Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Volume 3 Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Female Hero 1Triangle (1)

「Naaaaa. Ah…O, Ooo」

A lewd voice echoes in the room. Thunderbolt’s face is dyed in shame as she expose her indecent bowlegs.

Because of repeated ejaculation, Thundebolt’s whole body is as sensitive as her erogenous zones. Thunderbolt who lost her strength was lead to the top of the bed by Sasha.

Even so, Thunderbolt is still rock hard erect that even if it’s not touched it makes a pulse.

「Oh. Did you see it Yuuto-sama? Just pinching her nipples made her let it out even that wasn’t touched」
「A, auuu. S-spare me already. It’s my loss already…nuu」

Thunderbolt petitions that she lost. Moreover, Sasha put her hand on the penis while smiling.

「You can’t do that. Making a move on someone else’s master. Hey, It hadn’t reached it since a while ago」

Zuryuzuryu, Sasha’s finger squeezed the treasure tool skillfully. The semen dashed out as she can’t resist, Sasha stared at the glass put on the floor happily.

「Didn’t I tell you that I’ll spare you once you filled that glass? Fufu, You’re『Certain hit』Thunderbolt aren’t you? Isn’t that easy?」
「I-I told you. If my flight magic didn’t touch it…hey, eu, o, ooon!!」

Thunderbolt’s excuse wasn’t accepted. She has ejaculated more than thirty times, the penis has completely become sensitive that every time it’s touched, it would release white semen.

Still, semen has accumulated on the floor on the side of the bed. She ejaculated with an unexpected momentum once but only one drop entered, it was a sprinkle over a thirsty soil.

「If you move your waist it might reach it. Hora, pull your waist like your bow…」
「A, aa…stop, stop…」

Slowly, Sasha pulled Thunderbolt’s waist from behind. Her right hand holds the treasure tool, Sasha pushed Thunderbolt’s waist while grinning.

「Release it!」

Quickly, Thunderbolt’s waist was thrusted out and at the same time semen was spout out vigorously. The frolic Sasha pointed at the glass joyfully.

「Waa. Didn’t you just do it? Three drops went in. Let’s go on this pace」
「Uu. Uuuu…O, Ooo」

Thunderbolt’s panting voice can already be called a sea lion, Yuuto just quietly watched.

Looking at Thunderbolt’s dignity as an archer being swallowed in pleasure, Yuuto’s sweat drips.

「What should I do?」

His muttering didn’t reach Sasha who’s getting it on.

◆  ◆  ◆

After several hours, Sasha shows a refreshing smile after she has done a splendid work, She was shining in Yuuto’s eyes.2

「Fuuー. Please take a look, Yuuto-sama. How’s it? The finish」

While wiping off her sweat, Sasha smiles as she points at the white stain on the floor.
Yuuto just stared at what’s being pointed and nodded.

「Ah, Au…o,…ou」

What’s there is Thunderbolt with unsteady legs. She moves sloppily bowlegged, Thunderbolt masturbates with her own penis.

「O, Ou, N…ooo」
「Fufu, it’s still coming out」

The treasure tool has semen flowing out of the tip. The momentum of ejaculation is already lost as expected, Sasha nodded in satisfaction.

「Look, Thunderbolt-san. Do you want to say something?」

Sasha wraps from the back of Thunderbolt while giggling. Thunderbolt’s face can be seen that it has turned idiotic even she’s wearing an eye mask.

「Itshmylosh. …T-thwankyou fow stwokeeng my penish」
「Fufu, You’re welcome Look, don’t forget to apologize to Yuuto-sama too」

With her nipples being pinched, Thunderbolt’s legs trembled. While shaking her waist back and forth, Thundebolt squeezed her penis using both her hands.

「Oooou. I-I’m swowwy. penishishamazhing, pleashfowgwibmee. O, Ouun…Oo」

Zubyuzbyu, Yuuto can hear the sound of penis dirtied with semen being squeezed. While thinking of her true face under the eye mask, Yuuto watch as Thunderbolt’s groin swells.

「How’s it? Yuuto-sama? Was I helpful?」

To the giggling look of Sasha, Yuuto swore in his mind.
He’ll never try to anger her.

「Oh, Yuuto-sama…」

Yuuto swallowed his saliva and Sasha’s glance went down. What’s there is Yuuto’s swelling crotch.
Yuuto’s double was excited from Thunderbolt’s silliness, Sasha had a dark smile floating.

「Fufu, it’s already frozen solid. Your penis got bit」
「Ah, S-sorry!」

Sasha’s smile goes deeper as Yuuto panics. Yuuto tries to hide his groin, Sasha put her hand on her maid clothes.

Shururi, Sasha untied the string of the apron. Sasha took off her maid clothes as well.


On her feet are the servant clothes that were dropped. Yuuto instinctively raised his voice on the naked Sasha. His lower half has reacted, Sasha smiled gladly.

Yuuto gulped down his throat on the nipples of Sasha that’s only half out.

「Please let me serve you」
「Eh, no but…」

Sasha in front of him kneeled already, Yuuto averted his glance in confusion. Though there’s Sasha’s mouth and mountain, the main cause of his erection is Thunderbolt3 ‘I’ll make you ejaculate when your thing gets erect because of other women’, how can that be a thing, the thought make Yuuto feel bad.

Having foreseen Yuuto’s feelings, Sasha gently smiled.

「Fufu. It’s fine, getting big from other people. Even if it’s Asuka-sama, Risty-sama, even Thunderbolt-sama…even if it was entirely someone else. When it get hard, just tell Sasha」

Sasha’s tongue licked the tip of Yuuto.

「N, chu. Amu, Rero」
「Ah, S-sasha…」

Gently wrapped by the lips, Yuuto instinctively raised his voice., Sasha’s chest felt hot as her name was leaked out.

「Hora, please say it. Please order me. I want to cum with Sasha」
「Uaa, Ah, Sasha…wa」

Sasha rubs in the saliva she hung down. The point to the back, she stroke the penis politely and Yuuto’s body tremble.

「You don’t want to do it? It’s kind of trembling, I want it to release」
「E-Even if you say that…」

Sasha licks the balls while stroking the rod, Yuuto draws his eyebrows in as he’s at loss. It’s pleasant enough right now. But, if he doesn’t say anything, he’d hurt Sasha.
He thought for a moment and Yuuto called out to the kneeling Sasha with a small voice.

「Ah. Then, I want you to spread your legs…yeah」

Sasha opened her eyes wide in surprise. Spreading her legs, sex is different but it’s unnecessary to do lip pleasantries.
Without knowing what Yuuto meant, Sasha stared at her own thighs in confusion.

Sasha opens her well mannered sieza lightly. But, Sasha looked at Yuuto that seems to be different.

「You see. Raise your legs this way. That’s right, like a Yankee」
「Eh? Eh?」

Unable to bear it, Yuuto guides Sasha’s body. After a few seconds, Sasha looked down with red face and legs spread magnificently.

「Y-Yuuto-sama…T-this is, that…」

Sasha mumbled embarrassingly.
She’s ready to show her skin but, Sasha grew up on the monastery where it’s originally not allowed to show bare legs. The current situation is very embarrassing for her that there’s steam coming out from her dizzy head.

「Then, I want you to suck it」
「I-In this posture?」

Sasha’s face is dyed red and her heartbeat goes faster. The sarashi below her chest has been completely exposed, Sasha looked down in shame.

But, she imagined Yuuto’s face. Thinking about it, it’s the first time Yuuto has requested her agressively.
Sasha steeled herself and looked up.

「P-Please wait a moment」

Saying that, Sasha put her hand on the maid clothes she took off. She took a vial from the pocket of the apron, Yuuto was ‘What’s that?’ and tilted his head.

「I thought of using this when there’s a chance so I brought it」

Opening the lid of the vial, Sasha takes out the contents to her right hand. A sticky mucous sexual nectar spreads on top of Sasha’s palm.

「Is that…honey?」
「Certainly, it is honey. When I went out shopping, I secretly bought it on the town」

After warming it up a bit in her hand, Sasha smeared the honey on his penis. Unable to resist the stimulation, Yuuto speaks out in surprise.

「U, Sasha…that feels great」
「Fufu, I’m glad. I thought that you would be pleased by this」

Sasha spread her legs slowly while saying that. Spreading it wide open, she looked at Yuuto while crouching.

「Is this okay?」
「Y-Yeah. It looks so sexy. Thanks, Sasha」

Sasha smile blooms after hearing Yuuto’s words. Though it’s embarrassing, Sasha looked upwards to Yuuto as it can’t be helped.

「Uu, that face. Is quite good」
「Is that so? but, fufu. Really, it’s trembling and cute」

Sasha moves her finger much more intense than usual. Its like a lotion. Instead of the rub being reduced, she moves even more violently without the pain.

「Ah, Gu!」
「Hora, it got this hard. Are you aroused with Sasha’s skin?」

From the bottom of the pole, the edge of the glans, arriving at the pre-cum, Sasha does it carefully but her right hand strokes violently.

「It does. Sasha’s shitting posture is too erotic that it arouses me」
「Fue!? G-geez. You’re a hentai-san」

Though her face is dyed in shame, she saw Yuuto’s penis jumping up, Sasha took another vial from her pocket.

「This is a reward from the lewd maid to the perverted master」

Sasha poured the contents to her mouth.
Yuuto’s heart was in shock as Sasha put the honey lotion in her mouth.

「N, kuchu. Fufu, aan」

When the honey has smeared on her entire mouth, Sasha put Yuuto’s penis in her mouth.

「Nbu, habu」
「Nhi!? AH, Aku!?」

Yuuto’s body springs forward because it was his first time feeling that kind of stimulation. Unable to resist, Yuuto grabbed her head, Sasha swallows Yuuto’s dick.

「Juu, bu, fubu…bumu」

A slime wraps all of it. In a world without friction, Sasha’s tongue and mouth twines with the dick. Feeling too much pleasure, Yuuto can’t endure his voice.

「Nbu, fubu…puha, nfu, foes fit fweel hood?」
「T-there’s no way it doesn’t…nhyuu!?」

Sasha smiled as Yuuto gasp. While moving her face back and forth, the penis is pursued by the lips and the cheek.
Sasha with her face looking lewd and legs spread made Yuuuto reach the climax of his arousal.

The usual docile Sasha sucks the dick regardless of her vulgar figure. But, the pleasure Yuuto experiences from the friction of the lotion is the first class that Yuuto finally was unable to stand up.

「U, Uuu」

She saw Yuuto lost his abdominal strength yet, Sasha still licks Yuuto’s penis violently.
The lips pulling the glans, the tongue always clings to the back.

「fwat’s wight, fweash lef if ouf. nbu」

While Yuuto shakes his trembling waist, Sasha swallowed the penis further to her throat.

「Uaa, ah, S-Sasha!!」
「Nbu!? Bu, nbuuu!?」

Yuuto’s sperm reached it’s limit and it was caught by Sasha’s throat. Nyurunyuru, the semen was let out forcefully that it even went out of Sasha’s nose.

「Nmu, Bu…nbua. …Ngu,n. Y-You let out a lot」
「S-sorry, Sasha. I-I wasn’t able to endure it」

It was quite numerous, Sasha swallowed the semen with all her best and Yuuto lowered his eyebrows saying that he’s sorry. But, Sasha kissed Yuuto’s penis while laughing.

「N, Chu. 」 It’s fine. …npu」
「Ah, uu」

Sasha began to suck the remaining semen, Yuuto instinctively pats her head.

「Puha. …By the way, Yuuto-sama. what should we do about that?」

Yuuto that’s soaking from the afterglow of the ejaculation has heard the question of Sasha who finished cleaning.
Ahead of Sasha’s glance, Yuuto slowly looked at it.

「Ah…I forgot」

Thunderbolt thrusts her ass while trembling, Yuuto scratched his cheek as he doesn’t know what to do.

◆  ◆  ◆

Several days later, Yuuto saw Asuka with a smile floating on her face.

「What is it? You look so happy」

Asuka was somewhat happy after the matter with Thunderbolt, She’s now putting cookie in her mouth with a pleasant smile.

「Did you buy cookies when you went to the capital?」

She probably bought that along the way since Asuka has business with the guards today. Thinking that, Yuuto smiled wryly.
If her mood could be repaired with sweet things then he shouldn’t have done the unreasonable and approach Thunderbolt.

But, Asuka answered Yuuto’s question while smiling.

「Fufufuー. Actually, I didn’t buy this」

Yuuto issued a small voice from the proud Asuka that shows off the bag of cookies. Looking at it, the shop’s name looks familiar.
Certainly, it was a popular pastry shop in the Imperial city. You must line up in the shop before it opens due to it’s limited quantity.

There was a time when Asuka wanted to buy from there so she went out the village, in the end she wasn’t able to buy and she turned depressed.
Yuuto’s glance asked Asuka from whom did she accept that sort of thing. Then, Asuka loosened her cheeks cheerfully.

「Thunderbolt-san gave it to me in the castle. She was sorry from the other day. It seems that she knows I like sweet things that she went all the way to line up and buy it」

Yuuto can’t believe what he heard when Asuka spoke out the name.
After that, Yuuto returned Thunderbolt on the bathroom quietly. She took off the treasure tool of course, but Thunderbolt had a light panic when she suddenly appeared at the bathroom. Somehow, she insisted that she fainted because of prolonged bathing.
Doing such a thing, he thought that he made her angry even more but it seems that it have turned into something good.

Still, just imagining the appearance of the prideful Thunderbolt lining up on the shop made Yuuto laugh instinctively.

「Pu, ahaha. That’s good」
「Un! There’s my want to eat cookies but she’s really a nice person」

Asuka hold out a cookie to Yuuto while smiling. Yuuto received it and made a single bite.

「Ah, it’s delicious」

The flavor of butter and sweetness of sugar4 It’s simple but the quality can be called excellent in this world. It’s way more delicious than the 100 yen cookies in convenient stores.

「Oh right. Somehow, I got a message from Thunderbolt-san For some reason, it’s for you」

While chewing her cookie, Asuka looked at Yuuto as she remembered. With a blank face, Asuka spoke to Yuuto.

「To Yuuto, Thank you, she said. …You, did something happen to you and Thunderbolt-san?」

Yuuto’s body stopped momentarily after hearing the message from Asuka. Thinking about the meaning, a smile floated from Yuuto’s face.

He spread his newspaper like usual. The front page caught his eye and Yuuto narrowed his eyes.
【Thunderbolt’s achievements. She repelled the demon army without moving away from the castle】
In there was a girl being interviewed proudly.

「I didn’t do anything」

Hearing Yuuto murmur smilingly, Asuka tilted her neck.


  1. There’s no Love in the raw so I’ll keep it Just like that
  2. Why do I feel that Sasha is a Succubus
  3. “THE DICK MAKES IT BETTER”, also, no I’m not into traps, FUTA is okay though
  4. Asuka of the Scarlet Sky is a cookie novel