Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Volume 2 Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Female Hero Triangle (4)

「Really, I think you have a great hobby」

Saying that, he stares in front of me
A gang of four men Are they having a bet? Somehow, the chat becomes heated.

I am showing off my armpit in front of those sitting in the bench.

「Asuka-sama, aren’t you spacing out? That’s lewd」

Yuuto whispered in my ear. He used his fingertips to trace my armpits and I bit my lips in embarrassment.
He seriously don’t understand.

「…You…that’s why」

He asked back when I spoke in low voice. I feel irritated but that was my fault just now.
I worked hard putting power on my lip once again.

「S-Since you said you like it. …I didn’t shave my side nor my bottom」

On my back, Yuuto held his breath. It’s not that I want to please you or anything. I want to say ‘Don’t misunderstand’

「Because, didn’t you ask me before if I shave it? You looked a bit disappointed」
「Eh, ah That time」

That’s right, that time. The time when I put on the strange underwear. Something was strange that time.

「Even on our first time, you didn’t look at my side. S-say it. I did it even though I’m embarrassed」

Saying that, I showed off the hair on my side. This is much more embarrassing than being seen naked.
But sure enough, Yuuto looked at my armpits with round eyes.

「Look, it’s Asuka-sama’s armpit. Since you’re a pervert, don’t just gaze」

Rustling, I touched his penis. Even under the clothes, I can understand that it’s frozen solid. Yuuto is really a pervert. Getting this excited from the hair on my armpit.

「What’s this? It’s hard, pervert. Aren’t you erect just from looking at your master’s armpit」

I put my hand under the clothes. Yuuto panicked at the moment but I don’t intend to wait.
Hey, it’s hard as expected.

「You like me doing vulgar things like this don’t you? I know. You look at me with lewd eyes. Just what are you thinking about your master?」

I grabbed Yuuto’s right hand. Then, I pressed it against my breast.

「Can you feel it? M-My nipples are erect. It’s your fault. It’s hard for a very long time. Why won’t you give it to me?」

Even I can understand that I’m dripping. It’s mortifying but I’m also a pervert.
Yuuto’s breathing turned rough and he slowly pinched my nipples.

「Ahn. Don’t pinch it so good. We’d lose it if it lost it’s hardness」
「Asuka-sama is too sexy」

Yuuto touched it with both his hands bashfully. His left hand is spreading my wet down.

「Aren’t you drenched down below? …are you this perverted?」
「I-I don’t know. You’re the one who did this」

Yuuto brushed my bean after hearing me speak. An electric current pops in my head at once.

「N, Nn, Fuuun」

He stroked it. I pulled out the penis as I want to stroke it.

「The nipples and clitoris are as erect as a penis. Can you see it everyone?」

He attacks at the same time he speaks. Good. It feels too good that I’m going crazy.

「No, Ooou. I-I can’t believe it. Even though everyone is watching at the plaza」

I stared at the four squad while panting hard. There seems to be no one noticing us. It’s obvious. Yuuto’s treasure tool is excellent.

「…Should we try it closer?」

Yuuto said. Finally, he said something great. I’ll finally be able to feel more embarrassed with this.

Blushing, I anxiously waited while my heart throbs.

「C-Coming close. It’s dangerous」
「Isn’t that fine? Show it to them」

I was fidgeting but Yuuto raised his strain. At the same time, a wave of shame attacks my body.
I’ve ignored it up until now, the wave of shame swallowed my mind.

「D-don’t. …Ah, aa」

One step., Two step, I approached the men. I’ll be seen. I’ll be seen.

「Seem stretch your long nipples. Open your legs」
「N-No way. Yuuto will see it」

Another step. My chest is lined to the tip of the nose of the man. When he breathed to speak, it hit my nipples.
No good. This is obviously no good.

「Aah, I’m being seen. My long nipples. It’s being seen」

Embarrassing. No good. This is no good. It’s too embarrassing.

「Touch under too. You said you’ll do anything right?」
「Uu, It’s making wet sounds. It’s leaking a sound」

Lies. I didn’t do it on purpose. It’s making wet sounds as it’s being stirred by a finger.

「Who’s the pervert here? It’s already this wet. This is the plaza you know」
「W-wrong. N, Nn」

It’s not wrong. It’s me. It’s frustrating but I can’t do anything.
Yuuto’s voice sounds on my brain. Irritating. It’s irritating yet the wetness makes me melt.

No good. No. I can’t endure it anymore.

「G-give it to me」

Yuuto stopped moving.
I began to cry. This guy knows it. Say it already. What do you think of me?

「P-Put it in. Put your dick already」

I spread my legs. Yuuto’s favorite bowlegs. He’s a pervert so he’ll get big with this.
It should be in full view. But it’s okay. I already had enough. I spread even my anus.

「Violate me in the plaza. Even I don’t like this. It’s obvious. Everyone is here」

But, I invited him. I spread my pussy and anus. I shook it.
Furi Furi Furi Furi. Look. It wants your penis.

「I don’t like you or anything but. It can’t be helped. It can be no one but you. Put it in. …Put Yuuto’s dick in please?」

What am I saying? I don’t even know what it means.
I spread it. He should be able to see the depths. My important insides.

I spread it indecently. I’m in disorder at the plaza just like what Yuuto wants.

「Put it inside Yuutooo. Nuuu, I can’t endure it」

Thinking that, Yuuto still drank his saliva and my back felt chill.

◆  ◆  ◆

My head is somehow…

「Ah, Afu, nuu」

My voice leaks out. It’s obvious. I didn’t endure it.

「Hii, Hiu. W-what’s this? Nn…」

Right now, I am takin in Yuuto’s dick in the open space at the plaza of the capital.
Copulating like an animal, Yuuto’s penis move inside my vagina.

「Ah, Ah…this is dangerous. Dangerous」

There are a lot of people around me. Yet, I kept shaking my waist.

「How’s it, Asuka-sama? Could you relax?」
「Naa, Ah. I-I’m doing it. I’m doing it」

I push my hands on the bench while bowlegged, I shook my waist back and forth. Of course, there are two men sitting down on the bench.

This is foul play.

「What should we do? Should we take off the hat?」
「D-Don’t! That’s the only thing I won’t let. N, hiin!?」

Yuuto said something ridiculous. I know. Yuuto doesn’t intend to do that.
But, the moment I heard it, my pussy pulsed helplessly.

「Ah, aaaah. It feels good. Yuuto feels good」

I can’t do this with anyone but Yuuto. Because he’s a pervert after all. It can’t be helped if I won’t connect.

「My nipples. Pull my nipples. Please」

That’s why I’m doing this.

「Like this?」
「Nguu, M-More」

Dangerous. It’s extending. If it extends more than that, it would be too embarrassing.
Yuuto’s finger pulls my nipples tightly, my consciousness was about to jump.

「Asuka-sama, you completely became a pervert. 」
「I-Isn’t it your fault? Take responsibility」

I move my waist as it makes a wet sound. It’s so hard. I can say the same thing to you.

「What should I do then?」
「M-Make me cum. Make me cum in front of everyone」

It’s obvious. Doing this much. If he didn’t make me cum, I’ll kill him.
Even I can feel the surge. I swallowed Yuuto’s dick deep by myself.

「J-Just for today. I’ll let you go for today. I’ll let your dick do me」

Squeeze. I squeezed it on my deepest part.
The vulgar sound echoes.


Y-Yelp. I yelped. It made me tremble.
Yuuto looked at me with surprised eyes as I involuntarily raised my voice.

「A-are you okay?」
「I-I’m okay so Just continue and pierce me」

Then he stopped. Geez, what now? Why are you being gentle in that aspect? Because of that, I can’t say anything else.
It can’t be helped so, I told the foolish Yuuto the truth.

「I’m being drenched. I’m being made a mess by your dick」

But, I do love it. Maybe. Just a bit. Even if I like it, I won’t say it.

「Wait, Asuka-sama!? Wait, amazing」
「Nooo, Ah, afu. Uu, it feels good」

No good. I’m moving my waist.
My ass moves on it’s own. Yuuto’s dick entered easily and my body had prepared itself.

「Yuutooo. N-No more. I can’t stop」

Embarrassing. Embarrassing. My waist doesn’t stop at all.
I’m on all fours in the plaza. Yet, I didn’t stop at all.

「Igu, Cumming. Cumming!」

At that time, Yuuto knocked on the deeper part.
My jaw drops instinctively.

「Nooo. Oh, Ah. I-Itsh too amazhing」

It’s grinding. I’m falling. No good. It’s hitting.
My cervix opens lewdly, my groin opens loosely.

「Igu. Make me cum~ Cum, I’m cumming. I’m cumming from Yuuto」

It’s knocking. It’s knocking.
I was able to somehow support my trembling body, I move my waist wholeheartedly.

「Ah, Asuka-sama」
「Naaa, Ah, aaa」

I can understand it swelling. My head is flying away.

「Hi, Igu. Iguuuu」

Yuuto impregnates me and my head is burning.
Thus I climaxed on the center of the plaza disgracefully.

「How was it, Asuka-sama? Did it feel good?」
Yuuto’s happy smile is about to reach his ear, I throw down my twitching body and I can’t do anything but be flooded in afterglow.