  ◆
「Waa, It’s Asukaー」
「Please shake hands with me!」

Yuuto watched Asuka being surrounded by the crowd.

「Thank you everyoneー」

Asuka wearing the armor, sprinkle her smile over the townspeople. Asuka showed a gentle smile on the children gathering.

Asuka is a popular figure in the town. Unlike other one-digit heroes, Yuuto thinks that there are a lot of popular actions.
The town daughter in the sweet shops of the castle town also lined up in the procession. She nursed Yuuto when he got drunk in the bar. The people’s eyes doesn’t mind the fashion of the theater and they just wail.

That’s right, she’s intimate with the townspeople which is unexpected of heroes. The other day she even helped the farmers in the neighborhood harvest.

Checking the big clock on the Trishulia’s castle, Yuuto looked back at Asuka. After this, they have to attend the regular meeting of the imperial guards today.

「Asuka-sama, we’ll be late」
「Sorrry. Everyone, see you laterー」

The children were clasping Asuka’s hand, and looked back apologetically at Yuuto. Yuuto walked ahead saying that there’s no need to apologize.

「…It seems that you’ve become a hero don’t you?」
「Eh? I-Is that sooo? …Well. This and that are all thanks to you」

‘Ahahaha’, Asuka smiled wryly. However, Yuuto denied it in his mind.

(It’s not)

Yuuto wants to say that to Asuka.
Hero. Yuuto thought that he won’t be a real hero.

Therefore, a girl like Asuka. The arms can be worn surely.

「Should we eat the cake after the meeting ends?」
「Eh? Really!? Yuuto’s treat!?」

Asuka’s eye sparkled hearing Yuuto’s mutter. No, Yuuto wants to take back the word ‘treat’ from Asuka but seeing her expression, he stopped.

「You see. There are really delicious shops at east. Let’s buy also for Sasha when we return」

Yuuto answered ‘Yes Yes’, on the Asuka’s cheerful voice.

Peaceful time.

Feeling it on his skin, Yuuto looked at his right hand.

「…Hero, it is?」

Yuutu’s murmur was washed away by the town’s hustle.
◆  ◆  ◆
「Oo, Yuuto-dono. Please look at my mantle」
「Asuka-sama, do you know the meaning of the two characters engraved on my chest?」
「What about Yuuto-dono? I’ll show you a good store」

When Yuuto went inside the barracks, he opened his mouth like a fish.

「Fumuu. This two characters『変態』. Does Yuuto-dono know it?」

Showing a triumphant face, the redhead swordsman showed off his breastplate. What’s there is a strangely well drawn kanji of 『変態』drawn in it.

「Waaー Coolー」

Asuka touched the swordsman breastplate recklessly. Yuuto stared at the proud swordsman with wide eyes.

Looking around, almost everyone are full of 『変態』and 『交尾相手募集中』.

If I can’t run away. As quickly as possible. Thinking that, Yuuto remember the coldness of the character.

「Okay, we’re going to start the regular meeting」

Then, a familiar voice was heard. Yuuto rushed into Risty who’s holding documents on one hand.

「Captain!! What does this mean?」
「…N, What’s wrong Yuuto? Doing it in front of others. Let’s do those things in the night」
「Gaaaa!! It’s not the time to talk about that!! This, Thiiiis!?」

Yuuto showed to the blushing Risty the situation of the barracks. Seeing that, Risty looked around curiously and speak.

「Yuuto, what are you saying…!?」

Risty opened her eyes wide. The members have assembled in Risty.

「Oh, Captain. Please look at this, our brave figure」
「How’s it? This unity. Isn’t it wonderful?」
「We thought of making this the flag’s figure. Please look at it」

Saying that, a tall man handed over a spear. The pattern printed on the large flag are two characters of 『変態』like it’s natural.

「We were impressed by Captain Risty.」
「We are the『変態』corps We want to be alongside our 『変態』captain from now on」

The members talking passionately, Risty’s legs trembled. Of course, those characters are still left on Risty’s back and stomach.

「…What does this mean, Captain?」
「Haha. Hahaha. Like hell I know. …Hahaha. I, the imperial guards are. Princess too…Hahaha」

Risty laughs powerlessly, Yuuto was unable to speak out further.

「Hey, Yuuto. Please write it on my armor tooー」

Asuka who doesn’t know the circumstances pulled Yuuto’s sleeve.