Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Volume 2 Chapter 10

Chapter 10: A new female hero (3)

『…Then? What do you need from me? Hentai-san』

Thunderbolt’s voice echoed inside Yuuto’s head.
Understanding the meaning of those words, Yuuto tilted his head.

Gripping the shuttlecock of the hat on his head, he confirmed that it’s certainly working.
『Hiding Clown』 It’s Yuuto’s trump card that even Risty passed.

Yuuto looked behind, asking who she’s talking to. He didn’t notice, Is there anyone aside from himself?
Yuuto’s having such thoughts, but there’s no one in front of his eyes.

Yuuto tilted his head again and Thunderbolt opened her mouth like she’s genuinely amazed.

「I’m talking to you. You. Using such tool to sneak in」

That moment, Yuuto’s heart jumped up. He thought that there’s no way it could be but Thunderbolt’s face looks straight at Yuuto over the eyemask.
Yuuto felt his throat dry up as Thunderbolt sent her fore finger on his nose.

「You’re found out already. Not having the resolution to show up, you’re disgraceful. 」

Thunderbolt’s limbs doesn’t hide anything, Yuuto finally realized his defeat. Yuuto released the 『Hidden clown』to calm down his quick pulse.

「Oh, You’re. If I’m not mistaken, you’re next to Asuka-san…」

Thunderbolt opened her mouth as she was surprised to Yuuto that appeared. Hearing that words, Yuuto bit his molar. It seems that she wasn’t able to grasp who he is.

But, Yuuto having such state of mind, Thunderbolt declared blankly.

「Correct. If you want to run away, your heart would stop」

Hearing Thunderbolt’s cold-hearted voice, Yuuto was ‘Right’, as he sweat. There’s no more room for excuses.

However, it’s not like there’s no impatience running through Yuuto’s back.
After all, he relaxed his guard when equipped with 『Hiding clown』so he’s not wearing a defensive treasure tool.

Even there’s the rumors, Thunderbolt is still a rank 10 hero. If he show’s a strange behavior, his heart would stop beating even before he can equip a treasure tool.

He’d try not to stimulate Thunderbolt as much as possible, Yuuto raised both his hands showing that he’s surrendering.

「Uhm…I’m not a suspicious person」
「Is entering ladies’ bath secretly using a treasure tool not suspicious?」

Taking drastic measures. Yuuto’s panicking with his teary eyes. He desperately shook his head as it’s necessary to not make a mistake here.
For the time being, it must be shown that he’s not hostile, Yuuto raised his voice towards Thunderbolt.

「S-sorry! Uhm, you see…」
「Why are you peeping during my bath? Speak honestly, but choose your words wisely」

Thunderbolt’s tone shows consent, Yuuto’s word was stopped. Yuuto who’s opening his mouth desperately, must choose his words.

「Actually, that…I want to see Thunderbolt-san…I want to see your naked skin!」

Thunderbolt instinctively asked back after hearing Yuuto’s trembling teary voice.
Those words unintentionally leaked out of his mouth, half of it was his honest feelings, Thunderbolt looked at Yuuto in a surprised manner as she told that he shouldn’t lie.

「Do you really wanted to see me naked?」
「Uu, sorry. Since I was confident on erasing my presence, I thought I won’t be found out」

‘Please forgive me’, Yuuto said, Thunderbolt lowered her hand. He feels relieved as she lower her finger, Yuuto sent an upward glance to Thunderbolt.

While his eyes are teary and his tone is out of order, Thunderbolt sends a serious line of sight to Yuuto.

「Well. Certainly, I recognize your stealth ability. …But, make a better lie. Even if my skin is seen, it can’t be helped」
「Eh, What?」

Hearing Thunderbolt, Yuuto tilted his head. Yuuto’s eyes really look innocent that Thunderbolt was dumbfounded for a moment.
Yuuto continued speaking at that interval.

「Thunderbolt-san is beautiful. Your skin is…sexy」

Saying that, Yuuto removed his glance from Thunderbolt shyly. Though it’s forgotten from the sudden development, Thunderbolt is still naked.

The muscle and fat have a beautiful ratio, Yuuto basfully glanced at Thunderbolt’s body.

Fair skin. Golden bush. The well shaped chest has a point ahead. Thunderbolt noticing the glance of Yuuto, that’s when she first looked at her body.

「Ah. …W-wait!?」

In order to intercept the intruder, she’s in attack mode. Thunderbolt was attacked by the shame of her skin being seen by a man she just met.

「N-no~ What are you looking at!」

Suddenly, she hid her chest and bush with her arm. Seeing that appearance, Yuuto thought that it’s rude and faced the other way.
Perceiving the rise on Yuuto’s crotch, Thunderbolt was dyed red. Though she doesn’t believe all of Yuuto’s testimonies but it seems that this man in front of her is really a lecher.

「…You, aren’t you Asuka’s henchman? Speak honestly. Were you asked by Asuka-san to grasp my weakness」

Yuuto’s heart rang to the guess of Thunderbolt. As expected, even she’s corrupt, she still has an alias. Unable to keep secrets, Yuuto bowed to Thunderbolt.
It would be a problem if he would be misunderstood.

「This isn’t Asuka-sama’s order. It’s my own decision. I’m deeply sorry」

Yuuto bowed deeply and Thunderbolt was able to guess the gist of situatiuon. Since she was the one who started to stir up Asuka, Thunderbolt stopped her words.

But though he’s perverted, he has wonderful loyalty. The one who holds the name『Certain Hit』does covert actions. Even if killed, there won’t be any complaints.

Glaring at Yuuto’s body, Thunderbolt folded her arms in interest.

「Are you and Asuka-san in a romantic relationship?」

A sudden question. Yuuto looked up as he doesn’t know what it means, Thunderbolt’s glance was serious, Yuuto opened his mouth indecisively.

「Romantic or lordship?」
「Relationship between a man and a woman?」

Hearing Yuuto’s evasive words, Thunderbolt chased. Then, Yuuto nodded. It’s not lovers but it’s true that they have physical relationship.

Thunderbolt’s cheeks raised from Yuuto’s nod./ Yuuto’s back trembled as Thunderbolt had her smile floating.

◆  ◆  ◆

「Hora, you don’t have to endure it, just release it and it’ll be easy」

Yuuto’s groin is wrapped up by the the rustling feeling. The soft white finger is tracing his slimy penis.


In the middle of the ladies’ bath, Yuuto frowned in an embarrased way.

「Oh? You’re quite persistent」

A little surprised, he looked at the hourglass thunderbolt placed aside. The fallen sand hadn’t reached half yet. Thunderbolt’s finger moved bit by bit, Yuuto endured his voice.
That said, Yuuto has experience with Sasha and risty. He can’t cum that easy.

「Fufu, enduring my attack. Asuka-san is quite good」

Though she hides her eyes under the mask so he won’t understand her, Yuuto was like ‘What’s up with that’ on the smiling Thunderbolt as he scratched his cheek.

Thunderbolt’s hand skill is awkward even though it feels good. It’s like that she’s trying to practice the knowledge she learned from the book for the first time.

「Feel honored. This me, the former one digit hero 『Certain Hit』Thunderbolt is inviting you in pleasure this way
「Haa. Thank you very much」

Yuuto’s answer was tepid, Thunderbolt was laughing ‘Fufufu’
Why does this person is so proud? Yuuto asked in his mind while tilting his head.

『If you endure my attack until the hourglass drops, I’ll forgive you』

Saying that, Thunderbolt proudly declared five minutes ago. Not knowing whatever, Yuuto exposed his lower half in the ladies’ bath.

But, he can’t be defeated in this match. Yuuto continues to recall Thunderbolt’s words five minutes ago.

『On the contrary, if you came. You will be mine』

She declared the conditions filled with confidence so Yuuto is bracing himself. Though the proposal is attractive at glance, he can’t receive the conditions. Becauseーー

「Fufu. Asuka-san’s frustrated voice is floating in my eyes. …You hear? You’ll say this in front of Asuka-san. Thunderbolt-san that’s much more charming that Asuka-sama, I have fallen for her…right?」

While muttering such a thing, Thunderbolt is stroking Yuuto’s penis wholeheartedly. Does she not know how to adjust her power? Yuuto exhales as he felt slight pain from the friction.

‘If it’s like this then it should be fine’ In front of Yuuto that thinks that, Thunderbold was just smiling earnestly.

◆  ◆  ◆

After 15 minutes, the sand of the clock has completely fallen, Thunderbolt looked at it completely stunned.

「W-why…even though I did it properly」

Thunderbolt feels flustered and Yuuto scratched his head asking ‘what’s with her?’
In the end, it turned painful and it withered. After the time has passed half, thunderbolt has began to make efforts even though it turned like that. Thanks to that, it’s still painful but, a match is a match, he doesn’t have the obligation to point it out.

But, Yuuto decides on how should he call out the down hearted Thunderbolt.

「Uhm…I’m going back then. …Is that okay?」

‘Let’s return before Thunderbolt change her mind.’ Yuuto had such thoughts but thunderbolt was just trembling and trembling without answering so he didn’t move instead. Staying silent, he doesn’t know what to do.


Thunderbolt muttered something. Yuuto instinctively answered as he didn’t catch it, Thunderbolt raised her voice.

「Unfair! Unfaiiir! Even though it’s my first time!」
「Eeee!? Was that your first time!?」

Yuuto had his eyes open wide hearing Thunderbolt’s shout. He thought that she was unskilled but he never thought that it was her first time.

「T-T-T-T-That’s not it! I-It’s the first time I handled such an insensitive man like you, that’s what I’m saying!」

Though Thunderbolt denies it in a hurry, it was already too late. Looking at her like a pitiful person, Yuuto stared at Thunderbolt’s body.

Although the atmosphere and the mood is already gone, Thunderbolt’s body is still charming. Yuuto thinks that her beauty is regrettable, he sighed. Risty is fine but are all high rank heroes like this?

「Wait! What’s with that face!?」

Thunderbolt lifts her eyebrows while complaining loudly, Yuuto frowned. Though it’s interesting as she glosses it over but she seems to be a tiring partner.

‘Let’s obediently flee and end this here’, Yuuto opened his mouth. At that time., Thunderbolt’s face is dyed red and it says that it’s not done yet.

「It’s your turn next! I-If you make me cum, I’ll forgive you!」

Thunderbolt doesn’t even know what she’s saying because she’s agitated, Yuuto’s lips has stopped.

If you said that, then there’s no reason to retreat.