Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Volume 2 Chapter 9

Chapter 09: A new female hero (2)


At a later date, Yuuto was worried about yesterday as he visit the imperial guards office.
Yuuto asked vice captain Marx while he’s wearing a mantle with『交尾相手募集中』written on it.

「That’s right. What’s with that person?」

Yuuto knows that it’s a troublesome person. Sure enough, Marx answer was a bit vague.

「Uun, what should I say? She’s the tenth rank in the hero rankings 『Certain Hit』Thunderbolt That’s her nickname」

Hearing Marx words, Yuuto remember yesterday’s spoils of Thunderbolt. It felt so huge but it’s a bow by all odds.

「I see, 『Certain Hit』is it?」

There’s no better title for a bow user than that. But, that’s not what he want to hear right now.
Does Marx know it? He hesitates to open his lips.

「She, in a nutshell hates the figure of one Hero」

Yuuto asked Marx. Though he already knows it from the findings, it’s still a former one-digit hero. ‘What do you mean?’, Yuuto looked at Marx again.

「That’s what it means. She earns points in unfair ways, she steal other’s achievements, the dark rumors about her don’t stop」
「Oh, I see」

There were people around whispering. It seems that she doesn’t mind it but she doesn’t intend to deny it.

「Her ability is certain. But, it also helps her character1 …Actually, the voice of discontent raised when she was appointed with an Alias」
「Well, it’s likely」

Hero ranking. Although it’s a magnificent system that the country is proud of, as long as there’s the point system, there would be suspicions in some ways.
That said, Yuuto isn’t someone to say anything about that. Until now, Yuuto’s evaluation is an ally of Asuka that takes over her leftovers.

「Well, you can’t easily raise your hero rank by being a fraud. But, still, there are people doubting her evaluation. …or rather, why are we talking about Thunderbolt-san?」
「No, you see. I met her by chance」

Somehow, Yuuto has seen her. In short, she’s teasing the newbie.
According to Ruby’s words and the behavior of the person herself, Thunderbolt seems to not like Asuka.

He expected that there’s some envy as Asuka has jumped to the high ranker but it’s unexpected that this would happen.

「A narrow minded hero, good grief」

A huge long bow and an eyemask. Recalling the unique equipment of the female hero, Yuuto had applied his finger against his temple asking what to to.

If it’s said that there’s no problem then there shouldn’t be but he’s a worrisome person. When he heard the story, he’s uncertain of what harassment would come.

「I should do something about it」

Since he had learned a lesson from Risty, Yuuto tightly flicked the newspaper.

There’s the truth or error of the rumors but her ability seems to be the real deal.
Though it might be a good match, but Yuuto right now has no confidence of going into trouble with a former one-digit.

After all, she’s a bow user. He’d be pierced if he was noticed. He must avoid having to fight directly.

He was dubious when he tried to threaten Risty but ‘let’s grasp her weakness for the time being’, Yuuto raised his heavy hips.

「For the time being, should we see what’s under the mask. 」

It’s certain if he can get hold of the evidence of rumors. What kind of dust would come out? Yuuto clasp his right hand.
◆  ◆  ◆
『Thunderbolt? Oh, she’s basically inside the castle. After all, lookout is her main duty』

With the information he got from Risty a while ago, Yuuto quietly sneaked in the interior of the Trishulia castle.

Lookout of the castle. Her work seems to be an archer.2 She’s still a powerful person to be entrusted with that work.
For the time being, it’s better to take care. He confirmed the treasure tool on his head.
Yuuto advanced.

Though Yuuto is a member of imperial guards and he can stroll in the castle freely to some degree, there are exceptions.

There’s only one destination.
The men’s forbidden garden.

In short, the women’s bathroom.

「I want to try it once. Assaulting the women’s bath」

His cheeks loosened unintentionally at such time.
Bathing is usually done once a week in this world but it’s different in Trishulia castle. The large public bath can be used by people with limited status, it exists on the first floor of the castle.

Yuuto has gone to the men’s bath before but it’s his first time setting foot on the women’s bath.

「Well, this can’t be helped. After all, It’s Thunderbolt-san is in the bath. It can’t be helped」

‘Iyaa, I’m troubled’, Yuuto had a big smile while stepping in the bathroom.
Of course, he has equipped the 『Hidden clown』in his head. He just felt like sneaking around.

「Should I see her skin incidentally with her real face」

Yuuto endured laughing and passed under the entrance of the bathroom. He doesn’t need to suppress his voice but this is just for the mood.
The bath steam rolls in and Yuuto looked around to check.

According to Risty, Thunderbolt seems to be enjoying bath at this time of the day. It’s said that she’s always alone in this time.

Well, there’s no one that would enter the bath with someone who hates heroes.

It’s a very convenient custom. Yuuto listened to the splashing sound while grinning.

「Oh… oo」

On the direction of the sound, a long blonde hair and great ass jumps into Yuuto’s eyes. Yuuto’s breath leaked out unintentionally as the hot water from the bucket runs through Thunderbolt’s back.

(Ah, shit…)

His crotch rises3 Yuuto has thought that he’s been doing something unexpected this late.

Thunderbolt that was taking a breath after the hot water was poured has stood up.

Slender, yet the body has a slightly firm muscle.
Seeing Thunderbolt’s beautiful limbs, Yuuto gulped down.

Though Yuuto has experience with women, it’s different from the arousal in bed, Yuuto was embarrassed with the steam attacking.4


Thunderbolt muttered a word and she turned her body towards Yuuto. He was surprised for a moment but Yuuto grasped the 『Hiding clown』in his hand and calmed himself


Yuuto raised a cry after he see Thunderbolt putting her hand on her waist.
Her chest is good just like her ass. It’s not a big breast but it can’t be called small either. It can be wrapped with a palm, a just right size.

The pink nipples stands ahead, Yuuto had his throat dry up.

Looking at this way, her beauty is like a doll. It’s different from Asuka’s healthy white skin, it’s beauty is like an artwork from somewhere.

Then, Yuuto turned his feelings other than excitement to Thunderbolt.

(This person also wears an eyemask in the bath?)

Yuuto sends a surprised glance to Thunderbolt. Despite the top of her head being wet, Thunderbolt’s eyes still looks covered.

‘What does this mean?’, Yuuto looks at Thunderbolt seriously.
When he looked closely, it’s quite a beautiful face. Even her nose and mouth, it tells that she’s really beautiful.

‘Fumu’, putting his hand in his chin, Yuuto’s eyes fell onto Thunderbolt’s chest. The shape of the nipples is good too. It’s a outrageous body, Yuuto groaned unconsciously.

Then, Thunderbolt spoke in a tired way towards the staring Yuuto.

「…Then? What do you need from me? Hentai-san」

A cold voice resounds in the bath.


Naturally, Yuuto raised a stupid voice and the sound dissolved along with the sound of dripping water.


  1. ただ、本人の性格も手伝って。
  2. Thunderbolt is a faker!