Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Volume 2 Chapter 11

Chapter 11: A new female hero (4)

「N…Ah, ah. nn」

While hugging the trembling body of Thunderbolt from behind, Yuuto breathed out to calm his pulse.

He gently picked the point that was hard between the forefinger and thumb from both hands.

「Hin. Ah, Ah…fugu」

Thunderbolt raise a lovely voice every time he moves his finger, Yuuto frowned as he’s troubled.
He shifted the movement and rubbing of his hand from the chest to the nipples.

「Oh, Ah. N, Nuuu~」

While his finger had been filled with the soft feeling of her white skin, though it can’t be called big, Thunderbolt certainly holds a feminine body line as her chest fills his hand.

Though he can’t confirm because of the eyemask, Thunderbolt’s state has her mouth left half-open.
Love nectar is dripping from her crotch, Yuuto asked what’s wrong

「Thunderbolt-san? …You came, right?」
「I-I didn’t. NNn. I didn’t cum. …Hiu」

Thunderbolt’s condition of her body is shaking since a while ago. Even Yuuto, was perplexed as he didn’t expect that she’d cum from just having her breast rubbed.

『Well, in your case, you can’t make me raise my voice』

She boasted few minutes ago. Thunderbolt’s body is already done even before it was touched.
Was she not used to being seen? When Yuuto hugged her from behind the tip of her chest became erect, he didn’t do anything in particular yet her ears reddened and her body jumped up.

To test it, Yuuto reached for Thunderbolt’s abdomen. She’s probably a virgin anyway, Yuuto bushed Thunderbolt’s clitoris, being careful not to touch inside the hole.

「Ou!? Ahn, Nhiiii!!」

As expected, Thunderbolt raised her voice. Her legs tremble and she’s drooling.
Lightly amazed, Yuuto rubbed the clitoris pinched by his finger.

「Ah, afu! T-thats…nkuu!?」

Bending her body, Thunderbolt’s legs opened lewdly. Her muscular power is on top class yet, it sees that it’s it’s doubtful for her to support her weight.
Thunderbolt had her posture turned bowlegged so she entrusted half of her convulsing body to Yuuto.

Why is this person filled with confidence?
Thinking that, Yuuto was dripping in sweat.

Enduring it or making her cum? That’s not the problem. Risty is easily five times more enticing than the 10th in hero rank, Yuuto sent an anxious glance.

「Hora. You came didn’t you? The match is already my win」
「I-I didn’t…! didn’t cum. I didn’t cum…noo~」

While rubbing her clitoris, Thunderbolt kept insisting that she didn’t cum while twitching. When it comes to this, there’s no other way for Yuuto.

Certainly, compared to men that has easy indicators of ejaculation, women orgasm is difficult to judge. As long as Thunderbolt doesn’t say that she came, the situation would only turn into an endless arguement.

「But still, what a sensitive body. …By the way, Thunderbolt-san, you saw through my 『Hidden clown』 How did you do that?」

To make Thunderbolt whose breathing is in disorder take a break, Yuuto stopped moving his finger. Thunderbolt has fixed her breathing and she heard Yuuto’s casual question.

Since she always has her eye mask on, Thunderbolt doesn’t seem to rely on sight. But, the 『Hidden clown』is a first class among Yuuto’s treasure tools. Reading the presence is something that won’t be surpassed to such degree.

Even when he fought Risty, she wasn’t able to react because he disappeared in front of her suddenly. This time it was different. Yuuto equipped the 『Hiding Clown』before he entered the castle.

Yuuto has a curious face, Thunderbolt exhaled and spoke up.

「Ah, I’m shocked. You, you know me yet you dare to challenge me?」

Her tired tone was completely from her heart. Without knowing what it means, Yuuto sent out a stupid voice.

「I have the strongest detection magic among the heroes. This eye mask controls my sensing abilities because it’s too strong. Your treasure tool may be excellent but the moment you entered the castle, I already caught you」

Thunderbolt explained indifferently. For Thunderbolt to speak it proudly without minding, that thing might be natural for her.

「But, then if you know then you shouldn’t’ve entered the bath」
「I noticed that you don’t have big hostility. Also, I’m 『Certain Hit』Thunderbolt. You think covers have meaning?」

Hearing Thunderbolt, Yuuto gulped down his saliva. If he entered with a bit more evil thought, he’d have a hole in his heart right now.

Still, it’s an outrageous ability. Even if she doesn’t cheat, the 10th place could be grasped. Yuuto tilted his head due to the incompatibility from Marx’s story.

But, one mystery was solved with that.
Yuuto stroked Thunderbolt’s nipple gently as experiment.


Just with a light touch, Thunderbolt raises a sweet voice already. Thunderbolt’s limb soaked in the afterglow and Yuuto now has confidence.

(After all, this person is sensitive like a fool!)

He don’t know why but it’s not irrelevant to the earlier talk. She has the strongest perception ability among the heroes. It’s definitely relevant to sexual stimulation too.

Apart from the usual, It seems that she has entered a state where the switch was flipped.
Thinking that she’s interesting, Yuuto moves Thunderbolt’s clitoris in a circular manner. Thunderbolt raised her jaw and a voice like a sea lion came out.

「O, Ou! Fuu, O, Oo!」
「Hahaha. Good Good」

Though Yuuto doesn’t know what’s good, for the time being, he enjoys hugging thunderbolt. Supporting her like this, she’s likely to fall on her feet from the convulsions.

「But, you say it’s the best among all the heroes? How amazing it is to be concrete?」
「A-about 20 kilometers. If it’s that, even if I have my mask on, nhii, there’s no problem, I can capture them」

Thunderbolt speaks of her range while panting. Hearing a certain confidence among the disordered voice, Yuuto raised an honest praise.


It’s no longer on the dimension of visible or invisible. He heard from Risty that Thunderbolt shoulders the defense of the imperial city but who would’ve imagined that it would be to this extent.

「If you’re that amazing, then there’s no need to be unfair」

The moment he muttered those words, Thunderbolt’s words were stopped. Yuuto stopped poking the gap, Thunderbolt smiled while mocking herself.

「Well, my magic I’m skilled at is flight magic. The shot my bow make increases in power and speed without decelerating, it’ll continue to fly until it hits the target. …I tell, I don’t remember being unfair」

As if saying that she’s tired of it, Thunderbolt continued speaking. Bothersome, give it up, those kind of opinions.

However, Yuuto’s didn’t care about the truth of the rumor. He’s just surprised at Thunderbolt’s story.

Chasing after a target, it’s a super long distance attack. As a modern person, Yuuto can understand that it’s a very powerful weapon.
It can be called a missile. Depending on the operation, she’d be the most marvelous hero, Yuuto stared at Thunderbolt that’s dumbfounded.

「…W-what? Your face looks so happy」

Seeing Yuuto’s expression, Thunderbolt frowns. Without care of the eyes deep in the eye mask, Yuuto leaked out his honest impressions.


Yuuto suddenly shouted, Thunderbolt flinched. Thunderbolt was perplexed as she doesn’t know what’s going on, Yuuto continued to speak in an excited tone.

「M-Missile…isn’t that super amazing!? Why are you the 10th? Shouldn’t you be higher?」

Surely, this country doesn’t understand the usefulness of Thunderbolt correctly. The origin of the rumors about being unfair was somehow understood by him now.

Her ability isn’t properly evaluated.

But, Yuuto can understand. Her potential has the possibility of exceeding Risty and Asuka.

「Because, if we have Thunderbolt-san, aren’t we in complete control if we have air superiority.1 If you attacked at a superior range, they can’t do anything do deal with it」

Even in earth’s armaments, rudder was cut from the thermal power to emphasize range. It wouldn’t be an exception in this world. Even if there’s no gun, it’s still natural on Bows.

「No, not just the range. With your perception ability, you’d surely be able to turn over battle situations」

If anything, she’s a sonar device. Furthermore it’s a missile. Honestly, depending on how she’s used, it’s not strange for her to par a thousand men.

「I see, the importance of intelligence warfare isn’t explained yet. …Ah, this world has humans resembling thoughtless monsters. They’re just bulldozing and letting the principle pass by」

Even so. Yuuto feels angry as she’s not evaluated. Even the dark rumors can be traced that it comes from those who are jealous of her.

Thunderbolt’s mouth was open agape from hearing Yuuto’s rant. Though she doesn’t know what a missile means, She understands what Yuuto is trying to say.
And, Thunderbolt’s cheeks loosened in a moment.

「I-Isn’t that right!? That’s right! My long distance attack and intelligence warfare is the best! No one understands!」

paa, Thunderbolt’s expression turned cheerful. It can be seen even with the mask. Her whole face is smiling.

「Don’t you think that it’s nonsense for them to think that Heroes should cross swords directly!? What’s wrong with attacking on safe zone!? As long as I can help everyone, isn’t that fine!?」
「That’s right! You don’t have to risk yourself from being injured!」

Thunderbolt’s smile widened after Yuuto agreed. Thunderbolt was trembling on a different meaning earlier, Yuuto was able to sympathize the source of her twisted personality.

Even heroes are human2 Driven off with a proper evaluation, she’d definitely be distorted if she’s being criticized as unfair.

「Well, but, the match is another story so just cum already」

Thunderbolt that trembles in delight has reached it immediately when her clitoris is suddenly plucked.
Thunderbolt collapsed from her waist and Yuuto stared at her with a cheerful smile.
・・・ ・・・ ・・・
Medusa’s Sealing cloth.

Magical Defense power A+ Synthesis Rarity A
Supplement: It’s a magic restraint tool with a shape of an eye mask that’s equipped to Thunderbolt. It’s originally a treasure tool that’s used to make a demon with a strong demon eyes powerless but, Thunderbolt’s used it habitually as a limiter for her own too powerful perception ability. Even her vision is cut off, it won’t make much sense to her.
Even Yuuto’s prided 『Hidden clown』is able to be seen by Thunderbolt even without her seal released.


  1. No, bullshit Ta-class making a crit on my Akagi!
  2. Except Superman