Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Volume 2 Chapter 8

Chapter 08: A new female Hero (1)

「…I don’t feel convinced」

Trishulia castle. Seeing the certificate being received from the windowm Yuuto spoke while frowning.

The hero services certification.
Praising your achievements we shall give you points.

「Even it’s called point it doesn’t make sense…」

Yuuto’s eyes stare at the certificate’s sentence.

We will raise your ranking.

「T-this is too small…」

Yuuto shakes his shoulder, Asuka is lying down laughing. Unable to endure it, she beats Yuuto’s shoulders.

「Hi, Hihihi. Isn’t that good? Y-You don’t want to stand out right? …Pukuku」

Tears accumulate on the corner of Asuka’s eye, Yuuto squinted his eyes.
Certainly, just like Asuka said, Yuuto doesn’t care about the ranking. However, even that said, Yuuto wants to gain something as a fruit of the life and death struggle he had.

「Well, it was a combination of captain Risty and me. It was reported on the society that it was captain Risty that subjugated but it would’ve been better if it got a bit higher」
「Eeeー. Did captain Risty manage to do it? If I didn’t go up at least I want her to drop lower」

While seeing Yuuto complain, Asuka breathed out while grinning. Though it’s said that Risty reported to the higher-ups, the points are a different story.

(This time, I’ll do something on captain)

Swearing in his mind, Yuuto put away the certificate on his pocket.

「Oo, what’s wrong everyone? …Ah, certificate? How was it?」

They’re going back after their business finished, Yuuto’s ears jumped hearing a familiar voice.
Turning around, the brown colored blonde haired commander raises her right hand while walking.

The character ‘Pervert’ was written on her stomach, Yuuto vomited a thin sigh.

「There’s nothing going on. Far from waste of time, the country was close to risk1 Despite that, I’m like a volunteer worker」

Risty guessed the circumstances from Yuuto’s sulking face. She approached the two people apologetically.

「Sorry about that, It’s my fault. …In exchange, I don’t mind you doing as you like with me」

Risty brought her lips close to Yuuto’s ear. Startled, Yuuto’s face blushed, Asuka draw her scarlet sword.
The dog collar disappeared and a scarlet sword appeared on Asuka’s right hand.

「Can you get away?」
「Oi Oi, that’s dangerous. Everyone’s looking, take it away, take it away」

Asuka looked around the surroundings hearing Risty. Certainly, the people in the castle are surprised at the trio.
The one digit hero rank. Asuka of the same corps points her sword on captain Risty. It’s strange if they don’t mind it.


Noticing the glances too late, Asuka puts away her scarlet sword in panic. Risty scratched her head to the shameful Asuka.

「…You, whenever it comes to Yuuto」
「It’s not!! You’re just abusing your authority!!」

Risty folded her arms in front of the blushing angry Asuka. Since Risty doesn’t understand love affairs at all, this kind of things makes her tilt her head.

「Oh, Isn’t that Risty?」

The moment Risty tilted her head there was a voice from her back. Hearing the polite voice, Risty turned back.

「Hm, Oh! Thunderbolt and Ruby. on your way back from subjugation?」

Risty raised her right hand with a smile on the two figures. Hearing the name from Risty’s mouth, Asuka’s eyes was surprised.

「Yes. I was having some expectations as it was an A-rank request but it turned out that the opponent isn’t that much. It was enough with Ruby alone」

The two people’s left side.2 Is a blonde girl that speaks proudly. She’s carrying a bow on her shoulder perhaps. Still, that’s a huge trophy. But, aside from the appearance and characteristic of the weapon, Yuuto had his eyes surprised.

Blonde ponytail. She’s small but not to Risty’s extent.
That’s okay there. The problem is the cover that exists in her face.


The mask was made of leather, it covers from her nose above. There’s no design on which you can peep from the gap. With that, you shouldn’t be able to see anything, Yuuto stared at the girl named Thunderbolt.

「Is that so? Well, if it’s the two of you then it probably is. …Then, I’m going back to work, so」

Risty sent a fleeting glance at Yuuto. Risty bowed and left smiling, Yuuto noticed that Asuka is trembling on the side.


Yuuto watched the two in front of me as Asuka is frozen solid. Not just Thunderbolt, Yuuto knows at glancer that the woman called Rubi isn’t a normal person either.


Then, the eyes of Thunderbolt caught Asuka over the mask. Her glance moved even though she shouldn’t be able to see, Yuuto and Asuka had their heartbeats jump.

Thunderbolt walked directly towards Asuka. Asuka had her vision look down then Thunderbolt opened her mouth unnaturally.

「Eeh, it’s you…the recently rumored prodigy rookie, Asuka-san?」
「Fue!? Ah, yes. It is, I think」

Asuka nodded to the words without understanding as Thunderbolt appraise her while folding her arms.
Yuuto watched the state in silence.

「Fuun. Certainly, what was it? I’m not interested so I fail to remember. …Ah, that’s right. Hero ranking. 9th place, isn’t that great? Well, I’m not interested though」
「T-thank you very much.」

Thunderbolt beats the floor while walking on tip toe, Asuka forced herself to smile as she’s at loss.
Looking around, the spectators gathered noisily. It seems that these two are famous.

「Oi, It’s thunderbolt-san agaain」
「Poor Asuka-san」

Yuuto heard the spectators murmurs. Feeling the bad omen, Yuuto shifted his attention on the woman in front of Asuka.

Though you can’t see her face with the eyemask, you can see her mouth opening while she fold her arms. She’s feeling hostile, it’s quite a troublesome thing.

「Fufu, you admitted it yourself. Prodigy Rookie, aren’t you quite confident?」
「Ah, no. T-that’s not…I still have a long way to go」

Asuka speaks ambigously as she was confused to the snickering Thunderbolt. It’s a very unpleasant atmosphere.
But, Thunderbolt kept on speaking without minding Yuuto’s glance.

「If it’s me, I won’t tell that you’re weak. Then, isn’t that rude to the people who overtook up until now?」
「Eh? No, t-that’s not my intention」

Seeing Asuka’s shoulder dropping, Yuuto’s eyebrow came into the center.

That time. Coming out to the rescue, Ruby, standing to next to Thunderbolt, opened her mouth.

「Ahahaa, forgive her. This girl lost her one digit rank when you surpassed her so she looks at you like you’re an enemy」

She laughed in a lively voice. Yuuto looked at he source of the voice in surprise.
He thought earlier that the height isn’t a question. Ruby’s height may exceed two meters, Yuuto did nothing but open his mouth.

Not just her back, her breast, ass and thighs are also big. Yuuto saw for the first time a breast bigger than Sasha’s.
Thunderbolt spoke angrily on the lively image of Ruby.

「Shut up Ruby. I am not such a narrow minded woman」
「Hahahaha, got it, got it. I’ll hear your complains in the bar. You look disgraceful in front of your junior」

Ruby hit Thunderbolt’s back violently. Thunderbolt scowled on Ruby angrily as she sway. No, since there’s an eye mask, it’s not seen.

Yuuto hardened his body to that body of Ruby.
Her clothes is like a pareo bikini twining around like a decoration. The exposure is too high that men would be happy but her tall build and breasts are above unbelievable so Yuuto’s eyes jumped.

(No way…?)

Ruby the Giant. Has magic seal in every corner. Even it’s not activated, it can be seen faintly. Just how many it is? Counting the number of the magic seal in her turned silly, it’s invisible on Ruby’s white skin.

Just carving one is risky. For it to be that many.

While Yuuto is surprised at Ruby’s body, Thunderbolt laugh while facing Asuka.

「Well, let’s get along from now on. One digit hero-san」
「Ah, yes. Same here」

Saying that, Thunderbolt turned back. Soon, Thunderbolt pitched forward while being burdened by the bow on her back.

「…Don’t make light of it. Hero ranking isn’t something that a small girl like you should climb」

Surely something happened to Thunderbolt along the way, Yuuto curiously opened his eyes wondering what happened.
Before sticking to the dashing Thunderbolt, Ruby raised both her hands and apologized.

「Sorry. She’s not a bad girl. Try to get along with her」
「Ruby! Let’s go already!」

To Ruby’s tall bowing figure, Yuuto really had his sweat dripping down.
Asuka had a confused expression, Yuuto shifted his attention.

Remembering that her back had lost, Asuka opened her mouth3

「Err, that’s the Tenth rank 『Certain Hit』Thunderbolt-san and rank 6th, Ruby-san, I think…」

Hearing Asuka’s mutter, Yuuto smiled wryly knowing that Ruby’s in higher rank.
The hero ranks is filled with perverts and troublesome people.

「…W-what should I do? I’m disliked」

Seeing the scared Asuka, Yuuto scratched his head thinking what’s wrong.


  1. とんだ無駄骨どころか、危うく国家の危機だったんですから。
  2.  二人のうちの左側。
  3.  居なくなった背中を思い出しながら、Asukaは自信なさげに口を開いた。