Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Treasury from the other world (5)

「H-How’s it?」

Yuuto stared eagerly at Sasha’s skin bathed in moonlight.
White, beautiful skin. Yuuto’s eyes concentrate on the two bulges that seems to be soft.


Sasha who shyly expose her chest was blushing to her ears and raised a voice.
She steeled herself when she came on the room. That resolution faded when Yuuto got angry a while ago.

With her cheeks redder than ever before, and her heart pounding so big, Sasha displayed her chest.

「I-It’s big」

An honest impression leaked out Yuuto’s mouth.
Sasha’s breast was bigger than he imagined. Sasha’s chest that has been liberated from her maid clothes is being pulled down by the gravity and the tip is pushing out.

Well, that was misleading. Seeing the volume of Sasha, the tip can’t be seen, it’s hiding from her skin.

(I-Is it a cave in.? That’s the first time I see one. Well, seeing tits is first for me too)

Unconciously, Yuuto stares at the tip of Sasha’s chest. When she noticed the gaze, Sasha spoke in panic.

「I-I’m deeply sorry. I-It will come out properly」
「Eh? S-sorry! T-that wasn’t my intention!」

Yuuto’s apology didn’t reach her ear, Sasha lifted her chest. Glancing at Yuuto’s staring face, she still began to massage her chest shyly.

「Nn, Ah. I-I’m sorry. I-I’ll make them stand right now」1
「Ah, Y-yeah. Go for it」

To Sasha’s desperation, Yuuto unconsciously answered oddly.
Did I just make a girl do an outrageous thing? that question floated in Yuuto’s head.

「Nuu, aaah. Yuuto, sama. It’s soon」
「D-Don’t over do it okay?」

Although his heart is pounding, Yuuto’s head was filled with ‘what should I do?’ However, he can’t cut it off and stop for he doesn’t know what would Sasha do if he does.
Yuuto continued to watch the silliness of Sasha while his groin is starting to swell.

「I-It stood up. Yuuto-sama. Ah, I-I’m sorry about that. As you can see, I-it stood up」
「I-I got it. Don’t apologize Sasha」

It seems that Sasha is afraid that Yuuto might hate her. Though Sasha’s nipples stood excited, she’s on the verge of crying and Yuuto doesn’t know what to do.

The current situation is heavy for a virgin high school student.

「I-I’m sorry. Is my body no good after all?」

Gradually, tears well up Sasha’s eyes. While denying it in panic, Yuuto pointed at his crotch and made Sasha calm down somehow.2

「T-that’s not true! L-look! This happened because of Sasha’s body」

Looking at the tent on his lower half, Sasha’s face reddened. However, Yuuto is also embarrassed.

He have to let it go for today. While Yuuto is having such thoughts, Sasha closed up to Yuuto.


Sasha’s expression seems to be determined, Yuuto gulped down his saliva.
◆  ◆  ◆

Yuuto’s panicky voice echoes inside the room. However, the sticky sound continued to reverb.

「Uu, S-Sasha」
「Nmu. S-sorry. I’m not used to it」

Sasha’s lips is kissing Yuuto’s lower body.[ Feeling it for the first time, Yuuto’s body bent over.

「S-sorry. It’s okay」
「It’s fine. P-please let me do it」

*Chupuri* Sasha invites Yuuto’s dick inside her mouth.
It had a warm and sticky stimulation, Yuuto said instinctively.

「N, Aah. Sasha, it feels good…」
「*pua*. Really? I’m glad」

*Chiro Chiro* Sasha’s tongue clings to Yuuto. Yuuto desperately hides his voice, Sasha easily understood Yuuto’s reaction because the penis is throbbing.

(U, Uwa. Uwaa. Y-Yuuto-sama’s. Fills up my mouth)

She gulps down Yuuto’s thing like it’s something she loves. There’s no more resistance.
In their exchange earlier, Sasha has feelings for Yuuto.

She wants to serve this gentleman.

She may be sorry for her employer, Asuka, but Yuuto weighs Sasha’s mind that her mind is getting hot.
Even the organization that gives God’s teachings, she herself taught that an exchange is effective. That is of course, even though the sisters want you to come to a good life they teach you reality, for someone who want to live a good life, Yuuto’s words are equal to word of the God.

「Nn , *Jupu* *Hapu* Nmu」

While defending God’s teaching, she had been practicing it by herself. That’s unexpectedly connecting to her body, Sasha’s getting turned on.,

(Yuuto-sama, Yuuto-sama)

Yuuto is glad as he has not much experience with women. In this case, Yuuto might be able to satisfy an innocent maiden.

「S-Sasha, y-you can’t. I’m already」

*Bikubiku* Yuuto’s penis pulsated. Sasha made a lovely upward glance to Yuuto.
*Jupon* She separated her mouth and smiled at Yuuto.

「Please do. Please let it out. Sasha is Yuuto-sama’s thing after all」

Aaahn, Sasha opened her mouth. He located her tongue and Yuuto’s body trembled.
That moment, Yuuto’s thing was deep inside Sasha’s mouth.

Her hot tongue licks his penis.

「Uu. S-sorry. Sasha!」

*Dopyu Dopyu* Yuuto released deep inside Sasha’s mouth. Sasha opened her eyes wide in surprise but she desperately accepted the sperm Yuuto shoot out

「Ah, crap. It feels good. S-sorry, Sasha」

*Doku Doku* Even he himself is surprised with the amount he released in Sasha’s mouth. Thinking that it’s unforgivable, Yuuto apologized to Sasha while feeling refreshed.

She licked the remainder, Sasha’s tongue strokes the penis. Sasha who closed her eyes till the end, swallowed Yuuto’s semen.

「N, Nku. Keho3 I-I’m okay」

Sasha coughed as she’s not used to drinking semen, Yuuto stared at her anxiously. Her expression is like a puppy, Sasha’s interior purred *Kyun*

「Did it feel good?」

Yuuto downcast his eyes shyly, Sasha slipped out a laugh.
For her to make the gentle Hero feel good, Sasha was filled with satisfaction.

Then, it breaks out flowingly. The woman’s identity, Sasha’s finger is tied to it.

She didn’t think that it won’t match. She just wants to be on his side.
But still. Just for a bit.

‘I don’t want to lose’4, she thought

「Please call me anytime」

Sasha said with a smile, Yuuto scratch his cheek as he don’t know what to do.


  1. What a diligent maid
  2. How can a dick calm a woman!?
  3. Cough
  4. Against Asuka