Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Volume 2 Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Female hero Triangle (5)

Asuka draws her eyebrows to the center while clenching the cup of tea. She finished up the morning training as soon as possible and she stared up front.

「…It’s a grave situation」

Next to Asuka who murmured was Sasha who asked,

「Is there something wrong?」

It’s only when Yuuto is involved Asuka makes that kind of face. Sure enough, Asuka continued to speak to Sasha while exhaling.

「You see. It’s about him」
「Is there something with Yuuto-sama?」

Asuka replied ‘Uun’ while crossing her arms. Not noticing that the other had guessed it right, Asuka scratched her head.

「Recently, that…isn’t he being abnormal1

Sasha answered coldly the serious face of Asuka. Asuka looked back with a surprised expression and stared at Sasha.
Even Sasha serves Yuuto every night. To see such composure from Sasha, Asuka asked in confusion.

「E-even Sasha is being involved in Yuuto’s perversion right? He’s a pervert no matter what you think」
「Is that so?」2

Sasha inclined her neck and Asuka finally opened her mouth wide.

「Yuuto-sama may certainly do those kind of things but it’s natural as he’s a man in marriageable age. Also, I never disliked it」
「T-that’s…true but」

Hearing Sasha’s composed voice, Asuka bit her molar. She knows what’s being said but she’d feel bad if she’s called narrow minded at this rate.

Asuka looks down worried, Sasha let out a thin sigh. Apparently her master needs advice so Sasha moved her mouth. She intended to be silent but it can’t be helped.

「In the end, Asuka-san dislikes Yuuto taking the initiative?」3

Asuka raised a small voice. The talk jumped so fast that Asuka’s chest jumped out when she heard Sasha.

「Though it’s usually men that leads, it’s a time case. Especially, Asuka-sama is Yuuto-sama’s master」
「I-I see…Initiative it is」

Asuka nodded as she digest Sasha’s talk. Her chest feels like it’s firing up.

「It’s certainly as Sasha said. It’s not about like or dislike. It’s not about whether I like him. It irritates me that Yuuto does what he likes」
「I’m glad I was able to help」

Sasha smiled to Asuka’s brightened face. Her master is the same as before, Sasha exhaled a breath while feeling amazed.

「Then, Asuka-san should attack him occasionally」

Asuka opened her eyes wide, Sasha nodded slowly. Asuka gulped down her throat because of the serious eyes.

「As a matter of fact, I was the one who proposed to serve him」
「Fue!? I-Is that so!?」

Sasha affixed her hand in front of her chest and Asuka uttered a confused voice from the shock on the confession. She knows the relationship of Sasha and Yuuto but she didn’t expect that Sasha was the one who approached. Asuka stared at Sasha with an anxious look.

「Err…Does Sasha likes Yuuto?」
「I have prepared to offer my body」

Making a clear declaration, Asuka’s body shook. She didn’t hide her loyalty to Yuuto, Asuka raised a confused voice.

「T-Then that means that you like him right?」
「Of course. I love him」

Asuka’s cheeks dyed red from the dignified stare of Sasha. She can’t retort anything after hearing that much.
But, Sasha gently smiled to Asuka that she looks up to.

「But, thinking about the difference in status, I’ll never be connected with him」

That’s not true. She tried to say so but Asuka stopped her mouth. Understanding the reason why Asuka stopped breathing, Sasha smiled unintentionally.

「I’m already glad that Yuuto-sama seeks me. What would you do? Would Asuka-san support my love?」

Asuka sounded her dry throat in response to Sasha who approached with a smile on her face.
Sasha squinted her eyes and smiled dauntlessly. Asuka clenched her fist.

「N-No way. Why do I have to give my maid to Yuuto?」

Squeezing out her answer, Sasha’s smile deepened. Sasha affixed her hand to Asuka’s cheeks gently. Slowly stroking the cheeks, Asuka’s heart bounced.

「That’s the spirit. Otherwise I’ll do absurd things with Yuuto-sama」

Faint wet lips. Sasha’s smile seems to have increased in luster, Asuka returned a strong glare. Warding of that glance cutely, Sasha quietly raised her face.

「I’d be glad if you’re honest sooner」

Hearing the looking down voice of Sasha, Asuka disarranged her hair. Sasha smiled respectfully and left the place.

「…I told you that’s not it」

Asuka continues to stare at Sasha’s back while being confused to her inexperienced heart.

◆  ◆  ◆

「How was it? The armor is a bit lighter though」
「U, Un. It’s not bad」

Seeing Yuuto being satisfied with the look of the armor, Asuka’s heartbeat turned fast.
Even though he’s just adjusting the equipment, Yuuto’s face is too close that her heartbeat goes stronger.

(It’s because Sasha said something weird…)

While praying that her heartbeat and reddened face won’t be found out, Asuka payed attention to Yuuto that put his hand on the collar.
Asuka pouted her lips as Yuuto keeps up his usual smile.

(Really, what does he think of me? …W-well. I think he’s seeing me as a woman but)

Remembering the liaison at the park, Asuka’s cheeks blushed. It’s a fact that Yuuto’s body is certainly aroused at her body so Asuka’s body heated up.

(Thinking about it, I did lewd things with this guy. Then what about it? …W-well but, it’s not like I’m going out with Yuuto. And I’m not the only one)

Yuuto previously said that he had sex only with Asuka but quite a time has passed since then. Asuka doesn’t know how is Yuuto’s relationship with women.

Remembering the brown captain of the imperial guards, Asuka’s cheeks twitched.

(Or rather, he. Even though I did lewd things with him, isn’t it strange that he’s doing other women too? I set it off before but it’s definitely weird)

Asuka’s glance followed Yuuto. Being watched, Yuuto tilted his head in confusion.

(A-always showing such a composed expression. and yet, making love with me when the time is good. I-Impossible. Somehow, just thinking about it makes me angry)

Yuuto opened his eyes wide in fright from Asuka’s expression that turned ill humored very fast. Feeling the negative aura that drifts from Asuka unpleasantly, Yuuto wiped his sweat without knowing.

「Ah, yes? W-what is it?」

Receiving Asuka’s narrowed gaze, Yuuto opened his mouth timidly. For Yuuto, Asuka’s mood suddenly turned bad while he’s maintaining the equipment. Did he do something bad? Yuuto tries to remember.

Feeling better as Yuuto’s smile has collapsed, Asuka stared at Yuuto. Inside Asuka’s mind were the words Sasha said before.

『Sometimes, Asuka-san should be the one approaching』

An advice from the maid older than herself. She can execute it now, Asuka nodded at herself.

(But, what should I do? With that said, what should I…)

While Yuuto gradually presses, Asuka draws her eyebrow and rotates her head. Yuuto stepped back as Asuka’s atmosphere is unusual.

While Asuka is collecting her thoughts, she gradually cornered Yuuto against the wall.


Then, Yuuto’s back was placed on the wall and a bright Idea has flashed in Asuka’s head.
The grinning Asuka had placed both her hands on Yuuto’s face. Yuuto’s lip who lost its escape, Asuka stares as she slowly raise her cheek.

Then, Asuka’s lips moved in front of Yuuto.

「Yuuto. Have you ever kissed someone?」

Asuka didn’t miss listening the beating heart, she laughed at Yuuto happily.

  1. It’s Hentai, and yes, it can also be read as abdnormal
  2. Pfft, hahaha, way to go Sasha.
  3. lol Sasha, your master is Asuka, yet you call her with -san