Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Volume 2 Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Female hero Triangle (3)

Asuka swallowed her saliva while looking at the lively plaza.

「Iyaa. The imperial capital has a lot of people as usual」

While listening to the refreshed laughe of Yuuto, Asuka put her hand on her throbbing chest.
Even over her armor, she can feel the fast heartbeat.

(A-are we really doing it…?)

Her heart throbs. Asuka swallowed her dry throat again.

Yuuto and Asuka came on the fountain at the center of the capital.
It’s said that it’s a place for recreation for citizens, men and women of all ages where each have different ideas and taste spend their cheerful time.

There’s a mother that let’s the children play. There’s also an elderly couple sitting happily on the bench. Asuka looked at the people in the plaza with excited eyes.

「What’s wrong? You look tense」

Hearing Yuuto’s voice, Asuka squinted her eyes. Yuuto parried the glare aimlessly.

「Your armor suits you」

He complimented her with a refreshing smile but Asuka chewed her molar bitterly.

Asuka’s body is wrapped in the Scarlet Sky armor. Right now, Asuka is standing on the ground of the plaza in full armor.

「T-They really don’t see us right?」

But, no one on the plaza pays attention to the 9th hero rank Asuka. She’d be surrounded in an instant if it’s the usual but that caused Yuuto ahead to smirk.

『Hidden clown』 This is no longer a representative for Yuuto , It’s an article of God.1

A winged hat is put on her head, Asuka adjusted the angle to make sure it’s comfortable. To make her wear this treasure tool, the Helmet and the Scarlet sword remained in her collar.

「Yes of course. The only one who can feel Asuka-sama and hear her voice is only me who wears the same treasure tool」

Yuuto smiled and Asuka’s nose dyed red.2 It’s a treasure tool that passed Risty too. Asuka doesn’t doubt the effect now.

「…You’re really a pervert. Making this kind of things」

Asuka cursed him and Yuuto smiled and replied with a Thank you. She started at him with a scornful look but Asuka focuses on her body that became hot.

「Should we stop?」

Yuuto’s voice. Looking at Asuka’s expression, he got a bit anxious. As usual, the sweetness comes forth at the very end.
At times like this, she thought of taking an aggressive attitude, Asuka inhaled deeply.

「I didn’t say that we should stop」

Saying that, Asuka took a step forward. Her armor made a clattering sound, Asuka stepped forward to the center of the plaza where the fountain is.

Asuka looked ahead without looking back.


Densely populated. They enter her field of vision fast. Parting with Yuuto for a bit, Asuka pouted her lips.

Asuka clasped her fist.
After stopping brething for several seconds, Asuka’s lip moved slowly


The armor wrapping Asuka has finished it’s role and returned to the collar.

◆  ◆  ◆

The wind in the plaza stimulated her skin.
It’s not cold but it’s to the extent that you can feel a chilly wind.

「Hi, Hihi」

Feeling the helplessness, I instinctively leaked out my voice.
I panicked and searched for Yuuto. He’s a bit far away, staring at me.

It’s his usual cheeky smile. But, confirming that Yuuto’s crotch has certainly swelled, my face went hot in a flash.

「Fu, fuuー」

I tried to fix my breathing but it’s not going well. My breathing don’t go this disordered even in battle.
I looked down at the cause of the irregularity in my body.

The plump hard erect nipples. The tip went out ahead of the ring, it swells lewd red.

「Ha, Haa. …Hifu 」

In addition, the red hair on top of the hill that’s hardly taken care of. Although I regret that I should’ve done it properly but it’s already late4
I am standing in the plaza of the capital, nude.
「Ah, Hihi」

I’m not completely nude if you speak accurately. I have an armor that serves as shoes below my knee. Just a small part of the armor defends my sole from the hardness of the pavement.

But, how should I say it?

「Nude…I’m, N-nude…」

Unbelievable. What am I doing? I myself don’t feel it real.
The surrounding people acts indifferently like I don’t exist, it’s as expected, the treasure toll on top of my head is Yuuto’s highest grade sacred treasure.

Still, Still5, I’m standing in front of people, I certainly exist in reality, in such that I’m showing my naked self like that.

「Y-Yuuto. You’re looking? I-I’m…naked…」

Haahaa, while breathing rough, Yuuto looked straight at me as his cheeks blush.

Haha, what is he looking at? Getting that excited. Thinking that, I felt sweat flowing from my back.

While my heartbeat goes on a rampage, I began to walk towards Yuuto.

「Hi, hihi. …S-Shit」

Of course, it’s swaying. My prided ponytail. The chest which I’m confident in size trembles every time I walk.
I walked with correct posture just like the people in the plaza. Thinking that I’d knock against others, I feel that the people mysteriously avoid me.


When I’m in front of Yuuto, he looks with a surprised face. What? You’re the one who did this.

「Don’t do that face. T-Take responsibility. …Geez, it can’t be stopped」

Yuuto’s cheeks blushed as the love nectar drips.
How hot could this body get? I felt like melting.

「You, order me」

I stared at Yuuto while touching the tag attached to the collar. What are you panicking for? Aren’t you the one who did this? As I stare, Yuuto’s face got even redder.

「J-Just making you stand up is enough. T-there’s no order, I can’t do further than this」

Yuuto spoke honestly. He looked at my flushed body and face, Yuuto swallowed his saliva.

Thinking absentmindedly, I thought of what further could be done. No good. I’m so aroused that my feet trembles.

「Y-Yuuto. Say it. W-what should I do?」

I turned my arm to my back. I declared that I have no intention of hiding.
Even if it’s not in the plaza, Being seen by Yuuto is too embarrassing that I could die.

「F-for your information, It’s not that I’m doing it for you. I have accumulated stress. It’s just, It’s just a breather6

Saying that, I showed it off. The truth that I’m not confident. Even my breast, Sasha has it larger.

Still, I thrust forward my breast. Even the erect nipples can be seen.
Yuuto’s eyes noticed my breast. Tightened by the ring, my nipple had become long. Since Yuuto’s a fool, he thinks that I won’t know that he looks at it crazily.


I understand the roundness.7 Even if you avert your glance, I know that you were staring at my nipples just a while ago. Fluttering, you kept looking at my hair below and my chest.

I know all about you.8 Even though you like it you say nothing, only at this kind of time you watch me shrewdly.

I hate that in you. Because I don’t know what you think about me.


「I-I’m aroused. It’s amazing. I might love doing this kind of things」

A lie. I already do. But, I won’t say it. All, all of it is your fault.

The ring was removed by a finger. It’s been a long time since I removed this apart from bath.
Yuuto’s glance moved to my bare nipple. Hora, You’ll understand it soon.

「Since it’s no good to lose it, take it」
「Eh? Ah, Yes」

Yuuto accepted the ring with both of his hands. You’re exaggerated when you’re tense.
The one who should be embarrassed and tense is me.

Irritating. It’s irritating that it feels good. Yuuto’s glance feels good.
My nipples…is trobbing. It’s long erect, it looks so lewd. That’s why I played with it. I knead it with my fingertips. I stroke my erect nipple in the middle of the plaza.

「N, Ah. W-why don’t you give me? Since you didn’t say anything, it has become like this」

Yuuto apologized in panic. Don’t say sorry9 This, even if you do that.

「O-Order me. It’s your fault. I-I’ll do anything right now」

I massaged and crush it. Breast. I showed it on purpose. While changing the shape of my chest, I massaged it using both of my hands.
Yuuto’s groin is swelling. Serves you right. It’s because you left me alone.

Gulp, Yuuto swallowed his saliva.
I know. It’s his face when he made a decision. Finally, Yuuto will speak up.

Really, I would do anything right now. If Yuuto tells me, I can do it no matter how embarrassing it is.

「T-then. Asuka-sama…」

I waited impatiently for Yuuto’s mouth to open as I tremble.


  1. もはやYuutoの代名詞と化した、神域の一品
  2. Asuka of the Scarlet Nose
  3. It’s a chant
  4. Mou osoi! ROAD ROLLER DA!
  5. The repeated word is intentional
  6. Nana to Kaoru pls
  7.  丸わかりだ。
  8.  あんたのことなんか、丸わかりなんだから。
  9. Fuwa Fuwa time!